There might be dangerous chemicals in your tap water — here’s how to stay safe

Remember the movie "Erin Brockovich"? Of course, you do. But unless you've rewatched it recently, you may not remember that Brockovich—in real life, and in the movie—was fighting a company suspected of polluting a small California town's drinking water with a cancer-causing contaminant called chromium-6 (aka, hexavalent chromium). Fast-forward 20 years, and it may shock you to learn that chromium-6 is still a threat to 218 million Americans, including residents of every state. That's just one Read more [...]

10 Reasons to Go Makeup Free

Going without makeup has become something of a trend in recent years. Heidi Klum has done it, so have Kate Moss and Brooke Shields. HuffPost Live hosts Caitlyn Becker and Caroline Modarressy Tehrani also did it. Beyond the need to keep up to date with fashion trends, there are some good reasons to go makeup free. Here are ten of them to get you started. 1. Your Skin Will Get Healthier Makeup was never intended to improve your health, only your appearance. It does the latter very well in some Read more [...]

The Chemicals In Your Closet

If you’re here, that means you are interested in some aspect of healthy living. Maybe you are improving your diet, working on sleeping, or drinking more clean water. You’re working to make sure that you are only ingesting healthy foods, and it’s important to make sure you aren’t using the unhealthy ones on the outside either! Chemicals in Cleaners and Beauty Products Most conventional beauty and cleaning products are full of questionable or outright dangerous chemicals that can Read more [...]

3 Ways to Reduce Chemicals in Bath Water

Regular tap water can be a source of many chemicals from chlorine to fluoride and many others. At our house, we have a water filter for our drinking water and we also use filters on shower heads. Since most of our kids are not old enough to take showers yet, I also wanted to find a good option for bath water. I’m yet to find a filter adapter for a bath tub, but I’ve told my dad (an engineer) that he needs to work on one of these! In the meantime, I wanted to find ways to reduce the chemicals Read more [...]

Everyday chemicals linked to chronic disease in men

Phthalates are a group of chemicals widely used in common consumer products, such as food packaging and wrappings as seen in this photograph. (Stock image) Chemicals found in everyday plastics materials are linked to cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure in men, according to Australian researchers. Researchers from the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) investigated the independent association between Read more [...]

Stanford Researchers Send Text Messages Using Household Chemicals

Nearing the completion of his master’s degree in computer engineering and computer science at York University in Ontario, Canada, Nariman Farsad was considering pursuing further study elsewhere. But his supervisor, Andrew Eckford, convinced him to stay by suggesting an odd line of research. The idea? Figure out how to create a system that uses chemicals to transmit messages. “When he explained it, it was intriguing to me because it was very new and seemed futuristic,” said Farsad, Read more [...]

Natural Stain Removal Guide (No Harsh Chemicals Needed!)

If your house is anything like mine, laundry stains are a daily fact of life. For many of us, laundry tops the list of household jobs we’d rather not do. In fact, its often voted the one job we’d gladly hire someone to help with if we could. Especially with small children, stains make laundry even tougher. Even my most crunchy of friends will turn to Shout spray for laundry stains to save clothes from being ruined. Even friends who make their own deodorant, toothpaste and laundry Read more [...]

‘Everyday chemicals’ linked to cancer

"Chemicals in everyday items like cosmetics linked to cancer," The Independent reports. Research involving genetically engineered human cells found that a class of chemical called aldehydes damaged a gene that prevents cancer from developing. Aldehydes are organic chemical compounds naturally present in the environment and also found in many man-made products and substances such as cosmetics and car exhaust fumes. Examples of aldehydes include acetaldehyde, which is created when the body breaks Read more [...]