10 Incredible Buddha Bowls to Update Your Diet

Buddha bowls are typically viewed as a complicated meal that only professional nutritionists are able to make. But in reality, even the laziest girl in the world can make it herself. Buddha bowls are known for their versatility, healthy nutrients, and variety. One bowl can keep your energy going all day long and boost your overall wellness. While Buddha bowls are easy to make, perhaps you find yourself confusing about what to put into your bowl. 1. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl Sweet Read more [...]

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe

Ranch dressing was one of my first condiment loves (after ketchup, or course) but I had to break up with the store bought version long ago when I found out that it was hiding things from me, mainly: Vegetable oils Sugar Soy Xanthan Gum Modified Food Starch Artificial Flavors Calcium Disodium EDTA as Preservative MSG Seemed pretty counterintuitive to make a healthy salad and then top it with that list of junk. I found a great alternative to regular ranch dressing (here’s the recipe), Read more [...]

Healthy Real-Food Ranch Dressing

One flavor that many people miss when they drop unhealthy vegetable oils is creamy, tangy ranch dressing. I know I did. I still love the taste of ranch but cringe to remember how I would put ranch dressing on almost every school lunch in high school … adding vegetable oils and processed soy to more vegetable oils and processed soy … Now that I prefer my food to only contain ingredients I can pronounce, I needed a grown-up, upgraded, healthier ranch dressing. This easy real-food ranch Read more [...]