7 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Faster

Looking for ways to spring clean your home in no time? Good. I’ve got some tried and tested ways that I’m going to share with you. Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things about the spring season, but unfortunately, I can’t enjoy it to the fullest since my schedule is always overloaded. So I’ve found a few ways to spring clean my home fast that are also great for those who don’t like cleaning. 1. Clean mini blinds Yes, I want to start with the worst part about spring cleaning. I’m Read more [...]

7 Unique DIY Summer Ideas for Kids

Summer is great for DIY projects because of the abundance of natural materials and time to collect these – at the beach, during walks, hiking and travelling, or in your own backyard if nowhere else. Ideas are also often found right on the spot, as many stones, twigs, roots and shells resemble something (or someone?) else so closely (or perhaps will resemble, with just a few simple details added.) Hunting for such treasures is fun, keeping and displaying them as trophies and souvenirs that remind Read more [...]

10 Essential Fitness Habits to Develop When You’re Young

There are a few important fitness habits you should develop at a young age to live a healthier, longer life. If you adopt unhealthy fitness habits when you’re young, as you get older, it will be harder to get rid of these bad habits. However, if you start leading a healthy lifestyle at a young age, it will remain a part of your lifestyle down the road. Read on to learn 10 most essential fitness habits to develop when you’re young. 1. Eat healthy You’ve probably heard this many times, but Read more [...]