If Your Child Is Sitting Like This, Here's Why You Need to Stop Them Now My daughter's just over a year old, so there's really not much she's doing "wrong" yet. (Trust me, like all of us, she'll get there.) If she smacks our family pet, it's less hostility and more that she doesn't have full control of her arms. If she throws her food, it's not an act of insubordination but just her method of communicating that she's done eating. So, when a family member alerted me to something my child was doing Read more [...]

6 Tips on Applying to Pharmacy School

Applying to professional school can be a stressful time for anybody. Getting together applications, taking the required tests, and traveling to schools for interviews load on a series of important tasks. However, at the end of the four-year program, students will have earned their Doctorate of Pharmacy and can be fully licensed. This set of tips will help students looking to apply to pharmacy school by easing any sense of stress and helping students appear their best. 1. Complete the necessary Read more [...]

7 Small Things That Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Our day consists of various moments, events, meetings, emotions and all these things have direct influence on our both emotional and physical well-being. Some people try to prevent such failures while others treat it as a “Murphy’s Law.” There are a few things that can ruin the whole day, but remember that almost everything depends on your positive vision of the world. Don’t let anything and anyone take control of your day and your life because you’re the only person who is in charge of Read more [...]

10 Surefire Ways to Get a Flat Stomach

Looking for some effective ways to get a flat tummy? While sit ups, crunches, steam engines and many other abdominal workouts are great, it’s not enough to get a flat stomach. In fact, these workouts are perfect for strengthening your stomach muscles and they don’t help you lose stomach fat. To see those trained, sculpted belly muscles, you need to eat healthy and do the right set of workouts. Start following these tips for getting a flat stomach and wear your swimsuit with confidence. 1. Read more [...]

7 Money-Saving Tax Tips That Really Work

Whether you are keenly aware of your financial responsibilities, or more of a head-in-the-sand kind of person, taxes are one area that we just can’t get away from. But there is more to tax that just working out how much money to hand over to the government each year. There are a lot of schemes to help you save more, if you know where to look. Here are seven ways to save on your tax spend. 1. Tax-free college savings If you are a parent, then saving for your kids’ college fees is smart Read more [...]

Best things to do in the Dead Sea in Jordan before it’s too late

Dead Sea is disappearing, so you’d better get there quick. Picture: iStock THE water is barely past my knees when I realise no matter how hard I try, I can’t force my feet to the bottom. I plonk my foot down more forcefully and feel an immediate return serve from the viscosity of the water. I stop and marvel at this new-found buoyancy, feeling everything move in slow motion. BE TREATED LIKE A KING IN JORDAN PLACES THAT WILL BRING OUT THE INDY IN YOU I try to use my weight to Read more [...]

Cooking Off The Cuff: Accompanying Summer Ravioli With Late Peas And Early Leeks

Last week, I made a batch of agnolotti/ravioli containing a very simple summer filling of nice, dry ricotta: blanched and mashed peas; and fresh mint. Salt, no pepper. It is a filling worth trying as pea season comes to an end. (It would be very good with fava/broad beans too, but that would be quite a bit more work because of the indispensable extra step of peeling the blanched beans.) The question arose of how to dress these ravioli (which I won’t describe in detail, because their ingredients Read more [...]

Essential Phone begins shipping today, only 57 days late

© Provided by CNET Josh Miller On May 30, Essential founder Andy Rubin said he'd ship his stunning Essential Phone within 30 days. On July 22, he said it was coming "within a few weeks." On August 16, the company said the first preorders would ship within 7 days. None of those things happened. But Essential tells CNET the phone is indeed (finally) shipping today, August 25. The first preorder customers should get email confirmations "shortly," according to the company's Read more [...]

5 man-killing cancers you might not spot until it’s too late

For all types of cancers combined, cancer rates are 20 percent higher in men than women—and they are 40 percent more likely to die from it, too.  (iStock) Cancer kills: Nearly 1.7 million people will receive a cancer diagnosis in 2017, and more than 600,000 people will die from it, according to a report from the American Cancer Society (ACS). And the picture seems especially dire for men. For all types of cancers combined, cancer rates are 20 percent higher in men than women—and Read more [...]