10 Best Anti-Aging Foods to Eat Every Day

The greatest desire of every woman is to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. We usually try various methods in order to prevent the aging process in our body. Though, our efforts are not always successful. It is necessary to remember that certain things can help you to add years to your life. Firstly, you should lead a healthy lifestyle. For this you need to do regular physical exercises and include wholesome foods into your diet. If you want to stay young and avoid numerous age-related diseases, I recommend you to consume the following anti-aging foods every day. They are extremely beneficial for your health!

1. Fish
The conducted researches have shown that those people who eat a lot of fish almost never suffer from heart disease. For example, the native Inuits of Alaska are not familiar with this health issue because they regularly consume a big amount of fish. This food is known to be rich in omega-3 fats that will stabilize your heart rhythms and protect you against cholesterol buildup in arteries.

2. Olive Oil
Due to the fact that olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats it is one of those foods that are efficient in fighting cancer and heart disease. Everybody knows that people who live in Greece constantly use olive oil for cooking. Scientists’ studies have proven that the consumption of this oil lowers rates of heart diseases among the citizens of this country. By adding olive oil to your dishes you will supply your body with antioxidants and polyphenols which you need to resist different age-related diseases.

3. Chocolate
Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate. It has a high concentration of flavanols that are very good for blood vessels. When your blood vessels function well, you’re able to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and kidney disease. That’s why you can easily enjoy the sweet taste of your favorite chocolate. Just make sure you control your portions, or this dessert will be harmful to your health. Besides chocolate bars, there is a wide range of beverages made of cocoa. By drinking them you’ll have a chance to prevent heart disease.

4. Yogurt
Some years ago Georgia was one of the countries that had the biggest number of centenarians in the world. Yogurt was claimed to be the main secret of their long lives. This dairy product is frequently used in most diets that are so popular nowadays. Perhaps you’ve never heard before but yogurt may slow the aging process. Being full of calcium, this food is extremely effective in preventing osteoporosis. In addition, “good bacteria” that are found in yogurt will strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.

5. Blueberries
Dietarians state that blueberries may have a fantastic impact on human body. If you include these delicious and wholesome berries into your daily menu you’ll be amazed with the results. According to scientific studies blueberries are considered to increase people’s coordination when they become old. Plus, this food contains compounds that can easily diminish oxidative damage and inflammation. These health problems can lead to deficits in memory and motor function when you are old. So, blueberries are a wonderful choice for healthy aging.

6. Nuts
If you really care about your health and beauty, I would advise you to add nuts to your eating plan. This food is an enormous source of unsaturated fats and it can affect your body in the same way as olive oil does. Recently it has been found out that people who eat nuts live a few years longer than those who refuse from this tasty snack. Such nutrients as vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, make nuts one of the healthiest foods. Today you can find different kinds of nuts that are also a perfect option for vegetarians.

7. Wine
The negative influence of alcohol on our health is undeniable. Some people even don’t guess that when consumed in moderate doses alcohol can be salubrious for them. It should be mentioned that wine is the most preferable alcoholic beverage all over the world. If you drink wine, you will not only enjoy its refined taste but you will protect yourself against numerous diseases as well. Those who drink red wine are less subjected to diabetes, memory loss and heart disease. What is more important, this beverage will slow the process of aging in your body.

8. Carrots
Carrot is another fantastic food that will certainly help you to look younger and you will supply your body with various vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to be healthy. This orange vegetable is a perfect source of alpha- and beta-carotene that are known to boost our immunity and even stave off cancer. Moreover, carrots may be effectively used to care for your skin because carotenoids protect it from UV damage. When summer comes, you should try to add carrots to your diet and don’t forget to apply sunscreen either.

9. Sunflower Seeds
First of all, I’d like to say that most of us give preference to these seeds when looking for yummy snacks. Do you know that this food is very good for your health? We can hardly find any other food that is more packed with vitamin E than sunflower seeds. We all need to consume this vitamin in order to enhance our immune system which becomes weak with age. Nevertheless you have all chances to roll back the years by eating your favorite sunflower seeds.

10. Prunes
Perhaps you are surprised to see prunes on this list, but it has been proven that this food can be even more efficient than fresh fruits when it comes to our health. One of the reasons why prunes are so useful to us is their capacity to remove harmful free radicals from the blood and improve our circulation. Being dried, prunes have a big quantity of good things that have positive effect on our body. As an alternative to prunes you can also eat raisins or figs.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop time and stay young forever. However, we have endless opportunities to add years to our life and to look amazing no matter how old we are. All the above foods will definitely help you to stay healthy and by eating them you’ll be able to avoid various age-related diseases. What methods do you use to prevent the negative effects of aging? Do you eat any other anti-aging foods? What are they?

7 Amazing Ideas to Spend a Girls Day Out

We all look forward to those days when we meet with our friends as we can enjoy the happiest and the most valuable moments of our life together with them. When you plan a day out with your girlfriends, first of all you should remember that it’s a great opportunity to have fun and relax. Shopping and lunch at a café are the most common things I usually do with my friends when meeting for a girls day out. But it’s quite boring to do the same things every time we see each other. That’s why sometimes I want to organize interesting and entertaining activities for me and my girlfriends. If you are looking for wonderful things to do for a girls day out, I think the following ideas are exactly for you.

1. Explore Your Mystical Side
To my mind, this idea sounds really exciting, however, it is not for everyone. Are you one of those people who are interested in mystical side of their life? Grab your friends and enjoy this unusual activity together. For instance, you can visit a medium in your town and get to know your fortunes. What can be more thrilling than this? I should say that people who never believe in such things won’t be satisfied with this kind of entertainment, but if your friends are a bit curious you should definitely try this idea.

2. Go Horseback Riding
It should be mentioned that riding a horse is a fantastic amusement for those who prefer active lifestyle and like different sports. In case you and your friends are not sporty enough, it would be better to stay away from this activity. To go horseback riding you need to have a good feeling of balance because falling off a horse will not be a big pleasure for you. Though, it doesn’t mean that only trained people should ride a horse. Take risks and unforgettable adventures are guaranteed to you. Besides, you will get a chance to have picnic and admire beautiful nature at the same time.

3. Have a Group Event
Nowadays there is a wide range of splendid group deals that are offered at most restaurants. By choosing one of them you will get only pleasant and joyful emotions from your girls day out. Plus, such special offerings are a nice way to save your money and make your lunch date more affordable. I would recommend you to join wine tasting deals at the best restaurants of your town and feel their exquisite and delightful atmosphere.

4. Discover the Nearest Coast
I should say you are a lucky person if there is a coast in your neighborhood. As a rule, people who live near a sea or ocean take it for granted and they never appreciate this great blessing. So, this is a brilliant idea to call up your girlfriends and drive along the picturesque coast admiring its marvelous views. It will be a kind of a mini trip. Make sure you have your camera with you to memorize this unique day out with your friends.

5. Take Part in a “Fun Run”
Participating in a “fun run” is an incredible way for you and your girlfriends to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company. In addition, this entertainment will enable you to do some physical exercises that are so necessary for your body. You can choose from a big variety of events like the Electric Run or the Color Run and have fun. Organize your team and prepare colorful costumes, after don’t forget to sign up for the event that is held and get ready for adventures.

6. Make It a “Dare Day”
Now it’s high time to recollect all the things that you and your girlfriends find difficult to do and dare each other to fulfill them by all means. Nevertheless, try to be prudent and don’t promise your best friend to get a silly hairstyle or a tattoo. Perhaps you will dare to say hello to a handsome man sitting at the next table in a café. Dare to do whatever brings you joy and happiness. Just keep in mind to observe the boundaries.

7. Make Your Small Dreams Come True
Without a doubt all of your friends have some desires and small dreams they would like to make real. Thus, you can spend your girls day out doing those little things. Maybe you have never eaten Chinese food and you are eager to try it, this is the best time to do it with your girlfriends. Don’t miss your chance to experience the most pleasant moments of your life.

I would advise you to take into consideration all the above ideas every time when you are going to have a day out with your best friends. If you do these fun activities while meeting with them, you will see that spending a wonderful time is so easy. Which of these ideas do you like most of all? Would you like to try any of them? What entertaining things do you usually do with your girlfriends?

A Green Box of Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Day is great for discussing with kids what can be (or used to be) found on Earth, why it is there, and what can be done to protect it. I only wish more people did that regularly, instead of limiting it to some one-day activity, and while there are lots of fun Earth Day ideas, most don’t seem effective unless related to something you will do, or at least use, on a regular basis. So I thought of a different kind of project, the one that would encourage us to have more Earth Days on our calendar of activities.

The Green Box
As much as I’m fond of organizing things nicely, but still tired of coping with a tornado of objects being scattered around daily (most parents are familiar with that natural phenomenon), it’s not surprising I would come up with something like this. The Green Box originally was what shoes came in, but with some glue and pictures cut out of magazines, a box can be turned into a work of art. Besides being decorative and symbolic, it can hold all those treasures of natural origin you and your kids collect during walks or holidays: stones, twigs, acorns, seashells, etc.

If you have shoeboxes of different size, you can simply place the smaller ones into the biggest, so that your storage space is neatly divided into several parts for sorting these art and craft materials. Just made sure I could snap a photo of it before it starts overflowing and we will probably have to make another “treasure chest”:

The Green Box
Any small bottles or containers we plan to re-use also belong there, along with loose buttons, toy parts or other odds and ends that inspire some decoration or construction ideas. Instead of being discarded or scattered, they go to the Green Box now – so natural and recyclable materials share a home. Before, all these things could be found on any shelf, among toys, next to books or clothes, and almost anywhere around the house. I was quite patient and tolerant about their invading every possible space, and even tried to gather them into some biscuit containers, but whenever something ended up broken or lost, I was often blamed for throwing out a unique valuable. Now such objects have a new green home, and a definitely brighter future.

Where ideas live
Where Ideas Live
Green is symbolic, but this or any other color doesn’t have to dominate – you can mix different colors and use any pictures of flowers, foliage, fruit, insects, landscapes, or natural textures for your creative design of the box. As for ideas of what can be done with all those riches you collect there, they literally start springing out of the box the very moment you begin filling it! Better still, you start noticing more things around that deserve a new life or a creative makeover. For example, as seen on this photo, a painted yogurt container and a mug with a broken-off handle are filled with soil to grow small plants, while a shampoo bottle holds some colorful pencils. Here are some more ideas of projects for Earth Day:

Make a tree
You have probably seen the lovely Coffee Tree decorations made using a cone or a round foam base. These are not easy for the kids to make, but since my son wanted his own coffee tree, I decided to simplify the process. A flat shape cut out of cardboard makes it easier to glue coffee beans on:

Make a Tree
The cardboard from boxes that’s hollow inside is perfect for this, as well as for adding other decorative elements by dipping them in glue and sticking them in like this:

Coffee Tree
That’s how we made a tree and a sunflower with leaves and petals cut out from yellow paper and scraps of magazines left over from decorating the Green Box:

Some like it in the pot
Some Like It In the Pot
While it would be great to plant trees or sow seeds together in your garden or backyard, you can also experiment with pots or window boxes. Another fun thing to do is to decorate the pots or potted plants you already have at home:

Sponge painting
Sponge Painting
Natural materials such as dried leaves can be used for creating a picture, but these weathered skeletons of leaves that delighted me with their fancy lace texture turned out looking not too lovely when glued onto paper. It was a gloomy black-and-white thing that really lacked some color, and it was disappointing. A piece of sponge is perfect for such situations when you need small or fuzzy color accents on top of something that’s already painted or fixed on your “canvas”. Sponge daubs of different colors made this picture come alive. So keep a piece of sponge in your box – and in case your kids tear a sponge again while playing in the bath, it just turns into something useful for art. Sponge painting is a great technique that’s always fun, at any age!

Would you like to suggest some more ideas for projects involving those “hidden riches” we adults often fail to notice? How do you store and showcase them, what are your favorites and what makes them so special?

7 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day has always been a special holiday. Nowadays, this holiday is a lot commercialized. Many call Valentine’s Day another Hallmark holiday, while others dread to create Valentine lists. Try to think out of the box, though, and you will come up with a host of creative and frugal ideas that will make everyone happy and will not wreck your budget. If you have no idea, check out these ones. Hopefully, you will pick something for yourself.

1. Wall of Paper Hearts

Wall of Paper Hearts

Add a touch of 3D to your room by creating a wall of paper hearts. This is an easy way to boost your Valentine’s Day spirit and remind you of the most romantic day of the year. A wall of paper heart is quick and easy to make and is ideal for kids and people working from home. Hopefully, those tiny hearts will feed your creative soul and reduce your everyday stress.

2. Matchbox Valentines

Matchbox Valentines

When you have a long Valentine list, your wallet may scream for help. Matchbox Valentines will save your budget from ruin. Plus, if your kids need a lot of valentines too, consider making as many matchbox valentines as you need. This wonderful photo tutorial will help you. Not only will you save some cash, you will keep your little ones entertained for hours too.

3. Valentine’s Candy Huggers

Valentines Candy Huggers

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these Valentine’s candy huggers? Even though it takes some time and effort to create them, your children’s and their friends’ smiles will make you forget about your efforts. Get your little ones or friends to help you in cutting animal shapes out of construction paper.

4. Photo Strip Valentines

Photo Strip Valentines

Want to wow your significant other with a personalized gift on February 14? This DIY idea is right for you. All you need is time, a mini kraft gift box, cardstock paper of your favorite color, photos of two of you, heart-shaped sweets, and some additional things like ruler, kraft knife, etc. This budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect for your friends, parents or siblings too.

5. Hand Embroidered Valentine’s Day Card

Hand Embroidered Valentine’s Day Card

This one is another budget-friendly idea for people with super long Valentine lists. Maybe someone considers this idea too simple, yet handmade valentines are way better than the ones you get from the store. Paper and thread are all you need to create hand embroidered Valentine’s Day card.

6. String Heart

String Heart

You can make a bigger version of your valentine and even hang it on a wall like a picture. This idea is widely used at weddings, but this ‘picture’ can become a symbol of your love for many years to come. In order to create a big string heart, you will need a piece of wood, nails, string, spray paint, and white paper. Do not bother about the mess, you will love the result.

7. Heart shaped tea bags

Heart shaped tea bags

Is your partner a tea junkie? Surprise him with a cup of his favorite tea with a heart shaped tea bag. It may seem like a waste of time, because he will throw this tea bag away as soon as he finishes his tea. But he will remember your love gesture forever, I promise. Heart shaped eggs, pancakes or toasts will match your heart shaped tea bag.

Oftentimes, the simplest things, gestures and gifts are the most thoughtful, memorable and beautiful ones. Handmade gifts have always been appreciated. When you are on a pinched budget, these DIY Valentine’s Day ideas might prevent you from swiping your credit card to buy expensive gifts that people we love may not even use or like.

Just because it is handmade, does not mean it is bad. It means you sacrifice your precious time to make those you love happy on February 14. Do you like any of these Valentine’s Day ideas? Maybe you have your own ideas? Share them with us please.

7 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Greens Every Day

If increasing the number of greens you eat every day is one of your health goals, let me help you out there. Most of us strive to eat healthy, but sometimes healthy foods are not as delicious as we want them to be. It’s essential to consume fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs, but how to eat greens when you don’t like their taste? A few years ago I couldn’t even imagine me eating a lot of veggies every day. Yes, I consume plenty of greens daily, though I don’t actually like them. Here are a few effective tips I follow to eat more greens every single day.

1. A veggie omelet
A veggie omelet is a healthy, protein-packed meal to eat in the morning and it’s one of the best ways to consume more greens every day. Throw in roasted red pepper, spinach, tomatoes and kale for a hearty and super delicious omelet. I also like to add red onion and green peppers to my omelet. A veggie omelet is much healthier than a bowl of sugary cereal and it’s a simple way to sneak more nutrients. Plus, it’s oh-so easy to make!

2. Green smoothies
One of my favorite ways to eat more greens as well as fruits every day is green smoothies. I often start my day with a green smoothie, especially when I know that my day will be stressful and highly productive. Having a green smoothie in the morning is an effective way to increase your energy levels, speed up your metabolism and overall improve your health. Grab Swiss chard, spinach, dandelion and kale, and add some herbs, fruits and healthy fats to make a healthy and nutritious smoothie.

3. Veggie salads
If you one of those people who usually eat burgers or fries for lunch, you need to break this bad habit. High in fat, cholesterol, calories, and numerous artificial additives and ingredients, fast food is probably the worst thing you can eat. I suggest you to try eating a veggie salad for lunch. Grab lettuces such as baby spinach and arugula, which contain lots of essential nutrients, add some lean protein such as tuna or chicken, and enjoy your healthy lunch daily!

4. Add more greens to wraps and sandwiches
Are you a big fan of wraps and sandwiches? If so, start adding more greens to them. I usually add a baby spinach, romaine lettuce, or kale to my sandwiches. You can also add cucumber slices, shredded carrots, tomatoes and chicken for a healthy and tasty sandwich.

5. Raw vegetables
Snack on raw vegetables instead of chips, crackers, cookies, or chocolate bars to boost your daily intake of greens and veggies. Baby carrots are a great and popular snack, but I suggest you to snack on cucumber slices, raw celery, zucchini, bell peppers or pieces of jicama. To make your snack more satisfying, add a healthy dip such as hummus.

6. Add more greens to casseroles and pasta dishes
Another sneaky way to eat more greens is to add them to your pasta dishes, casseroles and other baked dishes. Add roasted broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms to your pasta or go ahead and make spaghetti out of squash. When you add greens to meals you already make, you add more essential nutrients and vitamins to your healthy diet.

7. Add greens to tomato sauces
Tomato sauces and spaghetti are wonderful opportunities for added veggies and nutrients. Try adding bell peppers, zucchini and mushrooms to your tomato sauces. I usually add celery and carrots to my tomato sauce; it tastes great, plus I know that I get enough greens every day.

There are many benefits of eating greens daily. They are good for your hair, your skin and your eyes. Being aware of your vegetable and fruit consumption is a great way to eat healthy and have more energy. Once you start to eat more greens daily, you will notice a huge boost in energy and a dramatic improvement in your skin. When you eat healthy, your skin looks healthy and young too. Do you love eating greens? What’s your favorite way to consume more greens every day? Share your tips and tricks with us please.

7 Small Things That Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Our day consists of various moments, events, meetings, emotions and all these things have direct influence on our both emotional and physical well-being. Some people try to prevent such failures while others treat it as a “Murphy’s Law.” There are a few things that can ruin the whole day, but remember that almost everything depends on your positive vision of the world. Don’t let anything and anyone take control of your day and your life because you’re the only person who is in charge of your own life and you’re the one who decides whether to be happy today or let others put you down.

1. Annoying remarks
As we know, negative remarks often have harsh impact on a personal frame of mind. One negative remark has the power of ten compliments. But everything depends on the way you perceive critics. Human subconscience is a strong thing, so the only way out is to ignore negative remarks and take delight in positive moments around us.

2. Forgetting info
When you are as busy as a bee, it’s easy to forget some info, tasks and to break all deadlines. Such things can destabilize even well-organized and responsible personalities. In a discouraging situation like this it is important to stay persistent and follow your day schedule.

3. Being late
Being late is a very worrying and unpleasant start of your day. There’s a great variety of reasons to be late, but in most cases nothing depends on you. Millions of people suffer from traffic jams, bad weather, so make sure you don’t stress over things you can’t control. Just smile and think about the people you love or other wonderful things in your life.

4. Rude strangers
Sometimes strangers or people we are cooperating with treat us badly and it can certainly ruin the whole day. Sure, it all depends on your type of character and on the way you treat extraordinary situations. For instance, how many times did you get into a quarrel with strangers or leave a store in a terrible mood because someone didn’t have good manners?

5. Bad hairdo
Your hairdo plays an important role in defining your look. Some people even believe that the fortune during the whole day depends on your hair condition. A good hair day guarantees you wonderful mood and absolute self-confidence. A bad hair day provides you a bit depressing vision of everything. Smart hat or hair done in a knot can help you succeed at hiding the mess. By following this advice, you can relief your uncertainty and feel more self-confident.

6. Long lines
People usually spend a lot of time standing on long lines, especially in big cities. As for public transportation, it’s quite overloaded and we often find it challenging to get to the place of destination we need. You can stand hours on long lines, waiting for a bus. While waiting for a bus, time flies very slowly and you might even end up being late to work.

7. Small problems and failures
Difficulties in various spheres of our life can have a negative impact on our emotional state. Getting a bad grade at school or messing up at work can be a depressing experience. But mistakes are not actually so bad, we need them to improve ourselves. So, whether your experience is positive or negative, be grateful for it. Don’t let those small failures ruin your day!

We should be aware that we are given trials to get better, to form ourselves as full-fledged individualities and to receive priceless experience. Don’t give way to negative thoughts and your day will never be nasty. How do you keep emotional well-being on a positive level?

5 Quick Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

DIYing is a great alternative to overly commercialized Valentine’s day symbols and decorations, or to waiting in a line to get your gifts wrapped. It is fun to decorate something with hearts and ribbons, or sign it with hugs and kisses and words of love – and that’s pretty much enough, especially if you are concerned about crossing the line between ‘pretty’ and ‘much.’

So, why not give it a try? Greeting cards were also once hand-written before they were replaced by printed ones, but nowadays handmade versions are renowned again, just like handmade gifts, for their unique potential of showing someone you really care. Here are a few quick and easy ideas to use as your basic tools:

1. 4 Your Heart

4 Your Heart
This idea is cute for making valentines – the result looks like a heart flower or a special kind of lucky 4-leaf clover. Fold the paper in four, then fold the rectangle once again so that it becomes a triangle. Draw the upper part of half a heart, so that you don’t cut anything at the bottom.

When you unfold this after cutting it out, you can use it to trace around it on thicker paper (for valentines), or use a variety of such 4-heart shapes for decorating walls, tables, gift boxes and greeting cards. 4-heart shapes can also be cut out of fabric (this may require a bit of ironing), and you can make flowers for Valentine’s Day with both paper and fabric ones using fuzzy wire, a craft material that is inexpensive and easily found.

2. 3D paper hearts

3D Paper Hearts
Photo: pinterest.com

Anyone who has ever tried drawing a heart shape has probably often found the results asymmetrical. This can be fine, as your heart shapes do not have to be perfect and all identical, but if you want better results, fold the paper in half and draw only half a heart, then cut it out and unfold. Both sides will look the same or almost the same. You can also create 3D paper hearts.

There are lots of ways to decorate with paper hearts, especially if you make lots of paper hearts in different sizes and colors.The simplest one is scattering them on the table or the floor. Scattered rose petals, though being somewhat cliché, though look beautiful, but I do not have the heart to behead the flowers to tear them to petals. Use paper hearts instead, or cut your heart shapes out of fabric so that you do not have to throw them out after Valentine’s Day. You can reuse them later in other creative projects.

3. Fuzzy hearts and flowers

Fuzzy Hearts and Flowers
Fuzzy wire is a multi-functional material perfect for making heart shapes as it is, or even bracelets, chains and garlands of heart shapes if you like – easy and fun even for kids. As fuzzy wire is flexible, it is ideal for making flower stems with a variety of materials used for DIY flowers. Just wrap it around … does it get any easier than that? Yes, it does! You can use it with fresh and dried flowers, too.

Want to entwine your wine glasses or a bottle of champagne, a vase of chocolates or a gift box with roses or other flowers? Easy! Remove the long stems (leave about 1-2 cm) and replace them with green (or maybe red) fuzzy wire wrapped around the remains of the stems.

Twist and bend to entwine something with such a flexible kind of flowers. Connect several pieces of fuzzy wire to create the length you need, and you can also add another flower at every spot where you connect the wires – you will get a garland-like result or can make a mini-wreath this way.

4. Wearable hearts

Wearable Hearts
Photo: pinterest.com

While the idiom ‘to wear one’s heart upon one’s sleeve’ has originated from literally wearing the name (or other element indicating one’s love) on a sleeve, we do not have to do that to express our feelings. A little bit of that long-lost tradition still survives in the form of tattoos, but there are easier ways to proudly wear expressions of love.

Personalize and decorate a T-shirt using textile markers or paints. No special skills needed – just some heart-shaped template, or several of those in different sizes, and the words of love. Simple words of love can be enough without any other symbols.

If the instructions on the packaging mention that ironing your creative design is necessary once the paint is dry, this is an important part. Just do not place the iron directly on it, cover it with another piece of fabric or with baking paper.

5. Heart stencil

Heart Stencil
Photo: pinterest.com

Heart cutout stencils and templates can help you make lots of paper, cardboard or fabric hearts, and also to create different heart patterns and designs using paint or markers. Printable ones can be found online, but basically when you cut a heart shape out of cardboard just once, you get two useful tools: one to be traced around, or covered with paint to produce prints, and another to paint inside the cutout area to get a perfect heart anywhere you wish.

Both can be used to decorate mirrors (easy, colorful and washable), cards, posters, homemade gift wrap or gift boxes, but if you have textile markers or paints (easily found online and in craft stores), you might crown yourself a DIY king or queen.

Again, these ideas are not just certain projects to copy but something you can use as your basic tools for creating unique designs and decorations of your own. Some can be used on a regular basis. If you fail to do anything else, just write words of love on the bathroom mirror – with paint, lipstick or even toothpaste – on Valentine’s Day or any other day, for a bigger surprise.

Earth Day Art: 4 Fun Ways to Create Trees and Flowers

Earth Day is great for planting and sowing, for upcycling and repurposing things instead of throwing them out, or for choosing from lots of DIY ideas to do something special with your kids. All this requires time and some supplies, though they may be easy to get or readily available, like things that have almost made it to the trash bin.

However, if you are short on time or supplies, no worries – you can always have fun with just paper and paints, and never mind if you cannot find a single paintbrush at the moment. Many art techniques do not require a paintbrush or a set of those. Let’s try some.

1. Sponge Blob

Sponge Blob is your fun companion. It can boast different shapes and sizes, thus resembling a variety of natural elements and textures. You can use a rectangular-shaped sponge, dipping its corners into paint for smaller-sized or even tiny dabs, or try using a round-shaped sponge for bigger ones and fuzzier effects.

In any case, you will probably appreciate it that a single sponge allows you to apply a few different colors quickly and easily, without having to wash anything or switch between several paintbrushes.

You can also make strokes with a sponge – straight, circular, wavy (flowing) or twisted – similar to those you would with a paintbrush, only they are likely to be more textured, and definitely easier for a child to make. Blending or layering colors is also fun with a sponge.

2. Even a straw can draw

You can create really cool effects with regular drinking straws. Pour some paint diluted with water on a sheet of paper and use a drinking straw to blow air on it so that streaks of color run sideways. This is a crazy, fun and extremely creative technique – you do not even need to start with a certain idea, as the process itself will give you plenty.

The results may look like trees, flowers, fireworks, fantasy-realm landscapes and creatures. You can also add some details, such as glitter, buttons, stickers or the ‘moving eyes,’ to make your creations truly come alive.

Just keep it in mind that this can get quite messy, and streaks of paint often tend to travel further than the paper, so make sure you do not start experimenting close to sofas, carpets, curtains or other textiles.

Ideally, bring this kind of activity outside, or protect the floor with a plastic tablecloth. If you are having a picnic, a plastic tablecloth can serve both: food and art. You may prefer paper for art projects, but you can also pour paint right on the tablecloth after you are done with the food – for more fun or more people taking part in the fun. Just pack enough drink straws.

3. Hand shapes and finger painting

Hand shapes and finger painting
For the smaller ones, dipping their hands or fingers into paint and making bright-colored prints is the easiest and most enjoyable technique. These prints can look like flowers, grass, trees, fishes, birds or animals – especially if you or the older siblings add some distinctive details.

However, this colorful hands-on experience can also get quite messy. If you are looking for something different, or just less messy, consider tracing around these small hands on colored paper or fabric and cutting out hand shapes to make pictures with them. Just like hand prints, they can be used for resembling many natural things, including flowers and leaves, as well as for creating special memorable gifts and postcards.

4. Paintless projects

Paintless projects
When you have kids, the stuff for coloring may be all over the house – but that does not mean you (or your kids) can easily find something when deciding to use it. If you cannot find the paints that you know you have somewhere, don’t worry.

There are ways to make colorful art creations without paint – but you will need some glue. If you cannot find any glue, or suddenly discover that it has dried out, you can make your own one. This can double the fun as another Earth Day project, instead of being a problem – or it can actually be a fun experiment at any other time.

There are many recipes out there for homemade glue, most left over from the past when people had no choice but to make their own with natural ingredients. The ones that work best are flour or cornstarch, and you may find homemade glue a great solution if you are concerned about the toxic stuff the store-bought glues contain, or the wastefulness of these commercial products that often dry out and go to a landfill after being used only once.

Anyway, if you ever run out of glue in the middle of a project, you will know what to do to fix that quickly instead of running to the store. To make fun tree, flower or animal shapes appear on paper when you do not have paint, you can use scraps of colored paper or magazine pages, crayon or pencil shavings, pieces of yarn or fabric.

You can spend more time on tracing and carefully cutting out leaves, petals or other details, but abstract pieces of paper that are just torn or randomly cut are likely to work well, too. Just paste these fragments onto paper or cardboard with glue spread over it, or try the same with crayon or pencil shavings – for a slightly different project involving something that you usually throw out.

You can probably come up with a lot of other ideas like these ones if you start thinking of ways to waste less, have fun when you have run out or do not have enough of something. Please share them with others, as it is a rare case when we have a perfect combination of time and everything else that we need – or at least think we need – for a certain project. But that should not stop us from trying, creating something, experimenting and enjoying it, right?

9 Things You Should Practice Daily to Be More Beautiful

Appearance is one of those things that really matter to all women. We can spend hours trying different things that may help us look more beautiful and attractive. Nowadays some of beautifying practices are quite expensive and they are not available for everyone. However, there are lots of simple and affordable ways that we can use daily in order to have a fantastic look. But first of all, every woman should clearly realize what beauty is. Our inner world is the main thing that makes us beautiful. If you are a happy and peaceful person who lives in harmony with the environment, everybody will see those positive emotions and feelings on your face. You can spend huge sums of money on various cosmetics and other things, but if you are always sad and discontent you will never look beautiful. It is necessary to remember that your beauty and health come from inside. Though, your shiny hair, clear skin and your physical health are also very important. Try to add the following things to your daily routine and you will understand that being healthy and beautiful is very easy.

1. Eat Green Vegetables
We used to think that only vegetarians consume a big amount of green vegetables. I should say it’s a wrong opinion. Green foods are extremely beneficial to your health and you should definitely include them into your daily diet. By eating greens you will not only improve your health but you will contribute greatly to your beauty either. These foods are known to have numerous benefits that can change your life for better. For instance, they will cleanse your blood, digestive tract and even your skin. It has been proven that these veggies are helpful when it comes to such problems as stress and anxiety. Being rich in fiber, greens give you a nice opportunity to be full for a long time and forget about hunger. Another reason why you should eat green vegetables is a great number of chlorophylls that are efficient in cleansing your body, preventing acne and they may treat your muscles successfully. You can cook these foods in different ways. I usually like to make a huge salad with fish or an omelet with greens for breakfast. Some of my friends prefer various green smoothies made of kale or spinach. It’s also a splendid idea to have a whole grain sandwich with leafy greens.

2. Sleep More
It’s a well-known fact that our sleep influences both our physical and mental health. Plus, it is one of those factors that can alter the way we look; everything depends on how many hours we sleep during the night. The main rule you should stick to is to sleep as much as your body needs. Otherwise, you will be constantly tired and depressed, your skin will be subjected to different negative changes. Moreover, there is a big possibility you will suffer from overweight. If you don’t want to have dark circles around your eyes, you should sleep as minimum 7 hours per night. No matter how busy you are, try to go to bed earlier, let your mind and body rest. When you sleep, your skin cells are regenerated and as a result you get fresh and glowing skin.

3. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is another wonderful way to care for your face and body. It can be a perfect substitute of cosmetics like anti-aging cream, face cleanser and hair conditioner. This oil is full of minerals and vitamins that can help you to avoid dry skin, wrinkles, cellulite and eczema. Just make sure you apply this product on your skin regularly. In contrast to various creams, coconut oil is light and it is easily absorbed into your skin so that every cell of your body can receive enough nourishment. Perhaps you don’t know that everything we put on our skin can get into our blood within 20 minutes. That’s why you’d better not use chemicals to care for your skin. I recommend you to choose coconut oil as a natural alternative that will provide your skin with lauric acid and Vitamin E and help you to combat wrinkles, dry skin and bacteria.

4. Drink Rooibos Tea
This exotic tea is one of my favorite beverages that I drink regularly to improve the health of my skin. You may also add this red tea to your eating plan since it is packed with antioxidants and it doesn’t have caffeine like other kinds of tea do. Taking into consideration all the positive qualities of this yummy drink, I should mention that rooibos tea is an effective remedy for dry skin, inflammations, red skin, blemishes and other skin defects. Today this tea is available at most supermarkets. Don’t miss your chance to regale yourself with this exquisite and tasty beverage.

5. Exercise Regularly
Doing physical exercises is an excellent way to keep fit and have a good mood. Nothing can make you more beautiful than your toned body and a bright smile on your face. You don’t need to tire yourself in the gym every day, some simple exercises will be enough to get rid of depression, burn calories and stabilize your heart rate. Make it a rule to move daily and you won’t have any problems with your blood flow. Consequently, you’ll have a nice blush on your cheeks and your face will look fresh and much younger. It is advisable to exercise no less than 30 minutes daily. There is no need to get upset if you lack time to do sports. All of us have an amazing opportunity to move at home while doing chores or playing with our children outside. In addition, regular physical activity can guarantee you a good and healthy sleep that also plays a crucial part in your beauty.

6. Eat Vitamins
Once you have decided to keep to a balanced and healthy diet, you should do your best to consume a large quantity of vitamins every day. That is the key to your fantastic appearance. Keep in mind that natural foods like raspberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, yellow, red and green veggies are an enormous source of vitamins and minerals that your body can get through your meals. Dozens of recipes can be used to create delicious and wholesome dishes from these ingredients. Such healthy choice has numerous advantages including clear skin, a good physical shape and positive emotions.

7. Eat Omegas
Another group of nutrients that have a great impact on your beauty are omega 3 fats that can fight wrinkles, inflammation and acne successfully. Thus, it is reasonable for you to add foods rich in omega 3 fats to your eating plan and as a bonus you will have an attractive and slim body. You can get these useful fats when eating salmon, halibut, trout, flax, walnuts, acai berries and other foods.

8. Gratitude
Without a doubt our life is very busy and we always have to cope with different problems. Despite this fact we shouldn’t forget to be grateful for everything we’ve got. Maybe you don’t even realize, but you enjoy lots of blessings that make you a happy person. Stop for a moment and think about all your achievements, I’m convinced you have so many reasons to be proud of yourself and to be happy. If you are satisfied with your life, you will be the most beautiful woman in this world. So, it is really important to be thankful for the smallest things that make your life pleasant and comfortable. When you’re grateful, you learn to appreciate those things that are the most significant for you and you understand the greatest values of your life. When you are grateful for your success, you’ll have a charming smile and everybody will notice that.

9. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day
Hair is the biggest treasure for every girl. We spare no efforts to make it perfect. Very often we don’t know how to care for our hair properly and because of this we can’t reach the desirable effect. For example, most women tend to wash their hair daily in order to keep it clean and shiny, but they don’t even guess that by doing this they only harm their hair. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy hair, you should wash it every other day and use a conditioner that suits your hair type. Women who have dry hair are recommended to buy moisturizing shampoo. Those who worry about dandruff should look for a shampoo that can cleanse the scalp without drying it. By washing your hair every other day you’ll protect it from damages and it will grow faster.

We shouldn’t take our beauty for granted. This is a special gift that was given to us by nature and we must constantly refresh it and care for it. Being beautiful is not as difficult as it can seem to you. I hope that all these things will help you to be a pretty and happy woman. Which of them would you like to include into your daily routine? Can you give any other tips on how to improve our beauty?

4 Things Psychologists Do Every Day to Feel Happier

While there’s no one secret to happiness, regular self care can go a long way towards boosting your mood. People find joy in different places, so the key is to identify healthy habits that please you—and make time for them daily.

“As Aristotle put it, ‘Happiness is an activity’,” says Jason Wheeler, PhD, a psychoanalyst in New York City. “Lots of things in life just happen to us, but many other things we have to do, and being happy is one of them.”

So what do mental health experts do to harness happiness? We asked three therapists to share the everyday self-care strategies that help them stay positive and grounded, even during times of stress. Here, four of their get-happy habits to try for yourself.

Be mindful

The term “mindfulness” probably conjures up images of yoga or quiet meditation, but Wheeler says it’s possible to embrace this way of thinking while doing many different forms of exercise. His mind-body workout of choice is swimming, since the repetitive motions naturally lend themselves to mindful thinking.

“To swim well, I must concentrate just on what I am doing,” he explains. “I exist from stroke to stroke, from breath to breath.”

Plus, swimming is a terrific low-impact workout. “When I’m done, I don’t feel sore, but refreshed and energized,” Wheeler says, adding that 30 minutes to an hour of swimming is the perfect meditative break during a busy day.

Take notes

Don’t just get grateful at Thanksgiving. Studies show that expressing gratitude can lead to benefits like better sleep and lower risk of depression. And unsurprisingly, mental health experts are all about it.

“If I’m getting down or feeling anxious, I’ll make a list of things that I’m grateful for,” San Antonio-based therapist Kasi Howard, PsyD, tells Health. “It flips my mindset and keeps me from ruminating on things that are stressful, or from focusing on the negative. Plus, it’s a big mood lifter.”

Ready to try it for yourself? Our gratitude challenge will have you feeling happier and more appreciative in just 21 days.

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Sweat it out

Another proven happiness-booster? Cardio workouts. “Running is a source of sanity for me,” says Howard. “Not only is it my stress relief, it’s also when I think of ideas.”

There’s a scientific reason why Howard feels particularly sunny after a sweat session. Exercise causes a spike in adrenaline throughout the body, which is followed by a release of mood-boosting endorphins. And even relatively small amounts of exercise can make a difference; one recent study found that light physical activity was associated with a greater emotional benefit compared to moderate and high-intensity exercise. Sweat, smile, repeat.

WATCH THE VIDEO: 7 Foods That Boost Your Mood

Connect with others

“I spend a little quiet time with my husband every day talking about ‘us,'” says Gail Saltz, MD, Health’s contributing psychology editor. “Doing so keeps our relationship strong, and that makes me happy.”

Saltz and her hubby may be onto something. Communication is key in all relationships, especially romantic ones. In a 2015 study of newlywed couples published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers found that wives who perceived their husbands to be habitually suppressing their emotions reported lower marriage quality over time. So go ahead, express yourself.