8 Glorious Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Need a fun pumpkin decorating idea? I love to be a bearer of good news because I’ve got a few ideas that require little time, fewer effort and little to no creativity. Some of these ideas require no carving at all, which means you can turn your pumpkin time into a safe family activity and have your little ones help you. From hand-painted Gothic gourds to cute and grinning pumpkin faces, trick-or-treaters will definitely get a true hoot out of these totally glorious pumpkins.

1. Black and white gourds

Black and white gourds
If orange isn’t your new black, then black and white combo may be something you need to try this year. Halloween isn’t about orange only. Besides, no carving required here. A little time, black and white paints and your imagination are all you need to create these devilishly angelic gourds. Just paint your regular pumpkins matte white and black. When dry, grab the paint pens to add some spooky pictures or symbols, or whatever for creepier effect. Your boring orange pumpkins will be done in less than 20 minutes, I bet.

2. Pumpkin vase

Pumpkin vase
Hosting a kid-friendly party? Want to use flowers as a decoration but don’t know how to spook it up? Pumpkin vase might well be a creative solution. Use a knife or a carving tool to carve out whatever vase you want and paint it if needed. Pumpkin vase works as a table centerpiece or room decoration. Rub a coating of Vaseline over the exposed flesh to keep it fresh-looking for days.

3. Gilded or glittering gourds

Gilded or glittering gourds
Special effects don’t always require special decorations or paints. You can simply decorate your gourds in gold, silver, or copper glitters and nothing more. Whether you carve your pumpkin or you skip it, it will be a fantastic front door decoration your trick-or-treaters will want to take selfie with.

4. Flowered pumpkin

Flowered pumpkin
Call it however you like, but the aim is the only one – to create a masterpiece. Even though this idea seems to be time consuming, it’s actually not. When you use the right carving tool, you can make your own flowered pumpkin in a matter of an hour. It doesn’t have to be as perfect as shown, though. The trick? To make your skinless gourd look fantastic. The Vaseline tip is useful here too.

5. Straw pumpkins

Straw pumpkins
No carving and painting required? Easy! Get some straw and create small straw pumpkins to decorate your front door with on Halloween. Except straw you will need some green, gray or black threads, some colorful decorations like eyes, mouths etc (as shown) and a great mood. With a great mood, you can create any pumpkin that will look downright chic.

6. Laughing pumpkins

Laughing pumpkins
Are you a Halloween lover but a hater of everything creepy? No worries. You can let everyone know you are against spooky things by displaying laughing pumpkins on your front porch, or around your garden. If you are not going to illuminate your laughing pumpkins, don’t hollow out them. Or place a candle insight and light once it starts getting dark. Halloween can be a kindly fun holiday as well.

7. Cute pirate

Cute pirate
No more scary faces and creepy motifs! This cute pirate will make your home a kind of welcoming place on Halloween. Besides, kids love fun characters so surely, they would like to help you create a kind and funny pirate to decorate your front door or porch with. I think you don’t need any instructions on how to create it – the picture shows you what materials you need and what to do.

8. Gothic pumpkins

Gothic pumpkins
Not necessarily the scary and bloody ones. I love a Gothic motif because it’s closely connected with the eve of All Saints’ Day. Skip the carving tool, go for a paint brush and let your Gothic ideas out. Start with painting your regular pumpkins a matte black. Let them dry and then take another paint brush to draw any Gothic elements you wish. Special effects require no special tool or perfect creativity.

This Halloween, decorate your house with these creepily cute gourds to jazz up the holiday. After all, nothing says more than uniquely decorated pumpkins. Artfully decorate your front porch and all eyes will be on your house. Trick-or-treaters along with your guests will be impressed this year, I promise! What pumpkin decorating ideas are you going to use this week? Any creepy or funny ideas to share?

7 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day has always been a special holiday. Nowadays, this holiday is a lot commercialized. Many call Valentine’s Day another Hallmark holiday, while others dread to create Valentine lists. Try to think out of the box, though, and you will come up with a host of creative and frugal ideas that will make everyone happy and will not wreck your budget. If you have no idea, check out these ones. Hopefully, you will pick something for yourself.

1. Wall of Paper Hearts

Wall of Paper Hearts

Add a touch of 3D to your room by creating a wall of paper hearts. This is an easy way to boost your Valentine’s Day spirit and remind you of the most romantic day of the year. A wall of paper heart is quick and easy to make and is ideal for kids and people working from home. Hopefully, those tiny hearts will feed your creative soul and reduce your everyday stress.

2. Matchbox Valentines

Matchbox Valentines

When you have a long Valentine list, your wallet may scream for help. Matchbox Valentines will save your budget from ruin. Plus, if your kids need a lot of valentines too, consider making as many matchbox valentines as you need. This wonderful photo tutorial will help you. Not only will you save some cash, you will keep your little ones entertained for hours too.

3. Valentine’s Candy Huggers

Valentines Candy Huggers

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these Valentine’s candy huggers? Even though it takes some time and effort to create them, your children’s and their friends’ smiles will make you forget about your efforts. Get your little ones or friends to help you in cutting animal shapes out of construction paper.

4. Photo Strip Valentines

Photo Strip Valentines

Want to wow your significant other with a personalized gift on February 14? This DIY idea is right for you. All you need is time, a mini kraft gift box, cardstock paper of your favorite color, photos of two of you, heart-shaped sweets, and some additional things like ruler, kraft knife, etc. This budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect for your friends, parents or siblings too.

5. Hand Embroidered Valentine’s Day Card

Hand Embroidered Valentine’s Day Card

This one is another budget-friendly idea for people with super long Valentine lists. Maybe someone considers this idea too simple, yet handmade valentines are way better than the ones you get from the store. Paper and thread are all you need to create hand embroidered Valentine’s Day card.

6. String Heart

String Heart

You can make a bigger version of your valentine and even hang it on a wall like a picture. This idea is widely used at weddings, but this ‘picture’ can become a symbol of your love for many years to come. In order to create a big string heart, you will need a piece of wood, nails, string, spray paint, and white paper. Do not bother about the mess, you will love the result.

7. Heart shaped tea bags

Heart shaped tea bags

Is your partner a tea junkie? Surprise him with a cup of his favorite tea with a heart shaped tea bag. It may seem like a waste of time, because he will throw this tea bag away as soon as he finishes his tea. But he will remember your love gesture forever, I promise. Heart shaped eggs, pancakes or toasts will match your heart shaped tea bag.

Oftentimes, the simplest things, gestures and gifts are the most thoughtful, memorable and beautiful ones. Handmade gifts have always been appreciated. When you are on a pinched budget, these DIY Valentine’s Day ideas might prevent you from swiping your credit card to buy expensive gifts that people we love may not even use or like.

Just because it is handmade, does not mean it is bad. It means you sacrifice your precious time to make those you love happy on February 14. Do you like any of these Valentine’s Day ideas? Maybe you have your own ideas? Share them with us please.

6 Fabulous Desk Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

It seems we spend more time at our desks than elsewhere, so trying to make this place less boring, more personal and nice-looking makes sense, as it can improve our mood and productivity. There is no shortage of decorative accessories that can be used, but the tricky thing is finding the right balance between decorating your desk and cluttering it (we’ve all seen examples of half the desk being crowded with family photos or a dozen cactus pots, and have hardly ever been inspired by those.)

There are less chances of overdoing it when you don’t have a big desk – just pick a few spots where you can fit in something decorative, and that’s it. If you have a big one, try following the same rule, and replace the decorative objects by different ones when you get tired of them, rather than placing too many at once. Now, if your working space is already so small it can barely hold the necessities, this is more difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few ideas:

1. Pretty Functional

pretty and functional
Some office rules don’t allow plants or scented candles due to the risk of allergies. Some desks may not allow room for an artificial plant or flowers that look very much alive. Even when it seems you absolutely can’t fit in anything decorative, for one reason or another, don’t despair. Add pretty elements to what you already often use or need on your desk anyway.

Take a transparent plastic or glass container, or a small vase of whatever shape you prefer (just not low, and too wide at the top) and fill it with something colorful or having an interesting texture. Store bought or courtesy of nature, probably veiled in pleasant memories of the places where you picked it – anything goes as long as it can fit in and you like the look of it. Your pencils and pens still can be held by the same container, so you don’t have to compromise on space or functionality.

2. Stick-it Monthly Wall Planner

Stick-it Monthly Wall Planner
You just stick it to the wall and write on it with chalk. Whoever came up with the idea of creating this must have struggled himself with forgetting things despite writing them down or relying on smartphone reminders and notifications. Assuming that being reminded of something just once is enough often doesn’t work. That’s why many people literally stick to writing things down on pieces of paper and sticking them somewhere they’ll be noticed more than once.

Post-it notes are useful, but when your fridge door or your desk starts looking like a weird Christmas tree with a lot of those, you find it either annoying or ineffective, or perhaps both. They may fall off, failing to remind you of something, but it’s also the messy look of such sticky buddies that made people create more streamlined versions of task reminders which use vertical space instead of adding to the clutter.

Chalkboard paint and a variety of write-and-wipe items are easily available for turning walls into organizers and keeping important information in front of your eyes. You can actually mount a magnetic chalkboard onto the wall for both writing on and attaching something to. However, if you don’t want to make any holes in the wall, an adhesive version of a wall planner will work best. It’s also a perfect solution if there already are some holes or other unsightly marks that you hate. If you’d like something prettier than a wall planner next to your desk, especially at home, here is another option:

3. Coloring Wallpaper

Coloring Wallpaper
You are probably familiar with the anti-stress coloring books craze that took over the world in what seems to be an instant. Whether you are a fan of those or not, you might like the idea of something that looks like a big page from such books and can be glued onto the wall. This is convenient if there’s a stain or a scratch to be covered, or a difference in color on the wall after some piece of furniture has been moved. Your kids may like it, too, as a wall decoration near their desks. If they are small and love scribbling on walls, this can be useful as well – but then, the coloring wallpapers need to go elsewhere in order to be within their reach or to cover some already existing drawings.

4. Small Succulent Planter

Small Succulent Planter
The stores may offer tons of decorative accessories, but still, nothing enlivens your working space like an element of something floral or green such as flowers, bamboo spirals or stalks in a vase, or potted plants. Depending on your work/business trips schedule, you may not be able to take care of a plant that requires frequent watering or spraying. You can’t place something big on your desk, unless you’ve got a really huge one. So a poinsettia, a potted rose or begonia plant isn’t likely to be a good option, no matter how much you may love those.

If you like cacti, they may be fine neighboring with office supplies and papers, but beware of unpleasant experiences when accidentally touching them while you are trying to grab something quickly or frantically searching for a certain item on your desk. Succulents are better for desk decoration because they don’t need to be watered often, just like cacti, but they also don’t hurt your hands. Some can even produce tiny flowers.

Since succulents are miniature plants, a small container can hold an entire mini-garden of different ones. A traditional ceramic or plastic flower pot isn’t even necessary, you can just take something like a small glass jar, or even an empty face cream container, put a handful of soil into it, and that’s enough for a few succulents to grow on.

The variety of lovely designs small pots come in is likely to make you want a cute one, but the decorative potential of what you can put in between the plants is even more interesting. You can add natural and artificially created stones, shells, beads, fragments of broken jewelry that are not good for any other use, and even tiny empty bottles of your favorite perfume mini-versions.

5. Lego Smartphone Holder

Lego Smartphone Holder
On your desk, there may be little room to bring in anything additional, but your smartphone is already there – or where exactly, this time? Under some papers? Accidentally pushed into a folder while you were doing something? You may not have an idea until you have a call or some notification. Perhaps you keep it in your pocket or desk drawer, but why not let your kids make a useful gift for you, or for some other family members by putting together a Lego smartphone holder? Its design can be simple or fancy, but it will keep your device in one place where you can always see it. A box or a cup for holding your writing supplies can also be made from Lego bricks, but a Lego smartphone holder is cooler – at least, in the opinion of everybody I know. Actually, both can be nice as a matching set for your desk.

6. Photo Frames

Photo Frames
These come in different shapes, sizes and clusters – including magnetic ones, photo holder trees, bigger and smaller photo collage frames (you can even buy a wrap-around-the-corner frame, but that one is better to use at home.) Digital photo frames are available, but you may not want to invest in those, or perhaps are concerned about their potential of becoming a distraction.

Anyway, if you have already tried to place some photo frame on your tiny desk, this resulting in knocking it over all the time, you are smiling skeptically. Again, before you declare this impossible, try attaching a photo frame to the side of something you already use for holding and organizing papers, books or folders. This can be done using double-sided tape or sticky tack (an adhesive for sticking decorations), and smaller photo frames can be attached to a square – shaped stationery box.

All of the above are also nice gift ideas, or at least fun small surprise ideas, if things like attaching photos to office filing, folder and stationery storage don’t exactly fit your idea of a gift. Even simpler than that, you can make a plain folder holder box look pretty with just a glue stick and some colorful pictures cut out of magazines. Why not give it a unique design and surprise your friend or colleague? Perhaps you have some more ideas to add that make desk décor both pretty and functional?

5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

DIYing is a great alternative to overly commercialized Valentine’s day symbols and decorations, or to waiting in a line to get your gifts wrapped. It is fun to decorate something with hearts and ribbons, or sign it with hugs and kisses and words of love – and that’s pretty much enough, especially if you are concerned about crossing the line between ‘pretty’ and ‘much.’

So, why not give it a try? Greeting cards were also once hand-written before they were replaced by printed ones, but nowadays handmade versions are renowned again, just like handmade gifts, for their unique potential of showing someone you really care. Here are a few quick and easy ideas to use as your basic tools:

1. 4 Your Heart

4 Your Heart
This idea is cute for making valentines – the result looks like a heart flower or a special kind of lucky 4-leaf clover. Fold the paper in four, then fold the rectangle once again so that it becomes a triangle. Draw the upper part of half a heart, so that you don’t cut anything at the bottom.

When you unfold this after cutting it out, you can use it to trace around it on thicker paper (for valentines), or use a variety of such 4-heart shapes for decorating walls, tables, gift boxes and greeting cards. 4-heart shapes can also be cut out of fabric (this may require a bit of ironing), and you can make flowers for Valentine’s Day with both paper and fabric ones using fuzzy wire, a craft material that is inexpensive and easily found.

2. 3D paper hearts

3D Paper Hearts
Photo: pinterest.com

Anyone who has ever tried drawing a heart shape has probably often found the results asymmetrical. This can be fine, as your heart shapes do not have to be perfect and all identical, but if you want better results, fold the paper in half and draw only half a heart, then cut it out and unfold. Both sides will look the same or almost the same. You can also create 3D paper hearts.

There are lots of ways to decorate with paper hearts, especially if you make lots of paper hearts in different sizes and colors.The simplest one is scattering them on the table or the floor. Scattered rose petals, though being somewhat cliché, though look beautiful, but I do not have the heart to behead the flowers to tear them to petals. Use paper hearts instead, or cut your heart shapes out of fabric so that you do not have to throw them out after Valentine’s Day. You can reuse them later in other creative projects.

3. Fuzzy hearts and flowers

Fuzzy Hearts and Flowers
Fuzzy wire is a multi-functional material perfect for making heart shapes as it is, or even bracelets, chains and garlands of heart shapes if you like – easy and fun even for kids. As fuzzy wire is flexible, it is ideal for making flower stems with a variety of materials used for DIY flowers. Just wrap it around … does it get any easier than that? Yes, it does! You can use it with fresh and dried flowers, too.

Want to entwine your wine glasses or a bottle of champagne, a vase of chocolates or a gift box with roses or other flowers? Easy! Remove the long stems (leave about 1-2 cm) and replace them with green (or maybe red) fuzzy wire wrapped around the remains of the stems.

Twist and bend to entwine something with such a flexible kind of flowers. Connect several pieces of fuzzy wire to create the length you need, and you can also add another flower at every spot where you connect the wires – you will get a garland-like result or can make a mini-wreath this way.

4. Wearable hearts

Wearable Hearts
Photo: pinterest.com

While the idiom ‘to wear one’s heart upon one’s sleeve’ has originated from literally wearing the name (or other element indicating one’s love) on a sleeve, we do not have to do that to express our feelings. A little bit of that long-lost tradition still survives in the form of tattoos, but there are easier ways to proudly wear expressions of love.

Personalize and decorate a T-shirt using textile markers or paints. No special skills needed – just some heart-shaped template, or several of those in different sizes, and the words of love. Simple words of love can be enough without any other symbols.

If the instructions on the packaging mention that ironing your creative design is necessary once the paint is dry, this is an important part. Just do not place the iron directly on it, cover it with another piece of fabric or with baking paper.

5. Heart stencil

Heart Stencil
Photo: pinterest.com

Heart cutout stencils and templates can help you make lots of paper, cardboard or fabric hearts, and also to create different heart patterns and designs using paint or markers. Printable ones can be found online, but basically when you cut a heart shape out of cardboard just once, you get two useful tools: one to be traced around, or covered with paint to produce prints, and another to paint inside the cutout area to get a perfect heart anywhere you wish.

Both can be used to decorate mirrors (easy, colorful and washable), cards, posters, homemade gift wrap or gift boxes, but if you have textile markers or paints (easily found online and in craft stores), you might crown yourself a DIY king or queen.

Again, these ideas are not just certain projects to copy but something you can use as your basic tools for creating unique designs and decorations of your own. Some can be used on a regular basis. If you fail to do anything else, just write words of love on the bathroom mirror – with paint, lipstick or even toothpaste – on Valentine’s Day or any other day, for a bigger surprise.

5 Awesome Smash Book Ideas

Many people complain that they would love to start scarpbooking but do not have the time. That is why so many people have started creating smash books as an alternative. A good smash book can be encouraging, inspiring, and a functional journal. It can also serve as a place to keep fun, exciting, and meaningful memories.

You do not have to be super creative to make your own smash book. With some simple supplies, you can make a smash book you will treasure for many years to come. Have no ideas where to start? Read on and find out what you can create this year:

1. Travel Smash Book

Travel Smash Book

One of the main reasons many of us like to travel is to collect memories and try new foods. Since we usually have to eat the food at the restaurant, a travel smash book will help you store some memories.

Some of the things that you can include in your travel smash book are plane tickets, photos, and restaurant recipes. The cool thing about a traveling smash book is that you can create different themes: adventure, 50 states, romance etc.

2. Musical Inspiration

Musical Inspiration

Isn’t it great hearing a song come on Pandora or Spotify that you have not heard in a while but brings back memories? Teenage summers, those evenings hanging out with friends and even breakups; many of us associate a period of time in our lives with music that we have heard. Your smash book can contain lyrics to a song, album cover, or possibly the playlist to your favorite album.

3. Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Whether you are trying to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, a health and wellness smash book can help remind you of your journey or inspire you to keep reaching for your goal. It is always nice to have a book with healthy recipes to choose from.

You can also add pages that list daily or weekly weigh-ins or before and after photos. Whatever you decide, a health and wellness smash book can encourage you to continue living a long and healthy life.

4. Creative Smash Book

Creative Smash Book

Writers and artists are always looking for ways to express themselves. Even though we do it through our work and music, a creative smash book can help us get our creative juices flowing. We tend to throw a lot of care into our work. You writers and artists will be inspired by these smash books. A great book will spark creativity or cure writer’s block in a jiff.

5. Motivational Smash Book

Motivational Smash Book

Feeling good about your accomplishments and looking for things to motivate you is all a part of life. A smash book that can do both is a great thing to have. A motivational smash book can help inspire you to “try one more time” if you are discouraged. It can also remind you that you are awesome. There are many ideas for motivational smash books out there, but you can always come up with your own ones.

Smash books are not for children only. It is for everyone looking to create memories and keep them alive forever. I highlighted some of my favorite smash book ideas. However, I know everyone can come up with their own ones. What are your smash book ideas? Let us know.

Earth Day Art: 4 Fun Ways to Create Trees and Flowers

Earth Day is great for planting and sowing, for upcycling and repurposing things instead of throwing them out, or for choosing from lots of DIY ideas to do something special with your kids. All this requires time and some supplies, though they may be easy to get or readily available, like things that have almost made it to the trash bin.

However, if you are short on time or supplies, no worries – you can always have fun with just paper and paints, and never mind if you cannot find a single paintbrush at the moment. Many art techniques do not require a paintbrush or a set of those. Let’s try some.

1. Sponge Blob

Sponge Blob is your fun companion. It can boast different shapes and sizes, thus resembling a variety of natural elements and textures. You can use a rectangular-shaped sponge, dipping its corners into paint for smaller-sized or even tiny dabs, or try using a round-shaped sponge for bigger ones and fuzzier effects.

In any case, you will probably appreciate it that a single sponge allows you to apply a few different colors quickly and easily, without having to wash anything or switch between several paintbrushes.

You can also make strokes with a sponge – straight, circular, wavy (flowing) or twisted – similar to those you would with a paintbrush, only they are likely to be more textured, and definitely easier for a child to make. Blending or layering colors is also fun with a sponge.

2. Even a straw can draw

You can create really cool effects with regular drinking straws. Pour some paint diluted with water on a sheet of paper and use a drinking straw to blow air on it so that streaks of color run sideways. This is a crazy, fun and extremely creative technique – you do not even need to start with a certain idea, as the process itself will give you plenty.

The results may look like trees, flowers, fireworks, fantasy-realm landscapes and creatures. You can also add some details, such as glitter, buttons, stickers or the ‘moving eyes,’ to make your creations truly come alive.

Just keep it in mind that this can get quite messy, and streaks of paint often tend to travel further than the paper, so make sure you do not start experimenting close to sofas, carpets, curtains or other textiles.

Ideally, bring this kind of activity outside, or protect the floor with a plastic tablecloth. If you are having a picnic, a plastic tablecloth can serve both: food and art. You may prefer paper for art projects, but you can also pour paint right on the tablecloth after you are done with the food – for more fun or more people taking part in the fun. Just pack enough drink straws.

3. Hand shapes and finger painting

Hand shapes and finger painting
For the smaller ones, dipping their hands or fingers into paint and making bright-colored prints is the easiest and most enjoyable technique. These prints can look like flowers, grass, trees, fishes, birds or animals – especially if you or the older siblings add some distinctive details.

However, this colorful hands-on experience can also get quite messy. If you are looking for something different, or just less messy, consider tracing around these small hands on colored paper or fabric and cutting out hand shapes to make pictures with them. Just like hand prints, they can be used for resembling many natural things, including flowers and leaves, as well as for creating special memorable gifts and postcards.

4. Paintless projects

Paintless projects
When you have kids, the stuff for coloring may be all over the house – but that does not mean you (or your kids) can easily find something when deciding to use it. If you cannot find the paints that you know you have somewhere, don’t worry.

There are ways to make colorful art creations without paint – but you will need some glue. If you cannot find any glue, or suddenly discover that it has dried out, you can make your own one. This can double the fun as another Earth Day project, instead of being a problem – or it can actually be a fun experiment at any other time.

There are many recipes out there for homemade glue, most left over from the past when people had no choice but to make their own with natural ingredients. The ones that work best are flour or cornstarch, and you may find homemade glue a great solution if you are concerned about the toxic stuff the store-bought glues contain, or the wastefulness of these commercial products that often dry out and go to a landfill after being used only once.

Anyway, if you ever run out of glue in the middle of a project, you will know what to do to fix that quickly instead of running to the store. To make fun tree, flower or animal shapes appear on paper when you do not have paint, you can use scraps of colored paper or magazine pages, crayon or pencil shavings, pieces of yarn or fabric.

You can spend more time on tracing and carefully cutting out leaves, petals or other details, but abstract pieces of paper that are just torn or randomly cut are likely to work well, too. Just paste these fragments onto paper or cardboard with glue spread over it, or try the same with crayon or pencil shavings – for a slightly different project involving something that you usually throw out.

You can probably come up with a lot of other ideas like these ones if you start thinking of ways to waste less, have fun when you have run out or do not have enough of something. Please share them with others, as it is a rare case when we have a perfect combination of time and everything else that we need – or at least think we need – for a certain project. But that should not stop us from trying, creating something, experimenting and enjoying it, right?

How to Create a Rocky Cliff Base for a Beaded Bonsai Tree

The art of creating beaded bonsai trees and different bases for them is a bit tricky to master, yet more and more people are trying to decorate their houses with their own creations. Whether it is because they are tired of store-bought stuff that all have or simply want to save money, DIYing is always a smart option.

Today, we are on a journey to exploring a step-by-step guide to creating a rocky cliff base and you will get a little bonus at the end – a video tutorial on how to create a beaded wire tree at home. Let’s start.

How to Create a Rocky Cliff Base for a Beaded Bonsai Tree
Materials you will need to create the base:

drywall (or plasterboard)
drywall primer
strips of cloth or sewing threads
wood sticks
acrylic paints
wood toothpick
miniature pebbles
miniature decorative greens
beaded flowers
beaded Bonsai tree

spiral drill
little stiff brush

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Cut drywall into various pieces, apply drywall primer to each of them, and glue them together once they are completely dry.

Step 2

Now you should ‘plant’ the tree, making sure the tree roots are divided equally.

Step 3

Use the strips of cloth or sewing threads to wrap the wire roots. You can also use plumbing hemp, which can be easily divided to tiny strands.

Step 4

Before you set your beaded Bonsai tree, check out if the tree roots are evenly divided. Plumbing hemp bundle should be bottom left.

Step 5

Drill a few holes into the base, add glue to each hole and set wood sticks into them. You will need them to set your tree.

Step 6

Apply the primer to the whole base. Mix alabaster and glue together and also apply to the whole base once the primer dries.


Step 7

Set the tree leaving a little space for the alabaster and glue mixture. Make sure you add more glue than alabaster to fix the tree and base.

Step 8

Once the tree is set and the base is completely dry – it takes 3 to 4 hours – start painting your rocky cliff base. You can use white acrylic paint or any other type of white paint you have at home.

Step 9

Combine alabaster and glue together (1:1) and use a little stiff brush to apply the mixture to the branches and stem of the tree. Start with the smallest branches while the mixture is still liquid. Leave it for a few hours to dry.

Step 10

Now apply a few additional coats of the mixture to the stem and the roots. Use a toothpick to create a tree bark.

Step 11

Once the tree and base are completely dry, it is time to paint them. Start with a darker paint and then apply a coat of golden and light brown shades. Pearlized acrylic paints will help you make your tree look more natural.

Step 12

Now all you have to do is decorate your rocky cliff base with beaded flowers and miniature decorative greens. You may need to drill a few little holes to set the decorative greens.

Step 13

Glue miniature pebbles around the tree base. It is best to opt for gray pebbles, or you can paint them yourself.


Step 14

Congratulations. You have got a beautiful rocky cliff base for your beaded Bonsai tree.

If you have no idea how to make your own beaded Bonsai tree, here is the video tutorial for you to check out:

17 Cool Summer Patio Ideas for Every Budget

Looking to update your patio this summer? Get inspired with these cute patio ideas. Though not all of them are DIY, you can create your own version or add your own ideas. When it comes to decorating, the sky is the limit. Try one of these cute summer patio ideas and enjoy your hard work in the end.

1. Rustic Simplicity

rustic simplicity
Add some fun color to your garden with this DIY summer patio idea.

2. Luxury Simplicity

Luxury Simplicity
Have some cash? Invest in a luxury furniture for your garden and relax.

3. Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner
Want something unique? Buy some bricks and wood boards and get creative.

4. Vintage Simplicity

Vintage Simplicity
Who said you should splurge on luxury furniture? Tea table, two chairs and some flowers are all you need to decorate your patio this summer.

5. Jaw-Dropping Luxury

Jaw-Dropping Luxury
This is a dream patio (the key word is dream here) that only few can afford.

6. Japanese Style

Japanese Style
Look at this cute table. Love those little chairs too. The great news is that you can create this patio yourself. It is easy.

7. Party Heaven

Party Heaven
Party junkies will love this patio idea for sure.

8. Regal Elegance

Regal Elegance
I would definitely move in this patio for summer, if not for good.

9. Green Heaven

Green heaven
Not everyone is lucky to have a lush garden, after all.

10. Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor Living Room
When you can’t say goodbye to your living room.

11. Lazy Summer

Lazy Summer
When you have a big family, tons of free time and food. Or, when you live alone but crave lots of space.

12. Pinky Beauty

Pinky Beauty
Your girls will love to spend their summertime in your patio.

13. All In One

All In One
Eat and fall asleep without leaving your seat.

14. Blue Obsession

Blue Obsession
A friend of mine made the same patio himself. Who is next?

15. Fireplace Patio

Fireplace Patio
I think fireplace here is like a piece of furniture. Or, someone can’t break up with a fireplace.

16. Modern Patio

Modern Patio
This idea is pretty cute too. Even if you do not have a garden.

17. Single Lady Heaven

Single Lady Heaven
Who said a summer patio should be complicated?

Now that I have seen these cute summer patio ideas, I am going to update my own patio this weekend. I love the Japanese style patio, but not sure I could create it myself. Which of these ideas do you like the most?

The Most Unique DIY Doorstops I Ever Saw

Let’s be honest: how many of us do actually use creative or cute doorstops? Most of us use some old boxes, chairs and brooms to keep those doors open. It turns out, we can create cute doorsteps that will be a great addition to our home decor as well. Check out some ideas and let me know what you like the most.

Little bird doorstops look practical
Little bird doorstops

Chihuahua for dog lovers

This one is for cat lovers
This one is for cat lovers

Just in case you need a little mouse in your house
Just in case you need a little mouse in your house

Fish doorstop can complete your collection
Fish doorstop can complete your collection
But it will not be complete without this pup
But it will not be complete without this pup
Not only are these doorstops are adorable, but they also make wonderful gifts. Plus, you can come up with your own ideas. Personally, I’m going to inspire my partner to help me make a little mouse doorstop.

10 Bizarre Ways to Decorate Your House with Pumpkins

Create a festive fall-inspired atmosphere in your house with these bizarre pumpkin tips. They do not require any special tools or skills and can help you decorate your space for a spooktacular Halloween bash or a family-friendly Thanksgiving Day dinner within a few hours.

1. Surround your candle holder with pumpkins and leaves

Photo: ellaclaireinspired.com

Whether you have time to create your own DIY rustic candle holder or you have money to buy a new one, just grab some cute pumpkins and pick some colorful leaves in the nearest park, and turn your dining room into a fall wonderland.

2. Display little pumpkins in your living room

Photo: craftberrybush.com

Instead of buying and carrying those huge pumpkins, opt for tiny ones. They are easy to carry and make a wonderful living room decoration. Fill your glass domes or vases with colorful little pumpkins and enjoy your ‘hard’ work. Honestly, I love and use this fall decorating idea.

3. Decorate your hutch

Photo: paint-me-pink.com

If you are lucky to have a vintage (or whatever) hutch in your house, why not decorate it with pumpkins – be they small or big ones. Hosting a Halloween party? Add some artificial spiders and nets and voila!

4. Turn pumpkins into candles

Photo: helloglow.co

Set a festive mood and make your home smell like fall with these DIY cinnamon pumpkin candles. While small pumpkins are best suitable for these candles, why not experiment with the bigger ones?

5. Create pumpkin disco balls

Photo: craftynest.com

All you need is the drill and tons of effort – literally. Or better, ask your significant other to drill those pumpkins to create festive pumpkin disco balls.

6. Decorate your coffee table with white pumpkins

Photo: lizmarieblog.com

Looking for a centerpiece that will look elegant yet fall-ish? Decorate your coffee table with white pumpkins to welcome guests to your living room.

7. Bring fall into your bathroom

Photo: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

There is no need to stuff your bathroom with leaves, long branches or large pumpkins. Just add a little vase full of tiny white or orange pumpkins and enjoy it every time you wash your hands.

8. Create a pumpkin bookshelf tree

Photo: pinterest.com

Decorate your bookshelf with some pumpkins and use a black paint to create a ‘tree.’ This fall decorating idea seems complicated while in fact, you will do it in a matter of an hour or less.

9. Fake fireplace

Photo: homeinspirationideas.net

Unlike a pumpkin bookshelf tree, this project may take a few hours, if not the whole day, especially if you are new at pumpkin carving. Anyway, it is well worth it. Just look at this beauty.

10. Place this Night Owl in your child’s room

Photo: womansday.com

If you have no kids, you can place this pumpkin owl in whatever room you would like it to stand. Isn’t it a bizarre way to decorate your house with pumpkins, huh?

There are many creative ways to add more pumpkins to your home decor, and these are just a few to consider. They are perfect for a Halloween bash and Thanksgiving dinner, or any other even you are having this fall. Let us know about how you decorate your home for fall. We can make this list endless together!