7 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Faster

Looking for ways to spring clean your home in no time? Good. I’ve got some tried and tested ways that I’m going to share with you. Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things about the spring season, but unfortunately, I can’t enjoy it to the fullest since my schedule is always overloaded. So I’ve found a few ways to spring clean my home fast that are also great for those who don’t like cleaning.

1. Clean mini blinds
Yes, I want to start with the worst part about spring cleaning. I’m sure many of you would agree that cleaning mini blinds is a great pain. However, I’ve learned a small tip that makes it really easier. Just take your mini blinds down and wash them in the bath. They’ll be cleaner in no time!

2. Wash your walls
If you used to wash your walls by hand, this spring try washing them with a mop instead. This will save you a lot of time, I promise! Now that I know this little trick, washing my walls isn’t a big problem anymore. Give it a try and you will never think of washing the walls as a great pain.

3. Clean your oven
I don’t understand those people who clean their oven by hand when they have a self-cleaning one. A self-cleaning oven works amazingly and is so easy to operate. If you have a self-cleaning oven, just turn it on and it will do its thing. While it’s cleaning, the oven gets extremely hot and there can be a terrible smell, but you can go outdoors to avoid the smell, or do another chore to complete your spring cleaning faster.

4. Give your carpets to the professionals
If you have carpets, I suggest you to hire them done. It’s better and easier. It’s also incredibly time-saving. The professional knows what they’re doing and they can be more experienced at stain removal than you are. If you can afford, give your carpets to the professionals.

5. Purchase a ceiling fan cleaner
Purchase a ceiling fan cleaner so that you don’t have to climb up and take it all apart. Indeed, there’s a great device that you can purchase that cleans the ceiling fan. It’s like a duster but created to fit over every blade. While you still should clean the globes, it helps save you immense amounts of time and headache.

6. Clean your curtains
If you have trouble cleaning your curtains, I recommend doing all of your curtains at once. Take the day, take your curtains down and wash them. After washing, hang your curtains back up. Don’t forget to check the instructions and learn how to properly launder them. Maybe your curtains are dry clean only ones. Follow the instructions on the label and you won’t have any problems.

7. Don’t do it alone
If you share a home or if you have a big family, don’t do your spring cleaning alone, it’s just too much for one person. Have everybody muck in and help and you’ll get it done quicker and you will even have time for a spring picnic or family BBQ.

Follow these tips and you will do your spring cleaning faster and easier. Which tricks do you use to do your spring cleaning quicker? Share them with me, please, I will certainly try them all!

7 Makeup Trends to Follow This Spring

Ladies, spring is here and it’s time to learn makeup trends to follow this season. Seeing the makeup trends yearly on the runway is so amazing. Sometimes the looks are extremely bright and meant to make a great impact while others are too dramatic and it seems impossible to wear such makeup. This spring, the bold looks make the makeup seem hard to wear, though there are a few makeup trends that are easy to follow. Read on.

1. Purple makeup
One of the biggest makeup trends to follow this spring is purple makeup. Lavender, lilac, and orchid are popular shades this season. Although I saw some girls wearing purple lipstick, I think the best way to follow this makeup trend is focusing on the eyes. You can use purple shadow for a dramatic smoky eye look, especially if you have those mysterious green eyes because purple makes green eyes even more beautiful. If you don’t like a smoky eye look, you can simply use purple eyeliner.

2. Orange lipstick
Yes, you read it right. Orange lipstick is a trend this spring. At first, I didn’t like this trend, but now I’m going to try it. It has a tropical and fun look that I like. Sure, I’m not going to wear the neon orange lipstick, which was shown on most runways, but if you are brave enough, you can give it a try. After all, it’s better to wear orange lipstick than the purple one, isn’t it?

3. Bold blue eyes
There are many ways to follow the bold blue eye trend. For a day look, you can choose blue eyeliner. For evening, you may want to wear bold blue eye shadow. Frankly speaking, this makeup trend isn’t for me since I go for more natural shadows, but I’m pretty sure many of you would like to try this trend this season.

4. Bold liner
Since I’m not good at applying liner, I find this trend very intimidating. But, I like it and I’m going to practice applying liner in bold and thick strokes. To follow this makeup trend, you’ll need jet black liner, and make sure you keep the rest of your makeup as simple as possible – no orange and purple lips here.

5. Natural look
The natural look is my favorite trend and it’s one of the hottest makeup trends for spring 2014. For this trend, you will need a good foundation to even out your complexion, blush and brown mascara. You will look like you don’t have any makeup on. One of the best things about this makeup trend is that it will not take long to apply it, which is perfect for women with super busy schedules.

6. Gold makeup
It’s not a secret that gold tones look great on every woman, which is why gold makeup is in vogue this spring. If you decide to follow this makeup trend, choose anything from bronzed skin to apricot blush to gilded lids. I like using gold eye shadow, which adds lots of sparkle to my eyes and makes them pop.

7. White eyeliner
If kept simple, white liner looks very beautiful and feminine. One of the best ways to follow this trend is to apply white eyeliner on the inner corners of your lids with a V shape. It’ll make your eyes look a little bright without actually looking cold.

These are some of the biggest trends to follow this spring. I’m going to stick to the two trends – the orange lips and the purple eyes, and you? What spring makeup trends are you going to follow?

9 Awesome Spring Date Ideas

All seasons are wonderful in a way, but spring is a fabulous season for all lovers. The adventurous and lovely weather is full of advantages and there are plenty of interesting things you can do with your significant other. We are tired of indoor activities and we thirst for new unforgettable feelings, memories and adventures. Check out the list of 9 awesome spring date ideas to try this season.

1. Little Dirty Outdoors/ Raising Garden
Extraordinary dates can bring you valuable and touching memories. You can build a raised garden that in your joint project. Step-by-step you create a real spring garden and there’s no need to leave your mansion area. The warmer weather is good for caring for your garden and planting new saplings. Such a date can make your feelings stronger and open a new page in the book of your love.

2. Eat out in Nature
Spring is a season of emerald grass, fresh air and warm wind blows. As soon as it becomes warmer we find a great number of opportunities to get out with your loved one. It is undeniable that small picnics make your common pastime full of romanticism. All you need is to find cozy and picturesque place and create a delicious menu. Some tasty beverages can come in handy when you are relaxing outdoors. This small idea is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your loved one and celebrate the coming of spring.

3. Go in for Sports
An early morning jog can refresh both your mind and relationship. And a simple evening walk is a great opportunity to have an interesting talk or some flirty banter. Thus, active way of spending time can be a workout and a date at the same time. Don’t be a lazybones and enjoy every moment spent with your beloved.

4. Take the Road
Many couples like travelling the open road and find it quite relaxing. Such long drives provide you with a lot of opportunities to see the world around and visit romantic spots. Nowadays it is easier to take the road, as many restaurants, motels and open-air-markets are available on the route. When having a long drive, you can share feelings and get to know each other better. Furthermore, a great springtime road trip will show you the beauty of many scenic places. You can feel absolute freedom, standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

5. Catch a Wave
It’s a high time to hit the sand with your loved one and enjoy a dip in the water together. All you need is to gather a few beach essentials and be in good spirits. If the water isn’t warm enough you can take pleasure observing seaside sunsets with your significant other. Furthermore, you can feast your eyes on the ocean that conjures up the waves and sounds magical. It seems these dates are full of delight and sentimentality.

6. Drive-in
Nowadays many couples still find drive-in-theaters extremely popular, but unfortunately, they are slowly disappearing. If you want to have an emotional and wonderful evening, you should pay attention to this wondrous dating pastime. All you need is love, moreover you should have a car, some snacks and cozy evening is guaranteed. You are to tune the radio to receive the film audio wave.

7. Patio Picnic
If you don’t want to take a picnic or you are tired of stuffy restaurants, then you may try patio dining. Nowadays many restaurants provide this option. Outdoor dining is very romantic, especially if it takes place on a moon-filled area. Spring is the best season for outdoor dining. Clear days, fresh air and little wind allow couples to relax and have the best ambience. You can enjoy the nature and majestic views while having an outdoor dinner with your beloved.

8. Visit Theme Parks
Not only is spring the season of nature rebirth, but it’s also the start of a carnival time. We are all adult children and adore carnival rides and theme park entertainments. Don’t be so serious when you are at park, because you will lose the opportunity to get little light-hearted fun. Some people may feel miserable if they miss the ride on “The Zipper.” For sure, such entertainments can make your day fantastic.

9. Head to the Flower Gardens
Spring is the best time to join with nature and enjoy the glory of tremendously beautiful flowers and well-crafted gardens. Cozy and romantic walk through a fantastic garden is the most suitable moment to speak about something excellent. You can focus on fabulous smells of lovely blooms. It can help you free your mind and concentrate on a pleasant evening.

Spring is a unique season, rich on extraordinary activities, making your dates incredibly colorful and marvelous. What springtime activities do you prefer?

5 Healthy Ways to Detox This Spring

Although a healthy body has the ability to detoxify itself, not all of us has healthy bodies. The winter season with its comfort foods, lazy days and long nights took its toll on our bodies. Now it is time to get your body functions back on track, get rid of winter bloating and start preparing for the bikini season. Follow these five steps to cleansing your body naturally and eliminate the toxins from your life.


Healthy Ways to Detox This Spring

1. Start your morning with fruit-infused water
Instead of drinking a cup of your favorite coffee or black tea, sip your way to a toxin-free, healthy body. Start your morning with a glass of fruit-infused water. Make sure you do not add sugar and honey to it.

Lemon, lime, berry or kiwi water is a much healthier alternative to coffee and black tea that helps to cleanse the body as well as boost the immune system. Green tea is a healthy drink too unless you buy a cheap version and add sugar to it.

2. Get your heart pumping
Exercise stimulates the body and helps it cleanse itself. It improves the blood and lymph circulation, allowing the liver and lymph nodes to cleanse the fluids that contain white blood cells that flow through the body. Moreover, exercise opens up the sweat glands and helps to cleanse the skin through perspiration.

Running, bicycling, walking, jump roping, swimming, yoga and pilates are all good exercises for detoxifying your body. Do not overdo it, though. 10 minutes each morning or 20-30 minutes three times a week will be enough to promote your spring detox, not to mention that you may drop a few pounds. Stay hydrated and drink water before and after your morning workout routine.

3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast
If you are experiencing a heavy winter bloat, a nutrient-dense green smoothie must be your breakfast choice. If you are looking just to cleanse your body, a green smoothie and a healthy spring salad with one hard-boiled egg or spinach omelet for breakfast will do the trick.

The same goes for lunch and dinner. Choose your food combo carefully and eliminate any meal that you know may cause bloating. Consume more organic fruit and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. Leafy greens have plenty of detoxing properties. Including them in your spring menu is a surefire way to detox and increase your energy level.

4. Eliminate bloating
Bloating is something that we can’t talk freely about, even at home. It may seem like a temporary problem when in reality it may become a permanent one. Incorporating bloat-fighting foods such as dandelion, cucumber, papaya, banana, ginger, asparagus, fennel seeds, chamomile, and peppermint into your daily meal plan is an effective way to eliminate bloating naturally.

5. Head to a sauna
Sauna helps to eliminate waste through perspiration. Plus, it helps to burn 63 to 84 calories in 30 minutes. But this option is not for everyone. Consult your doctor before relaxing in a sauna for 30 minutes. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to balance your pH levels.

We typically go through the winter months in storage mode. All we do is stay warm and eat comfort food. Spring changes it all. Welcome the new weather and season full of fresh produce with these simple ways to detox the body.

8 Easy Ways to Make Your Spring Salad Fun

Spring salads are healthy and tasty but it’s easy to get stuck in a salad routine and ditch this wholesome meal. I love spring salads and always try to make them more delicious and fun so that I never get bored of eating them. Eating the same salad each day won’t help you meet your health and weight loss goals. Salads are chock-full of powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Including them in your eating plan boosts your metabolism, increases your energy levels and has a positive impact on your well-being. Try out some of these easy ways to make your spring salad fun so you can enjoy its health benefits and jazz up your salad routine.

1. Add crunchy ingredients
Who doesn’t like crunchy salads? The perfect salad should definitely contain crunchy ingredients. The right balance of crunch helps you eat your salad for pleasure and health. Use cabbage, celery, apple, radishes, cucumber or romaine lettuce in your salads to add more crunch and texture.

2. Make it more filling
Whether you eat your salad for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s important to add some healthy fats and protein to it. A salad that has no healthy fat in it is not filling which means you will feel hungry within half an hour after eating. Avocado, nuts and seeds are all healthy fats. When using nuts and seeds in your salads, though, don’t overdo it. 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds and walnuts will be enough to make your spring salad more filling.

3. Choose protein over carbs
As I’ve already said that a salad is not filling without protein, by choosing carbs over protein you are making your salad too light to satisfy your hunger. Baked tofu, grilled chicken and hard boiled egg are all excellent choices. Protein is a more satiating macronutrient than carbs as well as healthier than fats.

4. Mix it up
There are so many wonderful kinds of greens that I don’t understand why people choose romaine or spinach only. You have have an absolutely different salad each day by mixing up your favorite greens. From Swiss chard, butter lettuce and baby spinach to arugula and dandelion greens, the choice is endless. Experimenting with greens is one of the easiest ways to make your spring salad fun.

5. Experiment with salad dressings
If you use jarred and bottled salad dressings, you may get bored with your spring salad rut in a week, not to mention you can wreck your diet and destroy your health. The thing is, these salad dressings are packed with refined oils and artificial ingredients which make your vegetable salad unhealthy rather than healthy. There are many wonderful homemade salad dressings you can create each day. From creamy key lime dressing and garlic salad dressing to cilantro salad dressing and ranch dressing, you will definitely find something for you.

Since I don’t use salt in my spring salads (you know, salt is bad for us) I love to make salt-free salad dressings. Look for them online and make your salad healthier and funner every single day.

6. Use whole grains
A grain-based salad is the perfect choice for dieters. However, it’s a healthy meal for everyone too. You can use quinoa, barley, bulgur, black rice, or buckwheat in your salad to make it fun and unusual. Have a grain-based salad for lunch to feel full until dinner.

7. Add your favorite fruit to it
Have you ever tried to add berries or any other fruit to a vegetable salad? Many of us love fruit salads but mixing fruit and vegetable salads up is a lot of fun and you can find some new tastes. Try using pineapple, mango, pears, apples, pomegranate seeds, oranges, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or any other berries you have in your freezer, in your vegetable salad. Fruits can brighten up any boring salad, not to mention they turn any bitter greens into a refreshing, sweet salad.

8. Top your salad with herbs
Topping your salad with herbs is a great way to fight acne, boost your immune system and prevent diseases. Consider using oregano, neem, cilantro, mint, sage, parsley, basil or dill in your salads to improve their taste and make it more delicious.

I’m a firm believer that salads make us healthier. Spring is just the beginning of the salad season so it’s smart to start experimenting with vegetables, fruits and salad dressings right now. If you force yourself to have a salad for lunch, these tricks can help you make a salad your favorite meal. What are your favorite spring salad recipes?

6 All-Natural Ways to Spring Clean Your Body

With spring officially here, it is time to get rid of that winter overindulgence. Just like your house needs a spring clean, your body craves the same. Let’s not forget that summer is coming and you will not get ready for the bikini season in two days. Without a long introduction, here are the all-natural ways to spring clean your body starting today.

All-Natural Ways to Spring Clean Your Body
1. Check out your spring meal plan
Leave spicy and fatty foods for cold winter days and welcome organic food instead. In spring, your immune system is still weak, so including vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet is a must. Consider eating organic cucumbers, carrots, cherries, oranges, tomatoes, pineapple and turnips. It is best to eat them raw to get the most micronutrients.

Beets, garlic, string beans, apples, zucchini, celery, sea vegetables, and green onions are the foods that help cleanse your liver, and prevent and remove toxins from your body. Make sure you buy organic. Otherwise, you will do more harm than good.

2. Switch to herbal teas
Herbals teas are not the most delicious drinks to have for breakfast, but they are much healthier than coffee and black, and even green teas. Start your day with a cup of herbal tea like mint, ginger or chamomile to spring clean your overall body, drop weight and boost your energy level.

Lemon water is another option. Can’t wake up without coffee? Look for the organic version to increase your antioxidant intake and avoid toxins. When you drink herbal teas, use raw honey instead of sugar. When it comes to coffee, brown sugar is a smart substitute.

3. Make your own juices
Those of you who start the morning with a glass of juice should invest in a good juicer. Store-bought juices are packed with sugar, preservatives, syrups and the ingredients that we can’t even pronounce.

Homemade green juices have powerful cleansing properties. Some of the best ingredients to add to the juice are green apples, dandelion, parsley, avocado, kale, mustard greens, chard, spinach, arugula and green grapes.

4. Increase your water intake
…at least for two weeks. Drinking water helps to hydrate and cleanse the system. This is particularly important at the beginning of the spring. It does not necessarily to drink plain water. Add some berries to it to improve its taste.

5. Experiment with spring salads
Salad must become the star of your spring menu. It is healthy and tasty, not to mention that it boasts amazing cleansing properties. Avoid using mayo and store-bought salad dressings that typically contain cheap filler oils like canola and soy. Make your own dressings or do not use any at all. Sprinkle lemon juice over your salad and add flax seeds for an extra boost of nutrients.

6. Learn to eat mindfully
Do you know one of the major reasons why you often overeat? Because you do not eat mindfully. First of all, make sure you do not eat in front of the screens. Chew your food thoroughly, appreciating every bite. This will help to absorb more nutrients from the food, and will give your stomach enough time to give your brain a signal that it is full. The art of mindful eating is actually easy to master.

Spring is the perfect time to hit the pause button on winter eating habits and adopt new ones that will help you feel function at your best. Happy spring cleaning!

4 Tips for Keeping Your Complexion Gorgeous This Spring

As the weather changes, so do we. Subtle differences in our hormones, sleep patterns and general health all have a knock-on effect on our outer appearance. Our skin may react by either drying up or breaking out. Here are my top tips to keep your complexion fresh and calm as the season changes.

1. Make a small change to your moisturizing routine

So let me start by saying that big changes are never a good idea. Slowly and gradually is the approach to embrace – throw something too new at your skin and you will get a visible reaction.

So if you usually go for a heavier moisturizer in the drying in winter months, then as the cold weather starts to lift, you can gradually lighten your moisturizer too.

This does not mean buying lots of different lotions and potions. I personally have one for summer and one for winter. In between these extremes, I mix the two together on my palm before applying them. Simpler and much cheaper too.

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2. Keep your diet steady

When the New Year’s diet is over, and the indulgence of Easter is on the horizon, we can loose our dietary equilibrium. Be aware of the obvious food traps and remember to keep a healthy balance.

Chocolate binges follow by juice cleanses will upset your hormones and cause spots and blackheads. Keep everything in moderation and just be sensible. Sounds boring? Well yeah, but your face will thank you.

3. Dodge the iced coffees

Without naming any brands, we all know there are plenty of high street coffee shops tempting us with cream-topped iced coffees as soon as the sun makes a reappearance.

I know, they are delicious and I love them too. But do not get carried away. Neither caffeine nor dairy makes for a clear complexion. Flush out any extra toxins you consume with water and herbal teas.

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4. Get your beauty sleep

Hooray, the days are finally longer. The temptation to spend extra hours in bed is fading away as the spring brings us new energy to get up and go outside. And lovely it is too.

Just do not engage your summer festival mode too soon – being up half the night messes with our hormonal balance. Sleep deprivation spikes our ghrelin level; the hormone responsible for hunger. This makes us more likely to choose carbs and high fat, which of course leads to break outs. Do not fall into the trap.

So sleep, hydrate, and feed your body the good stuff. What could be simpler? Enjoy spring – the start to the new season and new adventures.

7 Essential Spring Fitness Tips

Springtime brings with it the sunshine, warm weather, and the perfect conditions for stepping up the weight loss regimen and workout goals. With the chirping birds cheering you on, and the budding flowers sending confetti into the air, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Let these seven tips and the blossoming of spring motivate you to overcome and succeed.

1. Spring clean the pantry

Get that junk food out of here. Ditch the white flour, white rice, and other refined grains. Dump the sugar, alcohols and artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame. Toss the Crisco, margarine, and “low-fat” or “sugar-free” sweets.

Anything that has a chemist’s Christmas list in the ingredients does not have a place on your plate, okay? Embrace a healthier diet full of vegetables, fruits, and organic proteins.

Case in point: Read the ingredients list as fervently as the latest release from your favorite author.

2. Visit the farmer’s market or organic supermarket

With the warmer weather coming around, a lot of seasonal produce is going to be hitting the supermarket shelves. If you do not have a local farmer’s market where you can get your hands on locally sourced, seasonal fruits and vegetables, then commit to spending a bit more time in the organic section of the supermarket.

Do not worry about the price tag. Fresh food that is not doused in pesticides or made of GMOs has tons more nutrients and vitamins, so you can stop popping those multivitamins in the morning. Farmer’s markets are also great for getting you in the springtime spirit. Enjoy the energy and diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, and other farm-fresh goodies.

3. Get new workout gear

Similar to cleaning out the pantry, you need to rejuvenate your selection of workout clothes too. A sports bra from five years ago may still fit, but think about how much abuse that poor piece of clothing has taken.

Get yourself motivated by purchasing some new leggings, sneakers, bras, and tops. When you feel incredible in your workout gear, you are going to want to be more active.

Another thing to consider is picking up some equipment. If you have had your eye on a set of free-weights, resistance bands, or an eco-friendly yoga mat, now is the best time to make the investment.

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4. Add new music to the playlist

How many times a week do you listen to the same workout playlist? If you are hitting the gym regularly, you may be hearing the same selection of songs over and over.

If that works for you, ignore this tip. But if you are like me, who gets bored of songs after hearing them 5 times, keeping the playlist a surprise helps pump me up.

Choose songs that get your feet tapping and body moving. Higher beats per minute (bpm) are great for running playlists while something “heavy” can get you in the mood for lifting weights.

5. Mix up the routine

Obviously, your spring routine should be different from your winter routine. If you found yourself spending a lot of time in the weight room over winter, now is the time to take your training circuit to the park for some outdoor calisthenics. Do something new, like outdoor yoga, parkour, bicycling, or surfing. Spring is the perfect time to get curious.

6. Do not over-train

But as excited as you may be to finally have more daylight and warmer weather, remember that the body can only handle so much. Listen to your body. Take adequate rest days. If you fell off the bandwagon in winter, never jump right into an old, vigorous routine, as this can get you injured in the blink of an eye.

7. Get outside and do not stop moving

Again, springtime is a wonderful season, because while the weather is slightly unpredictable, the temperature is just right. You do not have to be doing a “workout,” per se.

Get outside for some gardening (and grow your own organic garden), rake leaves, pick up sticks, play with the dog, build a tree house, wash the car, or go for walks through the neighborhood. Get out in nature and enjoy the fresh air – just by doing that alone, you will feel instantly healthier.