10 Incredible Buddha Bowls to Update Your Diet

Buddha bowls are typically viewed as a complicated meal that only professional nutritionists are able to make. But in reality, even the laziest girl in the world can make it herself. Buddha bowls are known for their versatility, healthy nutrients, and variety. One bowl can keep your energy going all day long and boost your overall wellness. While Buddha bowls are easy to make, perhaps you find yourself confusing about what to put into your bowl. 1. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl Sweet Read more [...]

10 Fun Picnic Games for Kids

Family picnics offer a great way for kids to have some outdoor fun. Instead of just packing a meal and a blanket, plan out a few fun games and activities for the little ones during your picnic. This will keep them entertained for the whole day while creating some precious memories. Here are ten great ideas for family picnic fun. 1. A Nature Scavenger Hunt Before you head out, come up with a short list of items that your kids can expect to find during your picnic. Your list might include birds, Read more [...]

Sweet Potato Power Book Review

I recently read Sweet Potato Power by Ashley Tudor and I admit that at first, I was somewhat skeptical of a 250+ page book completely about sweet potatoes, but Ashley did a great job. While this book definitely has some great sweet potato recipes, it also has an easy-to-understand explanation of why a grain free diet is helpful and why sweet potatoes are an exceptional carb source for those of us who are grain free. This book would be especially beneficial for athletes who feel that they Read more [...]

Loaded Sweet Potato Soup

I used to love making potato soup, clam chowder and other potato based soups and stews. Now that we don’t eat white potatoes very often, I hadn’t made any of them in years. I found my old recipe when I was cleaning out my cabinets, and decided to try a sweet potato version. I used winter squash to take the sweetness down a notch, and the sweet and salty flavors in this soup go really well together. If you are a potato soup person, try it! 3 votes PRINT Loaded Sweet Potato Soup prep 10 mins cook 30 mins total 40 mins author wellness Read more [...]

Savory Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

These sweet potato fries are a kid-approved substitute for regular fries or potato products, and they are packed with nutrition. A kid favorite at our house, the kids often help slice these or cut them in to crinkle cut chips before baking. They are easy and fast to make and go with a lot of different meals. Sweet potatoes are considered more nutrient rich than regular potatoes and the sweetness of the sweet potatoes pairs perfectly with seal salt and pepper for a sweet and salty treat. I Read more [...]

Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Note : from Katie: Please welcome George Bryant as he shares this delicious recipe. He is the creative genius behind the award winning Paleo Food blog Civilized Caveman Cooking. Enter George… One thing I have realized in life is that no matter how big or how little my to-do list is, there is never enough time to accomplish it. I figured I wasn’t the only one in this situation, which is why I created this delicious Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad recipe. I love making this in 5-10 pound Read more [...]

Sweet Potato Casserole

This is a Thanksgiving classic recipe that many people love. Our family prefers plain baked sweet potatoes with lots of butter and Himalayan salt, but since some extended family prefer the marshmallow dredged version, I decided concoct a healthy version. Every time I’ve made this sweet potato casserole for family and friends, it’s been a huge hit. The “marshmallow” topping also makes a great cake icing on coconut flour cakes for kid’s birthdays. This is still pretty high in starch Read more [...]

Shrimp Carbonara with Sweet Potato “Pasta”

Since reading Sweet Potato Power, I’ve been using sweet potatoes much more creatively. We’ve always eaten a lot of them, but she had a great recipe for Sweet Potato Pasta, and I’ve used the basic concept in several dishes since then. This is my favorite so far because it combines sweet potatoes, shrimp, and bacon… yum. Even if you aren’t completely grain free, using sweet potato strings in place of pasta is an easy way to add some extra nutrition and fun color to a meal! 1 vote PRINT Shrimp Read more [...]

Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash

I have a confession, I’m not a food blogger- just a mom who loves to cook. When I started out, my recipes were good, but my pictures were bad. Really bad. Since then, I’ve learned a little about photography and improved some (I hope) but I’m still just a mom who cooks and sometimes, I get tired of writing elaborate descriptions of recipes, because, really… who reads those anyway? Rather attempting to write a fancy description about how delicious, delectable, perfectly balanced Read more [...]

Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie Recipe (Savory and Sweet)

This is a similar recipe to my Meatloaf Cupcakes, but with more vegetables… My kids absolutely love sweet potatoes and will eat them any way I fix them, so this is a good way to add in the extra veggies. This recipe also freezes well and re-heats well so it can be prepared ahead for busy nights. 2 votes PRINT Sweet Potato Shepard's Pie Recipe (Family Favorite) prep 15 mins cook 45 mins total 60 mins author wellness mama yield 6 -8 I love this healthier take Read more [...]