If Your Child Is Sitting Like This, Here’s Why You Need to Stop Them Now

My daughter’s just over a year old, so there’s really not much she’s doing “wrong” yet. (Trust me, like all of us, she’ll get there.) If she smacks our family pet, it’s less hostility and more that she doesn’t have full control of her arms. If she throws her food, it’s not an act of insubordination but just her method of communicating that she’s done eating. So, when a family member alerted me to something my child was doing that she needed to stop at once, I was taken aback. Especially because, at that particular moment, she wasn’t stealing her playmate’s toys or eating an expensive coaster as she’s sometimes known to do. She was just sitting there.

Turns out, the way she was sitting — with each leg splayed at her side, knees in front and feet behind, to form a “W” shape — was all kinds of bad.

According to a vast majority of physical therapists, there are several key reasons why:

W-sitting limits core strength because it gives kids a wider base of support. Because they don’t have to engage their abdominal or back muscles in this position, kids often prefer it to more challenging, tiring positions, like with legs in front, at their sides, or crisscrossed.
W-sitting causes muscle tightness, particularly in the legs and hips but also knees and ankles.
W-sitting aggravates neurological issues such as low muscle tone, which means when kids aren’t actively using their muscles, those muscles are floppier and softer and have a harder time holding their bodies upright.
What this all means, most therapists agree, is that prolonged W-sitting throughout childhood can lead to a delayed development in gross motor skills like coordination and balance. For those parents hoping to raise a star athlete, this position’s effect on postural muscles can also be cause for concern.

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Why do some kids sit like this? It’s by far the steadiest way for children of all ages to sit, and aside from that innate tendency to achieve the most stability, it’s also been attributed to time spent in infant carrier devices, like swings, bouncy seats, and car seats.

Seeing as my daughter had graduated from infancy, I was immediately concerned that the damage was already done. I had tried my best to limit her time in her baby swing and the oversize, overpriced ExerSaucer that I had bought under the assumption it was actually good for a baby’s development, but here she was, W-sitting at every turn. I had never noticed it until now.

What can be done? Well, the somewhat alarmist recommendation is to get them to stop doing it immediately — that, whenever you see your child W-sitting, you either physically move their legs into a suitable position (if they’re too young to understand) or tell them to do so.

So, with a watchful eye, I adjusted her legs every time she sat incorrectly, and my husband and I instructed our child’s caretakers to do the same. Occasionally I’d correct her, and it’d be fine, but plenty of times, adjusting one of her legs would make her cry and most times, doing so annoyed her to the point that she was no longer interested in sitting and scooted off to go do something else.

She wasn’t the only one getting fed up, and it had only been a week. I dug a little deeper and found that a few pediatric occupational therapists out there don’t view this seated position as a problem necessarily. There’s not much evidence that shows causation. That is, yes, children who W-sit often have orthopedic issues and muscle tightness. But W-sitting hasn’t been proven to be the cause of those issues, which makes one wonder: could tight hamstrings and hip dysplasia lead to W-sitting, not the other way around?

One such unconvinced therapist, Rachel Coley, happens to be the mother to a W-sitter and maintains it’s perfectly normal for kids to sit this way.

She notes that it’s a simple sign of flexibility and aids in fine motor control because you need to assume the most stable seated position possible when engaging in tasks that require “coordinated, controlled movements of the hands and fingers.” Coley also noted that, for babies in particular, W-sitting provides a convenient, “natural transition” from crawling or kneeling to sitting.

However, based on how strongly most certified therapists feel about W-sitting, I’m not taking any chances. I’m going to keep my eye on it, and I’ll encourage other parents who were unaware of this issue to do the same, especially if they have older kids showing some of the negative side effects. But, if my child is having the time of her life smacking two wooden blocks together, I’m not going to spoil the fun if she happens to be W-sitting.

10 Worst Flirting Moves You Should Never Use

Many of the worst flirting moves are used in romance novels and romantic comedies. Unfortunately, the flirting moves used in the movies never actually work in our real life. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that in movies a woman can get the man by using a few worst flirting moves, however, you will not be as lucky as her. Here are ten worst flirting moves you should never use.

1. Make him jealous
Perhaps, you want to date a nice guy, but it seems he is not interested in you. So you decided to hook up with one of his best friends, because you think it will make him jealous and he will definitely fall in love with you. Well, girls, this is actually one of the worst flirting moves you should never use. Never flirt with the other guy to impress your crush. It doesn’t work.

2. Twirling your hair
Sure, men like beautiful locks, but mindlessly twirling your hair won’t make your crush fall in love with you. After all, the wind might not blow your hair like you are posing for your photo-shoots. Hair flips can be lovely, if you do them correctly, but if you don’t, you could whack someone in their face.

3. Eat enticingly
Did you watch “Horrible Bosses”? Do you remember Jennifer Aniston’s window scene? You should not try it in public. Everybody will stare, but it will be ridiculous. It’s so funny to see in a movie, but you could easily make a fool out of yourself in real life.

4. Starting the relationship in the public eye
Are you going to admit you love someone? It’s great, but make sure you do it in private. Avoid doing it in front of his friends, your entire company or school. If a man turns you down, it will be extremely embarrassing. Yes, he might return your affection, but do you really want to begin your relationship in the public eye? I’m sure, you don’t.

5. Lie
You know, couples lie about everything in movies. No matter how small or big the lie is, they have to tell the truth. Then, they fight and make up in the last 20-30 minutes of screen time. In fact, there is no reason to lie to a crush, boyfriend or spouse. I speak from my personal experience. It’s much better to avoid the fighting and much more enjoyable to stick to the kissing.

6. Fight and kiss
Now, can you tell me how many times have you seen a couple screaming at each other just to end the argument with a make-out session? In movies, it occurs very often, but in real life, most fights don’t have a pleasant outcome. Sure, you might end up kissing, but your problems won’t disappear and you will have to deal with them in the morning.

7. Bump into him
Well, girls, this flirting move is not so bad and it can actually help you to know if your crush is interested in you. Just find out his schedule, turn a corner at the same time that your crush does so that you collide. Don’t forget to take a stack of papers, and when you both collide make sure your papers fly everywhere. If your crush bends down to pick them up, it’s a good sign. But if he just keeps walking, you should certainly forget about him. He is not worth your time.

8. Winking
Well, maybe it seems cliché, but many women think that winking is an effective flirting move and a great way to attract any man. However, if you wink at him several times, he may think you have a tick. If you want to attract a man, make a good eye contact instead of winking. It’s smart and it shows you are really interested in him. Just make sure you don’t stare.

9. Laughing at everything he says
When things are really funny, laughing is an excellent way to flirt. But if you laugh at every word or sentence he says, you will confuse him and he might think you are a little silly. A lovely smile is everything you need in order to attract a man. When he says something funny, you might want to laugh, but not too much.

10. Complimenting him
Compliments are good in moderation but terrible in excess. While it’s okay to say a few nice compliments, you don’t need to compliment him every minute. Tell him that he looks great in that shirt, or compliment his cooking skills, if he cooked you dinner, and he will fall in love with you in a jiff. If you enjoy meeting him, you can say that too.

Often romantic movies have scenes that would never happen in real life. While they are fun to watch, don’t try to use them in real life! Did you know about these worst flirting moves?

9 Warning Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Guy

Every woman has some dating doubts, but if you’re experiencing any of the following issues, perhaps you are dating the wrong guy. To find long-term compatibility and true happiness, we should take matters into our own hands. Here are a few warning signs you are dating Mr. Wrong.

1. He thinks the world revolves around him
He thinks the world revolves around him
If your guy is more interested in how you fit in his world and he doesn’t take into consideration your individual needs, you’re certainly dating the wrong guy. You feel that your partner only thinks about himself and he always does whatever he wants, even when you don’t like his actions and he knows about it.

2. You desperately try to impress him
Do you feel like you are wearing a mask when you are with him? Do you desperately try to impress him but he demands more? Ladies, your man must love you for who you are, so don’t be afraid to be yourself. If he doesn’t love you as you are, why are you still with him?

3. He is too clingy
While most men complain about women being needy and clingy, there are guys who are more clingy than girls. If your boyfriend is one of them, you may be dating Mr. Wrong. It’s not healthy and wise to expect you to be his singular source of joy and happiness. You and your guy should have some alone time in order to keep the spark in your relationship.

4. Your family and friends have never met him
Did you introduce your boyfriend to your family or friends? No? Why? Because he doesn’t want or because you are embarrassed by him so much that you don’t want your social circles to know him? If he doesn’t want to meet your family, it’s a red flag to watch out for in your relationship. Are you sure he loves you?

5. He doesn’t listen to you
If you feel like your partner never listens to you, you might be dating the wrong man. You feel sad and you share your emotions and feelings with him, and he starts speaking about his friend’s new girlfriend without noticing your sadness, it’s a sure sign he doesn’t care about you. When he feels bad, he demands lots of attention and he hates when you don’t listen to him. Just break up with him. You deserve someone better, trust me.

6. You can’t imagine your future with him
Let’s be honest, ladies. Can you imagine your future with your boyfriend without crying or laughing? If the thought of a lifelong commitment makes you want to cry, why are you dating him? He might be a good guy who wants to have a serious relationship.

7. You are not happy when you are with him
If spending time with him exhausts you and you feel depressed and stuck each time you are with him, this is a warning sign you are dating the wrong guy. You should feel alive and happy with your boyfriend, not sad.

8. He doesn’t have any interests and hobbies
Is your relationship his only interest? If your boyfriend has no interests or hobbies outside of your relationship, perhaps you are dating Mr. Wrong. If he is not passionate about anything and he doesn’t have any life goals, you shouldn’t hope that your life with him will be amazing.

9. You must avoid tough conversations
It’s important for couples to discuss their future. If each difficult conversation, for instance, about religion, politics, or how many children you want, makes him angry and it leads to a serious fight, you are definitely dating the wrong man. If you want to have kids and he doesn’t even want to hear about them, you might have a big problem. It’s better to discuss these issues before tying the knot.

I know it’s hard to be alone so you might stay in a relationship knowing that is destined for failure. But you both just waste your time. If you don’t see your future with him, end your relationship and meet the man you will be happy with. So, ladies, are you dating Mr. Wrong?

9 Secrets Women Never Tell Their Men

Women are known to be very open and extremely talkative creatures in comparison with men. But you`ll get surprised that not only men have some things to hide, but women also have some secrets. There is a mystery in every woman for a man to clear up. But unfortunately, only a few of them succeed. Though it is not that complicated to understand a woman, men have great difficulties with it. So here are some women`s secrets which I hope will help you to clear up the situation.

1. We want men to take initiative
It is a very important thing. We do not like to take care, to plan and to do all sorts of things by ourselves. We want men to take initiative. Though, we never tell about it, you should know that it is important that you carry out some difficult tasks or surprise us. When a man takes initiative it means that he is involved, that he is attentive and caring. Do it more often, no matter what kind of thing it is – list of stuff to buy, or prepare dinner, or plan your next holiday.

2. We want to be surprised more often
All women go crazy with surprises, so we secretly dream about our partner to show his creativity and to astonish us as frequently as possible. Even a small unexpected sweet trifle will make a woman feel special and loved. It shouldn’t be an expensive gift, simply showing your initiative, concern and deep affection are priceless. It is not difficult, just be open and careful to your lady. When she realizes the fact that some effort has been taken to make her feel happy, you will be soon rewarded.

3. We are afraid that another women attract him more
It is a hidden fear among most women that other women in their man`s life, coworkers or female friends, may attract him more. The reason for it is quite simple, we all want to have something that we can`t have. So women are afraid that their man`s heart may be stolen or he will start fantasizing about another woman. There is nothing worse for a woman than that.

4. We want men to be sincere
Every person wants his\her partner to be always open and sincere no matter what. Nobody likes being fooled. And, of course, women are no exception. We can forgive a lot of things but not lies. Irrespective of the situation or how bad your fault is, a woman will always hear you out and even help you to solve the problem.

5. We notice and understand body language
Women are known to have a sixth sense, especially if it concerns relationships. We always notice and analyze all small details in another person, and that includes body language of our partners. So we usually are aware of his sympathy to a colleague, which we have never met. Once we notice something suspicious, it starts bothering us, though we may not be even aware of what exactly annoys us. And if a woman suspects something, she will be very upset when her man doesn`t spend time with her but stays in the office.

6. We agree with “Guy Time”
That is another secret that only a few men know about. A lot of women actually agree with “guy time”. We understand perfectly well that our husbands, boyfriends need some space for themselves, and that it is very important for them to spend some time with friends, watching football matches, drinking beer or playing various kinds of games. The only problem here may be when a woman feels lack of attention, while a man focuses only on spending time with friends.

7. We want their friends to like us
No woman will say this out loud. But it is so. His friends are very important for our men, so we want them to like us. This means that we want to show how we love our partner and what a beautiful person he is. Such tendency also helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments if we don`t like the friends or vice versa. Another reason for that is that his friends` sympathy for you will influence your partner`s decisions in various ways, which is, of course, to our advantage.

8. We need space
If a woman tells that she needs space, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to see you so don’t get in your car and drive away for hours. She just wants understanding. Your girlfriend or wife wants you to know that she has important things to do and you need to assume that she really means what she says.

9. We want them to be honest
Every woman wants her man to be honest. So if your woman looks fat in that dress, don’t say “You look gorgeous.” Women always know how they look. Don’t be afraid to tell her that she’s put on several pounds, but still she looks amazing. Show your woman that you love her for who she is. You may even suggest her to exercise together. She will definitely appreciate your honest opinion.
So these are 9 things that women usually keep in secret from their partners, but should definitely know about them. Sure, these are only a few things; the list may be much longer. What do you usually hide from your man? I`m eager to know, and I`m sure not only me!

7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him

When you fall in love with a guy or you simply like him, it is important to behave properly in order to attract his attention. We all know that men are interested in those women who are always mysterious and unpredictable. Even if you have a boyfriend or you are married, it is necessary to take efforts to impress him every now and then. Otherwise your partner will be bored and your relationship won’t be as strong and passionate as it was before. Due to this, you should constantly try to intrigue and amaze the one you love. This way, he will never notice other girls and you’ll be the only one for him. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to arouse a man’s curiosity, but if you behave naturally and use the following tips, you will reach your goal in no time.

1. Impact of eye contact
Eye Contact
Making eye contact is the most efficient way to express your interest to a guy whom you see for the first time. If you like him, you should let him know that by looking directly into his eyes. Our eyes have a magical power to reflect our feelings and emotions, so they can tell others even more than our words. It may sound strange, but very often men are afraid to take the first step and your courage will be helpful for both of you. Moreover, eye contact will not only reveal you affection but arouse similar feelings in the person you like. Haven’t you heard of the experiment conducted in late 80s last century? The scholars studied the impact of eye contact. Thus, a man and a woman had to look into each other’s eyes for some time. As a result, 1-2 minutes were enough to fall in love! The point is that our body produces special hormones when we are carefully watched by someone. Catch his eye for a few seconds and after that he will certainly approach you. Another old and effective way of using eye contact is making your eyes at him! When you are speaking with somebody catch his eyes for one second as though it is an accident. Repeat it every minute and you will see how interested he’ll become!

2. Listen
Being a good listener is a great talent that will help you to attract the guy you like. You need to listen to him attentively; however, you shouldn’t try to be fascinated by all his words. Just make sure you pay heed to small details and finally he will be curious about you. If in a few months you’ll be able to remember some of the moments he told you about, he’ll be extremely impressed by your attentiveness to him. To emphasize your concern about a man’s problem you may ask him several questions, but don’t be too insistent as it will only turn him away from you. You can also work on your listening skills.

Here are some tips I would recommend you to remember. Use your body to confirm that you understand him. Nod when you agree, and shake your head when sympathize. The distance between you is also of great importance: too close distance is quite aggressive, and too far means that you are indifferent. When listening to him, try to push your body a little bit forward. It usually means that the partner is a willing and interested listener. Finally, remember everything he says, otherwise all the mentioned tips won’t help!

3. Be Unavailable
Be Unavailable
When a woman is unavailable she can easily excite the imagination of any man who is near her. Unfortunately, some of us can make a big mistake while following this tactic. I should say that being unavailable is not the same as ignoring the guy who wants to get your affection. There is no need to reject all his messages and calls if you really like him. In this case your admirer will simply lose his interest and find someone who would be more accessible. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to show your real feelings to your lover. Though, by being unavailable from time to time you will appear more mysterious to him. You can increase this impression if you accidentally demonstrate him some trophies of your absence like plane tickets, fresh photos, cute souvenirs or whatever. He will think of you as an active and out-going person. Moreover, he will surely wish to catch you, so wait for even more calls and messages. The only thing I would like to remind you again is that you shouldn’t overdo it! Just when he messages you do not answer him headlong. Wait for some time and make an impression of a busy woman. This will be enough to intrigue your man and be mysterious to him.

4. Don’t Be a Sharer
Don’t Be a Sharer
We have a pair of ears, a couple of eyes and only one mouth. How do you think why is it so? To watch and listen more and speak less. Read on to grasp what I mean.

It is believed that almost all women like talking a lot, especially if they are asked about their personal life. Nevertheless, we must realize that men don’t get pleasure from communication with chatty girls. If he asks you some question, it doesn’t mean you should start speaking about yourself without a pause. I would not recommend you to focus much on your personality, instead try to discuss some general topics that can be interesting for your interlocutor as well. Speaking about life, hobbies, problems, sport and politics will help both of you to reveal your life views and see whether you have something in common. Remember that health relations are impossible without agreement on some basic issues. Try to learn more about his life. Be sure that he will value it – everybody is willing to talk about their personality. Observe his behavior and draw conclusion about him. Don’t tell everything about yourself, leave some mystery for your wooer. Or end your sentences so that he will want to ask you more. The main thing you have to keep in mind while talking to a man is to avoid his boredom and awaken his desire to learn more about you.

5. Be Unreadable
Be Unreadable
Whether you are happy or sad, your face will always show your emotional state so that people who surround you can understand your feelings without any words. Therefore, you need to control your facial expressions whenever you meet the man you are interested in. Surely, your face should express your reaction to what he says, but still you must not be too emotional. For instance, if a guy tells you a funny story, you may laugh a little, because your serious behavior will make him think that he is boring. Your modest manners and composed face will give him no other choice but to muse about your thoughts. This is a nice way to be mysterious to him. Another plus of managing your emotions is keeping your private things private. Imagine the situation: your boyfriend and you dine out. Suddenly you notice your ex coming and sitting the next table. Do not grow red or pale even if you were together for 3 years. Simply nod your head and continue talking with your boyfriend. If he is curious about this mysterious nod, tell him it’s an old acquaintance. I would recommend you to think carefully before saying something categorical. You shouldn’t control every word as spontaneous things are always to the point. Just make sure your thoughts are not flat.

6. Don’t Be Too Impressed
Don’t Be too Impressed
You shouldn’t expect that a guy will do everything possible to gain your affection if you demonstrate your rapture and surprise after his every word. Being aware of your feelings and attitude to him, the guy will not need to do any attempts to impress you. No matter how hard he tries to please you, don’t show your admiration and let him think you’ve had much better. However, try not to repeat him every day that you are difficult to impress, otherwise he can get disappointed and give up. When he presents one hundred roses to you, do not faint or squeal with delight. Simply smile, thank him and say that it’s very nice of him. I would only advise you not to change him. I mean he can pretend to be another person – more talented, more sociable or more popular – in order to impress you. If you are too demanding as for surprises and gifts or his personal features, he can gradually get irritate and he can leave you. You should value his care, compliments, cute messages and paid dinners! Your gratitude is a good motivation for your boyfriend to cherish you more and more. This is a wonderful way to encourage men to do their best.

7. Make Sure You Have Various Interests
Make Sure You Have Various Interests
Watching TV? Going out? Reading newspapers? Are you sure you have real hobbies? Neither am I … How can you interest anybody if you have nothing to talk about with passion? It’s not only our appearance that makes us beautiful and attractive, our passion for something is even more crucial.

A girl who has lots of different hobbies and interests is mysterious and unique for every guy. He will be amazed by any unusual hobby that you have. If you still don’t get any idea what to do in your free time, I advise you to switch to some useful activity that will definitely draw attention of the guy you love and arouse his curiosity. The basic rule you should stick to is to be natural and never lie to him. You shouldn’t practice yoga if you hate it, but know that it’s his cup of tea. Don’t also try bungee jumping only to catch his attention if you are frightened to death. There are hundreds of ways to spend your time with pleasure. You may try numerous activities like doing sports, volunteering or handcraft to be different from others. As an added bonus, going in for any new activity will surely bring new people into your life and broaden the circle of your friends.

It may be quite challenging to intrigue a man and be always mysterious to him. All you can do is to be yourself, preserve your individuality and never show off your intimate feelings. I hope that all these tips will be helpful for you and you will manage to build a happy relationship with your sweetheart. Have you ever tried any of these ways to impress your man? Which tricks do you use to attract attention of the guy you like?

9 Important Things to Remember to Save Your Relationship

One of the most difficult things in life is to keep the spark in relationship alive. During life you and your partner can experience emotional ups and downs. You should be ready to fight and express your emotions, because people aren’t perfect. Don’t be too hard on your boyfriend, because like all human beings, he can make mistakes and disappoint you somehow. The way to a strong and successful relationship is very long and it requires patience and the commitment of time.

Nowadays many couples prefer to break up as soon as they face a series of resentments and disappointments. They show that they’re not ready to go through the harsh realities of life together. A true love can overcome everything and break the walls on the way to happiness. If you fight together for your happiness, you’ll succeed by all means.

Furthermore, you should think more positively, if your relationship has become strained and difficult. Negative things make you more experienced, acknowledged and mature. If you are facing some problems in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your relationship has come to an end. It means that you need to change something that will bring back happiness. Here are a few tips on how to save your relationship.

1. Be ready to fight
Surely, disagreements in relationship are normal, but you should treat them carefully, because they can either spoil or strengthen the relationship. Resolving issues requires honesty and a frank desire to consider your partner’s point of view. You should learn how to take criticism without getting defensive and too emotional. Work on yourself and improve your self-esteem. Healthy arguments and jealousy prove that your partner is not indifferent to you.

2. Don’t recall his past private life
Do you want to build a healthy relationship with your loved one? Just stop dwelling on his past life and girls. It will be impossible to be happy in future if obsessive thoughts about the past spoil your mood. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never change the past of your boyfriend. Turn your energies to make enough efforts to change your present and future life for better.

3. Don’t wait for your man to change
Nowadays many ladies want their men to change. They often find happiness only in positive changes and in constant move toward perfection. This attitude toward your boyfriend can trigger regular fights and misunderstandings. He may feel unhappy and think that he’s not good enough for you. Don’t force him to leave his comfort zone all the time. If the change is vitally important to you, then tell him about it and try to handle the situation together. You may end the relationship if he doesn’t want to make a compromise.

4. Allow him to communicate with his friends
Nothing is worse than a life without the best friends. A romantic relationship shouldn’t limit both you and your partner’s social lives. It’s scientifically proved that every person should have some time and space for personal needs. Both guys and girls prefer to hang out with friends and do things that will help them relax and take a break from a boring life routine and various problems. If your boyfriend wants to spend some time with his best friends, try to suppress the feeling of anger and understand the needs of your loved one. It will make both of you more free and all-rounded people.

5. Don’t try to control everything
A lot depends on the type of your character, but sensitive and emotional people try to take everything under control. Life in a healthy relationship requires you to be ready to improvise. Don’t be too hard on your loved one, if he suddenly forgets to do something you’ve asked him before. I understand that his irresponsibility can hurt your feelings, but constant fights can also seriously damage your relationship. You’d better focus on more positive things and every minute spent with your significant other.

6. Learn to listen
Communication is an essential part of a relationship. But it’s impossible to communicate and explain something to each other if you cannot listen to your partner’s words carefully. Don’t watch the TV or play with your phone while talking to him. Try to hide your anger and other negative emotions if you’re in a bad mood. The habit of listening to and understanding him can improve the quality of communication and intimacy in your relationship.

7. Talk to him
It’s not enough to listen carefully. You should know how to talk to him too. If something is wrong, you may speak up your feelings to your loved one, because he is not a person with extrasensory perception and he cannot read your thoughts. The more common things you have, the stronger your emotional connection will be. That’s why you should share jokes, funny and sad stories with your boyfriend. Don’t hesitate to open up and tell him about your feelings, thoughts and secrets.

8. Family ties
When two people bind their lives and cohabit, they have to cooperate and communicate with their families, whether they like it or not. It often happens that family issues can spoil and even ruin the relationship. If your mother in-law or other relatives are toxic people, then you should do your best to develop an individualized approach to every member of his family. I’m sure that this problem cannot kill a real love and destroy the connection between you and your boyfriend. Obliged communication with other people is a challenging thing. If you have no ideas how to deal with your in-laws, then ask your partner for help. He may give a hint or a valuable advice on how to solve this family problem.

9. Learn to compromise
Compromise has always been the best way to solve various family issues. If you truly love your partner, you should go out of your way and compromise in order to see your boyfriend happy. Stubborn people have fewer chances to strengthen their relationships, because unresolved issues create tension and hidden hatred. Those couples who can’t give in have a risk to lose control over their feelings and relationship.

I hope this article will help you build the relationship of your dream. If you develop all the skills mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to live in accord with your significant other. What are the other valuable tips to keep your relationship from falling apart you can share?

10 Best Ways to Get a Breakup

Whether you are the dumpee or dumper, it’s always difficult to recover from a breakup no matter how hard you try. However, it’s not the reason to feel miserable and hopeless. Being single isn’t as bad as you think and you will definitely find your true love down the road. But now you should stop dwelling on your past relationship, learn some lessons from it and move on. Being single is actually the perfect time to figure yourself out, and set your life-changing goals. If you have trouble getting over a breakup, here are a few tips that hopefully will help you.

1. Forget about him
You might call me crazy, but it’s really easy to forget about your ex. Just set a goal of deleting him from your life, and be sure to achieve it. Stop stalking him on social media, delete his phone number, and all his photos. You don’t need them anymore. You begin a new life, life without him. Believe that your new life will be happier and all the best things are waiting for you. Keeping a positive attitude after a breakup is a hard thing, but there’s no sense in sitting at home and moaning about your miserable life.

2. Have a spa day
You don’t have to head out to an expensive salon and spend a fortune on beauty treatments you can make at home. From facial, mani/pedi, to massage, the options are endless. Choose at least one beauty treatment that sounds the most relaxing to you and have a spa day at home. If you can afford to visit a salon, look for the best deals on popular beauty treatments to save some bucks.

3. Keep your friends around
It’s so tempting to stay alone after a breakup, but it’s one of the worst things you can do. While you do need some me time, you shouldn’t isolate yourself from people you love and who love you and want to support you. Plan movie nights, go for a walk, exercise, plan road trips, indulge in a new hobby, meet new people and make new friends… in one word, enjoy your life to the fullest and keep your family and best friends around even when you are sad and want to cry.

4. Have fun
As I mentioned above, you should live your life to the fullest even after a painful breakup. Go dancing, sing karaoke, try a new sport and have lots of fun. Smile and laugh as often as you can and you will see that you are happy and you are ready for a new relationship. As an added bonus, laughing has been shown to increase your lifespan.

5. Work out
Just because you are trying to get over a breakup doesn’t mean you can skip your workouts. Hit the gym today to boost your feel-good endorphins and distract yourself from your failed relationship. Moreover, you will tone up your body, drop a few unwanted pounds and improve your overall health. Try a cardio kickboxing class, yoga, swimming, running, jogging or walking. Stay active and you will feel more alive.

6. Indulge in a new hobby
When you are single and have plenty of free time, why not indulge in a new hobby? There are many interesting activities you can try: cooking, making jewellery, scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, candle making, writing and many more. Invite your family or friends to join you, and enjoy making fun and useful things together. When you are productive, you feel better than when you are lying the whole day and night crying and stalking your ex on social media.

7. Travel
This tip isn’t for everyone; if you are on a budget, don’t run into debt. But if you think you can afford a vacation, why not visit some of your favorite places? There are so many beautiful places around the world that you will forget about your failed relationship in no time. Traveling boasts many benefits. Not only will you see the world, you will also meet lots of interesting people and make lots of new friends.

8. Don’t opt for a rebound
A rebound doesn’t work for anyone. If you attach to a man very quickly and easily, never opt for a rebound. It’s not a new relationship and it’s bad to play with someone else’s feelings and emotions. If you believe that a rebound is for you, make sure you tell a guy that you are not serious about this relationship. Though, who knows, maybe that guy will be your future husband.

9. Disconnect from the world
Turn off your phone, laptop and other electronic devices, if you can’t stop spending your time online or if you keep looking down at your phone to see whether he called or not. Read a good book, spend your time with your best friend or parents, or simply relax and drink a cup of your favorite tea. Spending a day or two without your electronic devices is not as bad as you may think.

10. Cry
I don’t like to recommend people to cry after a breakup, sometimes it’s just what you need to feel better. If you feel like crying, don’t suppress a feeling. You deserve to grieve about your failed relationship, but only a few hours. Don’t let yourself fall into depression. Remember, a failed relationship is not the end of the world. Love yourself, believe in yourself and keep in mind that you’re wonderfully beautiful and you will find your man sooner or later.

Most people have to get over failed relationships every now and then. It’s hard to cope with a failed friendship as well. The main thing to remember is that it’s not a complete disaster. Yes, it’s painful, but life is not always easy and happy. We need those painful experiences to become stronger and wiser. What are your ways to get over a breakup? Share your tips with us, please.

7 Reasons Your Crush Said No When You Asked Him Out

Asking your crush out isn’t an easy thing for a girl who can’t swallow her pride. But now that you made that very first step, he simply turned you down without any reasons and explanations. Instead of scolding and blaming yourself for making that step, try to figure out why it happened. Nowadays it’s okay for girls to ask guys out first, so move on. Once you calm down and think of all the possible reasons he said no, you will realize your mistake, learn from it, and succeed next time you decide to ask another or the same guy out on a date again. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. The way you asked him out

One of the top reasons why he said no when you asked him out on a date is the way you said it. Maybe he was going to say yes, but he just didn’t like the way you asked him out. Maybe you showed your pride or you said it like you didn’t mean it. Practice asking the guy out with a friend or in front of the mirror so you won’t make the same mistake when you go up and ask him out again.

2. He doesn’t know you

Perhaps you know everything about your crush, but are you sure that he knows you well? You know people usually go out with someone they really know. If the guy doesn’t know you, there is no wonder why he said no. Just never take it personally. Let him know you better and then he might even ask you out.

3. He’s interested in someone else

When the guy you like is interested in other girl, it’s always heartbreaking. But it does not mean that he does not like you. When you like one man, you do not hate other men, right? He just cannot control who he likes. So, girls, don’t feel rejected!

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4. Male mentality

Men want to impress us with their ability to woo a woman and ask her out. You know male mentality can work in different ways. Approach him and ask him a general question. But don’t be creepy about it and don’t even think of asking him for the time. Try to act normal like you don’t want to pull off anything and he will be tricked into thinking that not you but he made the first move.

5. Awkward moment

Asking someone out is an intimate and nice moment, but there are many ways to make this moment really awkward. For instance, asking him out in front of his friends can be a truly awkward moment. So the next time you ask a guy out on a date, make sure you do it in private. Don’t do it via email and text message, he won’t take it seriously.

6. He’s not outgoing

Not everybody can come up to a person and start a conversation. It never easy when the guy you like is not outgoing since it makes it difficult to get to know him. Sure it’s a hard work, but it’s possible. Just start slow with small ‘hi’ and banal ‘how are you?’ and don’t ask him out right away. Take some time to get to know him, and let him know you better

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7. He’s not looking for a relationship

It’s important to realize that there are men as well as women who aren’t ready for a serious relationship. The guy you asked out might be one of them. Don’t get upset. You don’t want to be in a relationship where a man is not ready for commitment, right? When a man tells me that he isn’t ready for a relationship, I start respecting him even more because he’s honest with me.

If you like the guy, get out of your comfort zone, come up to him and ask him out. Even if he’ll turn you down, be proud that you did the thing that many women fear the most. Have you ever asked the guy out? Did he say yes or no? Feel free to share your experiences, ladies.

Guilty for Naught: How to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls

Most men are guilty of doing this. When we confront them they typically say it’s all our fault. We don’t have those boobs that chick has. We don’t dress like supermodels. We don’t like heels. We don’t have wavy, long hair. We’re not as slim as Jessica Alba. Guys always have something to say. If your partner looks at other girls wherever you go, it’s a red flag. While my best advice is to run away from him, you probably love him and want your relationship to keep going. Healthy relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. If your guy looks at other girls, he shows his disrespect for you. Here’s what you can do to stop him from looking at other chicks.

1. Are you looking for a new girlfriend?

If you often catch your guy looking at other girls, don’t keep silent and don’t look for your own flaws. Be more confident, but not furious. Don’t show your emotions. Let him know that you are smarter than him. Next time he can’t stop staring at that girl, ask him a few questions like, “Is she hot?” “Are you looking for a new girlfriend? Can I help you” or “Are you stupid enough to check other chicks while I’m still here?” This will hopefully help you descend him to earth and make him feel ashamed for his behavior.

2. Confront him

Now it’s time to have a serious talk with your partner. First, let him know how you feel when he’s ogling other girls. Of course, you feel disrespected, uncomfortable and unwanted. Second, find out the reason. What’s he looking for? Tell him that he should control himself and get rid of this habit if he wants to be with you. He should know that you won’t allow him to treat you like a pile of rubbish.

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3. Mirror his behavior

If all those talks are in vain, mirror his behavior. Just for once. Look at some guy and make sure your boyfriend notices that. Sure, it’s not the smartest way out, but he will at least know how it’s when the person you love ogles every guy/girl they meet. If he tells you that you have no right to do that while he can, say goodbye to him and move on. You’ll definitely find the one who will be looking at you only.

4. Don’t compare yourself to those girls

Every girl is beautiful in her own way. We are all different. Love yourself and overcome your fears and insecurities. Comparing yourself to other girls won’t help you solve the problem. You will only ruin your self-esteem and let your guy walk all over you. Guys respect confident girls. When you love yourself for who you are, your partner does the same. If he doesn’t, break up with him. You don’t need anyone to point out your flaws. You know what you need to fix and what can’t be fixed without anyone’s help.

5. Boost your self-esteem

Instead of moaning about how miserable you are, start improving yourself. Do it for yourself, not him. Fall in love with yourself. Know your worth. Enhance your beauty. Improve your posture, body language and speaking skills. Once your boyfriend notices all those changes, he may stop noticing other girls, because you’ll become the best example of femininity.

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6. Don’t be jealous

When you’re comfortable with yourself, there’s no room for jealousy. Jealousy can affect your life in a negative way. It can lead to a number of mental disorders including anxiety and depression. But the point is, you don’t know exactly why your partner keeps looking at other girls. Maybe he just wants to make you jealous. When your guy sees he can’t achieve this goal, he stops ogling other girls.

Every guy looks at other girls. He does it secretly. If your boyfriend does it when you are together, it’s a real challenge. The main thing to remember is not to lose yourself. Control your emotions and figure out if your relationship has future. Staying in an unhealthy relationship is a big mistake. It’s better to be single than with a guy that keeps ruining your personality and overall life.

Sydney motorist hasn’t paid a road toll since 2011 and says the Government has no powers to chase him for it

Bob Jarvis reckons he has found a way to avoid his road tolls. Picture: Channel 7

A SYDNEY motorist says he hasn’t paid a road toll since 2011 because he’s convinced he has found a loophole that prevents the Government from chasing him for the debt.

Retiree Bob Jarvis is so confident of his case he believes everyone else could also avoid tolls if they wanted to.

Mr Jarvis’ protest comes as Sydneysiders take on yet another toll as the M4 motorway — which links the city’s west to the CBD — begins once again charging motorists.

He claims that road tolls are basically another form of taxation which legally cannot be collected electronically.

WestConnext M4-M5 Link

Tolls have been reintroduced on Sydney’s M4.Source:istock

“You can only collect a debt in gold and silver. There’s no basket to throw money in anymore and that’s when I stopped paying them,” Mr Jarvis told Channel 7.

“I’ve already paid my road toll in petrol excise and they’re double dipping.

“Everybody could get away with it if everybody wanted to.”

However, lawyer Adam Ly wasn’t entirely convinced by Mr Jarvis’ reasoning.

“It’s really arguable if a toll is considered a tax as oppose to a fee for something that is provided to you.”

Bob Jarvis says he hasn’t paid a toll since 2011.Source:Supplied

The NSW Roads Minister said Mr Jarvis was legally required to pay his road tolls. However, they seem to have given up chasing him for the money.

The toll dodger is unperturbed and says he would welcome challenging the law,

“I want them to take me to court but they won’t because they know full well they’ll lose the case.”