7 Smart Ways to Adjust to a New Work Team

Getting a new job has always been a stressful event for every person. But why do people find it extremely difficult and stressful? I think it happens due to unbridled fear of uncertainty, lack of professional skills, knowledge and experience.

I’m a sensitive person and when I get a new job, I automatically start worrying and asking myself too many odd questions. My obsessive chain of what-if-questions really drives me crazy, steals my confidence and even fills my heart with fear or diffidence.

As a reasonable and rational thinking personality, I usually suppress my negative thoughts and put an end to obsessive thinking by sticking to common rules, standards and tips on how to become an indispensable part of a new work team in a quite short period of time.

While these seven tips are effective, sometimes employees have to face the challenges of abnormal situations in different spheres of life, especially career. Even if you do everything right at work, the work team will always be divided into your friends and haters. You shouldn’t get upset about it, but realize that you’re not a dollar to be loved and respected by everyone.

If some of your coworkers feel an antipathy towards you, keep calm and try to find a different approach to them. It will help you handle the situation and prove everyone that you’re a friendly, successful and valuable worker. I hope my experiences will help you quickly adapt to your new work environment and win the respect of your coworkers.

1. First impression is crucially important

When you’re crossing the threshold of a new office, you should remember that your success, reputation and status depend on the impression you’ll make during the first 5 minutes of the conversation with your potential coworkers. They will pay considerable attention to your appearance, words, manners, mindset and stand in life.

Nowadays every company has its own rules, standards, traditions, including dress code. By all means, try not to stem the tide by expressing your individuality through clothing, because such inequality will certainly trigger conflicts and indignation within the work team, and turn its members against you.

Furthermore, make sure you control your emotions and behave in a confident way, because your eyes reflect your inner emotional state like a mirror. If you feel that your fear and anxiety are going out of control, try to prevail over them, using different meditation techniques that will quickly stabilize your emotional well-being.

2. Adhere to the golden mean
Communication with new colleagues is an incredibly challenging thing. You should always keep in mind that every person has its own comfort zone, stereotypes, views and principles.

Some easy going personalities can quickly open their hearts to you and become your friends, while others need a bit of a reality check and don’t want someone like you to penetrate their comfort zone and thrust your friendship to them. If you see that someone keeps a distance from you, it’s desirable just to accept it and show respect for their opinion.

If you want to speed up the acquaintance process, try to speak the language of your colleagues. Use their slang and avoid obscure words, phrases or jokes. This way, you’ll turn from a stranger into a respected insider in a twinkling of an eye. But you should always remember about the rule of the Golden Mean. This rule is the guarantee of your success in both your life and career. The main thing is not to go too far in everything you do.

3. Keep a stiff upper lip
As a newcomer, you should be mentally ready to deal with mobbing and other types of emotional pressure. Have you ever thought about why workmates mock the newcomers and each other?

It usually happens when they either hate each other cordially or want to check the strength of the newcomer’s character and get to know how they act in different stressful situations. This kind of an acid test gives them an opportunity to see your true colors, strong points and weaknesses. At any rate, you should do all possible and impossible things to remain unprovoked, even if your coworkers decide to get on your nerves.

They might start abusing their position and become impudent by asking you to do numerous tasks you’re not responsible for. In such a case, you should let them know that you’re ready to help them, but you won’t clean the office alone or work overtime on a regular basis. Propose them to assign the tasks fairly. It’s crucially important to state your proposition firmly, but calmly.

4. Make a first step
I know that it’s very difficult to take the initiative, but this habit is the key to a happy, harmonious and successful life. If you’ve just got a job, show your worth and earn favorable reputation. Remember, you’ll never achieve a desirable result, until you find common language or make friends with your colleagues.

You live in the society where the business sphere is round like the Earth. From time to time you’ll meet and have to deal with the same people. But how can you establish and maintain good relations at work?

The newcomer should learn to make the first step. You may invite your coworkers to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or something else together. You’ll have a chance to communicate in a relaxed, cheerful and friendly atmosphere. But be careful and try not to overshoot the mark, because sometimes too much familiarity can breed contempt.

5. Find a team-mate
Just because you’re at work you shouldn’t spend all the time alone like an ole eagle. Effective and productive teamwork has become the main priority for many companies. Every member of the team, as an essential part of a big mechanism, has to work hard and cooperate with others successfully. Those who don’t satisfy these requirements are fired. The company can do it just for the sake of its stability and prosperity. If you don’t want it to happen, you should do your best to establish good work relationships with all your coworkers.

In case you find it too difficult, try to get on well with at least one team-mate and ask them to bring you up to date. As soon as you enlist the support of an experienced and respected team member, you’ll significantly rise in other colleagues’ estimation and become more confident.

Don’t fear to ask for such a help. Many people can’t imagine their lives without mentoring. They become mentors for various reasons. It usually boosts their confidence and ego, increases their professionalism and even improves karma, because gratuitous help is the choice of kind-hearted and wonderful people.

6. Keep your tongue in check
Your tongue can be either your friend or the worst enemy. During the trial period it’s strongly recommended to keep a still tongue in your head. Before you utter a word, you should always think what you say, to whom and what for. It’s important because one day every word or phrase said by you may be used against you by your workmates.

When you’re among your colleagues, you’d better speak on the case and ask everything only about the specifics of your work. They may start spreading rumors about the others in your presence, but you should keep silent and resist the temptation to add your two cents. If you say something bad about other team members behind their backs, they’ll certainly get to know about it.

7. Try to be a source of positivity
Positive people with a perfect sense of humor are always worth their weight in gold. If you’re one of them, then you should take advantage of this wondrous God-Given quality and realize that all the doors are open to you. No matter whether you’re a mature and professional specialist or not, a frank smile is a magic thing that makes even a newcomer an extremely attractive and confident person.

Have you ever noticed that the personalities who smile and carry positivity regardless of everything are always surrounded by lots of people? Without a doubt, smile and positive attitude are the secrets of their attraction. Every time you meet your colleagues face to face, smile for the sake of your success.

If you want to adjust to a new work team, consider following these pieces of advice. The main point is to behave naturally and remember that you’re individuality. Do you adjust to a new job quickly? What other ways to get along with colleagues do you know? Share your tips with us.

7 Healthy Foods to Eat to Combat Sugar Addiction in the Body

Nowadays lots of people suffer from sugar addiction and that is a real problem as it can lead to numerous diseases. If you are a sugar addict, don’t get upset. There are so many effective ways that will help you to solve this issue. For example, by adding certain healthy foods to you diet you will be able to reduce sugar addiction in your body. Surely, when you decide to ditch sugar, it may be rather difficult for you at first. I know some people who even had various disorders and depression while trying to give up sugar. You can be sure that your life will not stop without sugar. It is possible to stay happy and healthy consuming other foods instead of sugar. Do you know that this sweet product affects our body in the same way as a drug? That’s why it won’t be so easy to give it up. Though, by including the following wholesome foods into your diet you can reach the desirable result in no time and your sugar cravings will not bother you anymore.

1. Green Vegetables
Whether you like green vegetables or not, try to eat them every day. That doesn’t mean you should become a vegetarian, you simply need to add a few veggies to your main courses. For instance, you may cook your favorite omelet and serve it with red bell pepper and asparagus. These foods are not only efficient in fighting sugar addiction, they also make your dishes tastier. It will be a good breakfast for you. Now, when you have started your sugar-free diet, it would be better to replace your morning cereal, no matter how hard it is. Being rich in chlorophylls green vegetables are the best choice for those who want to get rid of sugar addiction. Most of these foods are full of chromium, which is necessary to stabilize your blood sugar. To prevent sugar cravings you have to consume a great number of B vitamin and green veggies are a wonderful source of this vitamin.

2. Protein
In order to fight sugar successfully your body needs proteins. When it comes to sugar addiction, these nutrients are considered to be the most efficient. They will provide your body with the amino acids that balance your blood sugar. What is more important – you will not crave sugar any more. Plus, protein contributes greatly to a healthy metabolism in your body. Aren’t these good reasons for you to include foods high in proteins into your daily menu?

3. Smart Snacks
Most of us usually don’t pay much attention to the snacks we consume. Very often we are extremely busy during the day so that we have no time to eat a substantial meal. As a result, we choose different snacks but they can’t give us all the nutrients and vitamins we need, moreover, they may even damage our health. I would advise you to look for smart snacks, avoiding those made of processed foods. In such way, you will minimize your sugar intake. What are these snacks? Such foods as grape tomatoes, raw nuts, carrots, plain Greek yogurt and many others are known to be smart snacks. They will help you to cope with sugar cravings easily. In case you have a strong desire to eat some sweets, you can try low sugar fruits as a substitution. Strawberries and grapefruit are among the lowest sugar fruits, so you’ll definitely benefit from these sweet and delicious foods. Personally I give preference to raw vegetables and nuts.

4. Huge Salads
It would be nice if you had salads in your menu every day. We generally use veggies, leafy greens and raw foods to cook these dishes and all these ingredients are incredibly important for our nutrition. I would recommend you to forget about cheese, croutons and other high fat foods when making salads. Here is the recipe of my favorite salad. Take some spinach and romaine leaves and put them into a big bowl. After, squeeze one lemon over the leaves. Then, add 1 tbsp. of olive oil and sprinkle with some black pepper. You can use any kind of vinegar like apple cider or balsamic to give your salad savory taste. These foods will keep your blood sugar under control. When the greens are ready, you can take some lean meat, like chicken or fish and add it to your salad. There are also some other sources of proteins such as nuts, quinoa, lentils and seeds. They may be used for this salad either. Vegetables like zucchini, scallions, peppers, carrots, squash will make this dish look nice and colorful. I’m convinced you’ll like this huge and tasty salad. Include it into your lunch menu and you won’t be hungry throughout the day.

5. Dark Cocoa Powder
I think this is one of the most marvelous and delicious foods that you can try for your sugar-free diet. Dietarians recommend buying unsweetened dark cocoa and using it for making smoothies or homemade mocha. What is the benefit of dark cocoa powder? It has intense chocolate flavor that is believed to combat sugar cravings. For me, it works magically. Every time I consume dark cocoa powder I don’t want any other sweet things. Another option you are supposed to try is raw cacao powder. I should admit it is even better than dark cocoa powder as it contains lots of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that the basic elements for your body.

6. Healthy Fats
Those people who have just started to remove sugar from their diet should bear in mind that healthy fats are the most essential nutrients that lower blood sugar and burn fat in their body. You will be amazed with the results when you combine them with leafy greens, vegetables and a lean protein. Foods like raw coconut oil, olive oil, raw nuts and seeds, avocado, raw coconut meat, flax oil and hemp oil are the greatest sources of healthy fats. By adding them to your eating plan you’ll manage to fight sugar addiction and prevent weight gain.

7. Stevia
It has been proven that stevia is one of the most salubrious herbs that help people to fight various health problems. This herb is a wonderful natural substitute of sugar because it has a sweet taste and lowers blood sugar at the same time. Today you can find so many varieties of stevia; some of them are low quality and have a bitter taste. I give preference to liquid stevia which is alcohol free; it can be used at any place whenever I need. This food tastes perfectly when added to unsweetened smoothies and yogurt. Perhaps, you won’t find any other natural product that is sugar-free, gluten-free and calorie-free like stevia. When you buy stevia at the supermarket, make sure it is a high quality item, don’t stick to cheap varieties.

Having noticed that you are a sugar addict you should start fighting this health problem immediately. At first it may seem that sugar addiction is not dangerous for your health, but, in fact, it is one of the reasons you may have wrinkles, acne, heart disease and diabetes. Don’t be afraid to combat sugar addiction in your body, it’s not as difficult as you think. Do you suffer from sugar addiction? What foods do you usually eat to prevent sugar cravings?

7 Smart Ways to Get in Shape Before Summer

Summer is the most desirable and fantastic season we all are looking forward to. It is the time when we can relax and enjoy all the blessings of our life. The advantages of this wonderful season are endless. As a rule, most of us have vacation during this season and that is one of the reasons why we love summer so much. It is quite normal that women are greatly concerned about their appearance before going on vacation. Resorts at the seaside are the most popular places we used to go to and we need to have a perfect body in order to feel comfortable there. Unfortunately, lots of women gain weight during winter and when summer time is approaching they try to find some simple and effective ways to get fit quickly. If you are one of them, don’t be upset because you have all chances to improve your shape and look beautiful, just make sure you set your goals and work hard to reach them. I hope the following steps will help you to lose weight before your vacation.

1. Plan for Success
No matter what your life goal is, you should certainly make a plan to achieve good results. If you do things spontaneously without a plan, your efforts will never be successful. That’s why I recommend you to set a plan for every week and take all the steps that are necessary for getting in shape. Only this way you’ll be able to look amazing in no time.

2. Do Exercises Regularly
Once you have decided to lose weight for vacation, you should try your best to do regular physical exercises, otherwise your attempts and hopes to become slim will be ruined. To reach a success, you have to exercise no less than 5 times a week. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t have much time for your progress, therefore try to use every minute of your workout rationally. Go to the nearest gym or simply run every morning at the local park and you will definitely make a great contribution to your health.

3. Get Rid Of Unhealthy Foods
If there are various tasty foods in your pantry, you will always have a temptation to eat them. But these foods are generally high in calories and they may be harmful to your waistline. Thus, it is reasonable to clean out your pantry, removing all unhealthy food from it, and get wholesome snacks instead. Fill your refrigerator with healthier food like fruits and vegetables.

4. Go Food Shopping for Healthy Options
It should be mentioned that your daily diet really matters when it comes to losing weight. Be ready to make certain changes in your eating plan and include only nutritious and healthy foods into it. Visit your local supermarket and opt for foods that are beneficial for you. First, you’d better go to the greengrocer’s and purchase some veggies and fruits that are full of vitamins, and then take whole grains and don’t forget about lean proteins. Walk away from those aisles where you can see different sweets and pastries. It will help you to prevent a desire to buy them.

5. Control Your Weight Every Week
Positive thinking and good emotions are the best way to fulfill your plan without any obstacles. Some people often suffer from stress and frustration when they try to fight overweight. Those who keep calm finally get better results. The only thing you need is to be dedicated and hardworking and you will see the desirable effect. Control your weight at the end of every week. Consequently, you will know whether you make progress or you need to work more.

6. Order Your Swimsuit for Motivation
Despite the fact that your vacation is in a month, it would be nice to buy your swimsuit right now so that you’ll get extra stimulation to lose weight before your trip. You can’t find a better motivation than your thoughts of wearing a nice swimsuit and attracting admiring glances of your man and strangers. When trying on your bathing suit, you can even take a photo and you’ll be able to compare it with the one you will take during your vacation in a very short period of time.

7. Be Confident
It sounds unbelievable but your vacation will start in a couple of days. Now it’s time to sum up your results and to be proud of what you have done. Your confidence is an efficient way to demonstrate your slim and toned body to everyone who surrounds you. Get ready to relax, enjoy pleasant and sunny weather and always smile. Your smile is a sure sign of your success.

Have you already planned your vacation for this year? What places are you going to visit? I’m convinced there is some sea resort on your list of vacation destinations. If you have problems with your weight and want to get in shape for your journey, don’t worry as you still have enough time to tone up your body and become the most beautiful girl. Do you know any other effective ways to lose weight quickly?

7 Ways to Decipher Dress Codes and Follow Them Appropriately

Deciphering dress-codes is not an easy thing. There is always a difference between phrases: “Look well”, “Dress flashily” or “Appear underdressed”. Happily, nowadays modern society’s attitude to fashion isn’t so strict, so people do not prefer purely smart dress for casual events. But there are some cases when it’s absolutely necessary to follow the dress code. Have a look at the ways on how to decipher dress codes and follow them appropriately.

1. Cocktail
Cocktail dress codes are often required at parties and weddings. Women wear majestic knee-length dress, even though the length can vary these days. If dresses aren’t your favourite ones, you can show up wearing smart suit. Men are free to dress up suits without a tie. Cocktail dress code is mostly universal by having no restrictions. Moreover, it has much in common with formal styles.

2. Smart casual
Smart casual is one of the most defined dress codes in the world. This dress-code can be treated differently. The main point is to be on a level and look magnificent. Women prefer smart dresses and skirts, and sometimes they team jeans with heeled shoes and blazer jackets. Men give preference to shirts, mostly of bright colours. By all means, try to be more “stylish” than “casual.”

3. Black tie
When having a “black tie” event, it is accepted to dress according to the formal style. It is necessary to follow the rules of this style without any exceptions. Women usually choose formal full-length dress. Different accessories can enrich your individuality level, but do not try too hard. Men’s casual set includes: black tuxedo, black bow-tie and elegant shoes.

4. Lounge suit
“Lounge suit” and “Cocktail” dress codes are mostly the same. These dress-codes are so equivalent that it seems a bit confusing. If “lounge suit” is required, women should make an accent on a marvelous full-length dress. You can look amazing, using jewelry and outfits. Men have to wear a suit with a tie.

5. White tie
“White Tie” dress code is considered to be the top formal out of all. Such events are usually very glamorous, so it requires an appropriate preparation. Full-length gowns completed with gloves are casual women’s outfits by that case. Ladies have their smart hair worn up. Men usually choose three piece suit with white bow-tie and a tailcoat.

6. Formal or black tie optional
The definition “optional” in dressing is quite risky. This dress-code is a middle part between “lounge suit” and “black tie”. Full-length gown is the best variant for women. Men can wear tuxedos.

7. Free dress code
When visiting such an event, you are absolutely free to make a decision what to wear. It is easier to create your outfit and style, having an idea about the type of event, location and time of a day. The host of the event and guests can give you a hint how to dress, if you are confused about that fact.

Every dress code has its meaning. Usually, informal dress codes are more available and offer you a broad freedom of choice. Do you prefer to “dress flashily” or “appear underdressed”? What are your secrets to get dressed for the occasion right?

9 Smart Ways to Become Healthier

Health is one of the greatest things that really matter in our life. We used to take our health for granted and we often forget to pay attention to those things that can make us healthier. If you are healthy, you’ll be able to work, study and do various activities more productively. But if you have certain problems with your health, nothing will bring you happiness. Due to the fact that our life is very busy we almost don’t have time to take care of our health. As a result, lots of people suffer from different diseases that make them feel bad. However, there are some simple things that may help us improve our physical and emotional state. To stay healthy and happy you don’t have to spend huge sums of money, just make sure you include the following things into your daily routine and you’ll manage to prevent numerous health disorders.

1. Sleep More
It is a well-known fact that good sleep contributes greatly to our health and beauty either. According to scientific researches people who don’t sleep enough are more subjected to illnesses as their immunity is weak. Plus, they tend to gain weight quickly that can turn out to be a big problem. When you stay awake at night, the hunger will bother you and you’ll consume foods that may be harmful to your waistline. Dietarians say that those who constantly lack sleep usually eat more than they really need. That’s why you’d better sleep more instead of eating unhealthy snacks.

2. Laugh As Much As You Want
Laughter is considered to be extremely beneficial for us. Every day we face plenty of stressful situations that have a negative impact on our health, so, if you have an opportunity to laugh, don’t restrict your emotions and enjoy the moment. It has been proven that laughter can expend blood vessels and support your vascular health. Moreover, it stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that are responsible for our good mood and bright emotions.

3. Eat Carotenoids
At first it may seem that there is no connection between our health and beauty, but when you look beautiful and attractive, you’ll feel more confident and content. Consequently, these positive feelings will be reflected in your physical condition. Thus, it is necessary to focus on our beauty as well. We all know that health benefits of fruits and vegetables are countless. Furthermore, they are perfect for our skin. Make it a rule to eat veggies like cabbage, tomatoes, kale, broccoli and peppers. Being full of carotenoids they will provide a fresh glow to your skin. This way, you’ll be able to stay attractive and healthy at the same time.

4. Stay Active While Aging
Certainly, nobody wants to get older but the process of aging is inevitable for all of us. Then, why not age artfully? Unfortunately, most seniors prefer to stay at home after they retire. Having no social life, these people feel unnecessary in society. Finally, it may lead to stress and their health will get worse. For this reason, it would be a splendid idea to do some enjoyable activity when you grow old. It has been found that aged people, who do things like painting, singing or creative writing, are healthier and more satisfied with their life unlike those who sit back. More importantly, your active lifestyle will give you an opportunity to enhance the immune system and develop your personality.

5. Get a Massage
Doctors assert that massage is always salubrious to our body. Firstly, it will help you relax and refresh your mind after a hard day. Secondly, you should try massage since it will lower your blood pressure and the number of stress hormones in your body will be diminished. All together this increases the amount of natural killer cells that protect our body against bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. Even a single massage session can ensure particular biological changes.

6. Work with Friends
It’s quite difficult to imagine our existence without work. Taking into account the fact that we spend hours in the office it is necessary to create supportive and friendly atmosphere at our workplace. There are lots of evidences that those who get on well with their colleagues live longer because they don’t often deal with tension and anxiety caused by hostility and misunderstanding. Therefore, you are recommended to get acquainted with your co-workers when you apply for a job.

7. Clean without Toxic
Today we have an enormous choice of detergents that are very effective when it comes to cleaning our homes. Despite this most household products are dangerous to our health as they contain toxics. Instead you can prepare a home-made detergent that will reduce bacteria. Mix some lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda and use this substance to clean any dirty place in your house. It has been discovered that vinegar is excellent in fighting mold and germs.

8. Communicate with Your Neighbors
People are social beings and communication is an integral part of our life. In order to be healthier and happier we should develop a strong community. These days the majority of the world’s population lives in cities and towns that are full of bustle and inhabitants don’t notice each other. Some people living in block apartments even don’t know their neighbors and never talk to them. I think it is terrible to be surrounded by hundreds of people but still stay alone. Studies show that heart disease occurs rarely among those who live in a close-knit community. In addition, their emotional health is greatly improved.

9. Don’t Lose Your Hope
Sometimes we have certain difficulties that may result in frustration and depression which affect our health ruinously. Hence, you ought to be optimistic and think positively in spite of all troubles. Professors say that happy people almost don’t have risk of cardiovascular disease. Don’t lose your hope whatever happens in your life and work persistently to achieve your goal. This is the main key to your success and well-being.

Nothing can be more valuable and important than our health, that’s why we must always find time to care for it. I hope that these tips will help you become healthier without extra efforts and expenses. The only thing you need is a great desire to improve your health and positive attitude to life. If you know other ways to be healthy and happy, I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Amazon’s new smart goggles might make sense, if Alexa is everywhere

I’m not a fan of smart goggles, the awkward device Google tried to pawn off on us a few years ago for a high price tag. Google Glass failed because it didn’t really offer that much functionality, and Google didn’t actually convince anyone it made sense to wear glasses.

And yet news about Amazon making smart goggles caught my attention, because — while I never warmed up to the idea — I can see the benefit for anyone who already wears glasses anyway. This time around I could see myself jumping on board, with one major caveat.

Here it is: I would wear the glasses if Alexa could be found everywhere in other gadgets — like my garage door; my car; the adjustable desk in front of me; the autonomous mower in my yard; the phone I use; and my entire house, including everything from the dishwasher to the TV. Then it would be super easy to talk to my smart glasses rather than to my phone. My guess is that Amazon has the same kind of vision.

I can see how this might work. Sans phone, I’d wake up in the morning, put on my glasses as normal, and talk to Alexa. I might ask her to make a quick cup of coffee and open the blinds. Then, I’d ask her to read the news. I mean, isn’t this really what we want — access to Alexa with no phone or speaker around? (Although Alexa would know to activate a speaker when possible.) A HUD would show me what’s happening, or maybe Alexa would talk to me through the goggles, though I could see that getting annoying.

For this to make sense, it would absolutely have to work…and work all day.

I’m most interested in being able to use the glasses while driving. I won’t name any names here, but I tested Google Glass in a car once and it was pretty amazing to be able to see my speed in real time. What else could Alexa do for me? How about warning me when she notices I am not stopping for a car up ahead, or giving me directions based on the fact that she knows my schedule and knows where I need to be. She could even make sure the lights are on at home when I’m done for the day.

The “everywhere” concept is something I’ve mentioned before. Prevalence is key for the future of all AI. (Just don’t get too prevalent and take over our lives). If Alexa is everywhere, I’ll be happy to wear smart glasses because the benefit will be amazing.

But here is where things get a little complex. In truth, I prefer to use the Google Assistant for many tasks, especially those related to questions. Google often knows the answer, which should not be that surprising given its history of finely tuned web search results. Wearing Alexa glasses makes perfect sense in a world dominated by Amazon, but the goggles would not be as helpful if I’m switching over to Siri or the Assistant (or Cortana).

Maybe the somewhat overlooked announcement about Amazon partnering with Microsoft for bot integrations — essentially, you can activate one bot using another — is a bigger step on the road to bot domination than we all think. Maybe Alexa everywhere will work by triggering other bots and connected services. Maybe one pair of glasses will rule the world.

10 Sneaky Tricks to Eat Less

If you’re trying to lose those unwanted pounds, you might want to know some tricks to eat less throughout the day. Sticking to a healthy diet isn’t fun and easy. Between consuming bland foods and depriving yourself, you may simply give up after the first few weeks. When you fool yourself into eating less, it’s much easier to achieve your weight loss goal. Below is the list of 10 sneaky tricks that will help you to eat less throughout the day.

1. Water
Drinking a full glass of water before eating is one of the best ways to trick yourself into eating less. The point is, the water fills the stomach and you feel full faster from your meal. In fact, the water is not the only drink that fills the stomach. Juice is another option. Just make sure you avoid soda, sweet teas and coffee. They are just empty calories your body doesn’t need at all. I recommend drinking water with lemon that helps with nausea as well.

2. Small plate
Believe it or not, but a small plate can really help you to eat less. Many people say that this easy trick doesn’t work, but I can say from my personal experience that it actually works. When your plate is big, you have a lot of space for food. When your plate or bowl is smaller, you don’t have free space to pile up food. Buy smaller plates, eat less and drop those unwanted pounds with almost no effort.

3. Non-dominant hand
Whether you are enjoying your meal or snacking, try switching to your non-dominant hand in order to eat less. The research conducted by psychologists of the University of Southern California showed that people who ate with their non-dominant hand consumed less food (popcorn was used in this experiment) than those who used their dominant hand.

4. Large fork
I know, I know, this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but the study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that eating with a larger fork can help to consume less food. You think you’re making more progress on your meal and eat more, but in fact you eat less.

5. Eating slowly
When you eat fast you eat more food and you may eventually gain weight. By eating slower, you will consume less food, and that will help you drop more pounds. Plus, eating slowly enhances the pleasure of the enjoyable dining experience. Enjoy your meal slowly, ladies!

6. Stop eating while watching TV
A lot of different studies show that when people are distracted, they typically eat more. If you like eating while watching your favorite shows, I guess this is a bad news for you. You should break this habit immediately if you don’t want to gain weight. Eating while playing on the computer or reading is another bad habit to break.

7. Sugar-free gum
To eat less, always carry sugar-free gum in your pocket or purse. The ingredients in the chewing gum can curb your cravings and help you snack less. And if your friend has a junk fest that includes potato chips, cookies and ice cream, and you are trying to stick to your diet, sugar-free gum will certainly help control your cravings.

8. Move healthy food up front
When we enter the store, most of us snap up the food items at the front since they are the first thing we see. This same behavior can also happen in your kitchen. Have you ever noticed that you take the first food item you see in your fridge than the fourth or fifth? If you want to eat less, place healthy foods such as fresh fruits and veggies front and center in your fridge and make sure you hide high-calorie foods in the back.

9. Make smart food swaps
Whether you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight, you need to learn how to make smart food swaps. While chocolate is chocolate and bacon is bacon, you can opt for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and eat Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon. If you know what smart food swaps to make, you can easily trick your mind into thinking you are satisfied. Just make sure you control your portions and use the tricks I mentioned before.

10. Learn to eat mindfully
The key to eating less is to eat mindfully. Pay attention to how your body feels after eating. If you always feel an energy crash after eating, it’s a sure sigh you overeat. Learn to eat mindfully and really enjoy what you eat. Hopefully, these several tips on how to start eating mindfully will help you.

Healthy eating plan and exercise are two essential things for weight loss. However, these simple tricks will help put you much closer to your weight loss goal. How do you fool yourself into eating less throughout the day? Please, feel free to share your weight loss tips with us.

8 Smart Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday shopping doesn’t just have to be money splurging time. Some people spend more money on Black Friday than any other day of the year, believing they get the best deals. It’s not a secret that many companies raise the prices on Black Friday and trick us into thinking we get cheap things and save cash for Christmas. Fake Black Friday isn’t a surprise in many cities, which is why more and more people skip this big day. If you can’t stay home when others do shopping, here’s your guide to getting the best deals and purchase things you really need.

1. Leave your credit cards at home
Maybe I’m a credit card hater, but I think it’s one of the worst things that can ruin our happiness and quality of life. When getting ready for Black Friday shopping, create a list of things you need and prepare a certain amount of money. This way you will avoid overspending and running into debts. When you pay with cash during the holiday season, you ring in the new year debt-free, unless your friend will lend the money to you.

2. Don’t ignore the fine print
Large fonts, flashy language and seemingly fantastic prices are created to get our attention. We hurry to buy the item before someone else will get it, forgetting to read the fine print. Oftentimes, we are too lazy to read it. However, the fine print may contain the truth that many retailers and companies are trying to hide from us. The hustle and bustle of Black Friday can break the most savvy shoppers, albeit it all depends on how many things you want to purchase.

3. Don’t get blinded by flashy deals
When going Black Friday shopping, think outside of the box. Instead of stocking on Christmas gifts, think about other events too, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Look for little items that are cheaper on Black Friday. This way, you will always be ready for any occasion, even when you won’t have money at all.

4. Bargain
If you really love the item but don’t have enough money for buying it, look for the same item with some little scratch, tear or package damage and feel free to bargain. Most sellers and stores, especially those that are less heavily trafficked, are open to bargaining and negotiating. But don’t get angry. Bargain with a smile on your face and a great mood.

5. Get ready mentally and physically
It may sound ridiculous but those who are ready for Black Friday shopping mentally and physically get the best deals. Go to bed early, meditate or read before sleep in order to calm your mind, skip alcohol at party to avoid dealing with hangover in the morning, create a list of the things you want to buy and prepare money. On Black Friday, wake up earlier, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, increase your mood level, grab a bottle of water and go shopping. We tend to make better decisions when we feel healthy. Be ready to deal with angry people and don’t respond to rudeness.

6. Don’t open a store credit card
Store credit cards allows us to get extra savings on the items we need, but they are usually much higher than our ordinary bank credit cards. Opening a store credit card on Black Friday may leave you paying off your debt all year long, not to mention that you can end up paying up to 30% if you will be late on your payment.

7. Watch your change
Black Friday is a great opportunity for seller to earn some extra cash. Huge crowds and long lines are overwhelming, which is why it’s no wonder so many people find themselves feeling confused and losing money. Watch your wallet and change when going Black Friday shopping. Otherwise, you lose more than gain.

8. Don’t throw away the receipts
When you have the receipts of your purchases, you have more chances of changing or returning the item you bought mistakenly. Or, maybe that washer has some technical problems or serious damages that you failed to notice on Black Friday. A receipt is a proof that you have a right to get a high quality item and the store simply deceived you. The best advice is to keep your receipts every time you buy something no matter what day it is.

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing for it right now. Don’t run to an extreme, though. If you have no money, it’s best to skip Black Friday shopping. The last thing you want to deal with in the coming year is debts. Are you ready for this year’s Black Friday shopping? What are you going to hunt for?

10 Smart Ways to Care for Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes afford you easy application of everything from your cosmetic foundation and blush to eye shadow and lip color. A good set of brushes may last you for years at a time, but only if you take proper care of them. Brushes that are not cleaned, or are mistreated, will soon collect dirt, bacteria, and excess product and need to be replaced. Here are 10 tips to extend the life of your cosmetics brushes, saving you money and a trip the department store.

1. Wash your brushes
Brushes should be cleaned on a regular basis to get rid of built up makeup residue, skin oils, and other dirt. If you don’t clean your brushes, the oil and dirt on your brushes will end up being transferred to your face with each make up application. You can wash brushes with a brush cleaner or shampoo, but use something gentle enough to get out the dirt without damaging the bristles.

2. Separate new brushes from old ones
Remember that the dirt and oil from one brush can transfer to another when your brushes are all stored together. Bacteria from one brush may also jump to nearby brushes, which is damaging to the brushes and your skin or lips. To that end, if you have brushes that are currently unclean or older, it’s smart to store them in a separate location from new, clean brushes.

3. Reshape bristles
Another way to care for your makeup brushes is to reshape the bristles as soon as you are finished washing them. Prior to laying your brushes down to dry, shape them gently with your fingers. This will encourage the bristles to dry in a natural orientation, not bent or in a position that may lead them to break.

4. Learn how to dry brushes
A brush that is properly cleaned but improperly dried can actually end up in bad shape. Immediately after you wash your makeup brush, lightly brush it against a towel to get rid of some of the moisture. Then lay your makeup brush on a towel to dry, never using a blow drier. Air drying is the best means of drying your brushes because too much heat can warp the shape of your bristles. A brush may take up to 8 hours to dry, so plan ahead.

5. Store your brushes upright
Once your brushes are dry, store them upright whenever possible. This discourages the bristles from becoming bent or suffering other damage. If you must store the brushes horizontally, make an effort to keep them from becoming crushed under other, heavier, cosmetics or small appliances.

6. Keep your brushes from staining
Clean your brushes as often as needed to keep the bristles from becoming stained. While foundation brushes may only need to be washed once a week or so provided you tap off excess makeup after each use, other brushes should be washed every other day. Lipstick and lip gloss brushes, for instance, should be washed about every other day because they are used with stickier cosmetics that can damage bristles faster.

7. Keep your brushes out of direct sunlight
Much like a hair dryer can damage the bristles on your cosmetics brushes, direct sunlight can do the same. Sun may also cause the bristles to weaken or fade, so try to store your brushes away from window sill or other locations where they will be in the direct path of sunlight for more than a short period of time each day.

8. Store your brushes in a cabinet or drawer
Just like your toothbrush should be kept in a cabinet for safekeeping, your skin will thank you from storing your makeup brushes in a cabinet or drawer. Perfumes, hair spray, germs from a sneeze, moisture from a shower, and any number of other of contaminates can settle onto a brush if you leave it out on the bathroom counter for a long period of time. Protect your brush and your skin by storing it in a safe location.

9. Don’t share your brushes
While you might occasionally loan your brush to a friend or roommate, avoid making this a common practice. Sharing brushes between users only encourages the growth of more bacteria on the bristles. After you share a brush with someone else, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning and dry it fully before you use it again.

10. Consider an alcohol-based cleaner
While warm water and shampoo can do a good job of breaking up the dirt in your brushes, consider using an alcohol-based cleaner. This is especially true if you want to expedite the drying time. Cleaning products that use alcohol will allow the moisture to evaporate much more quickly than a regular soap or shampoo.

Makeup brushes are a woman’s best friend, and are often thrown into purses and travel bags to be put to use away from home. With the proper care, you can get the most from your money by utilizing the same brushes for years at a time. Remember, however, that even with proper care makeup brushes do have a finite lifespan. When bristles become too stained or dirty, it’s a good idea to toss them and replace them with a clean set. How do you clean and store your makeup brushes? Share your secrets with us, ladies!

7 Smart Ways to Stop Overthinking and Overanalyzing Everything

Are you one of those people who tend to overthink and overanalyze everything they do? Life can get really complicated when you think and analyze too much. While there are some amazing benefits of being an overthinker, it’s essential to set a limit on analyzing everything. When you overthink something, you twist it around in your head until you’ve visualized the situation from each perspective. Sometimes it helps to make the right decision, but other times it makes you worry and can even make everything seem worse than it actually is. Before stressing yourself out and going overboard, check out my list of a few tried and true tips on how to stop overthinking and overanalyzing everything you say and do. Feel free to add to it after reading through!

1. Set a limit
When we make an important decision, most of us tend to hesitate to make a choice at once. I personally hesitate a lot when making big decisions. But I know, the longer I think about the decision, the tougher it becomes to make it. Plus, it often stresses me out! If you are like me, try to limit your thinking time. For instance, tell yourself that you’ll make your decision by 6 o’clock today. Once you set a time, make sure you follow it and meet the deadline. This is one of the best ways to stop overthinking and overanalyzing everything that I personally tried and always use when I have to make an important decision.

2. Nothing is ever perfect
No matter how hard we try to reach the point of perfection, we will never do it. Perfection doesn’t exist and you have to realize it. Striving for perfection causes stress and problems that we don’t need in our life, so the sooner you realize that nothing is ever ideal, the simpler and happier your life will become. I know many people who strive for perfection and I see how they just ruin their life as well as health. The worst thing is that they don’t enjoy their life. They’re always trying to make everything ideal, but unfortunately it’s impossible.

3. The bigger picture
When we overthink and overanalyze something, we focus on the problem and don’t think about the bigger picture. To avoid this, ask yourself if your decision will matter months in the future. If your answer is ‘no,’ stop stressing yourself out! There’s no point of doing that! Just make a fast decision and move on. If you answer ‘yes,’ think of how every option can affect you down the road.

4. Talk it out
One of the most effective ways to stop overthinking and overanalyzing something is to talk things out with someone you trust. It can be a family member or your close friend. They can tell you what they really think and can even help you make a decision. Even if they don’t help you, they will listen to you, and that’s a big thing! However, if you don’t have anybody to talk to, start the habit of writing a journal. The next time you overthink and overanalyze your problems or past mistakes, try taking a few minutes to write down your feelings and thoughts and see how you feel.

5. Try to distract yourself
Sure, it won’t help you to solve the whole problem, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do when you can’t stop overthinking something. Take a break to de-clutter your mind. This way you will come back to your problem with much clearer perspective. I usually read a good book or take a short nap. This helps me to relax and clear my mind. But you can also try meditation that will help you reduce stress and anxiety, and clear your mind.

6. Take a chance
Often we are afraid to take a chance and allow fate to decide everything. If you’re contemplating two absolutely different problems, you should start solving one problem and put aside another one. Don’t try to solve all the problems at once. Solve them one-by-one and stop overthinking them.

7. Exercise
Exercising is one of the best ways to de-stress your mind and body. Often overthinking and overanalyzing problems cause a lot of stress and can even put the person in a state of depression. It’s difficult to overthink and overanalyze your failures and mistakes when you’re sweating, so hit the gym or just go for a walk the next time you are stressed.

Life is full of problems and we always have to make difficult and important decisions. The key is to learn how to make decisions without any harm to your health and life. Moreover, life is full of mistakes and failures, and it’s important to learn how to accept those mistakes and forget about them. After all, he who makes no mistakes, makes nothing! I hope these tips helped you to feel a little bit better. Are you a big overthinker? How do you cope with that constant stream of thoughts?