5 Stupidest Things People Told Me When I Was Starting My Business

When it comes to the world of business, it seems that everyone is an expert. Or so they like to think. When I started my first little side business back in 2012, I received far more unqualified advice than support or encouragement.

Last year I started my first full-time business. This time I was braced for the same storm of negativity, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did not come. The difference was that I had expanded my social circle and was spending more of my time with like-minded people.

I had stopped spending my time with naysayers, and my friends today are positive and inspiring people. Many of them are entrepreneurs themselves or open-minded, kind-spirited people who want to see others do well.

If you are hearing any of the following dumb things regularly from your inner circle, then it may be time to network and find a more supportive crowd. Starting a business is tough, and having the right people to encourage you is helpful beyond measure.

1. It is too hard to start a business

This is often someone else projecting their own insecurities onto you. When someone tells you something is too hard, it is really too hard for them. They are not you and they do not know what you are made of. Have the self-confidence to thank them for their input, but not to take it to heart.

2. The market is flooded
If you are entering a niche that is already very competitive, that does not mean the game is over before you have begun. On one hand it is a good sign that there is a demand for what you are offering. And of course, today the micro-niche is where it is at. In any market, however popular, your unique skills and values will claim you a corner for yourself.

3. You can’t do it all yourself
I beg to differ. Some business owners need a team around them, so they grow a team. Some business owners, like myself, are lone wolves until the day they die. That does not mean total isolation; there are other ways to get help without needing to employ people.

There are many websites that make it incredibly easy to outsource anything from admin and customer service to website building. So if you are flying solo with your business, just know that there are affordable services out there if you need them.

4. You risk losing everything
Hmm, not if you are smart and careful. Many first-time business owners opt for the sensible, part-time launch. They perhaps reduce their working hours at their day job to part-time and make the most of what time they have left to get their business off the ground.

This is a particularly good move for service-based businesses such as coaching or consulting. Many first clients come from referrals, so business builds up slowly over time. Jumping ship from your day job straight into a full-time business is, of course, riskier.

If the business is brand new, then you have not proved your business model yet, so how do you know you can pay the bills? Entrepreneurs understand this and take calculated risks. And yes, sometimes it does not go our way and we lose money. But we always learn from it and come back with a reinforced business plan.

A failure is only the end of the world if you allow it to ruin you. If you have been smart, put emergency financial measures in place, and not burned your bridges at your old job, you can get through the tough times.

5. It is a jungle out there
Really? You don’t say! We knew that already and we would prefer to be encouraged and supported, not belittled. People starting their own business are doing a brave thing and stepping right out of their comfort zones, and that should always be celebrated. We know it is a jungle, and we were born tigers.

My top tip for aspiring business owners is to talk to more experienced entrepreneurs. You need to know the truth without it being sugarcoated, but also without superfluous negativity.

Finding a great mentor is an awesome business hack too. If you can take advice from the people who walked the path before you, and you have the desire to start your own business, then why should anything stop you?

The Most Unique DIY Doorstops I Ever Saw

Let’s be honest: how many of us do actually use creative or cute doorstops? Most of us use some old boxes, chairs and brooms to keep those doors open. It turns out, we can create cute doorsteps that will be a great addition to our home decor as well. Check out some ideas and let me know what you like the most.

Little bird doorstops look practical
Little bird doorstops

Chihuahua for dog lovers

This one is for cat lovers
This one is for cat lovers

Just in case you need a little mouse in your house
Just in case you need a little mouse in your house

Fish doorstop can complete your collection
Fish doorstop can complete your collection
But it will not be complete without this pup
But it will not be complete without this pup
Not only are these doorstops are adorable, but they also make wonderful gifts. Plus, you can come up with your own ideas. Personally, I’m going to inspire my partner to help me make a little mouse doorstop.

Colorado Teen Wakes Up to ‘Crunching Sound’ as Bear Bites Into His Skull: ‘I Was Afraid for My Life’

Dylan McWilliams, a 19-year-old wilderness survival teacher at Glacier View Ranch in Ward, Colorado, says he was fast asleep on July 9 when he heard a “crunching sound” as a black bear bit into the back of his head while he camped under a full moon with staffers.

McWilliams says he punched the bear in the eyes and nose as it dragged him 12 feet in about 15 seconds before finally letting go.

“I just woke up to a loud crunching sound and I remember a lot of pain, and just being drug across the ground by my head by a bear,” McWilliams tells PEOPLE. “I kind of thought it was a dream for a second, I didn’t know what was going on.”

“I was very afraid for my life,” he continues. “After it dropped me and I got back to where everybody was, I just laid down, and the blood was all over my eyes and I couldn’t see. I thought I was blind.”

Though McWilliams has only taught wilderness survival classes for two months at the camp, thanks to his family of outdoor enthusiasts, he knew that fighting back against the bear was his best chance at survival. Their advice may have saved his life.

McWilliams was taken to a nearby hospital after staffers called 911, where he was given nine staples to his scalp before being released. During the time of the attack, 12- and 13-year-old campers were sleeping in cabins 100 feet away. No one else was injured in the attack.

Experts say unprovoked behavior such as this is not typical of black bears, and on Monday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced that they trapped and euthanized a 280-pound black bear believed to have been the one that attacked McWilliams, according to CBS Denver.

After the bear was captured, McWilliams was there to see it. “I looked into its eyes—for me, I’ve always loved the outdoors, and animals—and I kind of felt bad for it,” he says. “But then, I was like, this thing tried to kill me. It tried to eat me. Then I didn’t really feel bad for it.”

Though he is still experiencing pain and headaches, McWilliams is back at work at the camp, and his passion for the outdoors continues.

When asked if he’s nervous about camping again, he said, “No, I’ll probably go tomorrow night.”

7 Life Questions to Ask Yourself Today

In today’s modern world, many of us stick to the high tempo and miss many important for self-development things. But sometimes we thirst for the moment to stop and ask yourself several life questions. I’m sure there are certain questions which can help you improve yourself and know yourself better. When reflecting on your position, behavior and deeds, you can reach a new level of human development scale. Take a look at these questions and maybe they will change your life for the better.

1. What do you want to change in this world?
Almost everyone is able to change the world. Even small deeds and actions can contribute to making changes in this world. The main point is to have a frank desire. Nowadays we are free to change the world by volunteering or donating. Plus, you can create a music that’s proved to change people and their inner opinions. The best idea to change the world for the better is to start from yourself and your own world view. When we think of changing the world, it indicates that we’ve become stronger and more intelligent.

2. What are your life values?
Our values are the core element of the life. People who have no values are doomed to run around and chase unnecessary things. Families and life experiences endowed us with appropriate values and we have to find time to write them down and realize what is the most important for you. You have to set priorities whether to spend more time with family and friends or make a successful career. If your heart needs love, then try to become a good wife or a girlfriend to your man.

3. What do you like to do?
This question is really important because often we choose jobs that we don’t enjoy doing. We are often pressed by parents, colleagues and bosses to make a decision we don’t support. Even if you have a well-paid job, don’t be afraid to quit it. Do what you really love and you will feel much happier.

4. How do you imagine your life 5 years from now?
Find time and imagine your life 5 years from now. It can be easier to create a scheme including goals and mini-goals as a constituent part of your plan. If you want to reach them faster, then pay attention to concrete things and try not to build castles in the sky. Don’t be a lazybones and start accomplishing the list of goals and dreams you want to come true. If you follow this chain of actions, you will definitely succeed.

5. Is there a balance between want and should?
There are many important things we all should do in life, such as finishing the college degree, making money and starting a family. It often happens that our wants do not coincide with our shoulds and we end up feeling miserable. But it’s easy to turn your want into should. Your wants should come true and become an indispensable part of your everyday life. Try to draw the line between things you want and what you should do. You will certainly succeed and keep a healthy life balance.

6. What are your biggest fears?
Modern world often awards us with big or small fears. The key weapon to fight fears is to accept and face them. The most challenging thing is to win yourself. Nowadays it is normal to have fears and it doesn’t mean you are weak. Just be yourself and find a way to cope with your fears.

7. What if I die right now?
Don’t waste your energy and nerves mulling over small troubles and problems. If you were dying right now, what would be the most important to you? Your family and friends, or career and money? Stop worrying about money and other less important things, because life is too short. You may ask yourself if it’s a big problem that you’ve missed a bus or you’re late for work today.

I like asking life questions that always make me think and reflect. When you are having a cup of tea, try to ask yourself profound questions. This will help you to live a happier life. Do you find asking these questions necessary?

8 Empowering Life Lessons I Wish Every Woman Knew

One morning a few years ago, I was in a yoga class that the instructor dedicated to “the pursuit of potential.” As she guided us through the practice, she talked about the notion of inviting your best self forward, to live in the possibilities of your own potential. By the time we reached Savasana, I had reached an epiphany.

It occurred to me that my entire life, I had been working to “fix” myself, to correct all that I believed was wrong with me: Every step I took in my quest to be healthier and happier—whether it was running half-marathons, investing in a life coach, or religiously drinking green juice—was motivated by a deep-seated fear that I wasn’t good enough as is. I wasn’t pursuing my potential; I was trying desperately to feel worthy.

This thought struck me like a lightning bolt: How happy and healthy will I ever be if I don’t love myself?

My epiphany led me to challenge myself to become my own best friend, after years of struggling with eating disorders, drug addiction, and depression. Rather than focusing on the parts of myself I didn’t like, I committed to nurturing the parts I did. And this radical concept changed everything for me. (I wrote about the experience in my new book, The Self-Love Experiment.)

Over the next three years, I had many epiphanies like that first one. These moments of instant clarity were what inspired me to adjust the aspects of my life that were less than fulfilling. Some of my realizations were very personal, but others felt more universal—and a few were so powerful, I wish them for every woman. Below are eight such life-altering lessons:

You aren’t what people say you are

I used to spend so much time worrying about what people thought of me, without ever really asking myself how I felt about them. As a result, I wasted precious time and energy trying to please people who didn’t actually care about me.

I realized all that time and energy could be spent in more valuable ways—like taking care of myself, my family, and my true friends.

The shift for me came when I recognized that what matters most isn’t how others view you, but how you view yourself.

And you aren’t the number on the scale

At the end of your life, the weight struggles, the endless food wars you wage in your mind, and the shame and guilt you harbor about your body and habits will have absolutely no relevance. The only thing that will matter is what is in your heart. How you feel is essential to your self-worth; but how you look is not.

Plan B is often better than Plan A

The most freeing moment of your life will be when you let go of the plan you have for yourself, and accept the plan that is unfolding for you.

I spent years hating my body; I thought I needed to change my shape in order to like myself, or be liked. I would occasionally lose the weight, but my inner critic was never satisfied. I eventually realized that my weight wasn’t the issue—my attention on the weight was the problem. That’s what was keeping my stuck.

So I changed my plan. Instead of needing to lose weight to be happy, I learned how to be happy no matter what size my body is.

The journey is more important than the goal

Yes, reaching goals is important. But the process of pursuing what you want is just as important. When I stopped obsessing about getting to the elusive “there,” I was able to relax into my present life, and enjoy who I was becoming, every single moment.

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely

When you learn to love yourself, you’ll see you actually enjoy your own company. And being by yourself doesn’t have to feel lonely.

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It will never be all done … ever

The list of things you “need” to do is endless. You will never check off everything. It’s called life.

Instead of always focusing on the end results, recognize that your life is always unfolding, so new lessons and opportunities are always occurring. The challenge is to stay present enough to see them, and appreciate them.

Emotional pain shows up to help us know what we need to change

Instead of running from the pain in my life, I decided to try something radically new. I dove headfirst into it, and embraced it. What I took away from the experience is that our emotions are always guiding us, if we let them. When you pay attention to your feelings (especially the scary ones), you learn what needs to be healed.

Look at your own life and be honest: What is not working for you? Then repeat the mantra, “I am willing to live my life in new ways.”

You don’t have to find purpose; it will find you

I used to struggle so much with trying to identify my purpose in life. And in my relentless search, I felt even more stuck. Instead of trying to find the meaning in your life, invest your energy in living it. Follow your curiosity, and honor the pull from your heart. When I first left my corporate job in advertising, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. But I was drawn to writing and traveling, so I followed that instinct, and soon it became my fulfilling career.

Career vs. Marriage: Why I Choose Career over Marriage

I never thought of this choice until my mid-20s when people started overwhelming me with questions about marriage and kids. I just live my own life, date a nice guy and I love my job. Nowadays many women have to choose between career and marriage. Even though the choice is evident, I don’t hurry to tie the knot. In our society a woman is thought to be desperate for children and family and the earlier you start your family, the better. However, to my mind, motherhood and marriage are not the only field a woman can succeed in. Here are a few reasons I choose career over marriage:

Career or Marriage
I need professional development
Admittedly, there are lots of things that make me feel happy, and my job is definitely one of them. You can call me career driven, but I want to succeed in what I’ve started. When I graduated from college I was lucky to work at a highly respected newspaper. Professional development and experience are important to a young graduate since it’s very easy to lose your professional skills without practice. I feel very enthusiastic about my job and there are heaps of ideas I want to realize. Your job gives you financial independence and confidence, which will provide you with better future.

Moreover, I’ve seen a lot of women who were disappointed and frustrated when their children have grown up and left them. All their lives they’d been existing for their kids and now these women have nothing to do with their lives. In this sense, job is an essential thing, which let you live your life to the fullest no matter what.

..and personal as well
A friend of mine welcomed a baby at the age of 18. No, it wasn’t unintended pregnancy; she just wanted to have children as soon as possible. But, honestly, I can’t understand how you can rear children when you can’t take care of yourself? Naturally, our lifestyle and views differ when we are in our 20s and 30s. A person undergoes most important changes in the life during this period. Your early and mid-20s are the time of parties, travelling, dates and education. All these things give you priceless experience and transform you into a full-fledged personality. I’m not a psychology expert but I know perfectly well that I am too young to have children and family right now. I realize that I’m not that little girl that talked too much and cried easily, but it’s not enough to quit my single life.

I need stability
Obviously, I want to provide my children with good education, good living conditions and good life. You can hardly give it to your kids in your twenties. A single life gives you the chance to save more for a house, car or whatever you want to buy.

Another thing you should be 100 hundred percent sure about when getting married is your spouse. Dating for several months is frequently not enough to learn the person. Refusing early marriage means you have enough time to find “that special guy”. You can understand what exactly you expect from your would-be husband and you are more likely to avoid mistakes. Well, I have a boyfriend and I love him very much, but I’m not sure if I want to marry him.

I want to emotionally get ready for marriage
Family life can considerably change your usual daily routine. You might not become a housewife, but marriage always means big laundry, weekend gathering with relatives and common budget. I need hardly mention that with the advent of a child your life will change forever. Naturally, you cannot be utterly ready for all this stuff. Sometimes people have quite dim concepts of family life and children upbringing, and they cherish illusions about their common future.

My parents have been married for more than 26 years and they are still in love with each other. I, however, cannot get used to the thought that I will have to spend the rest of my life with one person and have children with him. I consider marriage to be once-in-a-lifetime thing since it’s the most important choice in my life. Thus, I have a perfect right to think everything over as long as I need.

Nowadays society constantly keeps telling us that time is running out, and that there is nothing more important for a woman than creating a family. However, I notice that not wanting kids is absolutely normal these days. I stopped worrying about this. Do you know why? I realized that my biological clock will signal me clearly enough that I’m ready to be a mother and a wife. That’s why I continue dating my man, being busy with my favorite work and enjoying my life. Do you think marriage is more important than career?

Happy and Healthy Living: How I Eat Healthier This Fall Season

There are lots of different things that people appreciate in their life. Love, success and wealth are among those values that we always strive for. But in the turmoil of everyday life we often forget about things that really matter to us. For me, health is the greatest treasure and my key to success. If you have health problems and feel bad, you won’t be able to work productively and enjoy all the blessings of your life. That’s why I do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle since it helps me to develop as a personality and achieve my goals. Healthy eating is an indispensable part of my physical and mental well-being. Moreover, it helps me to keep fit and avoid overweight.

Despite the fact that autumn is a gloomy season, when we feel depressed and run down, it can be a nice chance for most of us to change our eating habits and add various wholesome foods to our diets. Autumn foods are healthy and hearty so that they can help the body to remain active for a long time.

Every autumn I try to incorporate numerous fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts into my eating plan because they provide my body with the missing nutrients and vitamins, which increase my immunity. Here are a few ways I eat healthier this fall season.

1. I balance my diet
Taking into consideration the fact that my body needs a big amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in order to function well, I try to include balanced meals to my menu. This way I have enough energy and health to fulfill all my daily tasks. I exercise in the gym 3 times a week after my office work and I also do jogging on Saturday mornings. Certainly, I wouldn’t be able to cope with these activities without proper nutrition. This fall I’ve chosen a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables that are an enormous source of health-protective nutrients. However, I will not forget to load my plate with lean meat, seafood, beans, eggs, nuts, whole grains and dairy products that will boost my overall health.

2. I focus on fruits and vegetables
Undoubtedly, fruits and vegetables are the basic ingredients we should incorporate into our eating plan in autumn. First of all, these foods are bright and colorful and when you see a mixture of vivid colors on your plate, it will certainly fill you with positive emotions, leaving no place for seasonal depression. Another reason why I give preference to veggies and fruits during the fall is the fact that they are rich in fiber and low in calories. Due to this they are perfect for weight control. Plus, these natural foods enrich my body with essential minerals and vitamins.

I made it a rule to serve 2 different vegetables at lunch time to ensure I get enough nutrients. Fruit salad is a delicious and healthy option for dinner after my workout at the gym. Pumpkin, cabbage, apples and pears are all my favorite foods in autumn. Pumpkin is a popular fall food and there is a wide range of dishes we can make out of it. For example, I usually roast it or make a pumpkin puree. Pumpkin pie is a yummy dessert that I cook for my little daughter.

Cabbage combined with other veggies helps me to suppress appetite and get the necessary portion of fiber and vitamins. By consuming apples and pears you’ll manage to control your blood-pressure level and regulate your digestive system. Apples roasted with cottage cheese and raisins are the best dessert for me in autumn.

3. I try to control my salt intake
When it comes to our health, salt intake really matters. As a rule, most of us almost pay no attention to the amount of salt we consume daily and its impact on our body. The less salt you eat, the healthier you are. This is the main rule you should keep in mind. Personally I like salty foods, though they are not good for me. This fall I’ve made up my mind to refuse from salt since it keeps water in the body, which can lead to edema. I’ve switched on various kinds of herbs, seasonings and spices that are very useful. It has been scientifically proven that they help our body to produce gastric juice and bile, making the process of digestion faster.

4. I opt for whole grains
Health benefits of whole grains are immense. If you don’t eat them regularly, this autumn is a great opportunity for you to add whole grain foods to your diet. Being packed with fiber, magnesium, selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6 and phytochemicals, whole grains are necessary for our body to lower risk for heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, such meals as whole grain pasta, bread, brown rice and cereals are on the list of foods I eat daily. In addition, I’ve found out that whole grains are very tasty.

5. I give preference to lean protein
Surely, fruits and vegetables play a significant role in a healthy diet, but our body needs other foods in order to stay active and healthy. Proteins that are mostly found in all kinds of meat help supply our body with plenty of important minerals and vitamins. It is a well-known fact that people who exercise regularly have to consume a lot of protein to build their muscles and get energy. So, I try to cook foods that are high in proteins. Bear in mind that lean proteins are more beneficial for you than saturated fats, which can increase your cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Accordingly, I choose lean beef, chicken, turkey and fish to make my diet versatile and healthy. There are also a few plant protein sources that I include into my menu. Nuts, avocados and beans are my favorite protein options.

6. I choose dairy products instead of high-fat foods
Once you’ve decided to start eating healthy, you must forget about foods that are high in fats and swap them for fat-free dairy products. I can’t live a day without cheese that I consume for breakfast and yogurt that is my traditional food for dinner. These delicious products are a perfect source of Vitamin D and calcium for my body. With dairy foods in my fridge I can give rein to my imagination and cook so many yummy desserts like fruit salad with vanilla yogurt or cottage cheese with sour cream and strawberries.

No matter how busy my schedule is, I always care about my health and my diet in particular. Fall is the season of changes and cold weather. At this time we can be subjected to numerous diseases and even to depression. Hence, we should be especially careful with our body and its nutrition. Make sure you eat foods that build your immunity this autumn. Healthy eating is the first priority to me as it helps me to stay positive, active and happy. Do you stick to a healthy diet? What are the basic foods you eat daily?

8 Lessons I Learned from My Recent Failed Relationship

Breaking up is always hard and it’s a thing most people aren’t likely to talk up. For a long time I, like any other person, considered my failed relationships to be totally uncomfortable thing, resulting in the feelings of uncertainty, sorrow and guilt. But when I split up with my boyfriend I started thinking about what I could learn from my failed relationship instead of suffering and feeling helpless. I looked at the situation from another perspective and saw so much wisdom in it. Here are 8 lessons I learned from my recent failed relationship.

1. He won’t change
This is the biggest illusion I cherished throughout our relationship. I don’t mean I wanted him to be someone else. But there are always things that annoy you or irritate or just make uncomfortable. After some time of being together I realized that all those cute drawbacks about him turned out into real headaches. You know, when you learn to accept instead of expect you will have fewer disappointments. And I couldn’t accept a lot of things about him and I was trying to change him. But it didn’t work. Either you accept the person or leave him.

2. …neither will I
And that was his turn to get disappointed. It’s difficult to reach a compromise, especially for two grown-up independent individuals. I understand that any relationship will be successful without concessions but very often girls and guys have a totally different idea of what a relationship is. And that was my case.

3. Common goals
Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “To love is not to look at one another, but to look together in the same direction.” I cannot but agree with his words since it’s the basis of any strong relationship. And it’s really disappointing when you discover that your partner intends to create a family and live happily when you want to travel, party and develop your professional potential. If the two have different goals, it will be difficult for them to start a family together.

4. Personal boundaries are important
Personal space, interests and me-time are extremely important to both of you and when a person thinks that you belong to him it’s a big problem. When you are committed to someone you want to know everything about this person. But I had an impression that I was always controlled by my beloved. I failed to set my personal boundaries and as a result our relationship collapsed. But now I know for sure that I will never tolerate controlling my incoming calls and messages or checking the list of my friends and intervening in my private space.

5. Job
Admittedly, dating a guy means you spend a lot of time together. But when he’s working all day long every day and you see him on Sunday evening only, it can get a bit irritating. I also love my job and I’m often called career-driven but my job isn’t the first priority. I always have time for my friends and parents and will always have time for my partner. Now I know perfectly well that if his work is more important to him than anything else, our relationship won’t be worth pursuing.

6. Happiness is a choice
I accepted this idea many years ago but still I consider it worth talking about. We are often looking for that special guy to make us happy or to improve our self-esteem but in reality happiness comes from within, not from men. All my relationships were unsuccessful because I thought that I couldn’t live without a man. In fact, I can feel happy alone, but I feel happier with a man I love and who loves me.

7. The lust will pass away
We love the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, we love talking for hours at night and dressing in order to impress a man. But this stormy period cannot last forever and sooner or later we face the real human with all his imperfections and flaws. For me it was always a great problem to be open for 100 percent since there is always a fear of being judged and rejected. But when you can share the good, the bad and the ugly with your partner, true love takes place.

8. Keep your private life private
Your Twitter and Facebook followers do not need to know that you are in fight. Even the most severe quarrel doesn’t give cause for airing your dirty laundry. Another thing you should keep silent about is your exes. Mere suspicions can develop into a real paranoia, which happened to me. If I knew these simple tips earlier I would have avoided most of the problems with guys.

Apart from the fact that failed relationships give the fear of heartbreak, wasted time and energy, they teach us a lot. When dating someone, you learn a lot about yourself and life and you learn to see the positive in everything. Failure is not a negative thing, it’s just one more lesson you should learn. What lessons did you learn from your failed relationships?

6 Ways I Jazz Up My Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn is one of the most magnificent and mysterious seasons of the year. With the coming of autumn the weather is changing rapidly and we should forget about pleasant summer days when we can enjoy warm air and bright sun and wear our favorite clothes that are so light and colorful. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and summer also does. Now it’s high time to refresh our wardrobe preparing it for cooler weather.

Usually, this changeover is rather difficult for me since it makes me feel gloomy and unsatisfied. But finally I overcome my seasonal depression and eagerly replace all my shorts and breezy dresses with warmer clothes. It’s very important for me to stay comfortable and be in vogue when the temperature goes down. That’s why I made it a rule to update my wardrobe when the new season is approaching. I don’t have to spend a lot of money on new things, though. All I need to look beautiful and keep warm in autumn is to sort out my clothes, give rein to my creativity and follow the latest trends in fashion.

Some people consider it impossible to be stylish in autumn because they have to layer numerous clothes that may appear clumsy. I think it’s absolutely wrong opinion. The following tricks help me to jazz up my autumn wardrobe without great expenses and they are really efficient.

1. I Sort Out My Wardrobe
As a rule, at the beginning of autumn I suddenly realize there are not so many clothes in my wardrobe that I can wear in cold weather and start thinking of buying new garments. However, it can be rather costly and there is no need to invest big sums of money into my seasonal clothes. I’ve found a wonderful solution that helps me to prepare my wardrobe for autumn. So, the first thing I always do is sorting out my clothes.

When I open my closet, I can see plenty of dresses that I didn’t wear last year and they don’t fit, are worn out or broken. If you have the same experience, I recommend you to get rid of items that are useless and only fill the space in your closet. Though, you may have a few things that you really like and you can’t throw them out. For example, there is a pretty checked shirt in my wardrobe which I love so much and I have been wearing it for 3 years, but I don’t plan to throw it away this fall.

Something that is still in good condition I may give to my friends. Plus, sorting out my garments according to their kind and shade assists me to find the one I need without spending much time. Cleaning-out your wardrobe will help you see what you have, what you need to purchase and it will create more room for new things.

2. I Pick Out Some Garments for Alteration
It mostly concerns expensive garments that are smart and stylish. Taking into account the fact that classic clothes are everlasting and always in style, I never discard them easily. When it comes to expensive fabrics, like silk or cashmere I think twice before eliminating them from my wardrobe. I prefer to alter such clothes if they are broken. As a result I get a new garment and save money at the same time.

Last year I fired my favorite silk dress while ironing it. I was completely frustrated and ready to throw it out, but my friend advised me to repair it. A specialist altered my dress by changing its broken parts for different kinds of silk. Now I have a silk dress that looks fresh and marvelous.

3. I Wear Summer Clothes
Despite the fact that summer has gone, we shouldn’t forget about our beautiful silk dresses, blouses and shorts. Just a bit of your creativity is essential to match successfully some of your summer clothes with those you wear in autumn. For instance, silk dresses are perfectly matched with woolen cardigans.

One of the best combinations for me is a long skirt with heel boots and a leather jacket. I should say this outfit never fails. Another option that makes me look chic and glamorous is a colored skirt with a woolen sweater and thick tights. Autumn is a great season when we can combine loose clothes with thick ones and achieve lots of bright outfits with their help. Everything depends on your creativity.

4. Layering Is a Nice Solution
I think layering is an excellent way to update your summer clothes and accessories for autumn. Nonetheless, we should be careful and keep it simple not to overdo. The main rule is to use no more than 3 items that you want to layer in your outfit. Since I can’t leave my sleeveless tops and dresses in autumn, I’ve discovered a nice way to transform them by layering sweaters and cardigans.

Nowadays we have a wide range of blouses and dresses that are in different colors, length, fabrics and styles. That gives us an endless opportunity to experiment with our outfit in fall. In addition, layering helps me to look slim!

5. I Choose the Right Accessories
A leather belt, colorful scarf and knit cap are the most suitable items I generally use to re-invent my wardrobe for a colder season. The only thing you should bear in mind is not to mix them all together, otherwise, you will look as if winter has come and all your attempts to create a fantastic style will fail at once.

I think scarf is the most preferable accessory and it can add chic and exquisiteness to any of my garments. Moreover, we can choose from light silk scarves to warm woolen ones and they will never spoil our fashion in autumn. A wide leather belt is a simple accessory that I wear with long tops and dresses to accentuate my waistline. Plus, I can buy them in a variety of styles and colors.

6. I Incorporate Fall Hues into My Wardrobe
Without a doubt, the colors we wear in autumn should reflect the natural changes we can observe around us. It would be a splendid idea to incorporate darker hues into our daily wardrobe. Olive, rust, mustard yellow, different shades of brown and red are the most popular fall hues that do miracles with my look. Darker denim is a right choice for autumn, when the weather gets colder. I enjoy mixing a pair of dark jeans with plain or printed blouses. This outfit is a fantastic option for office as well as for meeting with friends.

These are just a few ways that can be useful for renewing your wardrobe before autumn. There is an immense variety of clothing items such as thick cardigans, heel boots and leather jackets that can instantly transform your wardrobe from summer to autumn.

Creativity is the first thing I try to stick to when changing my clothes for cold weather. It is possible to stay stylish even throughout the cold season. Clean out your closet and you’ll certainly find some multi-functional items that can be added to your autumn wardrobe. How do you usually refresh your wardrobe for autumn? What are your preferences in autumn clothing?

6 Habits I’m Going to Adopt before I Hit 30

I’m strongly convinced that habits make an integral part of our daily life. As we get older we adopt different habits that determine the outcome and quality of our life. That is really true since our actions and decisions are directly dependent on our habits. These are patterns of behavior that we do every day without even realizing it. That’s why it is essential to improve our habits and make them good ones.

Now when I’m almost a 30-year-old person, I often reflect upon my life and analyze my behavior in order to understand where I am, what I’ve reached and what should be done to fulfill my dreams and desires. There are no perfect people in this world and I’m no exception.

Considering the fact that I have some bad habits which prevent me from achieving the desirable results and bring discomfort to my life, I’ve made up my mind to get rid of them and adopt a few good habits before I hit 30. I’m sure they will make me more successful, satisfied and happy person. Certainly, I have to work hard to adopt these habits but they will assist me to move towards my goals. Due to this I’ve created a list of habits and behaviors I should cultivate every single day of my life.

1. The Habit of Setting Goals
The first thing I want to learn before I hit 30 is setting goals on a daily basis since this great habit is the key to my success. Recently, I’ve understood that it’s impossible to achieve even the smallest results without clear vision of my goals and tasks. That’s why I’ve made it a rule to write down all my plans and goals for the day every morning. This method helps me to control everything I’ve done and what I should accomplish throughout the day. While setting your goals, always keep in mind that they should be specific, meaningful but at the same time achievable. We can also set our goals for a week, month or even for a year.

2. The Habit of Time Management
I should admit that wise management of time is something I really lack in my life and it is important to me to become more organized and manage my time effectively. Being a busy person I have lots of things to do every day. Unfortunately, I can’t cope with all of them during 24 hours. As a result, I get frustrated and feel unsatisfied with my performance. To avoid this I need to focus on the most important tasks and stop trying to grasp everything at once.

Creating lists of tasks for the day is a perfect way to stay organized and allocate time for something that matters to you. It should be mentioned that some bad habits like excessive watching TV, surfing the Internet and procrastination may be harmful to our time management and self-discipline either. Therefore, we should work hard to eliminate them from the list of our daily routines.

3. The Habit of Learning All the Time
Do you know that all successful people always learn and improve their knowledge and skills in their sphere of activity? It’s extremely difficult to become the best in your field and get advancement in your career without learning and improvement. That is the major reason I’d like to adopt the habit of learning. Every day I spend about 1 hour learning something new that is related to my job. For example, reading specialized newspapers, magazines and books is an incredible way I use to educate and promote myself in the sphere I work at.

4. The Habit of Getting Enough Sleep
Being constantly short of time we forget to pay attention to those things that are crucial for us. And our sleep is one of them. If we don’t get enough sleep, its deficiency will certainly affect our physical and mental health. Personally I suffer from sleep deprivation since I can’t complete all my work in time and subsequently I usually stay up late. After that, getting up early in the morning is a real torture for me.

I can surely say that lack of healthy sleep spoils my mood, decreases my work efficiency and influences the overall quality of my life. Accordingly, I’ve decided to cultivate a new habit of getting enough sleep no matter how busy I am. When I sleep at least 7 hours each night, my body rests and recharges, receiving new energy for the next day. The advantages of a regular sleep are enormous. It helps to improve our memory, stay healthy, boost our creativity, look beautiful and even avoid overweight. Aren’t these sound reasons for us to sleep more?

5. The Habit of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
Surely, health is the greatest treasure that anyone can own. Without health we won’t be able to become happy and successful. Our health can’t be bought even for huge sums of money. It is priceless. Consequently, it is necessary for us to acquire as many healthy habits as possible. By developing these habits we set ourselves for happiness and success.

What are the basic steps that make me closer to a healthy lifestyle? First of all, I try to stick to a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that are beneficial for my body. Plus, I never skip my breakfast as it is a big source of energy for all day long. I always bear in mind that eating late at night is ruinous to my waistline. The second thing I need to do to stay healthy is to do regular physical exercises that will help keep me fit and young. Finally, I must adopt a habit of rest. All these things will assist us to live a healthy and long life.

6. The Habit of Staying Positive and Optimistic
It has been proven that a positive attitude to what is happening around us makes wonders. When we are optimistic, we can overcome all the obstacles on our life path. It’s not a secret that everything starts from our heads. Hence, it is vital for me to increase my optimism level in order to feel more comfortable in any difficult situation. Our life mostly depends on our expectations. If we expect to be miserable and unlucky, we will definitely be. Perhaps you don’t believe this, but our thoughts and expectations sooner or later become material. So, I do my best to stay positive and never give up whatever happens.

To my mind, these habits are essential for me and if I manage to adopt them before I hit 30, it will be much easier to achieve my goals and improve the quality of my life. What habits do you have? How do they influence your personality? Do you want to cultivate any other habits in future?