9 Things You Should Practice Daily to Be More Beautiful

Appearance is one of those things that really matter to all women. We can spend hours trying different things that may help us look more beautiful and attractive. Nowadays some of beautifying practices are quite expensive and they are not available for everyone. However, there are lots of simple and affordable ways that we can use daily in order to have a fantastic look. But first of all, every woman should clearly realize what beauty is. Our inner world is the main thing that makes us beautiful. If you are a happy and peaceful person who lives in harmony with the environment, everybody will see those positive emotions and feelings on your face. You can spend huge sums of money on various cosmetics and other things, but if you are always sad and discontent you will never look beautiful. It is necessary to remember that your beauty and health come from inside. Though, your shiny hair, clear skin and your physical health are also very important. Try to add the following things to your daily routine and you will understand that being healthy and beautiful is very easy.

1. Eat Green Vegetables
We used to think that only vegetarians consume a big amount of green vegetables. I should say it’s a wrong opinion. Green foods are extremely beneficial to your health and you should definitely include them into your daily diet. By eating greens you will not only improve your health but you will contribute greatly to your beauty either. These foods are known to have numerous benefits that can change your life for better. For instance, they will cleanse your blood, digestive tract and even your skin. It has been proven that these veggies are helpful when it comes to such problems as stress and anxiety. Being rich in fiber, greens give you a nice opportunity to be full for a long time and forget about hunger. Another reason why you should eat green vegetables is a great number of chlorophylls that are efficient in cleansing your body, preventing acne and they may treat your muscles successfully. You can cook these foods in different ways. I usually like to make a huge salad with fish or an omelet with greens for breakfast. Some of my friends prefer various green smoothies made of kale or spinach. It’s also a splendid idea to have a whole grain sandwich with leafy greens.

2. Sleep More
It’s a well-known fact that our sleep influences both our physical and mental health. Plus, it is one of those factors that can alter the way we look; everything depends on how many hours we sleep during the night. The main rule you should stick to is to sleep as much as your body needs. Otherwise, you will be constantly tired and depressed, your skin will be subjected to different negative changes. Moreover, there is a big possibility you will suffer from overweight. If you don’t want to have dark circles around your eyes, you should sleep as minimum 7 hours per night. No matter how busy you are, try to go to bed earlier, let your mind and body rest. When you sleep, your skin cells are regenerated and as a result you get fresh and glowing skin.

3. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is another wonderful way to care for your face and body. It can be a perfect substitute of cosmetics like anti-aging cream, face cleanser and hair conditioner. This oil is full of minerals and vitamins that can help you to avoid dry skin, wrinkles, cellulite and eczema. Just make sure you apply this product on your skin regularly. In contrast to various creams, coconut oil is light and it is easily absorbed into your skin so that every cell of your body can receive enough nourishment. Perhaps you don’t know that everything we put on our skin can get into our blood within 20 minutes. That’s why you’d better not use chemicals to care for your skin. I recommend you to choose coconut oil as a natural alternative that will provide your skin with lauric acid and Vitamin E and help you to combat wrinkles, dry skin and bacteria.

4. Drink Rooibos Tea
This exotic tea is one of my favorite beverages that I drink regularly to improve the health of my skin. You may also add this red tea to your eating plan since it is packed with antioxidants and it doesn’t have caffeine like other kinds of tea do. Taking into consideration all the positive qualities of this yummy drink, I should mention that rooibos tea is an effective remedy for dry skin, inflammations, red skin, blemishes and other skin defects. Today this tea is available at most supermarkets. Don’t miss your chance to regale yourself with this exquisite and tasty beverage.

5. Exercise Regularly
Doing physical exercises is an excellent way to keep fit and have a good mood. Nothing can make you more beautiful than your toned body and a bright smile on your face. You don’t need to tire yourself in the gym every day, some simple exercises will be enough to get rid of depression, burn calories and stabilize your heart rate. Make it a rule to move daily and you won’t have any problems with your blood flow. Consequently, you’ll have a nice blush on your cheeks and your face will look fresh and much younger. It is advisable to exercise no less than 30 minutes daily. There is no need to get upset if you lack time to do sports. All of us have an amazing opportunity to move at home while doing chores or playing with our children outside. In addition, regular physical activity can guarantee you a good and healthy sleep that also plays a crucial part in your beauty.

6. Eat Vitamins
Once you have decided to keep to a balanced and healthy diet, you should do your best to consume a large quantity of vitamins every day. That is the key to your fantastic appearance. Keep in mind that natural foods like raspberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, yellow, red and green veggies are an enormous source of vitamins and minerals that your body can get through your meals. Dozens of recipes can be used to create delicious and wholesome dishes from these ingredients. Such healthy choice has numerous advantages including clear skin, a good physical shape and positive emotions.

7. Eat Omegas
Another group of nutrients that have a great impact on your beauty are omega 3 fats that can fight wrinkles, inflammation and acne successfully. Thus, it is reasonable for you to add foods rich in omega 3 fats to your eating plan and as a bonus you will have an attractive and slim body. You can get these useful fats when eating salmon, halibut, trout, flax, walnuts, acai berries and other foods.

8. Gratitude
Without a doubt our life is very busy and we always have to cope with different problems. Despite this fact we shouldn’t forget to be grateful for everything we’ve got. Maybe you don’t even realize, but you enjoy lots of blessings that make you a happy person. Stop for a moment and think about all your achievements, I’m convinced you have so many reasons to be proud of yourself and to be happy. If you are satisfied with your life, you will be the most beautiful woman in this world. So, it is really important to be thankful for the smallest things that make your life pleasant and comfortable. When you’re grateful, you learn to appreciate those things that are the most significant for you and you understand the greatest values of your life. When you are grateful for your success, you’ll have a charming smile and everybody will notice that.

9. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day
Hair is the biggest treasure for every girl. We spare no efforts to make it perfect. Very often we don’t know how to care for our hair properly and because of this we can’t reach the desirable effect. For example, most women tend to wash their hair daily in order to keep it clean and shiny, but they don’t even guess that by doing this they only harm their hair. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy hair, you should wash it every other day and use a conditioner that suits your hair type. Women who have dry hair are recommended to buy moisturizing shampoo. Those who worry about dandruff should look for a shampoo that can cleanse the scalp without drying it. By washing your hair every other day you’ll protect it from damages and it will grow faster.

We shouldn’t take our beauty for granted. This is a special gift that was given to us by nature and we must constantly refresh it and care for it. Being beautiful is not as difficult as it can seem to you. I hope that all these things will help you to be a pretty and happy woman. Which of them would you like to include into your daily routine? Can you give any other tips on how to improve our beauty?

10 Great Ways to Cheer Up Your Friend

Every person needs to know how to cheer up friends. Life isn’t always easy and we have to handle difficult times every now and then. If your close friend is going through a rough time, check out a few ways to cheer up your friend. It’s one thing to say you’ll be there, but another thing is to prove it.

1. Listen and understand
One of the most important ways to cheer up your friend is to be there for them. Focus on what your friend is saying and try to understand how they are feeling. Your friend may not be looking for opinions or advice, they may need someone to listen to their vent and encourage them.

2. Bake some cookies
Bake up a double batch of your friend’s favorite cookies. Give the first batch to them in person, and hide the second one somewhere for them to find later. Warm cookies and a big glass of warm milk seem to be the ultimate comfort food! Don’t you agree?

3. Send a bouquet of beautiful flowers
I don’t know any person who doesn’t like receiving flowers! Flowers can automatically brighten everybody’s day! Choose your friend’s favorite flowers and have a bouquet delivered to their work. If you want to include some sweet message, let it be anonymous. Not sure what their favorite flower is? Send a mixed flower bouquet. All flowers are incredibly beautiful.

4. Have lunch together
Having lunch together is one of the best ways to cheer up your friend, especially if they are having a particularly stressful day at school or work. Just make sure you talk only about fun stuff. Choose the place you know they like, and don’t forget to order some delicious desserts. Sometimes those extra calories are not bad!

5. Do some crazy things together
Lighten the load with laughter and do some crazy things together! My two best friends and I once danced in the rain in our PJs until we’re soaked to the skin. Really, it was so fun and we made unforgettable memories! To lift your friend’s spirits, do something crazy together, but be safe!

6. Dance
Speaking about dancing, it’s another way to cheer up your friend. While it can be tricky to urge your friend to dance when they have a difficult day, it’s worth trying. Put on some uplifting music and dance together. Music can heal body, mind, soul and dancing is a great exercise and a fun and easy way to keep fit. Even 15 minutes of dancing can make your friend feel better.

7. Help out
If your friend is stretched out to the max, do what you can to help them. Offer to help accomplish a project or some tasks, run errands, walk the dog, or babysit. You can even make a surprise. Clean up their apartment, get their car washed or grab a healthy snack and leave it at their desk.

8. Make a photo collage
If your friend is feeling down, make a photo collage for them including pictures of all the things they love and hold dear to their heart. Don’t forget to frame it, so that your friend can display it on their desk or shelf to see it every day.

9. Have a spa day
If your friend is experiencing hard times, why not create a spa day at home? Invite your friend over and spend the whole evening relaxing. Consider the mani/pedi, facials, and hair care treatments. If you don’t have store bought face masks, make your own masks using ingredients from your kitchen. This way, your friend won’t only feel better, but they will also look better.

10. Take a road trip
Finally, if your friend is feeling down for a long period of time, think of going somewhere fun for a small weekend trip! Even if it is a couple hours away, it will get your friend’s mind off of what is going on around them. Pack your picnic basket if you do not want to eat out each meal.

Everyone experiences hard times and it can be difficult to go through them alone. If your close friend feels down, help them and chances are that they will help you when times get tough. What do you usually do to cheer up your friend when they feel down? Share your tips with us, please.

7 Astonishing Things That Are Important to Men

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to build successful relationships with men. That is due to the fact they are absolutely different from women. If you really want to understand men, I should say that simple communication is not enough. There are lots of books available about men and their psychology. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to find out some interesting things about women that are important to men. I recommend you to get acquainted with these things if you want to avoid numerous misunderstandings with your man. Here are some of them.

1. Respect
One of the greatest things that really matter to men is respect. They do everything possible in order to be respected by their friends and colleagues. When a guy sees that he is not respected enough by others, he suffers greatly. Moreover, lack of respect may even lower his self-esteem. When it comes to relationship with women respect also should be taken into consideration. We usually don’t pay much attention to this thing, but those girls who give boys respect will win over.

2. Appreciation
I was amazed to discover that almost all men can’t live without appreciation. They constantly need compliments on their achievements. The only thing you have to do is to be grateful to a man and his happiness will be endless. He will experience the same feeling as you do when hearing about his love. Just say a few compliments to your guy and you will see the difference.

3. Your Smile
Do you know that your smile is fantastic? You can charm everybody with it, especially your man. Let him enjoy the warmth of your happy smile. Surely, every man wants to have an optimistic woman in his life who will always share her positive emotions with him. If a girl is happy that means she has a loving and caring boy. By showing your happiness to your guy you’ll give him an opportunity to understand how good he is. Remember that such small thing like your smile contributes greatly to your relationship with the one you love.

4. Time to Think
The fact is that men don’t think very quickly. When some great events happen in their life, they need extra time to process everything. Every time your man has to make a serious decision he will always hesitate and think it over for a long time. As a rule, it takes him much time to consider all pros and cons of the situation. As for women, they always know what they think of the issue discussed.

5. You Look Beautiful
It doesn’t mean that your guy will grudge when he sees you wearing your favorite pajamas at home. However, it will bring him more pleasure to watch you looking your best. But you shouldn’t use a lot of makeup or buy the most expensive and stylish clothes. Actually, being beautiful is not looking like a top model. Natural beauty is much more appreciated than anything else. Your sweetheart will be happy to know that you make efforts to look amazing only for him.

6. Compliments on His Work
Another thing that matters to your man is your praise for his work. Try to compliment him whenever he deserves it. If a guy works hard to achieve success, your appreciation will certainly motivate him for greater results. No matter what your husband or boyfriend does, your compliments will cheer him up. Moreover, you can improve his mood with your pleasant words.

7. Your Laugh
You can be sure that your laugh influences your man in the same way as your smile does. Without a doubt, your laugh has a magical effect on your close people. It is the brightest sign of your joy and happiness. If you smile and laugh a lot, your guy will always feel comfortable with you. I’m convinced it’s impossible to build a happy and successful relationship with a man if he often sees you dissatisfied and unhappy.

It is obvious that you should be aware of your man’s likes and dislikes, things that make him happy. In such way you can reach a mutual understanding with the most precious person in your life. Bear in mind all these things when you communicate with your sweetheart. Which of them do you find the most effective? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

10 Simple Ways to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

Mascara. The bane and boon of women’s cosmetics. We love the way it makes our eyes look bigger and more expressive. Also, we completely hate the whole spider lash clump-fest that happens nearly every time we attempt to apply this makeup wonder product. Luckily, there are some makeup professional-approved tips and tricks to ensure that your mascara experience is a success every time. Here are a few simple ways to apply mascara like a pro.

1. The Right Angle Bend
The Right Angle Bend
The right angle bend is a makeup artist trick for getting the best application of mascara. Take your mascara wand and bend it just below the brush. This lets you settle the brush right at the base of your lashes without poking yourself in the eye. It’s also a more stable way to apply, which should lead to fewer smudges.

2. Apply a Primer
Apply a Primer
Mascara primers can be found online, in many drugstores, and at the makeup counter of big name department stores. Applying a base coat of primer can help your mascara stick to your lashes better and, in the process, avoid those unsightly clumps.

3. Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up
Some people find that applying mascara to the bottom lashes first is another way to ensure maximum length and thickness, without ending up with the dreaded raccoon eyes. Simply start at the inside corner, and work your way towards the middle.

4. Coat It
Coat It
If you’ve ever read the packaging on a new tube of mascara, you’ll notice that the instructions say to apply two to three coats. But just what does that entail? Most women take it to mean to swipe the wand over their lashes a couple times, allowing them to dry thoroughly between coats. In order to avoid those unsightly clumps, however, it’s important to act fast. You’ll want to layer the second and third coats on before the previous one dries. Otherwise, you end up with tarantula eyes, and nobody wants that.

5. Put a Little Wiggle In It
Put a Little Wiggle in it
One of the easiest (and most effective) ways to really add length and thickness is to wiggle the wand. No, that’s not a euphemism. Start by placing the wand at the base of your lashes. Then wiggle gently from left to right. Pull the wand up and through the lashes, wiggling as you go. This motion will help separate individual lashes as you lengthen.

6. Be Blob Free
Be Blob Free
Excess mascara on your wand causes clumps and black smudges. Take a lint-free cloth or tissue and wipe off the excess mascara before you apply to cut down on blobs. A lash brush can also help cut down on those killer blobs. Simply run it through your lashes right after applying your mascara.

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7. Spoolies!
If lash brushes scare or confuse you, you can still banish clumps and dramatize your eye makeup with the use of spoolies. Available online, at makeup stores and even in most major drugstore chains, spoolies are nothing more than a new, clean makeup brush. Simply run a clean, dry spoolie through your lashes while the mascara is still wet. Don’t want to hunt down new mascara wands? No problem. Make your own spoolies by recycling old wands. Simply remove all traces of mascara first by cleaning it in a small dish of eye makeup remover, followed by washing it with baby shampoo or makeup brush cleanser. Finish with a thorough rinse in cool water.

8. Mix and Match
Mix and Match
Unsure whether you want mascara that lengthens or one that gives you thicker lashes? Why not both? For movie star lashes, utilize a trick that Hollywood makeup artists swear by. Start with one coat of lengthening mascara followed by a coat of thickening. Use a spoolie or clean brush to remove any excess.

9. Color Yourself Beautiful
Color Yourself Beautiful
Black mascara is universal. For very light skinned women, a dark brown or brown/black is a good alternative. But to truly make your look pop, consider a colored mascara. Look for colored mascaras designed for specific eye colors. Plum and deep blue mascara will make brown eyes stand out. Burgundy or lavender is an excellent choice for blue eyes, while green and hazel eyes will do great with all shades of blue and even gray. Experiment with different mascara and eye shadow combinations for a fun and dramatic eye look.

10. Dump Old Mascara
Dump Old Mascara
Many women keep their mascara in a drawer for years at a time. The truth is, mascara has the shortest shelf life of just about any cosmetic product in your bag. To avoid a dried out wand or bacteria-laden tube that can cause clumps, smudges, and (scariest of all) a nasty eye infection, toss your mascara every three to four months. An easy trick for keeping track is to use a fine point marker to label the cap with the date your purchased it.

If you want to learn to apply mascara like a pro, follow these ten tips and the result will surprise you. What are some of your best ways for applying mascara?

7 Truthful Things Men Don’t Tell You

When you communicate with men you should always keep in mind that they don’t tell you everything they think. I must admit that women are considered to be more talkative and emotional than men. Sometimes it can be a real problem for some men to express their feelings and emotions. They can’t find appropriate words to tell the woman they like. However, it is possible to find a man who will easily share all his thoughts with you. But even these communicative guys can’t speak about all the truthful things. Here you will find some of them.

1. You are so beautiful
Certainly, we are melting when men tell us compliments. But there are some guys who can do that perfectly, while others find it really difficult. I met different boys in my life. Though, only one of them could make me happy with his pleasant words. It’s so important for girls to hear how pretty and beautiful they are. After that, their self-esteem increases greatly. Sometimes you can be extremely disappointed as you tried hard to do an excellent make-up for some special occasion and nobody appreciated your great efforts. In contrast to this, there can be such situations when you don’t pay much attention to your appearance, you simply get up in the morning, do not do any make-up or hairdo, but still some men can find lots of ways to tell that you are beautiful.

2. They miss you
I’m sure that if a boy really loves a girl he will always tell her how much he misses her. No doubt that all the girls become excited on hearing or reading words about that. If your boy can easily say to you “I miss you”, you are really lucky. Usually, it costs a lot of efforts for men to admit their true feelings. For most of them, that is the matter of their pride. Some boys will never say they miss you as they consider it to be a shame and weakness. Predominance in the relationship is the most important for them. Such men do everything possible to hide their true emotions. What should you do if your boyfriend is one of them? Simply take the initiative in your hands, break the ice and say first that you miss him. This tactics works perfectly.

3. They can’t be alone
A lot of women get nervous of being alone when they become older. It will be a big surprise for you, but some men also worry about this issue. I have never thought about this before as almost all my friends married in their 20’s and they didn’t feel any anxiety because of loneliness. Only some time ago, after speaking with my boyfriend, I began to realize that most men are afraid of being alone when they grow older. We can see that both men and women have the same fears and feelings. The difference is that men won’t always express all their emotions and thoughts.

4. They don’t like your guy-friends
If you go out with your friends among whom there are also guy-friends, don’t expect that your man won’t be jealous. Certainly, he will. Just he is strong enough not to show you all his worries. Besides, when your boyfriend feels jealous about you that means he has some doubts concerning your love. You should remember that there are two types of boys: those who can be mad because of their jealousy and those who will never express their real feelings. Perhaps you think your man doesn’t love you enough as every time when you meet with your guy-friends he doesn’t tell anything and never objects. Don’t jump to conclusions, maybe your boy find it difficult to speak about that subject with you. Be sure, he is always jealous even without any good reasons.

5. Boy’s nights out are not always great entertainment for them
Boy’s nights out are not always great entertainment for them
Whenever our men go out to see their friends and spend a night with them at a club or some bar, we become crazy and jealous. Usually, girls imagine that lots of women will be around their guy and speak all night and flirt with him. Actually, this is wrong opinion. In most cases, men go out for boy’s night for relaxing and chatting with the mates. For instance, when my boyfriend comes back after such meetings, he says that he was bad without me and it would be better for him to spend the night out with me in some cozy restaurant. That’s why you should not angry at your sweetheart when he wants to have some night out with his friends.

6. Concern about the right choice in their life
Concern about the right choice in their life
All people think about their achievements and success they’ve reached at some certain age. When we become mature, we begin to analyze what was right and what was wrong and what could be changed. Our dear men are the same. Their worries and aims are not different from ours, they only don’t speak often about them or don’t speak at all. It happens so that sometimes men need more time to understand what they want in their life and make right choice. It is necessary for men and women to figure out their life path and follow it until they are 30 years old.

7. You are too emotional when you have PMS
You are too emotional when you have PMS
If you have a caring and loving man in your life, he will always understand that involving you in some meaningful conversation during your PMS is not a good idea. It’s not a secret for you how nervous, irritable and scary you can be these days. But your ideal man will never tell you that. He will try hard to keep calm and reserved even at such terrible moments when you can cry and shout at him without any reason. We should be proud of our patient men as that is really hard work to cope with our monthly moods.

Now you can understand that for some men, it can be hard to show their feelings and share their thoughts. You should never make your boyfriend guilty because of that. He surely loves you very much and he is quite emotional guy, just he can’t speak so easily about certain things. In order to know men better we need some time and experience. Do you have a boyfriend? Does he often express his feelings and emotions or does he try to hide them from you?

Things That Will Help You Realize You’re Absolutely Beautiful

All women are extremely concerned about their appearance and do everything possible to stay beautiful and attractive. Very often when I look in the mirror, there’s something I don’t like about myself. For example, my skin is not perfectly smooth, my hair is not as sleek as that I see in commercials or I’m not as slim as a top model. But I understand that real beauty is far beyond these small things.

What does it actually mean to be beautiful? I’m deeply convinced there’s no such notion as “absolute beauty” since every woman is unique and has lots of gorgeous things that make her different and amazing. If you are charming from inside, you’ll definitely attract everybody’s attention even without make-up. Each of us possesses certain traits which prove our beauty and allure. I’m sure that my behavior, habits, the way I dress and move make me special. If you have doubts about your appearance, the following things will help you realize you’re absolutely beautiful.

1. Your smile
Do you know that your smile has a magical power? A warm and frank smile on your face will always arouse admiration and kindness around you. Nobody will like your pretty face if you are furious and discontent. Have you ever noticed that people’s eyes sparkle with joy and happiness when they smile? Only those who are happy can look charming, so, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to share your fantastic smile with others. Keep in mind that your smile must be natural, otherwise it will never impress people who surround you. That’s why I try not to resist my emotions and smile whenever I feel like that.

2. Your eyes
We often hear that eyes are the mirror of our soul and I completely agree with this statement. Whether you are happy, sad or in love, your eyes will obviously show your emotional state to others. Eyes are the basic element of our attractiveness and beauty. When we are cheerful, satisfied and sincere, there is no need to say any words as everybody will understand our real feelings while looking in our eyes.

I can easily hide my puffy eyes after sleepless night with eye shadow and mascara, however it’s impossible to conceal my anger or sadness. In order to look beautiful my eyes should constantly radiate happiness, optimism and confidence. My husband always tells me that my eyes were the main reason he realized I was the woman of his life.

3. Good manners
I know exactly that ladylike behavior and good manners are the major things I should work at to look magnificent and be in the limelight. Thus I make efforts to control my behavior in every situation. Last month I went to my friend’s birthday party where I saw a girl who was incredibly pretty and graceful. But my admiration finished when she opened her mouth and started speaking. At that moment I understood that our manners make a big difference. I’ve noticed that by demonstrating politeness I manage to capture people’s attention and they willingly communicate with me. All my friends are well-mannered personalities and I feel comfortable and proud in their presence. It has been proven that men tend to behave like gentlemen with true ladies. Don’t forget your good manners are the best sign of your beauty!

4. Your confidence
Confidence is an essential quality that makes women lovely and bewitching. Being self-confident is rather challenging for some of us, but it’s worth trying. I can’t say I’m an absolutely confident person, though I do my best to cultivate this trait of my character because it enables me to show my best sides to others. It’s wonderful to be sure you are good at something. If you are aware of your greatness and exude confidence, everybody will like and appreciate you. We all have certain flaws and if you endeavor to be who you are and feel confident in your imperfection, you are truly a beautiful person.

5. Your love
Beauty and love are highly interconnected. The power of love is immense and it may work wonders. People whose heart is full of love are enormously appealing as they share their happiness and affection with others. When I first met my husband and fell in love with him, something interesting happened to me. This great feeling inspired me for success, I always wanted to do good things for my family and friends. Moreover, I began to pay much attention to my appearance, wearing stylish clothes and using make-up that helped me look stunning. Don’t be afraid to fall in love and everybody will be fascinated with your beautiful and happy eyes.

6. The way you dress
It’s quite natural that most women are focused on their clothing and the way they look. When it comes to choosing new garments, I’m extremely picky as I want to buy something that is fashionable and suits me perfectly. When I wear clothes I’m confident about, my self-esteem is growing up and I can impress everyone. No matter whether you are thin or stout, it’s possible to find clothing that will emphasize your beauty and hide all the defects of your body. So, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are wearing what really suits you. If so, you can be sure you’re absolutely beautiful.

When speaking about beauty we should bear in mind that it’s not just about face and body, there’s something more meaningful that comes from the inside and reveals our inner world. Being positive, confident, kind and happy make us absolutely beautiful. Try to concentrate on your personal qualities instead of feeling ashamed about your appearance. I hope these things helped you realize how beautiful you are. Are there any other traits that prove your beauty?

8 Amazing Compliments You Should Give Yourself Each Day

Have you ever thought of giving yourself compliments every day? Many people believe there is no sense in it. If you’re one of them, I’m going to persuade you that giving yourself compliments is good for you. When you wake up, there is no need for negativity because a dark mind will only create a bad day. Start your day with these 8 compliments to keep your spirits up, and you will notice that your life isn’t as hard as it seems.

1. I’m beautiful
This is the first compliment to give yourself in the morning every day. Why? Because many women underestimate themselves and I thought it would be a great compliment to give ourselves in the morning. What do you like about yourself? It can be internal, such as the sense of humor, or external, such as your smile or the color of your eyes. When you are down on yourself, just choose at least two things that you are proud of. Even if no one notices your beauty, remember, it exists and one day, people around you will notice it!

2. I’m strong
You might have tears in your eyes or scars on your wrists, but you are strong. You’ve gotten through lots of miserable minutes, and you’ve managed to cope with different tough situations. Another compliment to give yourself each morning is that you are a strong and capable person who can cope with the worst things. I know from personal experience how it’s difficult to stay strong when things go wrong and no one believes in you or no one helps you. But I always remind myself that I’m a strong woman and nothing can bring me down.

3. My life means something
This compliment is highly important, especially for those who can’t find their meaning in life. It’s not possible to know what actually you’re born to do. You might be meant to be a famous actress or meant to raise a big family. No matter what you’re born to do, you should trust that there’s an important reason behind your existence. You are not useless. You are a beautiful and clever person who will certainly find their place in life.

4. I’m alive
Yes, this may not sound like a good compliment, but indeed it is. While life is tough, dull, and draining, you are still alive and you are living life on a wonderful planet, surrounded by wonderful people. When you are alive, you have lots of amazing opportunities open to you. Just enjoy your life!

5. I’m intelligent
You might not be book smart and perhaps you didn’t get high grades in school and college, but you are brilliant in your own way. You might be more gifted when it comes to knowing celebrity gossip, or remembering sports statistics. All of us have an absolutely different set of knowledge, and all of us are intelligent. If you don’t consider yourself an intelligent person, you should learn to appreciate yourself. Just because your friend has a well-paid job doesn’t mean they are smarter or happier than you. Money doesn’t make anyone happy!

6. I’m loved
Even if you don’t have a partner, you are still loved. Love comes in many forms. Some people love you romantically while others love you like a daughter or sister. When it comes to affection, never be greedy. Appreciate sincerely any love you get in your life, and never take it for granted. Love is special, no matter whether this love is given to you by one person or one hundred. Remember it! If you are absolutely lonely, consider adopting or buying a pet, and you will instantly feel that you are loved. Pet’s love is probably the most sincere!

7. I’m in charge of my own life
This is another wonderful compliment to give yourself every single day. There’s always going to be someone in your life who has control over you, like your mom, dad, teacher, elder sibling, or boss. But you are in charge of your life, you can do almost everything you want to do, and you can make your own decisions. Don’t let anyone and anything control your life!

8. I’m happy
While there are times when you have to go through difficult situations, you should never forget how happy you are. Happiness is within you, you don’t have to pursue it. Just decide to be happy, and you will be. I know easier said than done, but give it a whirl and you won’t regret you did. Every morning smile and remind yourself of how happy and lucky you are. All your problems and troubles will disappear in a jiff!

It’s a bad habit to start the morning off with negative thoughts. Never do this, because your pessimism will ruin your whole day. Think of your best quality and don’t be afraid to compliment yourself. Giving yourself a small compliment each day helps you love yourself and always stay positive! Which compliments do you give yourself? Please share your thoughts and thanks for reading!

7 Instant Ways to Feel More Beautiful Today

If you’re looking for simple ways to feel more beautiful today, I can point you in the right direction. Feeling beautiful goes hand-in-hand with your level of self-esteem and these ways may help you with that. You should never feel badly about yourself since there’s definitely something beautiful about you. Don’t compare yourself to other women today and hopefully you will get rid of this habit forever. Follow these tips to see how you’ll feel about yourself.

1. Take time to do your hair and makeup
One of my favorite ways to instantly feel more beautiful is to take time to do my hair and makeup. When I’m made up, I just feel better and more attractive. Don’t worry, if you have too little free time. Doing your hair and makeup actually does not have to take a big chunk out of the day. You just need to find a makeup and hair routine that makes you feel and look beautiful without requiring much time. You’ll be astonished at how much difference 15 minutes can make in how you look and feel after you spend those minutes fixing your hair and applying makeup.

2. Wear things that make you feel good
Another great way to feel more beautiful is to wear things that make you feel and look good. You’re not going to feel more beautiful if you’re wearing something you don’t like. Don’t save your clothes! Start wearing them as often as you want. If you don’t have anything to wear, why not go shopping right now? Sure, if you have some cash.

3. Positive messages
Today is an excellent time to start sending yourself positive, inspiring messages about your body. Looking in the mirror and saying out loud, “You are so beautiful today” is one of the most effective and fun ways to feel more attractive every day. There might be a few things that you want to change about yourself, but you should love who you are and the way you look. After all, no one is perfect. Every woman has some flaws that she can’t change. The only thing she can do is accept them and be happy.

4. Exercise
I’m not a big fan of exercise, but I just can’t deny that I always feel much better and more beautiful after working out. Studies show that a short workout is a great mood booster. It’s all about those feel-good endorphins that are released during exercise. Plus, I know that I’m doing something good for my health and body. I don’t know about you, but exercise helps me feel more beautiful every day.

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5. Focus on things you like
Almost every woman has things she doesn’t like about herself. But we should stop focusing on them, and start focusing on things we like about ourselves. What are your strengths? What are your best features? Appreciating them will help you to feel more beautiful today and in days to come.

6. Ask for a little feedback
Asking for a little feedback isn’t a bad thing. If you have a boyfriend or husband, ask him for feedback. If you don’t have a man, you can ask a family member or your best friend. Ask them to name some of your best traits. Positive feedbacks will help you to feel more attractive today. Avoid asking toxic friends and coworkers – they might not tell any positive word about you.

7. Learn how to dress for your body shape
If you have a body that displeases you in one or two ways, this is not a reason to dislike yourself. Learn how to dress for your body shape and you will feel much more beautiful. If you don’t know how to dress for your body type, you can always Google it and find some effective tips. Or, maybe your close friend is a good stylist.

How you feel about yourself is really important. I think every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Remember, if you don’t make yourself feel beautiful, no man will do it. Do you have any tips on how to feel more beautiful? Share them with us, please. You might help someone to feel more attractive right now.

11 reasons to visit the beautiful islands of Fiji now

WHILE you might think the devastation wrecked by Tropical Cyclone Winston would make Fiji a no-go zone, there’s never been a better time to travel to our beautiful island neighbours.

Many resorts are back up and running, Fiji Airways are offering special deals and the locals need Australians to visit now more than ever.

While my visit was prior to the cyclone, I feel it’s now even more important to share — for the beautiful people of Fiji, and to provide a glimpse of what you can experience just a three hour flight away.



When I first came off I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, I was looking for the ultimate holiday away. A place that wasn’t swarming with tourists, but still had everything I wanted to see. Beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, local culture, adventure, and food, lots of food.

The thought of being surrounded by half of Australia in Bali just wasn’t cutting it for me and having to fend off street vendors in Thailand every time I left the hotel wasn’t the holiday I was after.

So if you haven’t already visited Fiji, my only question is why not?

Here are 11 reasons why you need to make Fiji your next holiday:


If walking along white sandy beaches, snorkelling some of the world’s best reef or getting lost under jungle waterfalls sounds like your type of escape, then Fiji has you covered! Expect to feel like a new, energised person after spending time in this paradise. It’s impossible to leave Fiji and not feel happier.

Tyson Mayr enjoying some quality hammock time. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


Who doesn’t like a good beach? No matter where you are, Fiji seems to have an amazing beach just a few minutes away. In fact, nearly every picture you take will probably look like a ‘wish you were here’ post card.


Ever been slapped in the face by a Shark? Well after my recent trip I can safely say I have! Swimming with sharks without a cage may sound insane, however for me, this is one of the most surreal moments I have ever experienced. A bucket-list and travel highlight that will leave you feeling very differently about how dangerous these ocean predators really are. I say go for it!

It sounds scary, but swimming with sharks is definitely a must-do. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


Because where else in the world can you swim with sharks in the morning and bathe in volcanic mud in the afternoon? They say volcanic mud baths are amazing for your skin and will leave you looking 10 years younger. Not sure if it worked for me.

Tyson and Lisa get dirty. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


It’s no secret, Fiji has some of the most beautiful and diverse marine life on the planet. Home to the richest soft coral in the world, its nearly impossible to take an ocean swim in Fiji without seeing something beautiful. Whether it’s swimming with Manta Rays, snorkelling at the front of your resort or diving ship wrecks, Fiji has all the water action you could ask for.


Fiji is made up of more than 330 islands. Many of these are uninhabited and all of them offer something different to the next. However if you were to come to Fiji and only travel through the Yasawa Islands, you would leave a happy person.

The Yasawa Group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Division of Fiji. Many of the islands you visit are home to locals who have lived there for generations, so traditions and way of life can vary depending on where you visit. It may take you some time to travel by boat between them all, however a local sea plane will give you the aerial tour and get you to where you need all in about 30 minutes.

Flying over the Yasawa Islands. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


Secluded islands, private beach picnics, sunset lit dinners, turquoise waters and warm starry nights. Fiji is the definition of Romance, where everything feels as though it has been tailor made for your very own amorous getaway. Whether it’s a private island or a fun couple’s resort, Fiji has a range of romantic options for you and your partner.

If you’re looking for romance, Fiji has got your covered. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


Fiji is one of the safest and most welcoming places in the world. And with heaps of attractions and activities like water obstacle courses and ziplining, your kids will be begging you to try!


Fiji is small enough that you can safely drive around its circumference in just over a day, but big enough that you could spend weeks there and still not come close to seeing everything. The roads are safe to drive on with a national speed limit of 80km, so rent a car and see if you can get lost on the friendliest island there is.

Sunset on the main island of Nadi. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied


Fiji is a destination where you are immersed immediately into the local culture. Whether you stay in a luxury resort or in a hut on the beach, the Fijian way of life will find its way to you. Make sure you try Kava, a traditional drink made up from a natural herb root and be sure to witness the locals walk on fire at islands such as Robinson Crusoe.


They say it’s the people that make a destination and there would not be a person out there who disagrees that Fiji has the friendliest people on the planet. This is what I will always remember Fiji for. ‘Bula’ to me is not just a Fijian greeting, it is a way of life.

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited more than 60 different countries and I have yet to find locals who have made my experience this pleasant. Expect a lot of smiles, no one ever trying to hassle you into buying something and a deeper local experience because of it.

Life in Fiji is a constant giggle, but then again if you live in Fiji, what have you got nothing to be miserable about, right? You are in paradise every day. Picture: Tyson MayrSource:Supplied

Whether it’s the staff that greet you at your resort, or locals you drive past on the street, when you are in Fiji you just feel happier.

If you pull out a camera out in Fiji don’t worry about locals running off with it or telling you to put it away, worry about them wanting to jump in the picture with you, yelling ‘Bula’!

A few days on the beautiful Mornington Penninsula

Sunset on the beautiful Mornington Penninsula.

THERE’S nothing like travel to make you appreciate life anew, and one of the best ways to hit the refresh button is to pop off on a weekender. Ideally, the perfect three-day jaunt is reasonably near a capital city, distinctive enough to make the trip worthwhile, and beautiful enough to enliven the spirit.

Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is such a gem. Just 90 minutes’ drive south-east from Melbourne, this hinterland idyll offers enough richly varied topography for a dozen holidays. Emerald pastureland and rolling hills sit alongside wild and woolly coastline. Charming seaside villages, dotted with painted wooden shacks, have farm-door trails and natural hot springs nearby. My brother married a local and raises his family there, rhapsodising that they can choose between the glorious countryside, lively villages, sheltered beaches or open sea.

Boutique winery Polperro, in Red Hill, is the perfect base. Nesting in one of four villas, flooded with views of the vineyard and ancient trees, is done best with an ambrosial pinot in hand. Guests don’t have to stroll far from the fireplace for a fantastic meal in the winery bistro. The seasonal fare was delicious: tender, velvety brisket; cumquat and fennel on smoky pork; caramelised apple that collapses into the crunchy texture of a buttery walnut crumble.

The Mornington Penninsula also have beautiful vineyards to visit.

I always like to explore new areas by foot. There’s a wonderful isolated 5km equestrian track, part of the Red Hill Rail Trail, where you amble on soft pine needles through bushland, cherry orchards and idyllic private land. This area is an absolute walker’s paradise, with boardwalks along The Briars wetlands and estuaries, or cliff-top strolls where rough surf adds a briny tingle to the air and the 100km Peninsula Walk beckons.

Kick off a day drive with maple syrup-soaked banana bread at the Somers General Store, where locals relax with the weekend papers and kids beg to sample the cornucopia of old-school lollies and cakes.

You’re spoilt for choice with outings. The historic coastal charms of Portsea and Sorrento combine beach picnic havens with retail therapy at the gorgeous bijou shops – and a dose of envious curiosity when you spot the stone and glass mansions that hug peaceful Port Phillip Bay.

Eat-and-meet visits to producers add epicurean delight. In a single day, I ate a farm-fresh lunch at Green Olive, tippled the biodynamic cider at family-run Mock, Red Hill, and shook the hand of the master chocolatier who put a smile on my nieces’ faces with his hand-crafted delights at Mornington Peninsula Chocolates in Flinders.

It’s your call – the Peninsula is a natural wonderland and a thriving food and wine region you’ll want to raise your glass to. You can gain a few kilos, lose a few kilos, or hedge your bets for a perfect travel win.