You Need To Be Verified On Twitter To Use This Dating App

Being verified on Twitter is about more than just popularity. With Blue, a new dating app, it could also be the key to your love life.


Forget Tinder and other social dating apps. Blue, by Loveflutter, is looking to match you with someone worth of your online popularity: another verified Twitter user.


Blue is not exactly a new app, but rather the new version of already popular dating app Loveflutter. It works the same, has the same features, but only people who have a verified profile on Twitter can use it to search for love.

Are you verified on Twitter? This dating app is for you, and only you. #Blue

So could this be about more than popularity and satisfying egos? Maybe. Being verified means that Twitter has verified – literally – your identity. And that itself should already attract many love seekers who will feel safer knowing their counterpart is more likely to be who they claim to be. Today, only 150,000 of Twitter’s 300 million users are verified today. Over 25% of them are either journalists, media personas or celebrities.

Only 150,000 users have a verified profile on Twitter. What about you?

For all of you famous (and beautiful, of course) verified users, Blue is launching in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. But don’t get too excited, the app goes live only once it has 1,000 local members…

Is this the future of dating? Probably not. But it comes to show, once again, how much important social currency has become.

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