Canola Oil, Gelatin, & Balancing Hormones

It was wonderful to interview Lauren of who is a rising star in the blogging world and a featured contributor for Wellness Media.

Lauren and I talk about several topics that we are both passionate about, including the problems with canola oil, the benefits of gelatin and the importance of balancing hormones.

In This Episode, We Cover

  • Why canola oil is so dangerous and how we are both working to spread the word. (Read my full explanation here and check out Lauren’s campaign to get Whole Foods to remove it from pre-made foods)
  • What foods are a “freak of nature” in both good and bad ways
  • Why gelatin is an amazing superfood and how to consume enough
  • Lauren’s own journey with debilitating autoimmune disease and how she overcame it
  • Natural beauty care options and why it is important to avoid many conventional beauty products
  • The unexpected factors that contribute to hormone balance
  • How you can “Quit PMS“
  • Lauren’s simple step for better health
  • The advice she wishes she had gotten about health
  • Her favorite health resources

Posts we Mention

  • Why to avoid vegetable oil and margarine (Wellness Mama)
  • The health benefits of near infrared saunas (Lauren)
  • Natural hair care ideas (Lauren)
  • Balance hormones with gelatin (Lauren)
  • 12 uses for Gelatin (Wellness Mama)

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