16 Simple Ways to Improve Your Body Language

There’s no certain way to use your body language. Depending on who you’re talking to and the setting, what you do and say might be interpreted in different ways. When talking to your boss, you will want to use your body language differently than when talking to your coworkers or friends. A slight changes in your body language can have a great impact on the people around you. But before starting changing your body language, you have to know your body language. Pay close attention to how you stand, how you sit, and how you use you hands and legs when talking to someone. One of the best ways to know your body language is to practice in front of a mirror. While it seems a bit ridiculous, it really helps. After all, no one is watching you. You will see how you look to others and how you use your body language.

You can also visualize how you’d sit and stand to feel relaxed and confident, or visualize how you’d communicate with someone. Watch your coworkers, friends, celebs, role models and other people you think have great body language and communicating skills. Watch what they do and what you don’t. However, don’t compare yourself to others. Just because they have a better body language doesn’t mean they are better than you. You just need some time to develop your own body language.

At first, you might feel like you’re faking someone and something, but ‘fake it til you make it’ can actually help you to improve your body language and communication skills. Don’t be afraid to play around a little, practice a lot and monitor yourself to find your comfortable balance. This is the key to success!

1. Eye contact
Make eye contact, but make sure you don’t stare. If you’re talking to a few people, give everyone some eye contact to make a better connection and ensure everyone is listening to you. If you don’t make eye contact, you might seem insecure, inattentive and confused. But, don’t give too much eye contact since people might think you are creepy. If you are shy, making eye contact will be a little tricky in the beginning, but when you will get used to it, it will feel much easier.

2. Arms, shoulders and legs
Never cross your arms and legs as it indicates that you are feeling defensive or guarded. You should also pay attention to your shoulders. When you feel nervous, you may notice that your shoulders are tight and tense. Try to relax your shoulders by shaking them a bit and moving them back and down slightly.

3. Head
When you want to feel confident or when you want to be taken seriously, keep your head level both vertically and horizontally. When you want to be friendly, nod once in a while to show that you are listening. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to nod every minute.

4. Mouth
Your mouth movements give away clues about you, too, and not only when you’re speaking. We purse the lips and twist them to one side when we are thinking or when we hold back some angry comments we don’t want to reveal. People might notice it and even though they won’t say anything, they’ll get a feeling that you don’t want to communicate with them.

5. Sit up straight
Learn to sit up straight but in a more comfortable and relaxed way. If you want to show that you are sincerely interested in what the person is talking about, lean toward them, but not too much. Lean back a bit to show that you are relaxed and confident in yourself. But don’t lean back too much because it can make you look distant and arrogant.

6. Take up some space
Feel free to take up some space when talking to someone. When you sit or stand with your legs slightly apart, it shows that you are self-confident and you feel comfortable around other people.

7. Smile and laugh
Stop taking yourself so seriously. Just relax. When someone says something funny, smile or even laugh. If you are a positive person, people will be more inclined to listen to you and be around you. However, don’t be the only person who laugh at your jokes, or it will make you appear nervous. When you’re introduced to someone, smile but don’t fake your smile. People may notice that your smile is fake.

8. Don’t fidget
Make sure you avoid doing fidgety movements and nervous ticks like tapping your fingers against the table or shaking your leg. When you try to get something across, fidgeting can distract others. Slow down, take a few deep breaths and relax. This is one of the most important steps to improving your body language.

9. Don’t touch your face
To tell the truth, touching the face (especially nose) when speaking with someone is one of my worst habits that I’m trying to break. It’s hard to break but I know I have to do it in order to improve my body language. Touching your face makes you seem nervous and it’s distracting to the people in the conversation.

10. Use your hands
Instead of scratching your face and fidgeting with your hands, learn to use them more confidently during a conversation. You can use your hands to describe something or explain your ideas. However, make sure you don’t use your hands too much, or it will be annoying and distracting.

11. Slow down
This actually goes for a lot of things. If you’ve got used to walking fast, try walking a bit slower. This will make you appear more relaxed and confident. If someone addresses you, turn your neck a little more slowly. When speaking to someone, don’t speak too fast. The thing is, speaking too fast indicates a lack of confidence and can increase the chances you will be misunderstood.

12. Keep your whole spine straight
Many of us stand and sit with a straight back in a great posture. But, many of us don’t understand that the spine ends in the back of the head, so we often crane the neck forward. Keep your entire spine straight to have a better posture and look more beautiful and confident.

13. Lower your drink
Keeping a drink close to your chest is a sure sign of insecurity. Don’t hold anything in front of your chest as it will make you seem distant and guarded. So lower your drink and hold it about belly button level a slightly out. This will make you look more confident.

14. Don’t stand too close or too far away
If you want to give off the right signals, pay close attention to the distance from others. If you stand or sit too close to the person when speaking, you might be marked as ‘in your face’ or ‘pushy.’ If you stand too far away, you might be marked as ‘offish.’ Observe how close all the other people are to one another and if you notice that someone back away when you move closer to them, pull back a little. Every person has their own personal space, which we should never invade.

15. Mirror
If you are trying to improve your body language, mirroring can help you. Sometimes when we get along with someone, we begin to mirror one another unconsciously. If your interlocutor leans forward, you might also lean forward. Or, if they hold their hands on their thighs, do the same. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to mirror each change in body language.

16. Keep a positive attitude
When you feel positive and confident, it comes through in your body language. That’s why it’s so important to keep a positive and relaxed attitude when speaking to someone. In fact, when it comes to body language and communication skills, your attitude can make a huge difference.

It may take a lot of time and patience to change your body language but it’s well worth it in the end. One of the most difficult things to change is to keep you head up if you’ve got used to looking at your feet. Eye contact is highly important in any situation. Work on these body language bits daily and you will definitely better your body language. If you don’t manage to change something, don’t just give up. You will reach your goal and improve your body language no matter how hard it will be and no matter what others will say. Remember, I believe in you. Are you going to use these ways to change your body language?

10 Must-Try Beauty Tips from Your Grandma

You don’t have to appreciate vintage style to benefit from some old-fashioned beauty advice. The wisdom of grandmothers is alive and well in the beauty world and you might be able to weave some of yester-year’s tips and techniques into your beauty regimen. The following tips will help you enhance your beauty in tried and true ways.

1. Cucumber Eyes
As one ages, puffiness around the eyes seems to come with the territory. You can combat this tendency, however, by kicking back in a recliner for about ten minutes with cold slices of cucumber on your eyes. In fact, you’ve probably seen this countless times in the old movies. This tried and true remedy for reducing puffiness to enhance the eyes works just like your grandma said it would!

2. Honeyed Skin
Honey applied to skin is a great way to pamper yourself with an age-old beauty treatment. It’s said that even Cleopatra made honey part of her beauty rituals. Honey has natural antibacterial properties so it’s ideal for treating acne. Rich in antioxidants, honey can also keep your skin looking youthful and full of moisture. In addition, this magical substance also has the ability to gently clean your pores and adds a subtle glow to the skin. It’s definitely one of Grandma’s best beauty secrets to try!

3. Olive Oil
The pure goodness of olive oil has been known for centuries and women that have used it to protect their hair shafts from split ends and lock in moisture understand why it continues to be one of the best kitchen remedies for beauty. The legendary beauty Sophia Loren added a few tablespoons to her bath when she wanted to achieve soft and luxuriant skin. Moreover, without any chemicals or synthetic ingredients, olive oil is all natural and safe.

4. Lemon Fresh Nails
Lemons have all kinds of uses around the house. If you have one on hand, just cut it in half and press your nails into it. Perhaps you’ve seen your grandmother do this from time to time. The lemon juice whitens your nail tips, but it also strengthens the nail itself. Healthier nails translates to more beautiful nails.

5. Oatmeal and Almond Exfoliation
Grinding a half cup of almonds and half cup of oatmeal has all the makings of a perfect exfoliating paste. Add a couple drops of essential oil to bind the ingredients and then rub all over your face. This paste works wonders for exfoliation. Once the dead skin cells are removed and your skin gently clean, you’ll look more youthful and even retain a healthy glow.

6. Ice Away Wrinkles
Many grandmothers swear by this old beauty ritual. Simply rub your face with an ice cube before heading out the door and you will enhance your skin’s glow and ward off wrinkles. Ice cubes can reduce the size of pores and minimize their appearance. If your skin is oily, this practice can help balance that out and enhance the look of your skin. Also, a cold treatment like this can keep the skin looking rejuvenated and refreshed.

7. Drink Plenty of Water
Water and plenty of it is a natural detoxifying agent. By pushing out all the harmful toxins we ingest, water cleans us from the inside out. Drink lots of water to enjoy a clearer complexion. You need to drink water to enhance your body’s function, of course, but sipping ice water can even help speed up your metabolism so you keep your figure in check! Be sure to rinse your hair in cold water after washing to give it some great natural shine.

8. Braided Waves
Wearing your hair in a braid during sleep has long been a remedy to prevent hair breakage. However, it’s also a great beauty enhancement. You can achieve gorgeous waves by braiding your wet hair and letting it air dry until you’re ready to unveil those great waves. This is much healthier for your hair than applying heat from irons or hot rollers. Your hair’s moisture will remain intact and you’ll still boast those soft and beautiful waves.

9. A Little Goes a Long Way
When it comes to makeup, Grandma’s advice is right on unless you happen to be performing on stage where a more dramatic look is a stage prerequisite. Otherwise, it doesn’t take much product to enhance your natural beauty. Too much blush or eye makeup and the distance between super model and clown becomes shorter, indeed!

10. Avoid the Sun
Once upon a time, a sun-tan was not a good thing! Sun exposure led to freckles and dry skin. The old advice is just as important now as it was then and maybe more so since we know how harmful UV rays are for our skin. Always wear a sun hat and sunglasses when you venture into the sun and certainly where protective sunscreen for those days at the beach.

While modern beauty treatments can be effective, your grandma’s beauty secrets are definitely worth trying. If you have some other beauty tips from your grandma, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Blueberries

Though the roster of “superfoods” is filled with names that many people outside of nutritional circles are probably not too familiar with, most of us know and love the common blueberry. This popular, sweet little berry is packed with important nutrients, and can be a great contribution to overall good health.

Blueberries are full of the micronutrients that our bodies require for healthy functioning. They are also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K, manganese, and important dietary fiber. Another great thing about blueberries is that they have a low glycemic load. What this means is that they do not substantially raise blood glucose levels after being eaten. There is promising evidence that blueberries are good for:

1. Improve memory function
A 12 week study out of the University of Cincinna found that older adults benefited from improved memory after consuming wild blueberry juice on a daily basis. The researchers concluded that this was likely due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds known as anthocyanins that are found in blueberries.

2. Support heart health
The antioxidant effect of blueberries may also help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Though more research needs to be done, especially in humans, researchers at the University of Arkansas discovered that mice fed with blueberry powder showed healthier heart vessels.

3. Prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Blueberries may be helpful for preventing UTIs because they contain compounds known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are good for helping the body fight off and get rid of bacterial infections.

4. Reduce inflammation
Along with the already noted anti-inflammatory effect of anthocyanins, flavonoids are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This can make blueberries helpful for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Of course, such conditions require a healthy lifestyle of a good diet and regular exercise in order to be managed properly, but consistent blueberry intake may help to reduce some of the pain.

5. Help to prevent cancer
One of the most exciting and hopeful new paths coming from research into the health effects of blueberries is the possibility that they may prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These studies are tentative and have so far only been done on animals or on human cells in a laboratory setting. Nonetheless, researchers have had promising results that are sure to lead to more studies in the future.

6. Slow down visual loss
High in anthocyanosides, blueberries help to slow down visual loss. Due to their antioxidant properties, these tiny berries can delay or prevent age-related ocular problems, including cataract, macular degeneration, myopia and hypermetropia. The thing is, blueberries contain a special group of powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids (zeaxanthin, lutein), flavonoids (resveritrol, rutin, quercetin), as well as vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, phosphorus and zinc, which are all essential and beneficial for the ocular health.

7. Reduce belly fat
Eating blueberries regularly can also help you get rid of belly fat. A handful of blueberries is a healthy and nutritious snack, so why not eat it right now to boost your health and reduce belly fat? You can add blueberries to your smoothies, yogurt, pancakes, waffles and sprinkle them on your cereal.

8. Good for your skin and hair
Ever wondered how you can get healthy skin and hair naturally? Eating a cup of blueberries can provide fantastic benefits such as a glowing skin and a healthy and shiny hair. Blueberries help to fight free radical damage, and the antioxidants in these berries protect you from premature aging. I think it’s a great reason to eat blueberries daily.

9. Keep away constipation
Blueberries are high in fiber that can help relieve constipation. Just make sure you don’t eat too much of them. A big handful of blueberries will be enough to keep away constipation. If you have constipation frequently, you need to consult your doctor to find out the reason.

10. Improve digestion
Last but not least health benefit of blueberries is that they help to keep your digestive system healthy. Vitamins, copper, sodium, fiber, fructose and acids in blueberries improve digestion and can help you feel fuller longer. Both fresh and frozen blueberries make great additions to smoothies and baked goods. It’s an excellent way to reap the benefits of blueberries.

Even if you aren’t worried about any particular disease you should consider snacking on blueberries more often instead of reaching for a bag of chips. Eat them by the handful or throw them into your favorite smoothie for an easy way to give your body some important nutrients. What’s your favorite way to eat blueberries?

8 Lessons I Learned from My Recent Failed Relationship

Breaking up is always hard and it’s a thing most people aren’t likely to talk up. For a long time I, like any other person, considered my failed relationships to be totally uncomfortable thing, resulting in the feelings of uncertainty, sorrow and guilt. But when I split up with my boyfriend I started thinking about what I could learn from my failed relationship instead of suffering and feeling helpless. I looked at the situation from another perspective and saw so much wisdom in it. Here are 8 lessons I learned from my recent failed relationship.

1. He won’t change
This is the biggest illusion I cherished throughout our relationship. I don’t mean I wanted him to be someone else. But there are always things that annoy you or irritate or just make uncomfortable. After some time of being together I realized that all those cute drawbacks about him turned out into real headaches. You know, when you learn to accept instead of expect you will have fewer disappointments. And I couldn’t accept a lot of things about him and I was trying to change him. But it didn’t work. Either you accept the person or leave him.

2. …neither will I
And that was his turn to get disappointed. It’s difficult to reach a compromise, especially for two grown-up independent individuals. I understand that any relationship will be successful without concessions but very often girls and guys have a totally different idea of what a relationship is. And that was my case.

3. Common goals
Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “To love is not to look at one another, but to look together in the same direction.” I cannot but agree with his words since it’s the basis of any strong relationship. And it’s really disappointing when you discover that your partner intends to create a family and live happily when you want to travel, party and develop your professional potential. If the two have different goals, it will be difficult for them to start a family together.

4. Personal boundaries are important
Personal space, interests and me-time are extremely important to both of you and when a person thinks that you belong to him it’s a big problem. When you are committed to someone you want to know everything about this person. But I had an impression that I was always controlled by my beloved. I failed to set my personal boundaries and as a result our relationship collapsed. But now I know for sure that I will never tolerate controlling my incoming calls and messages or checking the list of my friends and intervening in my private space.

5. Job
Admittedly, dating a guy means you spend a lot of time together. But when he’s working all day long every day and you see him on Sunday evening only, it can get a bit irritating. I also love my job and I’m often called career-driven but my job isn’t the first priority. I always have time for my friends and parents and will always have time for my partner. Now I know perfectly well that if his work is more important to him than anything else, our relationship won’t be worth pursuing.

6. Happiness is a choice
I accepted this idea many years ago but still I consider it worth talking about. We are often looking for that special guy to make us happy or to improve our self-esteem but in reality happiness comes from within, not from men. All my relationships were unsuccessful because I thought that I couldn’t live without a man. In fact, I can feel happy alone, but I feel happier with a man I love and who loves me.

7. The lust will pass away
We love the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, we love talking for hours at night and dressing in order to impress a man. But this stormy period cannot last forever and sooner or later we face the real human with all his imperfections and flaws. For me it was always a great problem to be open for 100 percent since there is always a fear of being judged and rejected. But when you can share the good, the bad and the ugly with your partner, true love takes place.

8. Keep your private life private
Your Twitter and Facebook followers do not need to know that you are in fight. Even the most severe quarrel doesn’t give cause for airing your dirty laundry. Another thing you should keep silent about is your exes. Mere suspicions can develop into a real paranoia, which happened to me. If I knew these simple tips earlier I would have avoided most of the problems with guys.

Apart from the fact that failed relationships give the fear of heartbreak, wasted time and energy, they teach us a lot. When dating someone, you learn a lot about yourself and life and you learn to see the positive in everything. Failure is not a negative thing, it’s just one more lesson you should learn. What lessons did you learn from your failed relationships?

8 Smart Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday shopping doesn’t just have to be money splurging time. Some people spend more money on Black Friday than any other day of the year, believing they get the best deals. It’s not a secret that many companies raise the prices on Black Friday and trick us into thinking we get cheap things and save cash for Christmas. Fake Black Friday isn’t a surprise in many cities, which is why more and more people skip this big day. If you can’t stay home when others do shopping, here’s your guide to getting the best deals and purchase things you really need.

1. Leave your credit cards at home
Maybe I’m a credit card hater, but I think it’s one of the worst things that can ruin our happiness and quality of life. When getting ready for Black Friday shopping, create a list of things you need and prepare a certain amount of money. This way you will avoid overspending and running into debts. When you pay with cash during the holiday season, you ring in the new year debt-free, unless your friend will lend the money to you.

2. Don’t ignore the fine print
Large fonts, flashy language and seemingly fantastic prices are created to get our attention. We hurry to buy the item before someone else will get it, forgetting to read the fine print. Oftentimes, we are too lazy to read it. However, the fine print may contain the truth that many retailers and companies are trying to hide from us. The hustle and bustle of Black Friday can break the most savvy shoppers, albeit it all depends on how many things you want to purchase.

3. Don’t get blinded by flashy deals
When going Black Friday shopping, think outside of the box. Instead of stocking on Christmas gifts, think about other events too, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Look for little items that are cheaper on Black Friday. This way, you will always be ready for any occasion, even when you won’t have money at all.

4. Bargain
If you really love the item but don’t have enough money for buying it, look for the same item with some little scratch, tear or package damage and feel free to bargain. Most sellers and stores, especially those that are less heavily trafficked, are open to bargaining and negotiating. But don’t get angry. Bargain with a smile on your face and a great mood.

5. Get ready mentally and physically
It may sound ridiculous but those who are ready for Black Friday shopping mentally and physically get the best deals. Go to bed early, meditate or read before sleep in order to calm your mind, skip alcohol at party to avoid dealing with hangover in the morning, create a list of the things you want to buy and prepare money. On Black Friday, wake up earlier, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, increase your mood level, grab a bottle of water and go shopping. We tend to make better decisions when we feel healthy. Be ready to deal with angry people and don’t respond to rudeness.

6. Don’t open a store credit card
Store credit cards allows us to get extra savings on the items we need, but they are usually much higher than our ordinary bank credit cards. Opening a store credit card on Black Friday may leave you paying off your debt all year long, not to mention that you can end up paying up to 30% if you will be late on your payment.

7. Watch your change
Black Friday is a great opportunity for seller to earn some extra cash. Huge crowds and long lines are overwhelming, which is why it’s no wonder so many people find themselves feeling confused and losing money. Watch your wallet and change when going Black Friday shopping. Otherwise, you lose more than gain.

8. Don’t throw away the receipts
When you have the receipts of your purchases, you have more chances of changing or returning the item you bought mistakenly. Or, maybe that washer has some technical problems or serious damages that you failed to notice on Black Friday. A receipt is a proof that you have a right to get a high quality item and the store simply deceived you. The best advice is to keep your receipts every time you buy something no matter what day it is.

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing for it right now. Don’t run to an extreme, though. If you have no money, it’s best to skip Black Friday shopping. The last thing you want to deal with in the coming year is debts. Are you ready for this year’s Black Friday shopping? What are you going to hunt for?

9 Things to Throw Away to Boost Your Health

We all strive to become and stay healthy, but with a host of harmful things, this goal is really hard to achieve. Eating healthy food, drinking plain water and working out each day are certainly healthy habits, but some household items and pieces of clothing could be slowly killing your overall health. Check out what you should throw away today in order to boost your health.

1. Old air filters

Air filters accumulate approximately 40 pounds of dust a year, making your house a dangerous place to live in. Many people suffer from asthma, allergies and skin irritation without realizing that their old air filters are culprits. Change your air filter at least once a month or opt for an air purifier to keep the mold and dust away from your house.

2. Old beauty products

Throw away your old mascara, eye shadows, lip glosses, and any beauty and makeup product past its expiration date. They harbor microbes and bacteria that cause eye and lip diseases as well as skin irritation. Replace your makeup products every 2-3 months and you skincare products every 6 months for healthier skin and better health

3. Old pillows

If you keep your pillow for too long, now you may want to replace it. According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, about 10% of Americans suffer from allergic sensitivity to dust mites, which tend to live in old pillows. The sames goes for old mattresses and blankets. Dust mites do not bite, but they may cause a serious allergic reaction.

4. Kitchen sponge

Your kitchen sponge sucks the germs faster than you think. No matter how thoroughly you wash and clean it, you never get rid if all those germs in your kitchen sponge. The way out? Invest in kitchen sponges so that you could replace it every week.

5. Plastic containers

There are many people worldwide who live plastic-free lives, and they are much healthier than those who use plastic containers on a regular basis. Avoid using plastic containers marked with ‘3,’ ‘PVC,’ ‘7’ and ‘PC.’ They are particularly harmful as they contain synthetic compound that leaks into meals stored in those plastic containers.

6. Old toothbrushes

Replace your toothbrush every month in order to keep your teeth and overall mouth healthy. Just like kitchen sponges and old pillows, old toothbrushes gather bacteria that can cause oral and systemic infection.

7. Glasses

If your glasses have even the tiniest scratches, they can affect your eye health. Throw away your glasses if they do more harm than good. Scratched glasses are not safe to use. Make sure you always have an up-to-date pair of prescription glasses.

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8. Antibacterial soaps

Antibacterial soaps seem to help us kill germs, however they could pose serious health risks, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Stop spending your hard-earned money on the soaps that do nothing but harm. Opt for normal soap to keep your skin and body healthy.

9. Old shoes and clothes

It sounds obvious, right? Yet, many of us keep wearing very old shoes and outfit. Thow them away today. Old shoes can affect your feet and leg muscles, and old pieces of clothing can cause skin irritation. No matter how expensive that dress was, it is time to say goodbye to it for the sake of your health.

Now that you know what can secretly affect your overall health, what are you waiting for? Take time to check out what you need to replace today to feel better tomorrow. How often do you replace your old things?

7 Women’s Qualities That Push Guys Away

A woman has always been a magnet for a man. But it does not mean every woman can easily capture any man’s attention and build a long-lasting relationship with him. Certain women’s qualities, habits and behaviors can significantly weaken this magical magnetic pull and sometimes even push men away.

Attractive physical appearance enhances woman’s chances, but it is not the only key to a man’s heart. Modern men pay considerable attention to women’s temper, inner world and lifestyle. Read on to know what women’s qualities men find annoying and absolutely unacceptable.

1. Excessive drama

If you are a drama queen, and cannot imagine your life without emotions that usually run high, you should keep in mind that this quality can play low-down tricks with you on a regular basis. Men’s psyche is extremely vulnerable to women’s huge and unexpected mood swings.

Even manly men steer clear of such women, because a relationship with a drama lady is not their cherished dream. If you want to be attractive to guys, learn to control your emotions until it is too late.

2. Negativity in the eyes

Millions of women suffer from depression, and negativity bias. Instead of letting go of depressive thoughts, they focus on the negative aspects of life. Their attempts to hide depression from others only intensify the problem.

Men’s world is not easier than women’s, and they prefer not to double the burden of negativity in their life. While it is hard to change the mindset, if you really want to find your significant other, you should pull yourself together and try to look at your problems from a different angle.

3. Self-obsession

Many women who have been already burned by love usually become selfish and self-obsessed. This negative experience gives birth to excessive demands and prejudiced attitudes towards men. These ladies turn all their energies to satisfy their personal needs and try to boost their ego by belittling the others.

Selfish ladies are absolutely indifferent to men’s desires, needs, opinions and intentions. Men tend not to build relationships with self-obsessed women, who never accept their mistakes, but always stick to their guns only.

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4. Lack of flexibility

It is hard to believe, but many, at first glance, beautiful and intelligent women cannot find their soulmates, spark passion and reach mutual understanding with men due to the lack of emotional flexibility, creativity and quick-wittedness.

When men overcome their fears and make the first step, women should know or, at least, make an attempt to play along with them. Women’s inability to counter-compliment, glance flirtatiously or give a beautiful smile, usually kills men’s desire to take the initiative and start a relationship.

5. Materialism

Unfortunately, modern propaganda of financial abundance and social inequality drives everyone crazy and fills people’s hearts with greed, jealousy, hatred and disappointment. But both men and women should always stay cool and realize that it is just a strong temptation.

Almost all, especially financially successful men avoid women who display a strong interest in money. Although it is wonderful to live a life of luxury, but you should never tell your man that it is your top priority. Constant conversations about money and financial appetites will lead to nowhere.

6. Lack of warm-heartedness

Modern women and men are moving in the same direction. They want to become more confident, emancipated, self-sufficient, independent and emotionally tough. Such development priorities exert big negative influence on women’s nature and femininity.

They become tight, rigid and indifferent. Men treat these ladies with respect, but prefer not to share their life with them. They find it difficult to fall in love with iron and cold-hearted women.

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7. Impertinence and disrespectful behavior

Sometimes, attractive, self-confident and excessively emancipated women behave in a rather impolite way and believe that they will get away with it. Men do not like the female individualities who break old school rules and cross the line in communication and cooperation with other people.

A worthy man will never become interested in a vulgar and impertinent woman, who acts inappropriately and cannot express her point of view without swearing. The disrespectful behavior can only spoil your reputation and turn you into a lonely person.

I hope this article has given you the answers to all your questions. Now that you know how to become the most attractive and successful lady in the world, what are you waiting for? Reconsider your lifestyle and start your search.

How ecstasy dance drug MDMA is one step away from being licensed in the US

Ecstasy tablets seized in BrazilREUTERS
The dance drug MDMA is one step away from becoming a licensed medicine for treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans, abuse victims and other sufferers in the US.

MDMA – the pure form of ecstasy – has been granted “breakthrough therapy” status by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating PTSD and will become a legal pharmaceutical pending a final trial, which should begin next Spring.

PTSD is a life-threatening psychiatric condition famously associated with returning soldiers and once known as “shell shock”.

In recent trials, 107 people suffering from PTSD were given three sessions of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Two months later 61% of no longer had the condition. Twelve months later 68% didn’t.

People who suffer from PTSD experience powerful emotional overrides when memories are triggered by as little as a smell or a word. Advocates claim that MDMA softens the emotional reaction to these memories, giving patients the space to work through them with therapists.

The group that carried out the research, MAPS, announced on 26 August, that the FDA had granted “breakthrough” status.

“By granting Breakthrough Therapy Designation, the FDA has agreed that this treatment may have a meaningful advantage over available medications for PTSD,” MAPS said in a statement.

MAPS now needs to raise further $12.5m of a $25m target to undertake two larger Phase 3 clinical trials of the drug’s efficacy and safety in treating PTSD. Phase 3 trials are typically the final stage on a treatment’s route to being licensed by the FDA.

“For the first time ever, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy will be evaluated in Phase 3 trials for possible prescription use, with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD leading the way,” said Rick Doblin, Founder and Executive Director of MAPS. “Now that we have agreement with FDA, we are ready to start negotiations with the European Medicines Agency.”

Donald Trump ecstacy tablets hit UK streets earlier this yearReddit
MDMA-related deaths among recreational users are relatively rare. There were between 30 and 60 in the UK in each of the last 3 years. This equates to roughly two deaths per 100,000 users compared with 50 deaths per 100,000 alcohol users.

Experts say MDMA-related deaths often result from impurities cut with the drug that make it into the ecstasy pills sold on the streets and in nightclubs. However, they note that pure MDMA is not entirely benign and can cause organ failure and overheating, particularly in a nightclub environment.

Two teenagers died n London’s Fabric nightclub after taking MDMA bought inside the world-famous venue during the summer of 2016. This prompted Islington council to close the premises down, although it has since reopened after promising to enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs.

Several teenagers have died after using the drug since its arrival on the UK club scene in the early 90s. Most famous among them is Leah Betts, an Essex schoolgirl who died when she took an ecstacy pill on her 18th birthday in 1995.

Leah Betts died in November 1995 after taking a single ecstasy pill and drinking seven litres of waterFamily handout
Still, in a controlled medical environment, researches are sure that MDMA represents a safe form of treatment and they hope to prove so in the forthcoming Phase 3 trial which will be rolled out to 300 participants in the US, Israel and Canada in the next five years.

Approximately 7% of the U.S. population, and 11-17% of U.S. military veterans, will have PTSD sometime in their life. As of June 2016, more than 868,000 veterans were receiving disability compensation for PTSD, with an estimated taxpayer cost of $17 billion per year.

Resourceful Dog Walks Away With Bag Of Dog Food After Hurricane Harvey

The morning after Hurricane Harvey tore into Texas, Gulf Coast residents were already trying to prepare for life after the destructive storm ― including Otis, the dog.

Tiele Dockens was checking out the damage for friends and family in Sinton, north of Corpus Christi, when she saw Otis on the street carrying a large bag of dog food.

“It was after the storm this morning when I went to town to check damage on properties,” Dockens told HuffPost on Saturday. “Lots of people were out in their yards and streets cleaning up branches, trees and debris.”

To Dockens, the golden retriever mix, who she only later learned was named Otis, was in survival mode just like everybody else. She shared his image with the hashtag #refugee.

Dockens’ photo quickly went viral, with many saying the dog’s resourcefulness was a Texan trait.

“Must be a Texas dog cause he can survive without help,” one commenter wrote.

Dockens spoke with Otis’ owner later that day and learned that the dog made it home safely with the bag of food, although it is unclear where that bag came from. The owner did not respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment.
While the dog, his owner and Dockens’ family are all safe, the city of Sinton and nearby Papalote, where Dockens is from, were still without power or water by Saturday evening.

“People are holding up good,” Dockens said, adding that crews were working to restore power and residents were clearing the streets.

But Gulf Coast residents and their pets aren’t entirely out of trouble yet. Hurricane Harvey, which was at one point a Category 4 storm, dumped up to 15 inches of rain and had sustained winds of over 130 miles per hour, causing significant damage across a swath of Texas. Heavy rains are also expected to continue for the next few days.

Rescue groups and shelters have opened their doors to animals that have been left behind or displaced by the storm. To find more information on how to help a lost or distressed animal in the Gulf Coast area, contact the SPCA of Texas, Austin Pets Alive!, Dallas Animal Services or the San Antonio Humane Society.

Scammers selling fake cures for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are getting away with it

A number of advertisements for “memory-boosting” supplements reviewed by a government watchdog may be illegally claiming to cure or prevent diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, according to a recent report. The report suggests that government regulation is failing to keep up with the growing supplement industry, but regulators aren’t prepared to actually fix the problem at its root.

Over two months, investigators from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) sorted through memory supplement marketing online, in print, on TV, and in stores. After analyzing 91 advertisements and labels in depth and conducting a targeted internet search for ads linking a supplement to a disease, they discovered 28 ads for 34 supplements that claimed a product could protect against or treat dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. That’s illegal; claims that a pill or concoction can treat, cure, or prevent diseases have to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The dietary supplement industry is massive, raking in an estimated $39 billion in sales in 2015. The portion catering to customers who want to improve their memories is growing — nearly doubling from $353 million in 2006 to $643 million in 2015. Most of the advertising for these drugs is online, the GAO found. And the supplement makers are minimally regulated. Products can hit the shelves without being tested for safety or efficacy, and, often, without their labels being vetted for accuracy. “It’s a challenge to take on an industry that’s this large,” says FDA spokesperson Lyndsay Meyer.

The Senate Committee on Aging was concerned that aging consumers might be especially vulnerable to claims that one weird trick could stave off senior moments, so it asked the GAO to check in. The GAO shared the 28 examples it found with the FDA, which agreed 27 of them may have violated the law that generally bars supplement manufacturers from making disease claims.

But the agency has only taken action against a couple of the companies. It sent a warning letter to Utah-based Lifevantage Corp, and two online advisory letters to companies making similar statements: Healinginabottle.com for the product Immuno Boost Eximius, and Life Decoders, LLC, for Sheep Placenta Advanced Capsules marketed on stemcelltherapyplus.com. The FDA is monitoring the rest.

Healinginabottle.com has expired; an email to the account the FDA used to contact the company bounced, and the company didn’t reply to a Facebook message. Stem Cell Therapy Plus’ website still mentions Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease; spokesman Joe Cruz says the company has addressed the FDA’s concerns.

Ryan Nadeau, a spokesperson for Lifevantage, noted that the website the FDA discussed in its warning letter, nrf2science.com, is not selling a Lifevantage product — it’s discussing the protein that this product is purported to target. “We definitely agree with the need for transparent advertising and making sure that you stay within the guidelines,” Nadeau says. “I mean you’re talking about diseases — it’s not something you want to con your way into.”

The problem with deceptive marketing is that it could lead people to, at best, waste their money, and at worst, make dangerous health decisions. “Most people believe when they go to the store and they’re able to just pick it up off the shelf that this is something that the agency has reviewed for safety and efficacy. Or safety, at a minimum,” the FDA’s Meyer told The Verge. “The way that the framework is set up for supplements in this country — that’s just not true.”

Despite its latest findings, the GAO doesn’t have any big regulatory or enforcement recommendations for the FDA, which oversees supplement labeling, or the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees advertising. Instead, the GAO recommended that the FDA and FTC clarify to consumers “which agency to report concerns to involving Internet marketing.” If this seems like an anemic response, that’s because it is.

“Obviously it’s not ideal or optimal by any means for consumer protection and other issues. But those were the cards we were dealt,” says Seto Bagdoyan, a director of forensic audits and investigations for the GAO. “And that’s why we focused on our market research and also on the consumer awareness of these regulators’ respective roles.”

The problems with supplement oversight go back to a 1994 law called the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, or DSHEA. Under this law, supplements are regulated as food, not drugs. That means that supplement makers aren’t required to prove their products are safe or effective before selling them. And while manufacturers are typically legally barred from making disease claims on product labels, the FDA generally doesn’t approve labels before supplements hit the shelves.

So the agency can only reprimand companies that it catches breaking the rules. And catching wrongdoers is challenging, because the FDA doesn’t have a comprehensive list of the supplements on the market. “You can have concerns over products and then the products get renamed,” says Joshua Sharfstein, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and former FDA deputy commissioner. “There are so many aspects of this that are out of control at the same time.”

In the past, the GAO has suggested that the FDA should come up with guidelines that spell out the scientific evidence companies need to back up claims like “calcium builds strong bones” on a product’s label. The GAO also said that the agency should ask Congress for the power to demand that supplement companies hand over that scientific evidence. Neither of these suggestions were implemented. “They explained to us, once again, that they really are hamstrung in terms of their authorities,” Bagdoyan says. “The focus of their work is at the back end — where something negative has to happen before they take action.”

That’s why the GAO’s recommendation is so unhelpful, especially since most consumers are unlikely to know whether a supplement’s advertising is illegal. Even if it were clearer where consumers should report concerns to, it’s hard to imagine that would make much of a difference. Adverse health events are already massively underreported (consumers and clinicians can report them here). Scientists with the CDC and FDA estimate that dietary supplements are associated with more than 23,000 emergency room visits annually. The FDA estimates that there are over 50,000 supplement-related health incidents each year. And yet only somewhere between 2 and 3 percent of these incidents are reported, according to a 2008 GAO report.

Until regulation of dietary supplements changes, Meyer sums up the bottom line for health-conscious consumers: “Don’t take your supplements lightly.”

Correction: An earlier version of this post mistakenly claimed that nearly one-third of the 91 ads reviewed by the GAO made illegal disease claims. In fact, in addition to reviewing the 91 ads, the GAO also conducted a targeted internet search and the 28 ads resulted from both searches. We regret the error.