Canon EOS M100 entry mirrorless crams M6 into M10’s body

In keeping with its naming schemes, where fewer digits denote higher-end models, Canon has effectively demoted its basic EOS M10 mirrorless to M100 in conjunction with its two-year update. It’s an odd choice since there isn’t a lot of room for differentiation between the M5 and M6 and the M100 that would merit opening up a naming gap — hopefully, that means there’s a change coming.

The 24.4-megapixel sensor, 49-point autofocus system, metering system and Digic 7 image processor — almost all the elements which determine the quality of the camera — have been upgraded to parity with the other models released late in 2016, making the M100 a typical line refresh model, but one with the type of specs you’d expect from its class. It retains most of the design and layout aspects of the M10’s body with just a few tweaks: a tilted shutter button, a button to initiate its new wireless communication capabilities and the relocation of the power control to a button in the middle of the mode dial.

Aside from the simplified design and feature set, the M100 also lags behind its siblings at continuous shooting — 4fps with autofocus and autoexposure compared to 7fps in the M6. However, it’s certainly a step up from the M10, which couldn’t handle focus and exposure during continuous shooting at all. That’s partly because all of Canon’s newer models have moved to its Dual Pixel CMOS sensor which focuses a lot faster and more accurately than the Hybrid CMOS II in the M10. It also inherits some of the newer features from the higher-priced models, such as HDR mode and time-lapse movies.

Canon plans to ship the M100 in October in two kits: a $600 version with the EF-M 15-45mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM lens and a $950 dual-lens kit which adds the EF-M 55-200mm f4.5-6.3 IS STM lens. It will be available in black or white. I don’t have UK or Australian pricing, but those directly convert to about £465/£735 and AU$760/AU$1,200.

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