7 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Faster

Looking for ways to spring clean your home in no time? Good. I’ve got some tried and tested ways that I’m going to share with you. Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things about the spring season, but unfortunately, I can’t enjoy it to the fullest since my schedule is always overloaded. So I’ve found a few ways to spring clean my home fast that are also great for those who don’t like cleaning.

1. Clean mini blinds
Yes, I want to start with the worst part about spring cleaning. I’m sure many of you would agree that cleaning mini blinds is a great pain. However, I’ve learned a small tip that makes it really easier. Just take your mini blinds down and wash them in the bath. They’ll be cleaner in no time!

2. Wash your walls
If you used to wash your walls by hand, this spring try washing them with a mop instead. This will save you a lot of time, I promise! Now that I know this little trick, washing my walls isn’t a big problem anymore. Give it a try and you will never think of washing the walls as a great pain.

3. Clean your oven
I don’t understand those people who clean their oven by hand when they have a self-cleaning one. A self-cleaning oven works amazingly and is so easy to operate. If you have a self-cleaning oven, just turn it on and it will do its thing. While it’s cleaning, the oven gets extremely hot and there can be a terrible smell, but you can go outdoors to avoid the smell, or do another chore to complete your spring cleaning faster.

4. Give your carpets to the professionals
If you have carpets, I suggest you to hire them done. It’s better and easier. It’s also incredibly time-saving. The professional knows what they’re doing and they can be more experienced at stain removal than you are. If you can afford, give your carpets to the professionals.

5. Purchase a ceiling fan cleaner
Purchase a ceiling fan cleaner so that you don’t have to climb up and take it all apart. Indeed, there’s a great device that you can purchase that cleans the ceiling fan. It’s like a duster but created to fit over every blade. While you still should clean the globes, it helps save you immense amounts of time and headache.

6. Clean your curtains
If you have trouble cleaning your curtains, I recommend doing all of your curtains at once. Take the day, take your curtains down and wash them. After washing, hang your curtains back up. Don’t forget to check the instructions and learn how to properly launder them. Maybe your curtains are dry clean only ones. Follow the instructions on the label and you won’t have any problems.

7. Don’t do it alone
If you share a home or if you have a big family, don’t do your spring cleaning alone, it’s just too much for one person. Have everybody muck in and help and you’ll get it done quicker and you will even have time for a spring picnic or family BBQ.

Follow these tips and you will do your spring cleaning faster and easier. Which tricks do you use to do your spring cleaning quicker? Share them with me, please, I will certainly try them all!

9 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Live Alone

When people live alone they are free to do whatever they wish and nobody can restrict them. There are also lots of people who live alone due to different circumstances. For example, they are single because they can’t find their love or they have divorced. Freedom is something that we all need from time to time. So, it can be a nice idea to move out and live apart from others. I think it is really good for young people who have just graduated from the university and want to start a new independent life without parents. However, before taking this decision you should consider certain bad habits that may spoil your life. Here is the list of some bad things which you have to avoid by all means.

1. Not washing your dirty dishes
Sure, it doesn’t mean that all people who live alone don’t wash their dirty dishes regularly. First of all, it depends on your personality. But if you don’t share your apartment with anyone else, you’ll be relaxed and let your dirty dishes pile up. This is one of the worst habits you should be aware of. If your dishes stay dirty for one day or even more, it will be difficult to clean them and you’ll have a big amount of work to do. That’s why you’d better wash up right after eating. It will be a great shame when your friends come to you and see dirty dishes in your kitchen.

2. Eating or drinking directly from the container
Those who live alone usually tend to eat various foods directly from the container and they almost never use glasses to drink beverages like wine or beer. To my mind you’ll look disgusting when drinking straight from the bottle. Try to get rid of this negative habit in order to look more attractive in the company of others. I’m sure you’ll get more pleasure from your food when eating it from your favorite plate.

3. Leaving up decorations
Most of us have a terrible habit to leave up decorations after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday Parties and other holidays. Definitely, we like that festive atmosphere in our home and bright decorations are the only way to prolong those happy moments. But at the same time it may be annoying for everyone who visits you. Your guests will not understand you if they see your Christmas decorations a few months after the holiday. Thus, you ought to take down all decorations when the festivity is over, otherwise you will never do this.

4. Eating too much food
If you live alone, you will constantly lack communication with other people and you can even be bored sometimes. In this case watching television and eating food are the easiest way to entertain yourself and feel a bit happier. Every time you have a desire to talk to someone you go to your kitchen and eat tasty foods which are generally high in calories. For many people this is a substitution of live communication. We rarely think that this satisfaction is dangerous to us and very often it leads to overweight.

5. Not changing your bed sheets regularly
Whether you live with your family or alone, you must not forget to change your bed sheets. There aren’t any excuses for you, except you are ill or injured. Make it a rule to change your bedclothes once a week. Moreover, it would be good if you wash your pillowcases more frequently as they get dirty very quickly.

6. Not cleaning your kitchen and bathroom
The places in your home such as kitchen and bathroom are used every day, and consequently, they need to be cleaned regularly. Sure, it won’t be pleasant for you to cook your dinner in the kitchen where everything is covered with mold or take shower in a messy bathroom. No matter how busy you are, you should always find time for cleaning these special rooms in your flat.

7. Being too lazy
Undoubtedly, you’ll have a great temptation to sleep more in the morning, especially on weekend. There are some days when you want to pamper yourself, though you should bear in mind that sleeping too much is the first step to your laziness. You can do plenty of interesting activities instead of having a nap. Life is so colorful and exciting that you can’t waste your time for sleeping.

8. Being a hermit
Once you have moved out, you will highly appreciate your own space and freedom. From the first days of your independent life you will be happy to stay at home at every possible opportunity and relish your solitude. As a rule people who spend much time at home give preference to watching TV or surfing the Internet and these activities alienate them from the real world. If you don’t want to be a hermit, you should break this bad habit immediately. Go out with your friends and play your favorite sports for a change.

9. Hoarding
Don’t be lazy and always keep your house clean. In order to avoid heaps of trash around your home, you are to take out all unnecessary things several times a week. Living in a mess is not comfortable. So, why not throw out your garbage and make your room the best place to live in? Stop hoarding things and you’ll be amazed how much space you have in your home.

Living alone is an excellent experience that can be useful for everyone. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to your lifestyle when you move out since you’ll be subjected to numerous bad habits that may complicate your life. Have you ever lived alone? Which bad habits did you have?

9 Tips on How to Teach Your Child to Swim

Teaching your child to swim can be really difficult. Children, especially young ones, are known to be impatient and annoying when it comes to learning how to swim. If you have a temperamental child and you want them to learn how to swim this summer, check out a few helpful tips on how to teach your child to swim.

1. Safety first
You wouldn’t believe how many parents don’t think about dangerous things that can potentially happen when teaching a child to swim. It’s important that you make sure you have enough space in the ocean or pool to swim, make sure your child always stays hydrated and, of course, healthy. Remember to be aware of dangers of cracked skulls, broken bones and drowning. Also be sure to know standard CPR or have someone who can help.

2. Think of pool toys
Many people think that pool toys like life savers or noodle floats can be distracting, but if you’re having a difficult time with teaching your child to swim, all those pool toys might be very helpful. If you don’t want your child to get turned off from swimming, add some pool toys so your kid can associate swimming with staying active and having fun in the summer.

3. Think of floaties
Okay, not every child likes the idea of wearing floaties, but if your child is excited to wear floaties, consider yourself lucky. Floats are extremely important, especially when you first start teaching your little one to swim, since that’s usually when your kid may need them the most. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

4. Don’t work alone
If you’re a single parent, ask someone else to help you, for instance, close family members or neighboring mothers. Even if you’re used to taking care of your little one by yourself, it’s always good to have another swimmer to assist you. Moreover, your child may learn much faster with 2 different teaching styles than only one.

5. Teach your child to breathe underwater
Another step to go through when teaching your little one to swim is to make sure that your child knows how to breathe underwater. One of the best ways to go about it is through the counting method. Watch your kid blow bubbles underwater and count to 5 as he/she holds on to you. It is very important to master this technique. You don’t want to see your child suffocate herself/himself while swimming because they couldn’t find out how to breathe underwater correctly.

6. Teach your child to float
Children often have a difficult time learning to float. Although it requires a lot of patience and reassurance, it’s actually worth the effort since floating is such a vital safety skill. At first, your little one might struggle and this tension can cause them to fold in at the waist. Explain to your child that they should relax if they want to learn to float. Try to encourage your child to lie back in the bath or in the pool first. This will take a few attempts and lots of reassurance, but both you and your kid will be satisfied with the results.

7. Teach your child to kick their feet
Help your kid learn to kick their feet. Have them scissor kick their legs and ask them to make as many bubbles as they can. You can even make a fun game out of it and see how much froth your child can make. Help your child to fully enjoy their lesson. Once they have acquired the basic skills, you can start to teach beginning arm strokes as well as more advanced swimming techniques.

8. Look for professional help
If teaching your kid to swim on your own seems impossible, don’t give up! Opt for some professional swimming lessons at the community center. A lot of young people, who were successful swimmers in high school or college, offer swimming lessons at a reasonable price. If you can teach your child, these lessons may not be necessary, but if you have a busy schedule and you want your little one to learn how to swim, enroll them in some good swimming lessons.

9. Be patient
One of the best ways to teach your little one anything new is to display as much patience as possible, and don’t overreact when you kid looks to you for help. Everybody has different learning styles and speeds, keep it in mind and try to be patient when teaching your little one how to swim.

Have you had a difficult time teaching your little one to swim? What tips can you suggest to other moms looking to teach their children to swim? Share your tips with us please.

7 Truthful Things Men Don’t Tell You

When you communicate with men you should always keep in mind that they don’t tell you everything they think. I must admit that women are considered to be more talkative and emotional than men. Sometimes it can be a real problem for some men to express their feelings and emotions. They can’t find appropriate words to tell the woman they like. However, it is possible to find a man who will easily share all his thoughts with you. But even these communicative guys can’t speak about all the truthful things. Here you will find some of them.

1. You are so beautiful
Certainly, we are melting when men tell us compliments. But there are some guys who can do that perfectly, while others find it really difficult. I met different boys in my life. Though, only one of them could make me happy with his pleasant words. It’s so important for girls to hear how pretty and beautiful they are. After that, their self-esteem increases greatly. Sometimes you can be extremely disappointed as you tried hard to do an excellent make-up for some special occasion and nobody appreciated your great efforts. In contrast to this, there can be such situations when you don’t pay much attention to your appearance, you simply get up in the morning, do not do any make-up or hairdo, but still some men can find lots of ways to tell that you are beautiful.

2. They miss you
I’m sure that if a boy really loves a girl he will always tell her how much he misses her. No doubt that all the girls become excited on hearing or reading words about that. If your boy can easily say to you “I miss you”, you are really lucky. Usually, it costs a lot of efforts for men to admit their true feelings. For most of them, that is the matter of their pride. Some boys will never say they miss you as they consider it to be a shame and weakness. Predominance in the relationship is the most important for them. Such men do everything possible to hide their true emotions. What should you do if your boyfriend is one of them? Simply take the initiative in your hands, break the ice and say first that you miss him. This tactics works perfectly.

3. They can’t be alone
A lot of women get nervous of being alone when they become older. It will be a big surprise for you, but some men also worry about this issue. I have never thought about this before as almost all my friends married in their 20’s and they didn’t feel any anxiety because of loneliness. Only some time ago, after speaking with my boyfriend, I began to realize that most men are afraid of being alone when they grow older. We can see that both men and women have the same fears and feelings. The difference is that men won’t always express all their emotions and thoughts.

4. They don’t like your guy-friends
If you go out with your friends among whom there are also guy-friends, don’t expect that your man won’t be jealous. Certainly, he will. Just he is strong enough not to show you all his worries. Besides, when your boyfriend feels jealous about you that means he has some doubts concerning your love. You should remember that there are two types of boys: those who can be mad because of their jealousy and those who will never express their real feelings. Perhaps you think your man doesn’t love you enough as every time when you meet with your guy-friends he doesn’t tell anything and never objects. Don’t jump to conclusions, maybe your boy find it difficult to speak about that subject with you. Be sure, he is always jealous even without any good reasons.

5. Boy’s nights out are not always great entertainment for them
Boy’s nights out are not always great entertainment for them
Whenever our men go out to see their friends and spend a night with them at a club or some bar, we become crazy and jealous. Usually, girls imagine that lots of women will be around their guy and speak all night and flirt with him. Actually, this is wrong opinion. In most cases, men go out for boy’s night for relaxing and chatting with the mates. For instance, when my boyfriend comes back after such meetings, he says that he was bad without me and it would be better for him to spend the night out with me in some cozy restaurant. That’s why you should not angry at your sweetheart when he wants to have some night out with his friends.

6. Concern about the right choice in their life
Concern about the right choice in their life
All people think about their achievements and success they’ve reached at some certain age. When we become mature, we begin to analyze what was right and what was wrong and what could be changed. Our dear men are the same. Their worries and aims are not different from ours, they only don’t speak often about them or don’t speak at all. It happens so that sometimes men need more time to understand what they want in their life and make right choice. It is necessary for men and women to figure out their life path and follow it until they are 30 years old.

7. You are too emotional when you have PMS
You are too emotional when you have PMS
If you have a caring and loving man in your life, he will always understand that involving you in some meaningful conversation during your PMS is not a good idea. It’s not a secret for you how nervous, irritable and scary you can be these days. But your ideal man will never tell you that. He will try hard to keep calm and reserved even at such terrible moments when you can cry and shout at him without any reason. We should be proud of our patient men as that is really hard work to cope with our monthly moods.

Now you can understand that for some men, it can be hard to show their feelings and share their thoughts. You should never make your boyfriend guilty because of that. He surely loves you very much and he is quite emotional guy, just he can’t speak so easily about certain things. In order to know men better we need some time and experience. Do you have a boyfriend? Does he often express his feelings and emotions or does he try to hide them from you?

8 Things I Learned from Living Alone

When I was a teenager I thought I would have been the happiest person in the world if I had lived alone. Almost a year has passed since I crossed the threshold of my new apartment for the first time. My own apartment. And I can’t say I was the happiest, because I was somewhat confused and frustrated. When you start living alone it may take some time before you adjust to the new conditions. My routine, habits and manners (not to mention expenses) have changed greatly! I’ve found that living alone is not all about pluses and benefits and if you still think so, you’d better take off those rose-tinted glasses. The surest thing is that I became realistic due to living by myself and I’ve learned a lot of new things about life.

1. I’m not oppressed by others’ presence
I grew up in a large family and I always needed to consider others’ interests, desires and just presence. Even when living with my dormmate I felt a little bit uncomfortable about her constant visitors, exes and all the accidental people who came to our room. But living alone means complete freedom, which I adore. When I know there’s no other set of eyes and ears out there I can confidently enjoy wearing whatever I want. I can even spend all day in my underwear or pajamas without awkward gazes and stupid excuses. And it feels really awesome when nobody tries to occupy the TV or bathroom in the morning.

2. I’m absolutely messy
Now I have nobody to blame for the mess since I’m the only one who’s responsible for all this. I have nobody to clean the fridge or bathroom or take away the leftovers. I’ve understood that I hate cleaning and it’s really hard to keep everything in order. I appeared to be messier than I thought since now I simply have no time to perform the cleaning.

3. I constantly mutter to myself
This is a common thing with most people and I was always inclined to talking to myself. But when I started living alone this habit became stronger. Perhaps I want to fill the dead silence and make some noise in the quiet house or maybe I’m just paranoiac. But now I seriously consider having a pet or finding my love.

4. My fridge is often empty
Living with a dormmate was easier in the sense that there was always some food in the fridge even if that food didn’t belong to me. And I always knew I wouldn’t starve to death if I forgot to stock up. Now when I forget to stock up on food, my fridge is literally empty. On the other hand, when I buy food I know perfectly well that I’m the only one to eat it! Another essential thing to learn when I began living alone was cooking. Processed food and takeout are great, but they could profoundly harm my health. That’s why I started planning my weekly menu and learned a lot of cooking tips for living alone.

5. Dating someone when you live alone is amazing
No matter how tolerant and liberal your roommate may be, it always feels uncomfortable when you want to invite a guy. Living alone delivers you from awkward introductions and weird excuses. You don’t need to clear the situation with your roommate or parents and witness strange gazes when your guy leaves you in the morning. When you have a strong long-lasting relationship with a boyfriend, you can even live together without thinking of someone else.

6. I started enjoying silence
Living alone is definitely about complete silence and plenty of me-time. I was disappointed and frightened with it at first, but gradually I adjusted to the situation and even liked it. My quiet and peaceful house is such a lovely place to come to after a busy day and relax! Nobody can disturb me and when I need some talk I can just make a call. I still love going out and chatting with my friends, but I appreciate having a place where I can be alone.

7. Living alone helped me to understand my true self
The 20s is a period when we have to figure out the most important things in life: who we are, who we want to be and how we can do it. When I have nobody to influence my choices and deeds I reflect on my life. I have to make all decisions completely independently and I’am the only one responsible for the consequences.

8. Being alone and being lonely are not the same
I’ve been living alone for almost a year, but I never felt really lonely. Living alone was something I always wanted and needed and it was a deliberate act. I’m constantly surrounded by nearest and dearest who help and support me. But living alone is my essential need while loneliness is something you don’t choose and want.

Sometimes living alone is hard, but I love the feeling of freedom and independence that it gives. Like everything in this world, living by yourself has both upsides and downsides and this is an extremely important choice in your life. But sooner or later you’ll have to leave your parents’ house and face the new stage of your life. Don’t be afraid of it! Have you ever lived alone?

10 Most Common Myths about Introverts

There are a few common myths about introverts that many people tend to believe. Many people believe that introverts are shy, rude, they hate parties and don’t like people. However, it’s absolutely not true. Introverts just need some alone time to recharge, while extroverts enjoy being around others and they hate being alone. Introverts like to do self-reflection, analyze different ideas and they prefer solitary activities over social ones, while extroverts prefer social activities and they can express themselves more freely verbally. Check out the list of several popular myths about introverts that will help you understand them better.

1. Introverts are shy
Introversion isn’t the same as being shy. Although some introverts might be a bit shy, most of them are actually not shy. Shy people avoid social activities because of the fear, and introverts prefer the environments that aren’t over-stimulating. Shy people are literally afraid of people and they try to avoid any company and social gathering. Introverts are definitely not afraid of people, they simply enjoy activities they can do alone or even with several others.

2. They’re rude
Unfortunately, many people perceive introverts as standoffish and rude, simply because they’re straight-forward, honest and a bit blunt. Introverts prefer a meaningful conversation rather than a small talk, though they can have a small talk at times. If you invite an introvert to your fantastic party and they turn down your invitation, don’t think that they are rude. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, they might be tired and they really need to relax. Introverts are actually good people who always build meaningful relationships and they rarely intend to hurt someone.

3. They don’t like to talk
Most of us tend to believe that introverts hate to talk. It’s a myth. Yes, introverts spend more time thinking and analyzing things, gathering all the facts, and they don’t like to take decisions in a rush. As I mentioned above, some introverts don’t like small talks, but if you talk about something that interests them, you will not even notice that they are introverts.

4. They don’t know how to relax and have fun
Trust me, introverts do know how to relax and have fun, they just do it in a different way. They don’t like to go out and party the whole night, but they can easily relax at home while watching their favorite movie or reading their favorite book. There is nothing more fun to introverts than a day or evening spent at home doing their favorite activities and enjoying their own company.

5. They hate people
One of the most popular myths about introverts is that they hate people and avoid them at all costs. Yes, introverts usually have fewer friendships, however, their relationships are more meaningful. Sure, extroverts are not superficial, and even though they have more friendships, they lack true friends. If you have an introvert friend, you are very lucky, because introverts cherish true friendship and they are really loyal. You can always count on your introvert friend and they will definitely help you in any difficult situation.

6. They are bad public speakers
Statistics show that many introverts are incredibly talented public speakers and comedians as well. Introverts just need more time to prepare themselves and they practice a lot before speaking confidently in front of a crowd. In fact, every person can become a good public speaker, of course, if they have enough patience and they work hard to improve their public speaking skills.

7. They want to be alone all the time
Just because introverts enjoy alone time does not mean they want always to be alone. Introverts think a lot, daydream and they even like to have some problems to work on, but they can get extremely lonely if they do not have anyone to share their feelings, discoveries and experiences with.

8. They are weird
Introverts never follow the crowd and they are usually individualists who prefer to live their life in their own way. Introverts never take decisions based on what is trendy or popular. They always do what they love, and they don’t compare themselves to others.

9. They don’t have friends
I hate it when people say introverts don’t have friends and they don’t have anyone to talk to. Yes, they don’t have tons of friends and their phones don’t ring every minute, but is it so important? If you have only one true friend, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. Many people have 10 friends, 20 friends and even 50 friends, but they don’t have a true friend. Be proud of yourself, respect your friend, and stop worrying about what others say.

10. They often suffer from depression
Both introverts and extroverts suffer from depression. Just because introverts are quiet and they spend lots of time alone doesn’t mean they are depressive. They are happy people and they enjoy this life in their own way. Before telling that your introverted coworker is depressive, think twice. You have no right to judge anyone and you have no right to offend anyone. If you tell introverts that they are strange and depressive, you can’t even imagine how you’ll offend them.

Introverts are nice people and we don’t have to believe in all those myths. If you know some introverts or if you are an introvert, I’m sure you will agree with this article. Do you know any other myths about introverts?

This Is How I Really Feel About Living Alone

When I was little, I used to dream about a life alone. I know it sounds odd. Most little girls want their Prince Charming, a picket fence, and a couple of kids or fur babies to fill up the yard. Me?

I wanted a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere or a deserted island where I could live out my days in peace, far away from the people who would do nothing but bring me pain. But now I am independent, and this is how I really feel about living alone:

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, but I wouldn’t change a thing

Being alone has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people might like the solitary existence and would never seek to change it. Others grow lonely in their singularity. I think it really depends on our personalities, like whether we are extroverted or introverted, dog-people or cat-people, and so on. But there could be other reasons people choose to live alone, despite hating it: they don’t want to get hurt or dependent on another person.

Living alone is the one-way highway to learning responsibility

I am used to being alone. Independence was not that hard to learn when I finally stepped into this world without backing from my parents. Most people struggle with the idea of “adulting,” like cleaning the house, paying bills, buying groceries, and doing routine maintenance.

I basked in it. For me, it was that self-sustainability I have always lusted after. But if you are not used to doing things on your own, then living alone is one nightmare after another.

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Living alone but not lonely (most of the time)

Introverts will agree with me on this one. When you need your space, nothing is better than your own home. The home is a sanctuary that can bring peace to weary souls. When I lived with other people, I was always on edge. I could not find a moment of quiet.

Yet, there are times where I want to open my door, walk into the living room, and see someone, like my father, sitting there to talk to him. Living alone can separate you from the people you love, or it can contribute to your lack of a social circle because no roommate equals no random parties.

Living alone is a lot of work

So, I mentioned this before, but living alone means everything is up to you. For people who live within 1 hour of their family, this is not as dire of a situation as those who are like me and are about a 14-hour airplane flight away from anyone who can bail you out of hardships.

Sure, I have friends, but when you need family, they are too far away. Because of that, my first flat tire, my first late bill, and the time the kitchen pipes ruptured were all up to me to deal with. I couldn’t scream for my parents to help, I needed to suck it up and work through the issues like an adult.

Living alone means living simply

One thing that makes me love being on my own, though, is that I can live as I want. There is no other routine to clash with mine (or the lack thereof). There is no one to swear at when they hop in the shower before me. No one to clean up after. I can do what is needed as it comes to mind and never worry about offending another individual. It is a simple pleasure, but it really means a lot.

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A lot of people leave the nest to live in a dormitory, then move in with a significant other, get married, and then share a house with kids, spouses, and animals.

They never learn what it means to just be content in their own presence; to relying solely on themselves. I think more people should live alone once in awhile. Who knows what you will learn about the world or yourself?