T-Mobile tips budget-friendly Revvl phone

In the market for a phone that won’t break the bank? T-Mobile’s new, budget-friendly Revvl phone is just $5 a month.

The Alcatel slab runs Android Nougat and has a 5.5-inch HD screen, 13-megapixel rear camera, 5MP shooter on the front, a quad-core 1.5GHz Mediatek processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (expandable to 128GB), a 3,000 mAh battery, and a fingerprint sensor. It goes on sale tomorrow for $0 down and $5 a month with T-Mobile’s “Jump! On Demand” plan, or $125 in total.

“Not everyone walks into a T-Mobile store and wants the latest flagship,” T-Mobile Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert wrote in a blog post. “Many of our customers are looking for ways to keep up with the Joneses—in terms of features—without needing to keep up with the Kardashians—in terms of how much they spend.”

A flagship like the Galaxy S8 will set you back $0 down and $33 per month on a Jump plan; the S8+ is $130 upfront and $30 per month. The iPhone 7 runs about $26 per month.

Animal Planet’s ‘Rescue Dog to Super Dog’ aims to change lives

TrendingWoman Caught Biting And Hitting Her Dog On A Train In Tragic Animal Abuse Video

Shocking footage has emerged of a woman in Toronto horrifically abusing her dog on the subway.

The three-minute video, which can be seen below, was uploaded onto YouTube by Roxy Yuang and is hugely upsetting. The woman can be seen repeatedly biting and striking her dog, which constantly tries to run away from its abusive owner. The woman in question can repeatedly be heard saying “stop it now, you hear me” while she continues to abuse the animal.

The woman who uploaded the video suggests that the abuser may have been on drugs, due to the amount she fidgets throughout the footage and the strange nature of her behaviour. Surprisingly, it takes a while for someone to stand up for the poor little pup, when one man intervenes and says: “You gotta stop hitting your dog.”However, she doesn’t react well to this and gets instantly confrontational with the man in question, saying: “Pardon. Who are you? What the f**k are you talking about?”Yuang says that the woman was eventually escorted off the train by Toronto police and transport officers, after an emergency alarm was set off on the train.

The Toronto Transit Commission said that the behaviour depicted in the footage is “awful” and that they “feel for the passenger on board the train who had to witness it”. However, despite several people being shocked by the abuse of the dog, Const. Allyson Douglas-Cooke said that they spoke to multiple witnesses, as well as the woman in question, and decided to release her with just a warning.Douglas-Cooke said that the matter has been handed over to the OSPCA for them to perform their own investigation into the incident. Alison Cross, a spokesperson for the OSPCA, explained to Global News that the charity were aware of the the situation that happened on the train and are investigating it.However, Cross also said that it was “too early to speak to anything”.

“Any concerns for the welfare of an animal, we encourage people to call 310-SPCA or your local police immediately,” said Cross.Understandably, commenters on the YouTube video were disgusting with the actions of the woman, with many criticizing others on the train for not sticking up for the dog, with one user saying:“whoever recorded this is a f***ing coward. I would have hit the alarm while recording and physically taken the dog from her. Recording the abuse and doing nothing is almost as bad. Fuck this shitty society where everyone sat and did nothing. No one even backed up the guy who did stand up.”

However, some users were quick to defend the person behind the camera, saying that there is now evidence of the abuse that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.“Hey, to the person who recorded this….THANK YOU. Because of you, this dog is now safe, and I am so sorry people are bashing you for recording instead of intervening. You did the right thing, there is now indisputable evidence of abuse. There are a lot of keyboard warriors out there calling you coward etc – but the reality is, you have your own safety to consider. Who knows what kind of drugs that woman was on. So, on behalf of that poor little doggie….thank you.”No doubt it is some pretty shocking footage and that the woman in question needs to have the dog removed from her possession. Hopefully the dog is alright and will find a loving home in the near future.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Has Committed Suicide

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Has Committed Suicide

Linkin Parks Chester Bennington Has Committed Suicide chester

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide, TMZ reports. 

Law enforcement sources said the singer of the nu-metal band hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A County.

He was discovered Thursday before 9.00am.

Bennington found fame after joining Linkin Park in 1999, a year before they shot to worldwide recognition with the release of Hybrid Theory.

Bandmate Mike Shinoda confirmed the news on his Twitter, saying he was ‘shocked and heartbroken’ at the tragic news.

11 Lucky Finds That Made Ordinary People Fabulously Rich

11. A movie poster

At a market in Summerville, Laura Stoufer bought a copy of a poster for an old movie. When she got home, she realized there was something behind the cardboard base. Inside, she discovered a poster for All Quiet on the Western Front, valued at $20,000.

10. A vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre watch

At a small store in Phoenix, Zac Norris managed to buy a rare vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre watch made in 1959 for just $6. Soon after, he sold it for $35,000.

9. A baseball card

Bernice Calego was cleaning up at home when she found an old photograph of a baseball team. The entrepreneurial lady put it up for sale on eBay for $10. In the end, Bernice sold it for $75,000 after it was valued by the National Association of Securities Dealers.

8. The St Albans Hoard

While some people never have any luck for years on end, others hit the jackpot on their first attempt. Wesley Carrington from England bought himself a simple metal detector and discovered 55 golden Roman coins in a forest near St Albans, Hertfordshire, the first time he used it. They were worth $260,000.

7. The painting Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth

Someone from Indiana once bought a painting to hide a hole in their wall. Several years later, while playing a board game, they discovered a card showing the exact same image. Inviting an expert over to check, this lucky person discovered that they were the owner of a previously unknown painting by Martin Johnson Heade, worth $1.2 million.

6. Vincent van Gogh’s Vase With Red Poppies

A couple from Wisconsin once acquired a copy of van Gogh’s Vase With Red Poppies. The reproduction was so good that the couple began to have their suspicions, later confirmed by an expert: they had, in fact, bought the 1886 original, worth $1.4 million.

5. A penny from 1974

Robert Lawrence inherited a collection of coins inside a lunchbox from his father. Inside, he found a penny from 1974. It was first valued at $300, and it was later determined to be made from aluminum. Just 10 such coins had been issued, and the rest were lost. As a result, the penny turned out to be worth $2 million.

4. Whiskey from 1917

Bryan Fite found a cache of 13 bottles of whiskey in his attic that dated from 1917. Experts valued his “hoard” at $2.6 million, but Bryan declared that he wouldn’t be selling it. Instead, he plans to drink the whiskey with his friends.

3. A figurine ordered by Nicholas II

George and Betty Davis from New York were once getting rid of the junk in their attic when they discovered a figurine which looked to be valuable. It turned out to have been produced by the Fabergé jewelry firm for Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. It was sold at auction for $5.2 million.

2. An unusual pearl

A Filipino fisherman once got caught on some rocks near the island of Palawan. While trying to free his anchor, he found a pearl that weighed 34 kg. The fisherman kept it under his bed for 10 years. The giant pearl has been valued at $35 million.

1. Shares in Coca-Cola

Tony Marohn spent $5 at a garage sale on a box of documents and ended up with a whole fortune. Among the papers, he found an old certificate for 1,625 shares in Palmer Union Oil. It turned out that after numerous mergers, the certificate gave him ownership of 1.8 million Coca-Cola shares, valued at $130 million.