7 Great Vegetables to Grow Indoors

If you have an indoor garden, you might be interested in the list of the best vegetables you can grow indoors today. Then you can transfer them to the ground when the weather warms up or you can keep them in pots on your patio. In fact, it’s a great idea to grow vegetables indoors because we should eat them every day to get all the necessary nutrients we need to be healthy. Here are seven great vegetables to grow indoors. 1. Mushrooms One of the best vegetables to grow indoors is mushrooms, Read more [...]

5 Things You Should Definitely Thank Your Ex-Boss For

There are many things people might want to say to an ex-boss depending on whether the leave was a good one or not. But, I like to think positively, so when I think of things I could thank my ex-boss for, they would be things that made a difference in my life. Here are five things I would thank my ex-boss for that you might want to consider for your ex-boss. 1. The opportunity to learn Any job is an opportunity to learn something new. Not only could it be skills that help you do the job, but Read more [...]

7 Magnificent Plants That You Can Grow at Home

Houseplants are the most beautiful and natural décor to use at home. Today you can see pot flowers almost in every flat. For some people, growing plants is a hobby and they tend to add more wonderful and rare species to their homes. Certainly, there are lots of houseplants that need special care. So, if you are a busy person, you’d better choose those flowers that are easy to look after, otherwise they will fade soon. Here are a few magnificent and popular houseplants that you can try to grow Read more [...]

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Nails Fast

People see your face first, but that doesn’t mean your nails aren’t an important to first impressions. Beautiful nails should be healthy and polished. One of the best ways to make your nails look cleaner and prettier is to grow them long. They shouldn’t be so long that they get in the way of your lifestyle, but growing them long enough for a pretty French tip will keep your fingernails and hands looking beautiful. 1. Take Care of Them Take good care of your nails. Don’t bite them and Read more [...]

Bipolar & Marriage: How to Grow Stronger as a Couple

When a mental illness suddenly appears in a relationship, it can shake the foundation of a marriage. While dealing with the erratic behavior of a spouse in mania or depression is difficult, through counseling, love and acceptance of the illness, partners can grow even stronger as a couple. Mood changes It’s stressful for a spouse to deal with the confusion of ever-changing moods from his bipolar partner. It helps for this spouse to view his continued support of his partner as an investment Read more [...]

Fears grow as temperatures double at massive New Zealand volcano featured in Lord of the Rings films

TOURISTS and hikers have been warned to stay away from Mount Doom - made famous in The Lord Of The Rings movies - because it could erupt any moment. According to The Sun, Temperatures at Mount Ruapehu, the real name of the active volcano in New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park, have doubled in the last few weeks, surging from 25C to 45C. There has also been a huge increase of both carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide output at the volcano’s Crater Lake, which last erupted six years ago. Mount Read more [...]

Organic Gardening: How to Grow a Thriving Backyard Garden

Gardening was once a normal part of life for most people, and in almost all parts of the world, we still have the ability to grow some of our own food, at least part of the year. Yet, statistically, many of us don’t (especially in the US). Back to a Backyard Garden… As the population has moved away from agriculture and into more urban settings, gardening is not as necessary and there isn’t as much land to grow on, but it is certainly still possible. In war times, families were encouraged Read more [...]

Scientists Identify A New Way To Activate Stem Cells To Make Hair Grow

UCLA researchers have discovered a new way to activate the stem cells in the hair follicle to make hair grow. The research, led by scientists Heather Christofk and William Lowry, may lead to new drugs that could promote hair growth for people with baldness or alopecia, which is hair loss associated with such factors as hormonal imbalance, stress, aging or chemotherapy treatment. The research was published in the journal Nature Cell Biology. Hair follicle stem cells are long-lived cells in Read more [...]

Hormone replacement therapies help breast cancer grow, spread

Hormone replacement therapies, or medications containing female hormones, may help cancer to spread. Hormone replacement therapies, or medications containing female hormones that substitute those no longer produced by the body, often are prescribed to reduce the effects of menopausal symptoms in women. Research has indicated that women who take hormone replacement therapies have a higher incidence of breast cancer. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have linked natural and synthetic Read more [...]

How to Grow Sprouts In Your Kitchen

“A total hippie food”… that was what I thought as I looked down at the turkey, sprouts, and avocado sandwich on flax bread that my friend had insisted I “had to try.” This was well before my transition to real food and I wasn’t enthralled with the rather dry sandwich, but I really liked the texture of the sprouts. These days, if sprouts are hippie food, I must be a hippie because I have some growing on my counter right now. Turns out, sprouts have a lot of health benefits and Read more [...]