Doctors Surgically Removed 28-Pounds of Feces From Constipated Man

A 22-year old Chinese man found himself in the hospital in really bad shape; he was weak and moaning in pain, his stomach so distended he looked 9 months pregnant. He had chronic constipation for most of his life and got to the point that laxatives couldn’t provide total relief from his pain and discomfort.

The patient looked like he was about to burst anytime!

Source: IBTimes
He was sent to surgery and after three hours, doctors were able to remove a massively swollen large intestine filled with feces; it weighed 28.6 pounds or 13 kilograms!

Source: Daily Mail UK
“It looked like it could explode at any time,” said Doctor Yin Lu of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital.

The patient was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease. It is a congenital condition in which nerve cells were missing in the bowel, which results to chronic problems in movement. Compared to a healthy digestive tract, food and waste stops in affected parts of the colon. The waste or the feces gathers up in the area and causes the large intestine to swell. In this patient’s case, it has turned into a “megacolon,” and if not operated on quickly could result to tearing or perforation and will release fecal bacteria that can cause sepsis.

This could lead to death so the man was lucky to have this operation just in time to save his life.

Source: Daily Mail UK
The disease is rare; it occurs in only 1 out of 5,000 newborns within 48 hours after birth. It can also manifest in older children through chronic constipation, distended belly, and malnutrition. The patient was already an adult when he was admitted to imagine the build-up of waste residing in his colon!

He was expected to recover fully after the operation. His story is a reminder for us all to monitor our bowel movements and keep our GI tract healthy. So if you notice constant abdominal pain and bloating that just wouldn’t go away, a trip to the doctor is a must.

‘New swastika’ t-shirts removed from website after internet backlash

KA Design is selling t-shirts with swastikas on them in an attempt to “reclaim” the symbol  (iStock)

T-shirts branded with “new swastikas” for sale on the custom apparel platform Teespring have since been removed after the company became aware of the design.

The company responsible for the creating the products, KA Design, was selling the clothing (via with swastikas printed on them in an attempt to “reclaim” the Nazi imagery as a “symbol of peace and love.”

The products featured several different designs, all with the “new swastika” symbol over a rainbow background with phrases like “peace” and “love.”

On the KA Design page on Teespring, they explain, “We celebrate freedom. We want to explore our boundaries, and push them forward. We love humanity, love and peace. We are KA.”

A representative for Teespring told Fox News that KA Design is not affiliated with and in no reflects the views of the company. “The moment Teespring was made aware of the design, it was removed from the site.  No t-shirts were sold to consumers and Teespring did not profit from this design in any way.”

Teespring also issued an apology for the incident, saying they are taking action to ensure this does not happen again. They use keyword detection, image recognition and manual review to screen the catalogue of inventory. Additionally, the representative said they are “continually improving the processes to ensure content of this nature doesn’t appear on the site and they are creating more sophisticated systems and layers of manual review.”

To show their support for those who took offense to the designs, the company is making a donation to Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center.”


In a video posted to the KA Design Facebook page last month, they describe the history of the swastika as an ancient Indian symbol of “peace, love, luck, infinity and life” before the Nazis “stigmatized” the symbol by using it to represent “hatred, fear, war, racism and power.”

A representative for the company told Dazed they don’t care if the t-shirts are bought by Nazis. “We think the message on our apparel is clear: Peace, love and freedom win over hatred, war and prejudice. If some kind of neo-Nazi goes out wearing our shirt, he will raise the same kind of questions and discussions as a communist wearing the same shirt. That’s why we don’t care about who buys the shirts.”


The clothing items, which were originally for sale on Teespring for $20-27, received enormous backlash on social media. However, the products were praised by Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.