OMG! Nigerian villagers killed Giant Snake with her egg !!

Nigerian villagers kill world’s largest Giant Snake !! Locals who killed a huge snake after suspecting it of having eaten a calf because of its swollen stomach discovered it was pregnant with dozens of eggs. The incident happened in

Nigeria where local media said the snake had been killed over accusations it had been feasting on farmers’ livestock. However as these images show, the snake was not overweight because of its last meal, it was actually pregnant. After being cut open, dozens of eggs were found and removed by locals who regard them as a rare delicacy. Although it was not clear what sort of snake it was, many snakes can produce up to 100 eggs at a time. Online commentators seem to have little sympathy with the snake, with most pointing out that it was a good thing that around a hundred baby snakes would no longer be born. Judging by the size of the snake, which appears to be almost a foot wide and several meters long, it looks like an anaconda. But with the species of anaconda restricted to South America, it is likely the pictured snake is an African rock python. Males are typically smaller than females, who can grow up to and beyond 4.8m in length. There have been some reports of African rock pythons, which is the continent’s biggest snake and one of the world’s largest, growing up to a massive 6M in length.

Source : CEN, dailymail

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