5 Life Skills That Will Help You Find Your Dream Job

The dream job will never leave you dreading Monday mornings. If you have already decided on a career and set your career goals, it’s time to start looking for your dream job. There are several life skills most employers look for in candidates. It’s not difficult to develop those skills when you know where to start. These life skills can help everyone get a better job, get a promotion or just become successful in life.

1. Know basic details about the company
When preparing for a job interview, learn as more things about the company as possible. Find out what the company does, its management structure, things that set the company apart from its competitors, who calls the shots, the most important names etc. It’s also great if you know who their rivals are. The more information you know about the company, the more chances you have to get your dream job. The majority of employers always take note of candidates that are educated on the company itself. Plus, you will know whether you want to work here or not.

2. Organization skills
If you wasn’t organized in college, it will be difficult to stay organized at work. You should learn how to plan your day and manage your time properly, how to cope with a huge workloads and meet your deadlines. If you are serious about reaching your career goals, this skill is a must. Use a planner or a calendar to mark down meetings and important events. Try to come to work earlier to clean up your workspace and get ready for a productive work day. Your boss will definitely notice and appreciate it.

3. Verbal communication skills
If you have trouble expressing your thoughts and ideas verbally, you have to develop good verbal communication skills. Why? Because you need this skill in all avenues of life. When you are able to express your thoughts clearly, people understand you better. If you feel like you have poor verbal communication skills, it doesn’t mean you will never find your dream job. Start slowly. Practice expressing your thoughts or ideas to your family members or friends. Ask them to point out your mistakes and improve what you need to improve. Good verbal communication skills are also beneficial to future team leaders and public speakers.

4. Teamwork skills
Nowadays, most companies require teamwork skills. Unless you want to become a freelancer, you should know how to work in a team. If you don’t have an opportunity to develop this skill at work, you can do it in your everyday life. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a stranger or a random person when shopping, commuting or walking in the park. It will be easier for you to hold a business conversation and meeting down the road.

When looking for your dream job, it’s important to decide if you want to be a team member or a team leader. It’s a big responsibility to lead a group. You should be confident, professional and a bit easy-going. Don’t be afraid to tell your potential employer that you want to work as a team member. However, if you are sure you can be a successful team leader, demonstrate this skill during an interview.

If you already have a good job, teamwork skills can help you boost your career and get a promotion faster.

5. Take initiative
Whether you have a job or you are trying to get it, it’s crucial to take initiative. When preparing for a job interview, try to think of what ideas you can suggest to your potential employer. Even if your idea doesn’t sound unique or smart, you will never know what they think about it until you say it.

Hunting for a dream job is one of the major goals of many people. Most of them fail to achieve that goal because they are not serious about it. You should never stop improving yourself and developing new skills. Even if you have a good job, you shouldn’t stop learning and taking initiative, otherwise someone can easily get your position and you may never get your promotion. These five life skills can help you become more successful and reach your career goals. What life skills do you already have?

6 Tips on Applying to Pharmacy School

Applying to professional school can be a stressful time for anybody. Getting together applications, taking the required tests, and traveling to schools for interviews load on a series of important tasks. However, at the end of the four-year program, students will have earned their Doctorate of Pharmacy and can be fully licensed. This set of tips will help students looking to apply to pharmacy school by easing any sense of stress and helping students appear their best.

1. Complete the necessary applications and prerequisites as early as possible

Many pharmacy schools participate in rolling admissions. This process means that programs start accepting students within the application period and continue as more applications are received. The earlier a student applies ensures that the application gets reviewed multiple times in the context of other students’ applications. Furthermore, students that have completed all of their prerequisites, or already have their bachelor’s degree, are often viewed more favorably in the admissions process because they are more likely to be viable candidates for matriculation.

2. Sign up for the PCAT early in order to avoid late fees
PCAT is the required pharmacy admissions test of many U.S. pharmacy schools. The test is usually administered in September, January, and July. Thus, it is imperative that students plan accordingly in order to allow for test results to be sent to their respective schools. Additionally, administering dates are limited and popular days of the week fill up fast at testing sites. Be proactive in looking up dates and attempt to sign up as early as possible. The late fees associated with not signing up on time are significantly large.

3. Don’t stress over interviews
The interview portion of the application is simply required to make sure the student is just as interested in the particular program as the school is interested in the student. Most pharmacy schools manipulate their interviews into full days that include information sessions and campus tours. The school wants you to feel warm and invited at the school while learning more about their program. Often, the interviews consist of a staff/faculty panel with the occasional student interviewer. The interviews generally aim to see how the student communicates and if they do so clearly. Furthermore, the interviewers want to get to know who you are and see how you represent yourself when not using a paper application.

4. Dress and act appropriately
If you are invited for an interview day, dress and act appropriately. Students are being interviewed for a professional school and should thus dress professionally. Suits or dress suits are the necessary uniform for these types of settings. Additionally, students are expected to act professionally. Addressing the faculty using their appropriate titles goes a long way. General courtesies such as saying thank you and holding the door open for others may give just the right impression to the admissions committee that will be evaluating your application later that week.

5. Get to know the program before arriving on campus
While learning about the program and the services they offer helps answer questions asked by the staff about why you want to attend, it also sets up the student to come prepared with questions. Getting to know the program is a large part of the day. Coming prepared with questions allows the student to get the most of the information sessions and campus tour by not having to continuously think on their feet.

6. Set yourself up for success
Finally, setting yourself up for success will be the best way to prepare for the application process. This process means participating in extracurricular activities that yield leadership service and community involvement. These activities could be as simple as creating your own student organization or organizing a community 5K one weekend. Furthermore, previous pharmacy experience goes a long way in convincing the admissions committee that you want to become a pharmacist. The experience shows the school that the student has seriously considered the profession and will be more likely to matriculate into their particular program. Using these tips should significantly ease the admissions process. Ultimately, help yourself by getting ahead of the ball. Complete the PCAT, your applications, and your prerequisites early in order to be the most viable candidate.

9 Useful Things You Should Know to Work for Yourself

Working for yourself is a wonderful way to make money and to do what you really like. Nowadays you can hardly find a job that will be pleasant and well-paid at the same time. Usually, we have to choose between our favorite work and money that is so necessary for us. So, if you make up your mind to work for yourself, you’ll get both things together. Besides, this decision proves that you are a mature, confident and independent personality. However, you should be aware of certain things that are important when you work for yourself. You’d better not quit your job at the very moment you understand you want to start your own business. Self-employment is not an easy thing to deal with. I’m sure that the following tips will help you to succeed in your new job without any problems. By using them you will avoid stressful situations and make your life happier.

1. Make a Plan
At first, when you start working for yourself you need to make a plan. It would be a nice idea to make a business plan that should include your exact goals, the ways you will create income and your expenses. Money spent for entertainment and food must be also taken into account. When you write down your aims and your expenditures, it is much easier for you to see how close you are to your dream and what you have to do to make it come true.

2. Daily Schedules
If you are one of those people who want to work for themselves, make sure you have daily schedules and stick to them. People who wake up early every day and follow their regular routine are considered to be organized and disciplined. Due to these characteristics they always manage to fulfill a lot of tasks during the day. There can be so many things at home that will distract you from your work. But when you have a clear schedule you are supposed to work more effectively and productively.

3. Always Set a Goal
Having made a choice to work for yourself you should constantly be alert and never relax. Don’t forget to set goals when you want to switch to a new job. You won’t be able to do your best without clear realization of your future progress and accomplishments. It is a fantastic way to stay motivated for a long time. If you have a goal and work hard to reach it, you will be always satisfied with your career.

4. Consider a Part Time Job
Surely, a part time job will not make a great contribution to your overall income, but it will support you in the beginning of your self-employment. Money that you earn at a part time job will cover some of your daily expenses. Most people often refuse the idea of a low-paid job when they start to work independently. Though, you may benefit from this job and it will eventually help you to achieve your dream.

5. Time Is Important
Everyone knows that time is passing extremely quickly, especially when you have a big amount of work to do. That’s why you need to manage your time perfectly. As it was mentioned above, a daily schedule is an indispensable part of your success and it will give you an opportunity to complete all the tasks in time. There are some other things that you should bear in mind when working at home according to your schedule. Try to get rid of all distractions that may influence your productivity and keep your workplace tidy so that you can easily find the necessary supplies whenever you need them. It is advisable for you to spend a few hours a day to log off your email inbox. You’ll be amazed to know how much time you can waste while checking your inbox.

6. Use Networking
Undoubtedly, people who work for themselves are absolutely free and independent. Nevertheless they are not alone in creating their dream. The role of other people in your success is immense. They will be critical to your work and it will stimulate you for better results. It is fair to say that today networking is one of the greatest sources that help you to develop your own business and get more experience. Here you will find companies and people who work in the same field as you do. Perhaps they will suggest you work that meets your needs. For instance, you may choose freelance work. Such networking as Facebook or Twitter will be convenient for you to connect with the representatives of the company and discuss all the details. If it is possible you’d better visit them and introduce yourself. Anyway you must be ready to meet the requirements of most companies. For that you are to write a resume and a cover letter that will give you more chances to get a desirable job.

7. Spread the Word
Certainly, you will simplify the process of your independent work when you tell everyone about it. You may be surprised to discover that some people you know will have a desire to cooperate with you. Possibly they will have a crucial impact on your success. Plus, you will improve your networking skills.

8. Manage Your Money
Another useful tip for you is to manage your money. It is the basic rule for those who want to work for themselves. Even if you were so lucky to earn a huge sum of money, don’t let excitement overwhelm you. There will be a big temptation to spend your whole salary for numerous things you’ve desired so much. In spite of this you should be wise and think of the monthly bills, food and transportation that must be paid regularly. No matter whether you work from home or in the office, managing your money is the main recommendation you are to follow. Control your budget whenever possible and you will see that saving money is not so difficult.

9. Have a Backup Plan
Sometimes self-employment can be really hard and tiring. In order to accomplish everything you’ve planned you have to spare no efforts and time. I can guarantee you that all your attempts will be finally rewarded. I’d like to say that when working for yourself you must be careful and have a backup plan for your income. You never know what can happen next day. In case something goes wrong it would be nice to use another idea for making money.

You can be sure that working for yourself is a good thing to try. By doing this you will be able to find your passion and increase your income. So, if you’ve decided to work independently, hopefully, these tips will help you to gain success without stress and disappointments. Have you ever worked for yourself? Were you satisfied with your results? What recommendations can you give to those who want to start their own business?

This Rare but Deadly Complication of Liposuction Almost Killed a Woman. Here’s What Doctors Want You to Know

Liposuction is big business: A recent study found that it was 2016’s second most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States (after breast augmentation), with an average cost per procedure of $3,200. Overall, about 235,000 fat-sucking operations were performed last year.

And while the procedure is generally safe, a new article in BMJ Case Reports highlights a complication that nearly cost one 45-year-old woman her life. The paper details doctors’ experience diagnosing and treating a patient who developed a rare but serious condition called fat embolization syndrome shortly after a routine nip and tuck.

Fat embolization occurs when globules of fat break free from surrounding tissue and travel through the body, becoming lodged in blood vessels or the lungs and blocking the flow of blood or oxygen. It’s common after bone fractures or major trauma, but it has also been documented—at least two other times in medical literature—after liposuction.

Unfortunately, the doctors wrote in their report, the condition is “notoriously difficult to diagnose,” and many plastic surgeons don’t know that they should be on the lookout for symptoms.

In their paper, the doctors recall the case of an obese British woman who had undergone lower leg and knee liposuction two days earlier at a local hospital. “The surgery had been planned to remove some of the bulk of her lower legs to help her mobilize and subsequently begin the weight loss process,” they wrote.

The procedure itself was uneventful, and about 10 liters of fat were removed from the woman’s lower body. About 36 hours after the operation, however, the woman became drowsy and confused, and doctors noticed her heart rate was unusually high.

The woman’s condition worsened, and she was transferred to the intensive care unit, where doctors determined she had dangerously low oxygen levels in her body. After further tests, doctors realized that her symptoms were caused by fat embolization.

Once a diagnosis was made, the woman was treated with oxygen and drugs to help restore her oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing to normal. She recovered fully and was released from the hospital after two weeks. But if not for her doctors’ quick thinking, things could have been much worse.

Fat embolization is not only hard to recognize, say the report’s authors, but there is no standardized set of criteria to help physicians make an official diagnosis. Although liposuction is not usually considered a high-risk procedure, people who are morbidly obese, who have fluid retention, or who have large volumes of fat removed are more likely to suffer from complications, they say.

Anyone considering liposuction or any other type of cosmetic surgery should talk with their doctor about the potential benefits and risks; it’s also important to interview surgeons carefully and choose one who’s certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Make sure he or she operates in an accredited hospital or medical facility. Don’t fall for non-licensed “pros” who tout cosmetic surgery on social media.

If you do choose to go under the knife, following your surgeon’s post-op instructions can help reduce your risk of dangerous complications. But as with any medical procedure, always speak up if something doesn’t feel right.

What You Need to Know About Swimmer’s Ear–Even If You Never Swim

Ever wonder what’s really going on inside inside your ear canal when you get swimmer’s ear? The pain occurs when water gets trapped in the ear canal, which attracts bacteria that multiply and cause inflammation and swelling. Ouch. Want to know more? Watch the video to learn how you get swimmer’s ear (it’s not just for swimmers), what to do if you develop the painful symptoms, and how to avoid it altogether.

10 Ways to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape

Most eyebrows need a little help to look truly great. The problem many women face is choosing the right shape for their eyebrows. If you aren’t sure how to shape your eyebrows, there are a number of ways to find the perfect form for your face.

1. Know the rules
While a unibrow is obviously not a good look, just where should you draw the line? Great eyebrows start with the right proportions. Lay a pencil on your face, alongside your nose so that it runs straight up your face. This is where the eyebrow should start. If you move the pencil so that it runs from your nose to the outer corner of your eye, you can follow it up to the brow and see where the end of the brow should be. The peak of the arch should be directly above the outer edge of your iris, the colored part of the eye. By following these rules, you can instantly eliminate many of the problems faced when grooming this part of your face. How thick the hair is and how high the arch will determine the final look.

2. Look at celebrities
Stars pay big bucks to people who know what they are doing, so go ahead and copy them. Find a celebrity with a similar face and eye shape and copy their brows. This is a simple way to choose the best look for your face.

3. Go natural
If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of carefully plucking every few days, you may prefer to go natural. Just keep the look groomed, but go with your brow’s existing shape. You probably already have a natural arch, so defining it slightly should not be a problem. Remove any hairs above the bridge of your nose for a neater look.

4. Ask a stylist
Many stylists offer eyebrow grooming services, but you definitely want to make sure you are dealing with an expert. Find out just how many brows they have done and ask to see photos, if possible. You will want someone with special training in brow shaping. A stylist with training will be able to give you advice on how to choose the best look.

5. Test a look carefully
While waxing forces you to commit completely to a look, tweezing can allow for a gradual change. Try tweezing a slightly different shape. Most people have eyebrows that grow back rather quickly, so you can easily change the shape over time and evolve your look.

6. Know when to skip the arch
Certain facial types work best with straight brows. If you have a squared jaw or a long face, a flat shape will work best. The straight line of the eyebrow will help shorten the face and help create a more balanced look. The squared jaw will also appear to be in proportion when you use barely arched or straight brows.

7. Use a template
Templates for assorted brow shapes can be purchased to help you create the ideal look. While these are meant to help with tweezing, the templates will give you an idea of just how you would look with different shaped brows. Hold them to your face to get a feel for the different styles.

8. Use a photo manipulation program
A more technically advanced method of finding the right look is to load a photo of yourself into a photo program and play around a little. Try copying and pasting celeb brows onto your own face or simply use a morphing tool to pull your eyebrows into different shapes. While it is not 100% accurate, this method can give you a better idea as to which shape you should use. For those who are unable to get hold of a program like this, you can check with beauty salons to see if they offer photo manipulation as a service.

9. Know when to arch
From the nearly pointed arch to the gently rounded one, eyebrows are usually in some sort of curved shape. The arched brow mimics the curves of the face, but just how high the arch is depends on your actual face shape. For a heart shaped face, a barely there arch is recommended. For round faces, higher arches are better for giving some height to the face. Oval faces do well with shorter curves.

10. Experiment
Eyebrows grow back, so why not pick a shape and go with it? If you hate it, you can change your look within a few weeks. Most brows require constant tweaking to keep them looking good. Skip the tweezing and you will have fresh options shortly.

Finally, once you find a shape that works for you, stick with it. It is relatively easy to maintain an eyebrow style once you know exactly what you want. You simply need to remove hair as it begins to grow back to keep your brows looking fresh.

7 Tips on How to Deal with a Mean Girl

There is always a mean girl in any teenage in-crowd and you probably know about her or even met one. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially for teenagers, not to be affected by such person. But you must never let the bully distress you. Each mean girl is different, so there is no perfect way to cope with all of them. But these ways to deal with a mean girl can help you to protect yourself from bully.

1. Do not pay attention
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the best way to cope with a mean girl is ignoring her. A mean girl needs your fear and she will do everything to make you feel insecure. So if you don’t pay attention to her, she will probably cool off. You may find it difficult not to hear all the rumors she is inventing, and it may take some time for all the made up lies to extinct, but it will be much easier eventually. You will understand that it all was worth it when your life returns to normal. Ignoring is the first thing to try in such situation.

2. Try to talk to her
Another way to deal with mean girl is to try to talk to her. You will need all your courage to do it, but it may be the right way to solve the problem. Just don’t talk to her when she is not alone because it can make the situation worse. Wait for the time when she is alone and quietly ask her what she has against you. It may help you to work everything out. But if this will not help, she may stop bullying you because you are not afraid to face the problem.

3. Treat her nicely
The perfect way to treat a mean girl is be kind. No matter how strange it may sound but using kindness against the girl who is bullying you may startle her or even make her shrink back. Have you ever tried to be cruel to the one who smiles at you? It will be hard for her as well. So give her a smile and she may smile back and that may be the end of the rival. Kindness is the best way to solve any kind of problems with people. Try it, it really works.

4. Ask your parents for advice
If you have any problems in life, your parents are always there for you. You can ask their opinion about this one as well. They will share with you their experience and they can give you comfort too. If you need compassion and a good advice, go to your parents, and you will get both. But try not to speak about the mean girl with your friends, because it may cause even more rumors and unwanted troubles.

5. Don’t let anyone bring you down
If you feel down because of some mean girl’s gossips, try to empower yourself. Remind yourself how wonderful you are, and do it as often as possible. You can use affirmations to work up your confidence and belief in yourself. If you do this, you will suddenly find that none of lies and rumors can touch you because of your love to yourself.

6. Defend yourself
When you need to deal with a mean girl, there is no need to become mean too. Don’t use her methods, and if you hear a mean remark don’t try to offend in reply. If you just parry remarks instead of bite back, you will make a bully understand that you do not afraid of her mean words. It is important to remember that if you use offensive words the situation will get worse for both of you. So, no matter how much you have been hurt, staying calm is always the best policy.

7. Try to know her better
If you have a chance to know a mean girl better you may find that she does not hate you and she acts as a defense mechanism. So try to understand her. Perhaps you will not take her insults personally if you know that she is not that confident and self-assured as she wants you to think. It may not be easy for you, but understanding of her reasons will certainly make easier for you to cope with her, just don’t forget about the kindness. Maybe one day you will have a normal relation with the one who made your life a mess if you act wisely.

You may have met mean girls before and you may meet them in the future. So keep these tips in mind, just in case you will meet one. Choose the best way of dealing with bullies, try all of them, find your own ones, but do not let anybody upset you. Stay calm, be wise and believe in yourself and you will be able to cope with any problem on your way. If you have any other tips, please share them with us.

10 Most Important Things to Know about Relationships

A happy and successful relationship is something that every couple strives for. At the very beginning of our love affair we are generally overwhelmed with passion and excitement and it seems our affection will last forever and nothing can spoil our ideal relations with the one we love. But when we move to the next stage, we face numerous problems like misunderstanding, distrust, jealousy and finally quarrels. All these things may happen if both partners are not experienced enough and their perception of love is rather distorted. In order to be happy together, you and your sweetheart should be aware of certain things that will help you to build a perfect and long lasting relationship. Here are some of the most crucial rules that every couple must always keep in mind.

1. Communicate Clearly
Every time you communicate with your significant other, don’t forget to speak your mind clearly. You love each other and there must not be any secrets between the two of you. That is the basic rule you should stick to. Sometimes we don’t express our thoughts and desires, expecting that our partner can guess what we want to say. Unfortunately, they are not able to read our mind, so it is necessary to tell them everything distinctly, without any hints. This way, you will avoid unwanted troubles that may have a negative impact on your relationship.

2. Learn to Forgive Each Other
If you plan future with your lover, you should certainly be ready to forgive one another. Otherwise, your happiness will not last for a long time. There are no perfect people in this world and everyone can be mistaken sometimes. Surely, it doesn’t mean you should easily forget all his bad deeds, but you also don’t need to hold your grudge for weeks. Instead try to accept your guy’s wrong behavior and forgive him. Your relations will get much better and you’ll enjoy your intimate feelings to the full.

3. Everyone Has Bad Days
It’s not a secret that all people can have hard days during which they feel depressed or even angry. So, you must consider this fact in order to prevent stressful situations with your boyfriend. When you see he is nervous, try to find out the reason of his stress and don’t get offended quickly. Perhaps your partner’s emotional state is caused by various problems connected with his job or friends. Sometimes we can wake up in a bad mood. At such moments everybody and everything annoy us. If you have noticed that your guy is irritated, it would be better for you to give him private space and leave him alone for some time. Don’t take it personally.

4. Be Kind to Your Partner
Kindness is highly appreciated by all people. Undoubtedly, a kind person appears more attractive and pleasant for others. Being kind is necessary to achieve a mutual understanding and harmony with those who surround us. Nowadays our life is very busy and we often forget about kindness and its great power. Actually, you don’t have to spend much time to display your kind attitude to the one you love. In my opinion, kindness is one of the easiest ways to improve any relationship and reach a compromise with a partner. After all, it’s never late to start being kind.

5. The Value of Commitment
There is no true love without commitment. This is the most efficient way to express your feelings to your significant other. You can use hundreds of words to describe your love, however, when you commit to your man, he will see that you are sincere with him and how much he is precious for you. Thus, every couple should realize the importance of commitment in their relationship. It will allow you to rely on your partner whatever happens and that is the key to a long lasting relationship.

6. Laughing Together is Helpful
Everybody knows that laughter is enormously beneficial for our health and our mood either. When it comes to our relationship the role of laughter can’t be overestimated. Is there anything more wonderful than the ability of two people who love one another to laugh together? I’m convinced that all couples go through rough times once in a while. Laughing together is a fantastic solution for you whenever you argue with your sweetheart. It will relieve the tension and you’ll feel relaxed.

7. Not to Quarrel in Front of Others
Quarrels and disagreements are an indispensable part of every healthy relationship. Therefore, you should expect that sooner or later you’ll be at odds with your partner as it is a common thing. We can hardly imagine a man and a woman whose relations are ideal and who always understand each other. Everything that happens between you and your lover is your own business and you don’t have to demonstrate others your personal life. The less people know about you, the happier you are.

8. You and Your Partner Can Still Have Friends
You shouldn’t exclude yourself from your social circle just to spend time with your sweetheart 24/7. And your partner shouldn’t forget about his friends. You and your partner still have other people who also want to spend time with both of you. You should give one another space to keep your relationship fresh. So make sure you keep up with your family and friends and your partner does the same.

9. Keep Your Relationship More Private
While there’s nothing wrong with posting a few nice pictures here and there on Facebook or Instagram, you and your partner should keep your relationship more private. This means that you shouldn’t post each picture you take. No one wants to see numerous pictures of you kissing each day. Moreover, don’t Tweet about your plans a few times a day. Keeping the relationship more private is the key to a successful relationship.

10. Date nights are essential
It’s extremely important to plan at least one date night a month. Choose the restaurant, or prepare a romantic dinner at home, if you are a little short in cash. Date nights are essential in a successful relationship. Make sure your cellphones are off and no one disturbs you.

Once you find your man, you will spare no efforts to build a strong relationship with him. Good relationship is impossible without understanding, trust and respect. Happiness with your sweetheart is the result of hard work and patience. These are the most fundamental rules that every couple is supposed to follow in order to be happy and to feel comfortable together. What things do you consider to be the most significant for successful relationships?

7 Ways to Dress Modestly and Attract Attention

There are a few tried and true ways to dress modestly and still attract attention. You don’t have to dress brightly and immodestly in order to draw attention to yourself. Nowadays most men prefer women who dress more modestly and I think it’s worth knowing the ways to attract attention while dressing modestly.

1. Dress vintage
If you decide to dress vintage, it will guarantee that your closet will be filled with modest clothes. Today it’s hard to find a woman who wears vintage clothing, so if you dress vintage you will surely attract a great amount of attention! You will look like a real classic fashionista and heads are sure to turn the moment you walk in a room.

2. Wear clothes that flatter your body shape
Every woman has a gorgeous body. But if you wear clothes that don’t flatter your body shape, there is no wonder that you don’t attract attention. To avoid it, make sure you choose and wear clothes that really flatter your body shape. Everybody will notice how indeed beautiful you are. Moreover, you will feel more confident and comfortable in clothes you are wearing.

3. Dazzling makeup
When a woman enters a room, people see her outfit first. But once she starts a conversation with somebody, people see her makeup. So, if you want to impress everyone without dressing immodestly, you can attract attention with fantastic makeup! To make your eyes pop, add eyeliner, and opt for a great shade of lipstick to pull a whole look together. Your face will be the epitome of elegance and class, and no one will notice that you are wearing something modest.

4. Know what colors flatter you
Do you know what colors flatter you? Dressing for your eye color and skin tone can help draw attention for a more modest woman. No matter how much skin you show, you look beautiful because you know your colors and you wear them. It’s possible to dress modesty while still attracting attention, you just need to experiment a little and find out what colors flatter you.

5. Wear colors that pop
Wearing colors that pop is one of the most effective ways to attract attention. Colors such as canary yellow, fuchsia, electric blue will draw people’s eye the moment you walk in a room! Think of wearing a bright colored floor length dress that will certainly blow everybody’s minds but leave your entire beauty to their imaginations.

6. Accessories
Earrings and necklaces will certainly attract everyone to your beautiful face, but don’t limit yourself to jewellery only. You can always wear hairpieces, chic scarves, and hats to draw the eyes of people around you! Even if you wear a black long sleeve shirt and some pants, accessories are a must.

7. Find your fashion icon
Finally, finding a fashion icon, especially from the past, will help you succeed in drawing attention in modest outfit. Unfortunately, many of us think that only women in their forties or fifties can dress modestly. But if you are 20-year-old girl who wants to dress modestly, it’s great and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just find a fashion role model who can give you inspiration for ways to dress attractively and modestly and embrace yourself.

Maybe for you showing a little more skin is good, but if you prefer to dress modestly, follow these tips and you will certainly attract attention. If you have any other tips, please share them with us.

10 Beauty Secrets Teen Girls Should Know

Nowadays everyone is talking about healthy eating, but many of us don’t know about incredible benefits it offers. Not only does healthy eating improve your health, it can also help you succeed in your life. When my mom told me that a healthy diet would help me tackle all difficulties faster, I didn’t believe her. The main question was, “How could it help me achieve my goals?” When I was 17, I decided to improve my eating habits since I knew that I had a few important goals to reach. Now I’m not sorry I did! I have many important goals and here are a few ways healthy eating helps me achieve them. Stop thinking that you should stick to a healthy diet only if you want to lose weight. Healthy eating habits can help you reach success and live a longer, healthier life!

1. More energy
It’s hard to get more done in a day when you are low on energy. My schedule is super busy and each day brings me plenty of tasks to accomplish. Although I often feel a little tired at the end of the day, I still have enough energy to cook, exercise and have fun with my friends in the evening. A healthy diet helps me boost and keep my energy levels. I have a healthy breakfast that’s packed out with veggies, I eat a few healthy snacks throughout the day and my dinner consists of wholesome foods. My friends and coworkers claim that I’m a high energy person and they always wonder at how I manage to accomplish so many tasks in a day. But I believe everyone can have a high energy level all day long and achieve their goals faster if they eat healthy each day.

2. Better memory
Many researches show that the foods we eat play an important role in a brain function. Since my job does need an excellent memory and a great concentration, every day I try to consume more brain foods, such as fish, whole grains, olive oil and vegetables. I usually snack on nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or fresh fruits and veggies during the day. Seeds and nuts are plentiful in essential vitamins, minerals, fat and protein. When I need to accomplish a difficult task, I snack on a handful of walnuts and pumpkin seeds and it helps me work better. To reach my career goals, I know I need a good memory, so a healthy diet is a must for me.

3. Better health
I believe that a health is a great asset. When you have a bad health, you can’t achieve anything in life. A few years ago I didn’t pay much attention to my health. I focused on my goals and did everything possible to reach them. I failed. Now I know why: I had many bad eating habits, I slept no more than 3 hours a night and I always overloaded myself. Fortunately, I realized that such a lifestyle couldn’t help me succeed in life. If you set some important goals, you will achieve them faster if you stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a good health!

4. Better mood
There are many wholesome mood-boosting foods that you can incorporate into your eating plan. I’m always on the lookout for effective ways to improve my mood naturally. Eating healthy foods, such as Swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, blue potatoes, dark chocolate and Greek yogurt, helps me keep my mood up. When I’m in an excellent mood, it’s easier to achieve any goal!

5. Better sleep
As I mentioned above, I slept about 3 hours a night and it was hard for me to change my sleep pattern. Every person needs at least 7 hours of sleep a night to be healthy and full of energy. Trust me, you will never reach more goals if you are sleep deprived.

When I was sleep deprived, the first thing my doctor recommended me to do was to start eating healthier and add foods that promote healthy sleep to my everyday diet. Oatmeal, nuts, turkey, bananas and diary foods are among the best foods that can help improve sleep quality. A good quality sleep gives me an energy boost and helps get things done faster during the day.

6. More money
Although we don’t have to think about money, sometimes it’s hard to achieve certain goals without them. For example, you will not buy a house or a car, if you don’t save for it. When I started eating healthier, I noticed that it helped me to save some money on groceries. Many people claim that wholesome foods are expensive, but it’s actually half true. A few years ago I spent a lot more money on fast food and processed food than I do spend now on wholesome food.

We all know that healthy eating is the key to a longer life, but it can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet when there are so many processed foods that seem to taste better than wholesome foods. I highlighted a few of my favorite ways healthy eating helps me achieve my goals. Do you believe that healthy eating is the key to a longer life?