10 Incredible Buddha Bowls to Update Your Diet

Buddha bowls are typically viewed as a complicated meal that only professional nutritionists are able to make. But in reality, even the laziest girl in the world can make it herself. Buddha bowls are known for their versatility, healthy nutrients, and variety. One bowl can keep your energy going all day long and boost your overall wellness. While Buddha bowls are easy to make, perhaps you find yourself confusing about what to put into your bowl. 1. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl Sweet Read more [...]

Patty Jenkins responds to James Cameron calling Wonder Woman a ‘step backwards’

The Titanic director recently slammed the superhero movie claiming it had done little to advance women in Hollywood but despite the backlash, Patty Jenkins, the director behind Wonder Woman had some pretty choice words for the director himself — specifically, he just doesn’t get it. Patty Jenkins isn’t surprised by Cameron’s comments. Picture: Dia DipasupilSource:Getty Images Cameron called Wonder Woman a “step backwards”. Picture: Nick PerrySource:AP Cameron Read more [...]

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins hits back at James Cameron criticism

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has hit back after James Cameron called the film a "step backwards" for women. The Titanic director has called Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, an "objectified icon". Patty Jenkins has responded saying "there is no right or wrong kind of powerful woman". She pointed out the film's "massive female audience who made the film a hit... can surely choose and judge their own icons of progress." Wonder Woman has broken box office records and is the highest-ever Read more [...]