Earth Is Art: Landgate aerial photos show Western Australia’s incredible landscape

This incredible shot of the Erskine Range, south of Wyndham, is one of many images from Landgate’s Earth is Art collection that shows the extraordinary Western Australia landscape. All images supplied from Landgate.

WITH their vibrant colours, squiggly lines and random blots, many of these images could easily pass for pieces of abstract art.

In fact, they are aerial photos showing the rich and varied beauty of WA landscapes – including stunning bird’s eye view surprises you might not be aware of if at ground level.

There are obvious images such as Rottnest Island, but there’s also peculiar pictures of a creek system that looks like a dancing witch, a landscape showing a zebra’s shadow and terrain that seems to be melting.

Rottnest Island as part of the Earth is Art collection.Source:Supplied

The images are part of Landgate’s Earth is Art collection. Recently the land information and surveying agency started offering digital images, meaning you can do with the pictures what you will.

Landgate chief executive Mike Bradford said the agency had been capturing aerial images for mapping purposes since 1948, but believed selling them as art was a great way to showcase WA to the world.

The photos are taken from a high-quality camera mounted into the bottom of a private plane, while the aircraft is anywhere from 1500m to nearly 10,000m in the air.

Mr Bradford said given how massive WA was, the opportunities to add to or changeover the collection were huge.

Each year, Landgate workers fly over about 10 per cent of WA in order to take the aerial snaps.

For more information on Landgate’s Earth is Art, visit:

Amazing aerial shots of Western Australia

Earth is Art is a series of aerial images from Landgate capturing the unique beauty of Western Australia. This photo, Electric Blue Satirist, captures Mount Satirist, south of Port Hedland.

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