Quitting Sugar, Natural Parenting, & Pregnancy Tips

I’m so happy to introduce Genevieve from MamaNatural.com. Genevieve is mom to two children and she and her husband Mike work together to run the Mama Natural blog and their wildly popular YouTube channel. She’s a also a Wellness Media featured contribute.

As her name suggests, Mama Natural is an expert at all things natural parenting, natural pregnancy and breastfeeding. She is also the mind behind the hilarious video Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say:

In this episode, Genevieve and I discus:

1:28 Her health struggle and how she came to real food
2:25 Her lightening bolt moment and how she made lasting changes
3:15 Her “last supper”
5:23 The factors that helped her with quitting sugar, lose 60lbs, and keep it off for over 15 years
6:16 How accountability helped her
7:23 How long it takes to detox from sugar and how to do it
8:20 Why she has hope for the health of future generations
10:45 Natural pregnancy, parenting, and birthing tips
16:00 The crunchy thing she can’t do and the crunchiest thing she’s ever done
16:45 The thing she recommends to help have a natural birth – Hint: it starts in the 2nd trimester
17:46 Why Fermented Cod Liver Oil & exercise can improve birth
18:00 Tips to help baby’s position before birth
19:00 Crunchyest thing she’s ever tried, and what weird foods she ate after she gave birth
21:28 Her best advice for listening to your body
23:00 Number one health step to take now
24:07 The book she recommends everyone should read

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