If Your Child Is Sitting Like This, Here's Why You Need to Stop Them Now My daughter's just over a year old, so there's really not much she's doing "wrong" yet. (Trust me, like all of us, she'll get there.) If she smacks our family pet, it's less hostility and more that she doesn't have full control of her arms. If she throws her food, it's not an act of insubordination but just her method of communicating that she's done eating. So, when a family member alerted me to something my child was doing Read more [...]

10 Worst Flirting Moves You Should Never Use

Many of the worst flirting moves are used in romance novels and romantic comedies. Unfortunately, the flirting moves used in the movies never actually work in our real life. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that in movies a woman can get the man by using a few worst flirting moves, however, you will not be as lucky as her. Here are ten worst flirting moves you should never use. 1. Make him jealous Perhaps, you want to date a nice guy, but it seems he is not interested in you. So you decided to hook Read more [...]

9 Warning Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Guy

Every woman has some dating doubts, but if you’re experiencing any of the following issues, perhaps you are dating the wrong guy. To find long-term compatibility and true happiness, we should take matters into our own hands. Here are a few warning signs you are dating Mr. Wrong. 1. He thinks the world revolves around him He thinks the world revolves around him If your guy is more interested in how you fit in his world and he doesn’t take into consideration your individual needs, you’re Read more [...]

9 Secrets Women Never Tell Their Men

Women are known to be very open and extremely talkative creatures in comparison with men. But you`ll get surprised that not only men have some things to hide, but women also have some secrets. There is a mystery in every woman for a man to clear up. But unfortunately, only a few of them succeed. Though it is not that complicated to understand a woman, men have great difficulties with it. So here are some women`s secrets which I hope will help you to clear up the situation. 1. We want men to Read more [...]

7 Simple Ways to Intrigue a Man and Be Mysterious to Him

When you fall in love with a guy or you simply like him, it is important to behave properly in order to attract his attention. We all know that men are interested in those women who are always mysterious and unpredictable. Even if you have a boyfriend or you are married, it is necessary to take efforts to impress him every now and then. Otherwise your partner will be bored and your relationship won’t be as strong and passionate as it was before. Due to this, you should constantly try to intrigue Read more [...]

9 Important Things to Remember to Save Your Relationship

One of the most difficult things in life is to keep the spark in relationship alive. During life you and your partner can experience emotional ups and downs. You should be ready to fight and express your emotions, because people aren’t perfect. Don’t be too hard on your boyfriend, because like all human beings, he can make mistakes and disappoint you somehow. The way to a strong and successful relationship is very long and it requires patience and the commitment of time. Nowadays many couples Read more [...]

10 Best Ways to Get a Breakup

Whether you are the dumpee or dumper, it’s always difficult to recover from a breakup no matter how hard you try. However, it’s not the reason to feel miserable and hopeless. Being single isn’t as bad as you think and you will definitely find your true love down the road. But now you should stop dwelling on your past relationship, learn some lessons from it and move on. Being single is actually the perfect time to figure yourself out, and set your life-changing goals. If you have trouble getting Read more [...]

7 Reasons Your Crush Said No When You Asked Him Out

Asking your crush out isn’t an easy thing for a girl who can’t swallow her pride. But now that you made that very first step, he simply turned you down without any reasons and explanations. Instead of scolding and blaming yourself for making that step, try to figure out why it happened. Nowadays it’s okay for girls to ask guys out first, so move on. Once you calm down and think of all the possible reasons he said no, you will realize your mistake, learn from it, and succeed next time you decide Read more [...]

Guilty for Naught: How to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls

Most men are guilty of doing this. When we confront them they typically say it’s all our fault. We don’t have those boobs that chick has. We don’t dress like supermodels. We don’t like heels. We don’t have wavy, long hair. We’re not as slim as Jessica Alba. Guys always have something to say. If your partner looks at other girls wherever you go, it’s a red flag. While my best advice is to run away from him, you probably love him and want your relationship to keep going. Healthy relationships Read more [...]

Sydney motorist hasn’t paid a road toll since 2011 and says the Government has no powers to chase him for it

Bob Jarvis reckons he has found a way to avoid his road tolls. Picture: Channel 7 A SYDNEY motorist says he hasn’t paid a road toll since 2011 because he’s convinced he has found a loophole that prevents the Government from chasing him for the debt. Retiree Bob Jarvis is so confident of his case he believes everyone else could also avoid tolls if they wanted to. Mr Jarvis’ protest comes as Sydneysiders take on yet another toll as the M4 motorway — which links the city’s west Read more [...]