10 Incredible Buddha Bowls to Update Your Diet

Buddha bowls are typically viewed as a complicated meal that only professional nutritionists are able to make. But in reality, even the laziest girl in the world can make it herself. Buddha bowls are known for their versatility, healthy nutrients, and variety. One bowl can keep your energy going all day long and boost your overall wellness. While Buddha bowls are easy to make, perhaps you find yourself confusing about what to put into your bowl. 1. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl Sweet Read more [...]

The Benefits of Sprouts and Microgreens

Sprouts of certain seeds and nuts are an inexpensive and simple way to add extra nutrients to the diet. They are easy to grow at home and the ultimate local superfood. Even if you don’t have room for a garden, you can grow a jar of sprouts on your kitchen counter! I’ve made different types of sprouts on and off for years and had stopped making them for a while, then my doctor recommended broccoli sprouts to help support my thyroid. This renewed my interest in making them, but I was Read more [...]

How to Grow Sprouts In Your Kitchen

“A total hippie food”… that was what I thought as I looked down at the turkey, sprouts, and avocado sandwich on flax bread that my friend had insisted I “had to try.” This was well before my transition to real food and I wasn’t enthralled with the rather dry sandwich, but I really liked the texture of the sprouts. These days, if sprouts are hippie food, I must be a hippie because I have some growing on my counter right now. Turns out, sprouts have a lot of health benefits and Read more [...]

Roasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Brussel sprouts… the dreaded vegetable of childhood! Cooked the right way, these can become a (kid-approved) favorite! They are also a great addition to a Thanksgiving or holiday menu! My kids call brussel sprouts mini cabbages, and love the addition of bacon. This is an great vegetable to add to a quick dinner, and it is super easy to make. If you haven’t tried brussel sprouts since childhood, I’d encourage trying this healthy and delicious version! My kids actually like drizzling Read more [...]