5 Stupidest Things People Told Me When I Was Starting My Business

When it comes to the world of business, it seems that everyone is an expert. Or so they like to think. When I started my first little side business back in 2012, I received far more unqualified advice than support or encouragement.

Last year I started my first full-time business. This time I was braced for the same storm of negativity, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did not come. The difference was that I had expanded my social circle and was spending more of my time with like-minded people.

I had stopped spending my time with naysayers, and my friends today are positive and inspiring people. Many of them are entrepreneurs themselves or open-minded, kind-spirited people who want to see others do well.

If you are hearing any of the following dumb things regularly from your inner circle, then it may be time to network and find a more supportive crowd. Starting a business is tough, and having the right people to encourage you is helpful beyond measure.

1. It is too hard to start a business

This is often someone else projecting their own insecurities onto you. When someone tells you something is too hard, it is really too hard for them. They are not you and they do not know what you are made of. Have the self-confidence to thank them for their input, but not to take it to heart.

2. The market is flooded
If you are entering a niche that is already very competitive, that does not mean the game is over before you have begun. On one hand it is a good sign that there is a demand for what you are offering. And of course, today the micro-niche is where it is at. In any market, however popular, your unique skills and values will claim you a corner for yourself.

3. You can’t do it all yourself
I beg to differ. Some business owners need a team around them, so they grow a team. Some business owners, like myself, are lone wolves until the day they die. That does not mean total isolation; there are other ways to get help without needing to employ people.

There are many websites that make it incredibly easy to outsource anything from admin and customer service to website building. So if you are flying solo with your business, just know that there are affordable services out there if you need them.

4. You risk losing everything
Hmm, not if you are smart and careful. Many first-time business owners opt for the sensible, part-time launch. They perhaps reduce their working hours at their day job to part-time and make the most of what time they have left to get their business off the ground.

This is a particularly good move for service-based businesses such as coaching or consulting. Many first clients come from referrals, so business builds up slowly over time. Jumping ship from your day job straight into a full-time business is, of course, riskier.

If the business is brand new, then you have not proved your business model yet, so how do you know you can pay the bills? Entrepreneurs understand this and take calculated risks. And yes, sometimes it does not go our way and we lose money. But we always learn from it and come back with a reinforced business plan.

A failure is only the end of the world if you allow it to ruin you. If you have been smart, put emergency financial measures in place, and not burned your bridges at your old job, you can get through the tough times.

5. It is a jungle out there
Really? You don’t say! We knew that already and we would prefer to be encouraged and supported, not belittled. People starting their own business are doing a brave thing and stepping right out of their comfort zones, and that should always be celebrated. We know it is a jungle, and we were born tigers.

My top tip for aspiring business owners is to talk to more experienced entrepreneurs. You need to know the truth without it being sugarcoated, but also without superfluous negativity.

Finding a great mentor is an awesome business hack too. If you can take advice from the people who walked the path before you, and you have the desire to start your own business, then why should anything stop you?

5 Ways to Start Eating Mindfully

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to eat and there’s nothing wrong with it. The key is to eat mindfully. I personally appreciate different textures and flavors and I love to try different meals no matter how many calories they contain. When I was younger, I used to eat a lot and I often ended up feeling terrible and what worse I was prone to weight gain.

I always had guilt about how much I ate and I could also feel physically uncomfortable at times. When I started my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey, I was astonished at how terrible my eating plan was. Really, many people don’t pay attention to their diet, maybe because of the lack of time or just because they don’t think their diet is not healthy.

From personal experience I have learned that it’s not only important to pay attention to what you are eating, but it’s also important to pay attention to how your body feels after eating and how you actually feel about your body. If you feel like you don’t eat mindfully, let me help you here. Follow these 5 tips and you will start eating consciously on a daily basis.

1. Realize that food is a great source of energy
When people are trying to lose weight and they realize that they don’t eat consciously, unfortunately, they start feeling bad about eating and some people even stop eating. This is the biggest mistake we can make. We need to eat to survive, so never feel bad about it.

One of the most important things you should realize is that food is an excellent source of energy, which you should use. If you workout on a regular basis, your digestion will certainly improve. Even if it’s just a short stroll after or before a meal, it will help increase circulation and boost your metabolism.

2. Be thankful for your food
It may sound a bit silly, but taking a moment to think about the person who cooked this meal, or where your food came from, can give you a completely new perspective and help you be thankful for meal you are going to eat. We often eat in a hurry and this is one of the reasons why you overeat and why your diet isn’t working for you. Before you start eating, bless your food and know that you are lucky enough to have this meal.

3. Use small plates
This is actually an old trick that I learnt from my mom. Using smaller plates is one of the most effective ways to eat mindfully. The point is, your stomach can fit and digest the amount of meal no bigger than that can fit in the palms of two hands.

Often, the portion you eat, especially at cafes and restaurants, is too big and it’s important to realize it. To control your portion, choose a smaller salad plate or a smaller bowl and eat the amount of food that you need. This way, you will never overeat.

4. Eat slowly and chew your food carefully
Numerous studies show that people who eat slowly and chew their food thoroughly, tend to eat less. The thing is, it takes a little time for the stomach to send messages to the brain that it’s full. So slow down when you eat and chew your food thoroughly. Not only does it help you eat less, it also makes less work for the digestive system. You will feel fuller quicker and it will help prevent a stomach ache.

5. Take breaks
Even if you’re hungry and you want to eat more, take little breaks while eating. Stand up for a moment and see how you feel. Maybe you want to drink a glass of water. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger, so try to drink a glass of water before or after your meal and see how you feel. This is an important step to eating mindfully.

I hope these tips will help you to eat mindfully and reach your weight loss goal. At first, these tips may seem simple and small, but remember the little things can make a huge difference. Enjoy your meal, eat what you want, but make sure you do it in moderation. So, did you find these tips and the whole article helpful? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and thanks for reading.

20 Best Ways to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast

Getting rid of body fat fast can be a challenging task and many people believe it’s impossible, but there are some ways to make this process easier and more effective. These ways will help you reduce your body fat, tone your trouble areas and look your best. So, if you are curious to find out the best ways to reduce body fat really fast, keep on reading…

1. Drink tea
Tea is a wonderful drink that helps you relax and relieve stress. I’m not going to tell you that you should stop drinking coffee and start drinking only tea instead. If you want to lower your body fat fast, you may want to drink tea more often than usual. Try to drink tea as often as you can and you will notice excellent results. On the other hand, I try not to overdo with tea and I drink 3 to 4 cups per day. The best option is a green tea or white tea. They contain caffeine and antioxidants that help stimulate our metabolism, produce anti-inflammation effect and calm our nervous system. Scientists claim that green and white teas are rich in catechins which do all the job.

Sure, I combine drinking green tea with other tricks to promote fast fat-burning. I start every morning with a cup of green tea with mint. It gives me a burst of energy for the whole day. Plus, a cup of green or white tea before bed will guarantee you a sound sleep. In summer cold green tea with a slice of lemon is a one-shot remedy against heat. Don’t add any sugar. Choose cinnamon or stevia instead and enjoy this tasty and calming tea drinking.

2. Use lemon juice
This is a great way to lose weight and cleanse your body. Just add a small amount of lemon juice to your smoothie, tea, water, salads or even to the meat or fish dishes and you will get enough useful things. It’s rich in Vitamin C, and it gives you antioxidants and protects your immune system. You will improve the bloodstream and reduce body fat all at one time. Researches show that most of us fight fat because of poor digestion. As a result our body lacks necessary chemicals to burn fat. Moreover, we accumulate toxins which influence badly our spirit. Due to high concentrations of citric acid in lemons, they aid in digestion.

Moreover, a fresh lemon juice improves other ingredients’ tastes and adds its own delicious taste. I don’t use sunflower-seed oil in my salads because lemon juice is a better salad dressing. Moreover, lemons are easy to store. You can store them at room temperature up to 10 days and several months in the fridge. If you need lemon juice, keep it in ice cubes, as lemon doesn’t lose any of its nutrients when defrosted. I often add lemon peels to my green tea. They contain 5 to 10 times more essential vitamins than the lemon juice.

3. Start reading the labels
We all can read, but we don’t use this ability when we really need to do it. It’s not so hard to read a food label, isn’t it? When reading food labels, you might confused at first. But it’s important to devote some time to learn what all those strange words on food labels mean; otherwise you will be unable to control your diet and calories. When purchasing any food, don’t forget to check out its serving size. You will understand how many portions you eat and how many calories there are in one serving. Foods with caloric value up to 40 are low in calories, 100 is a moderate amount and more than 400 are high in calories. You should forget about the last group if you want to drop weight.

When buying foods, I also look at the amount of fats, sodium and cholesterol. I know that it should be as low as possible. Another thing I always check out is sugar. Even unprocessed sugars such as evaporated cane juice, organic cane juice, cane sugar, sucanat, organic sugar, maple syrup, agave and molasses are all sources of great amounts of sugar. In fact, they won’t help you reduce your body fat. They will actually make you crave more food. Finally, you can use labels to increase the amount of useful nutrients. Opt for foods that contain lots of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

4. Move
Forget about sofa, get up and move! Don’t let yourself be lazy, you need some movements. It’s really important for your metabolism and burning fat and calories. Just do something, even if you don’t have anything to do at home. It only looks this way and you may always find something to do. Wash something around you, turn off your computer and clean your desk. Get rid of some old clothes, clean your windows or get rid of dust. Household duties help to burn much more calories than we get used to think! You need to move more during the day in order to lower your body fat.

Forget about public transport or your car. A half-hour walk can help to get rid of nearly 300 calories! If you are always short of time in the morning and cannot afford such a stroll, try cycling. It possesses indisputable advantages such as physical activities, good muscles and no traffic jams. Another way I use to move more is staircases. I’m sure that your office building is well equipped with everything necessary including an elevator. But if you really want to burn calories, try to use stairs as often as possible. It may be a difficult and excessive task at first. However, your muscles will soon get used to constant movement, and this physical activity will bring you pleasure.

5. Weight training
Most women imagine mannish girls when they hear about weight trainings. However, it is one more stereotype I will try to break. It is a mere ignorance and excuse to skip training. If you want to reduce the body fat, just add some iron to your workouts and avoid doing only cardiovascular exercises. This way, you will burn calories and your body fat even when you are doing nothing. Sounds weird? Yes, it does, but it really works!

Don’t get frightened if you put on weight. Your muscle tissue is heavier than fat. Consider adding 12-18 strength repetitions to your workouts and repeat it 2-3 times a week with 2-3 sets. As a bonus, your body will continue burning fats during 24 hours after the training. Furthermore, numerous studies have proved that weight trainings help to get rid of deep belly fats, thus you will look gorgeous on the beach! Pay attention to each group of muscles for better results. Be sure, kettle-bells and weights can look very attractive in beautiful woman’s hands.

6. Hemp
We all know about whey protein and many people try to lose weight by using it. But I want to tell you that this is not a good way. I did it and all that I got were my big butt and big thighs. Moreover, I always wanted to eat something with sugar, and I was really addicted. As a result, it affected my glycemic index. Then I tried to use hemp protein and it was a good decision. Hemp tones muscles and does a lot of great things. It’s absolutely organic, vegan and raw. It’s a whole food that is made from hemp seeds. Also hemp isn’t processed product, it’s cold-pressed. Hemp has an amazing nutty taste. Once you try it, you will never even think about protein powders.

Probably you have no idea what you can cook with hemp. I am crazy about hemp smoothie and hemp milk! For smoothie I take 3 tbsp. of hemp seeds, 1 banana and a glass of milk. I blend the ingredients all together and add some ice to it. If you want to make hemp milk you will need 200 grams of seeds and 3 glasses of warm water. Blend seeds with water and strain the mixture through the sieve. Perhaps the taste will be unusual and inedible. That’s why I always add a bit of vanilla, maple syrup or strawberry to it. Now it’s the best drink I’ve ever tried!

7. Coconut flour
Coconut flour is a must if you want to get rid of body fat fast! It contains much more fiber and protein than usual flours. Plus, it is low in fat. It stabilizes the production of thyroid-hormone and reduces body fat due to its fiber content. I really love coconut flour. You can make some smoothie with it, or bake with it and make milk pudding.

Because of unusual density of coconut floor you can find it difficult to cook. That’s why I usually mix coconut flour with other kinds of flour. It perfectly goes with almond flour. They give delicate airy structure. But don’t reckon that coconut flour serves merely as sweet. You can use coconut flour to enhance the taste of baked meat and fish, omelet or whatever you want. But make sure you don’t use any coconut butter. Forget about sugar, nuts and dried fruits and use stevia instead. The only bad thing is that coconut flour is definitely not the cheapest one. That’s why try to purchase it online or prepare it by yourself using coconut flakes.

8. Avoid nut butter
Most of us love nut butters, but many of us forget that nut butter is high in calories. How do you want to lose body fat if you get this ocean of calories? Just imagine: 2 spoons of butter contain up to 200 calories! And I know you eat a bit more than two spoons. Consume nut butters in moderation or don’t buy them at all. Opt for chia seeds, flax seeds and – as I have already said – hemp seeds! For the best result add 3 tbsp. of them to your food and eat them every day.

If you’re a sweet tooth and can’t live without this tasty food, here are some tricks I use to substitute nut butter. The first one is honey. It contains fructose and antioxidants. I use honey in my tea, coffee and in recipes as a sugar substitute. Berries are the second thing I eat when I need something sweet. Most people who stick to diets think that fruits can completely substitute artificial sweeteners and sugar. This is not really so. Many fruits are high in calories and only increase body fats. Banana, grapes, avocado and mango are all high in calories. Berries contain only 30-40 calories in 100 grams and, what is more, they benefit digestion and metabolism. Try these ploys to avoid using butter in your diet.

9. Stop eating diet foods
A lot of people think that they can lose weight by eating diet cereals, ice creams, protein bars, etc. The truth is that diet foods don’t work! Don’t buy processed foods in special cans, containers and boxes. Don’t eat a lot of artificial sweeteners, excess carbs and processed breads. Opt for organic fresh food, instead. Organic food will improve your mood and help you lose your weight faster. The food is considered to be organic if it contains more than 90% of natural ingredients. It means that no pesticides or fertilizers were used in it. Check whether the product is properly marked.

It’s always a great idea to make your own meal instead of buying frozen dishes. Remember that healthy food lays in your saucepan and is not packed in plastic bag. Cook the portion you can eat at one go. Try not to keep dishes for several days. I know how difficult it is to refuse so habitual food. And you may be at a loss at first when looking at those raw vegetables, oatmeal, spices and dairy products. But if you really want to improve digestion and speed up metabolism get used to cooking for yourself. Healthy, organic food can be really delicious.

10. The intervals
Regular half hour trainings prove to be much more effective than two-hour overload at weekends. Try doing different exercises. For instance, 1 minute of high intensity exercises to 3 minutes of easy pace and vice versa. Usually, an interval workout takes for 30 minutes and you need to repeat this 2-3 times a week. After interval training you will continue losing fat intensively when the session is over! You can choose biking, running, skipping rope or whatever you like. Moreover, short intervals strategy also works with weight trainings.

Try to change or vary your fitness program every other week. Your muscles get used to all the exercises, and with time they may be not so effective. This integration in your fitness routine will increase your metabolism and, of course, help to burn body fat. Your heart will work as a clock, and the effect of intervals will keep for a long time after workouts. However, don’t go mad on trainings. Our body needs recovery and relaxation, otherwise we exhaust it. Another important thing to consider is intervals between food intake. Eat small portions 5 or 6 times a day. Packing your stomach after workout is the worst mistake you can make. To define the size of a portion use your palm. Stick to these rules and you will manage to get rid of fat faster than you think.

11. Green helpers
We all know that vegetables are useful for us. They make us healthier and give a lot of vitamins. Moreover, vegetables are the main food in vegetarian and vegan diet. So, stop arguing with your mother and just eat it! You should eat your veggies at least 5 times a day. Let your immune system become stronger and boost your metabolism to get rid of body fat fast.

Eating vegetables will provide you with all necessary vitamins and minerals. When your body is supplied with nutrients it functions properly. Thus, vegetables are a sure way to speed up metabolism and stay fit. The number of recipes with vegetables is really astonishing. Roast, baked, stewed vegetables are all great. Moreover, vegetable juice, smoothie and even desserts are at your choice. Do not forget about fennel, onion, parsley and lettuce. They are a fount of antioxidants and minerals. I always accomplish salads with green spices to enhance the taste and make the dish full of vitamins. Eat fresh organic vegetables and you will watch your needless pounds disappear.

12. Music
Music is a great companion when you work out. You can get some motivation and it gives you more energy and strength even when you are bored or tired. Just make sure you renew your playlist regularly. Music makes the intense and the pace of exercises. Calm and relaxing music is good complement to yoga and meditation. Download all your favorite tracks and enjoy listening to them when running. If you can’t find any good songs, try listening radio. It’s a good alternative to your own playlist. Other people care about your good mood and your body charger. I love listening iTunes radio. It helps me be more energetic, hence burn more calories and reduce body fat! Music helps to concentrate on the task, and it gives people confidence and faith.

Another way to lose fat with music is dancing. It gives you a burst of positive emotions and helps to get free. An hour of fervent movements will burn almost 500 calories! When you have nothing to do just turn on the music and help your body feel good.

13. Combine cardio and strength training
This way will definitely help you burn calories, reduce body fat and increase your metabolism. Combine 45-60 minutes of cardio training with weight training and you will get a great result. A couple of sets will reinforce the effect. By combining cardio and strength exercises you will develop your muscles and get rid of that fat. Cardio trainings enhance your body endurance and weight trainings help to create muscles. Combined trainings are always more effective than only one kind of exercise. Our muscles get used to every kind of physical activity. That’s the reason we feel uncomfortable at the beginning of the session and good after the training. However, when we work with the same complex of exercises for a long time they become inefficient.

It’s recommended to combine cardio and strength trainings to achieve great results. I also recommend you to check your heart rate regularly when exercising in order to prevent an overload. Normal heart rate can increase up to 140 when exercising.

14. Jump
All children, teens and adults love to jump! Skipping-rope is still a favorite entertainment of many people. It’s fun and it really helps us to burn calories and shed body fat. In the sport it’s called “plyometric exercises”. You may do the burpee or jump lunges and jump squat. Jump every day for faster results.

An hour of jumping can help you lose up to 700 calories! However, don’t hurry to start right now! Jumping is not as easy as you think. You will see that even 5 minutes of such exercises are tiresome. Start with 50 jumps and gradually enhance the amount till you are able to jump at least 15 minutes. I usually do 3 or 4 sets during the day and it help me stay fit. The main point in jumping is to breathe evenly. Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Jumping will not only burns fat but also increase the endurance of your body. If you use a skipping rope, make sure that the hops are frequent and with low amplitude. Ask you sister or friend to jump with you. Emulative spirit will make your trainings even more effective, not to mention fun that you are going to have!

15. Yoga
That’s the thing I’m really crazy about! Yoga is a true remedy against fats and excess weight. However, a lot of people think that yoga isn’t useful, and they think that it’s simply a waste of their time, because of its slow movement exercises. But I don’t agree with this and I’m going to explain why.

Yoga provides perfect effect on your muscles as you accomplish many balance postures. Each posture lasts for at least 15 seconds. Believe me, it’s enough to get tired. When your muscles are tense you have to make efforts not to lose balance. As a result, you burn lots of calories.

Yoga will make your body flexible and endurable. But everyday practice is important if you want to gain some results. I don’t mean you should spend 2 hours daily doing yoga. 30-40 minutes will be enough to tone your body. Surf the Internet to find complexes for beginners and start with basic postures.

Try to combine yoga exercises with your usual workouts and your body fat will disappear faster than you think. Plus, you will tone your whole body and clean the lymph system. Don’t underestimate yoga, it boasts amazing health benefits. After all, have you ever seen a fat yogi?

16. Chlorophyll helpers
We have already talked about vegetables, but now I want to take your attention on greens. They are good for your body and they help burn fat. It’s full of chlorophyll, that’s why the process of fat releasing goes faster and it cleanses your body naturally. I love spirulina since it’s a great source of chlorophyll and it contains protein, Vitamin B12 and amino acids. Add more greens to your smoothies and salads. Start your mornings with green juice. A twig of parsley can enrich the taste of any dish. Moreover, you will get enough energy, become happier and slimmer.

Another essential green helper is seaweed. People often ignore this food as it looks weird and people don’t know what to do with it. However, seaweed is a fount of iodine which is found in very few products. Iodine helps our thyroid gland function thoroughly. As you know thyroid gland is extremely important for maintaining a good weight. Seaweed can be used as an appetizer or a snack. To prepare seaweed salad, add vinegar, salt, sugar and olive oil to the portion of seaweed. Seaweed salads go with meat and fish. Regular eating of this chlorophyll product will provide you with spirit, health body and perfect weight.

17. Superfoods
There are 3 superfoods that will help you burn more calories, balance your hormones, increase your metabolism and reduce body fat. These foods are cacao, maca and acai. Add them to your diet and you will feel the result very soon. If you feel that you don’t have enough energy and you get a lot of stress during the day, then you need to consume more maca. It balances your hormones and solve problems with thyroid-boosting amino acids. Believe in its wonderful qualities and this superfood will help you!

Cacao powder is a diet-friendly chocolate ingredient that lowers appetite and gives you a sort of satisfaction. It contains magnesium that helps reduce stress. Plus, cacao improves metabolism, as it is a natural stimulant. Even people who stick to a diet are allowed to eat up to 50 grams of dark chocolate with high level of cacao in it. It’s a real cure if you cut down on all the sweets.

Acai helps reduce stress and shed fat storage due to its high omega 3 fatty acid and antioxidant content. Add them to juices, smoothies or milk and get rid of the body fat faster. When I need recreation and warmth I love to enjoy drinking chocolate milk. To make this fantastic drink you will need 2 glasses of milk, 2 tsp. of vanilla extract, 3 tbsp. of cacao powder and 1 tbsp. of maca powder. Sugar or other sweeteners are optional. Just boil the milk and add all the rest ingredients. Enjoy your healthy drink!

18. Regular workouts
Stop thinking that one workout a week will help you lose weight. If you want to get rid of your body fat fast, you should exercise 5-6 times a week. It’s impossible to gain the same result by training once a week during several hours. Regular trainings will help load your body evenly without excess stress. However, you should determine your abilities before training too intensively.

During the first few weeks, 2-3 trainings will be enough. You will gradually strengthen your muscles and will be able to increase the number of trainings. You will burn 700 calories every day, if you work out regularly. Consider the time of trainings as well. The optimal duration is 45-60 minutes. Don’t exercise for longer than 60 minutes since it can destroy your muscle tissue. I recommend sticking to a usual time, and you will certainly achieve your weight loss goals.

19. Healthy diet
This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your body fat. If you want to lose those unwanted pounds make sure you eat healthy. Do you remember about healthy food pyramid? It should be your guidance on the way to a perfect body. Cut down on junk food, excess sweets, salt and fizzy beverages. Add lean meats, vegetables and fruits to your diet to feel good and have enough energy to exercise daily. Opt for high fiber and whole grain foods and avoid eating fried foods.

The best way to cook healthy is baking. Most vegetables and meat preserve all the nutrients and vitamins when they are baked. Try to freeze fruits and berries in order to supply your body with all the essential elements in winter. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water every day and avoid drinking alcohol. And finally, try to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day to boost your metabolism and tickle your taste buds. The intervals between food intakes should not exceed 3 hours. Try not to eat 2 hours before bed. When you sleep your stomach cannot function properly. As a result you will harm your digestion and put on several needless pounds.

20. Mini meals
Just because you are trying to get rid of body fat doesn’t mean you should starve yourself. As I mentioned above, you need to eat mini meals throughout the day to lose weight the healthy way. Although late-night snacking is a bad idea, if hunger strikes in the middle of the night, don’t be afraid to eat a healthy mini meal. Fruits are great companions when you want to eat something without wrecking your diet. A peach with organic yogurt is the perfect snack to eat before sleep.

If you are busy all day long and there’s no possibility to have lunch, prepare your snacks at home. Walnuts, berries, and vegetables make a perfect, healthy snack. My favorite snack is a tomato salad with cheese. I just slice tomato, add in small pieces of cheese and a twig of parsley. Voila! My healthy snack is ready!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. Little changes and great motivation are all you need to achieve your goal. Are you going to try any of these ways to get rid of body fat fast? Do you have any tips to share with us?

10 Amazing Things You Can Do When You Are Bored

When you have plenty of free time and nothing to do, how can you make this time productive while having fun? Easy! All those movies and eating out get old and unbearably boring and you want to try something new. Sometimes we need some new and interesting ideas for things to do with our spouses, family, or friends. So, if you’re adventurous enough to try brand new activities, here are several amazing things you can do when you are bored.

1. Jet skiing
If there is nothing to do on a weekend, you may want to try jet skiing. This activity is perfect for spring and summer, however if you are lucky enough to live in a country where summer never ends, what are you waiting for? Don’t just lie by the beach or pool, try jet skiing and have lots of fun! Boating is another great and fun activity to try.

2. Visiting the zoo
This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m unbearably bored. Zoos are not only for kids, they are also exciting and interesting for teens and adults. Isn’t it great to see lions, tigers, and other cute animals? Visiting the zoo is an amazing way to spend the whole day with your family, boyfriend and friends.

3. Bowling
Perhaps, the most awesome thing about bowling is that it’s rather affordable way to have fun with your spouse, family, or friends on the weekend. Nowadays almost every city or town has bowling club, so find a place in your area and invite your sweetheart or friends. Don’t forget to get some drinks or order some food while you are bowling. By the way, it’s a fantastic date night idea for all ages!

4. Ghost tour
Have you ever tried ghost tour? If you are bored and want something adventurous, a ghost tour is right for you. It’s absolutely unconventional way to spend your time, and it’s such a great experience! You will learn about the city’s history and hear some scary stories that might make you afraid.

5. Going to a comedy club
Are you tired of those all-the-same dinner dates each weekend? Change it up and go to a comedy club. It’s one of the most amazing things everyone can do when they are bored. Attending a live comedy show while having tasty dinner is an excellent way to have some fun and relax. You can do this with your sweetheart or friends.

6. Visiting the arcade or go-karting
One of the best things you can do with your spouse, family or friends is visiting the arcade or go-karting. This is an incredibly fun way you can spend the day or even the night. Plus, this idea is perfect for any group of people (family, friends, date night or even coworkers). You can have dinner or grab some lunch and play around the arcade!

7. Going for a dinner cruise
A dinner cruise is another unconventional way to go for dinner. While going for a dinner cruise is a romantic way to spend the time with your sweetheart, it can also be attended with your family or close friends for some special occasions or simply to do something fun and completely different. Is it wonderful to have dinner on the water while enjoying a picturesque view and breathtaking sunset?

8. Start a blog
If you have great writing skills, lots of free time and want to make it more productive and fun, starting a blog is a brilliant idea for you to try. Fashion, movies, books, gardening… it can be anything you like. Sure, it’s a bit difficult to start your own blog, but it’s possible and it’s interesting way to spend your free time and even make some money. Just make sure you write about something you are really passionate about and try to do it regularly.

9. Volunteering
I always recommend volunteering to everyone because not only does it great activity, it’s also beneficial for you. I love that feeling when I help someone. There are always people who need our help, including kids. Nowadays there are many organizations seeking volunteers, but if there’s no organization in your town, you can volunteer at an orphanage. This is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. Moreover, I love to help stray animals, even though I can’t bring them home. I try to feed them every day and I want everyone to do the same. Animals are just like humans and they also need your help. I have 6 rescued cats and 5 dogs and I love and appreciate them.

10. Having a cooking show
It may sound strange at first, but it’s a fun thing to do when you are bored and when you are living alone. Find some recipes, pretend you are on a cooking show and try to talk out loud when you cook. Go ahead and invite your friends or sweetheart to see your cooking show. You will have plenty of fun and spend great time together.

These are only a few things you can do when you are bored. If you get a little creative with it, anything can be fun, just have your partner, family or friends with you. What do you like to do when you are bored? Please share your ideas with us.

10 Easy Ways to Create a Perfect Fitness Routine

You may find it difficult to create a perfect fitness routine, especially if you’ve never exercised before. However, it’s not that hard if you’re guided by some tips. An ideal fitness routine implies a wise and detailed plan of your workouts with different types of activities. Read on to learn 10 easy ways to develop your ideal fitness program.

1. Set goals
When planning your fitness routine, the most important thing to do is to set goals and stay motivated. People exercise for various reasons. Many people want to lose weight, while others want to tone up their body. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, remember to start with small steps and easy goals. Your goals should be achievable and realistic so that you stay inspired and motivated with your accomplishments. To begin with you should assess your fitness level and break your fitness routine into appropriate short-term, intermediate and long-term goals.

2. Create a plan
It’s always easier to stick to a program when it’s put down. When you come up with all the activities you want to include in your fitness routine, it’s time to arrange them. Decide what you are going to do each day during the week and don’t forget to devote one day to rest. Don’t start exercising with frantic pace; it’s crucial to develop your endurance and strength gradually. As you progress, don’t forget to refresh and alter your fitness program.

3. Make your fitness routine fun
Making your fitness routine fun is the sure way to gain great results. Being involved in workouts with your kids, friends or co-workers may become something you will look forward to. Encourage your neighbors to join a local soccer team. Outdoor trainings in the fresh air and sunshine will promote your cheerful mood.

4. Choose the appropriate sports gear
Right fitness clothing is essential when you want to start a new fitness routine. Remember that fitness gear is not about looking good; your clothing should correspond to your workouts, be comfortable and fit well. Pay attention to your bra; your bust contains no muscle tissue thus it needs an additional support during your trainings. Sports shoes are another thing you should choose wisely. A good pair of running shoes should have solid soles, fit perfectly and conform to your workouts. Ask an assistant at a fitness shop to help you with your sports gear.

5. Cardio is the best start
While developing a fitness program you should pay special attention to your heart health. Cardio is the best way to improve your cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure and strengthen your immunity. 30 to 40 minutes of cardio four times a week will be enough to be in good shape. Opt for any continuous and rhythmic activity such as swimming, dancing, brisk walking or running.

6. Consider calisthenics
Vary your fitness program and keep your muscles toned by adding two or three sessions of calisthenics per week. Calisthenics require no equipment and it’s available everywhere at any time. Calisthenics will help you achieve a natural looking body and build up all muscle groups evenly. Opt for crunches, push-ups, lunges or just a jumping rope.

7. Add weights
Most women believe that weight training will result in ugly, bulging muscles; therefore they avoid this type of exercise. But weight trainings are the best way to work all main muscle groups including legs, buttocks, arms and core. Start with two or three 20 minute weight trainings a week but make sure you use light weights. Weight trainings are rather traumatic when done improperly. Thus you’ll need a fitness specialist to work with in order to avoid sprains, fractures and strains.

8. Non-weight-bearing trainings
Everything that is done sitting is considered non-weight-bearing exercises. This type of physical activities is especially beneficial to those who strive for upper-body trainings since non-weight-bearing exercises don’t imply the work of legs during the trainings. Seated strength exercises, swimming, biking and water resistance trainings are perfect options to add to your fitness program.

9. Give weight-bearing exercise a try
Adding weight-bearing exercises to your fitness routine is the best way to build strong bones and sculptured body. Using resistance bands, lifting dumbbells or doing any type of activity that places force on your bones will go. Working with your own weight is also a good way to build muscles and strengthen your bones. That’s why don’t overlook stair climbing and lifting your grocery bags.

10. Yoga time
Not only will yoga help you gain flexibility and toned muscles, it will also improve your sleep and relieve stress. The most important rule to follow is to do yoga regularly. 20 minute yoga sessions will help to achieve an excellent result if done daily. Surprisingly, but yoga also helps to burn calories, especially when it follows the weight trainings.

A detailed and efficient fitness plan is a pledge of your success. Follow these useful tips and develop a fitness program that wholly suits your goals. Make your fitness routine fun and always stay motivated and enthusiastic about your exercises!

Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Unclutter Your Life Today

Living a fast life often leaves no time to make a pause and put your life in order. Sooner or later you find out that you’re overwhelmed with tasks, you have no time for your personal life and you just can’t cope with anything. A few years ago I experienced exactly the same situation. I felt like my life was full of unnecessary stuff, which prevented me from focusing on something really important. I just seemed to lose control over my life. If you feel the same, it’s time to simplify your life. The earlier you start doing it, the earlier you feel happy and content. Changing your habits and way of life isn’t so hard if you know some tips and tricks. Read on to find out efficient ways to unclutter your life.

1. Start with your home
Indeed, if you want to unclutter your life you should start with something simpler, for example your home. The way you arrange your routines or household items reflects how organized you’re. No wonder you feel distracted if you live in a messy house. I didn’t believe it, but creating order in your house can create order in your mind. Devote a weekend to unclutter your rooms, closet, kitchen. Clean everything thoroughly and throw out old, unnecessary and broken things that just clutter your dwelling. If you work from home, organizing your desk is of critical importance. You should get rid of unnecessary programs and files on your computer as well. When you finish with your home, you can move on to more complicated things.

2. Accomplish what is undone
You might not notice that, but every task that you put off gradually develop into a huge pile of undone things. Even if you don’t think about them, the feeling that something should be accomplished drains your energy and strength. To call a classmate, start learning a new language daily, buy a gym membership…the list may be endless and it depends only on your imagination. Unless you carry out all the undone tasks you will feel overwhelmed and helpless. Try to list everything you should do and make a point of fulfilling at least several tasks a day. It requires a lot of courage, but when you finish with the last point from the list you will definitely breathe easier.

3. Reconsider your friends list
Your surrounding has major effect on your well-being, mindset and behavior. While some friends encourage you to be a better person, there are many toxic people who undermine your self-esteem and just waste your time. Keep your friends list simple. Delete phone numbers of people you don’t communicate with, limit your appointments and maintain relationship only with those who make you feel comfortable. Understand that you owe people nothing. And you shouldn’t feel guilty just because you don’t want to get along with someone. Don’t forget to check your friends list on Facebook either. I bet you hardly know the half of the people. Trimming your friends list will greatly help you to unclutter your life.

4. Find out your ultimate goal
If you live without a sense of purpose you risk wasting your time on utterly wrong things. Sure, you cannot create a detailed plan of your life for many years ahead. But if you really want to unclutter your life, you do need a blueprint. Learn to set goals and see your destination. This way, you’ll scarcely lose the direction or get lost in your life. Having an ultimate goal makes you get up earlier with determination and work hard each day. It’s the source of motivation and inspiration. Moreover, if you know your priorities you won’t spend time on useless things and have more time to concentrate on reaching your goal.

5. Learn to be self-disciplined and organized
It’s really problematic for most people, and I was no exception. Nobody has more than 24 hours a day, but the fact is that some people manage to do a lot during this time, while others cannot get done anything. I always lacked a sense of discipline and it took me lots of time and efforts to develop this feature. First of all, you should start planning your week on Sunday evening. Develop a habit to wake up and go to bed at the same time every single day. Organize your household chores and you’ll see how simple the life can be. Don’t think that being organized is boring. You can always alter your plans and carve out time for something else. Being organized just means you take control over your time and life.

6. Consider taking a break
If you cannot push forward, consider taking a short break to think over your life. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed because they do the wrong job or maintain a toxic relationship. You need some time to realize it. A short break will help you look at your life from another perspective and see everything that you should change. Perhaps, you just need to get enough sleep and restore your energy. Chances are that you return an absolutely different person with a wealth of fresh ideas and enthusiasm. After a break you’ll find it easier to unclutter your life and keep it simple.

7. Learn to ignore
People constantly live a stressful life and they desperately try to eliminate stress factors. In fact you’ll never eliminate stressors from your life no matter how hard you try. You should just change your attitude. In other words, you should learn to ignore a great deal of things in your life to feel happy and satisfied. People often worry about situations that they cannot control, which also makes them feel overwhelmed. You should understand what is really important to you and what can be neglected. Life is simpler than you may think.

Uncluttering your life is a great challenge that requires a lot of time and efforts. But when you manage to put your life in order, you should do your best not to slack off. Once you develop a system, stick to it and enjoy yourself. Make use of these tips to achieve peace of mind and create a more enjoyable life. If you have any other tips, share them with me, please.

6 Reasons to Start Your Own Business in 2017

There are many reasons to quit that 9 to 5 job and start your own business this year. Nowadays many people start their own home businesses and the main reason for that is money. However, it’s not all about money, it’s also about ‘being your own boss.’ Starting your own business means more freedom and more family time. I don’t know about you but for me those things are extremely important. Here are a few great reasons why you should start your own business in 2015.

1. Independence – decide when to work and what to do
One of the major reasons why so many people start their own businesses these days is independence. Running your own business gives you the freedom to work from home and be your own boss. You decide when to work and what to do. You shouldn’t worry about those nagging emails your boss sends to you every day and you don’t need to slog at those projects till midnight away from your home. Choose your work time, your customers, and stay close to your family. Independence is really a great thing when it comes to work.

2. Saving on tax
If you start your own home business, you could save on tax. You could save on homeowners insurance, the business percentage of mortgage or rent, property taxes, utilities and maintenance. This is one of the best advantages of running your own business.

3. Spending more time with your family
In today’s busy world, most of us seem to be obsessed with the idea of earning more money. We spend most of our time working hard and thinking of career and often forget about people we love so much. One of the most wonderful reasons to start your own business this year is to spend more time with your family. Your parents, siblings, partner or husband can even help you in your business. Moreover, you will have time to cook, take a good nap and play with your children or beloved pet.

4. Avoiding the stressful daily commute
Leave the stressful daily commute behind and enjoy your morning at home with a tasty cup of coffee or tea. You don’t have to wait for that bus and you don’t have to pay the fare. Plus, you will reduce your stress levels and even reclaim your personal life.

5. Helping others
If creating jobs for others is one of your goals, it’s an important reason to start your own business. Nowadays there are many unemployed people who need money to feed their families. Moreover, you will have a great opportunity to choose people you want to work with. While hiring employees is a challenging task, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Also, remember you are responsible for the success and prosperity of your employees. You will have to learn how to retain and motivate your employees and create a positive and comfortable work environment for them.

6. An extended vacation
Finally, the last reason to start your own business is to have an extended vacation. Sure, it’s not the main reason to consider when thinking about starting your home business, but don’t you want to have a longer vacation? Running your own business gives you a great opportunity to set the vacation schedule and spend more time with your family. The main thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t allow yourself to be lazy all the time. You should work hard to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you don’t want to quit your job, you can still start your own business as a secondary work. But, I don’t recommend you to do it since it’s very hard and overwhelming, especially if you have kids. Do you want to start your own business? 2015 might be the perfect time for you to do it. After all, the earlier you start your business, the sooner you begin earning money.

How to Start a Walking Program

The next time you have a check-up, don’t be surprised if your doctor hands you a prescription to walk. Yes, this familiar activity is now being touted (along with other forms of regular physical activity) as “the closest thing we have to a wonder drug.”
Walking can have a bigger impact on disease risk and various health conditions than just about any other remedy that’s readily available to you. What’s more, it’s free and has practically no negative side effects. Walking for 2.5 hours a week—that’s just 21 minutes a day—can cut your risk of heart disease by 30%. In addition, this do-anywhere, no-equipment-required activity has also been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and keep you mentally sharp. Even a quick one-minute jaunt pays off. A University of Utah study in 2014 found that for every minute of brisk walking that women did throughout the day, they lowered their risk of obesity by 5%. No more “I don’t have time” excuses!

Walking: An ideal form of exercise

Have you ever resolved on New Year’s Day to start exercising more—only to find that you didn’t have the time or couldn’t afford expensive lessons, classes, or gym fees? Maybe concerns about injuries kept you on the sidelines. Walking could just be the way to keep your resolution. Here’s why:

You already know how to do it. Just put one foot in front of the other. There’s no learning curve like you would have if you took up a new activity, such as Zumba or tennis.
You can do it anywhere. Step out your front door. Take a walk from where you work. You can walk around areas that you frequent, such as the grocery store, a shopping center, a place of worship, or the homes of friends and family.
You don’t need any special equipment. If you’re walking for exercise, it’s best to have a comfortable pair of shoes, preferably sneakers. But that’s it! While there are some items of clothing and gear that can make walking more enjoyable, they are not essential.
It’s gentle on your knees—and the rest of your body. Unlike running, you keep one foot on the ground at all times when you’re walking, making it a low-impact, joint-friendly type of exercise.

9 Ways to Start Your Semester on the Right Note

While college can be a bit daunting, boring and annoying, there are some tricks that will help you start your semester without all the stress and worries. Whether you’re a freshman or you’re simply preparing for your new college year, stress is inevitable. To start your new semester stress-free, it’s essential to learn how to manage your time correctly, control your emotions and stay healthy when you’re sleep deprived. While there is so little time and so much to do, no worries, college students, I’ve got some tips for you to start your new semester on the right note without stress.

1. Plan it out

Start with listing all of the courses that you find difficult and planning out how you’re going to conquer all of them. Even if you are planning on working during the school year, make sure you carve time out for it. Don’t let your schedule collide, plan it out and you’ll certainly avoid some stress later. Learn to plot out your time so that it won’t be wasted. And don’t forget to plan out some downtime for you to relax.

2. Get organized

It’s crucial to stay organized in college, so make sure you buy that wall calendar and use it. Do your best to keep your schedule organized and you’ll see that this semester will be much better than the previous one. Being organized is the key to being stress free.

3. Attend free campus events

Every college has some activities that are designed to reduce stress and build a bond between the college and students. Go to the athletic games or enjoy that free music festivals. Or, if there’s a spirit rally next Friday, make sure you are the loudest one cheering! All those free campus events are wonderful places to make unforgettable college memories!

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4. Join a new club or organization

Find out which organizations and clubs your college has to offer and choose the ones that you’re really interested in. Consider attending all their initial meetings to discover more information about them. Joining a club or organization is one of the best ways to find new friends, learn something new, boost your knowledge and confidence.

5. Get to know your professors

It’s important that you get to know your professors at the beginning of the semester. You can go to their office during the office hours, email them, or come to class early. Your professors are there to educate you. So if you don’t understand something, be sure to ask. Do not wait until the day before an exam to ask for help. When you encounter some problems, feel free to talk to them. This will spark their interest in helping you to succeed in the course.

6. Give tutorial sessions a try

Most colleges and universities have tutorial sessions, which are specifically created for their courses. Take these tutorial sessions and make connections with the information that you’re continually being fed. Just do anything you can to quicken to a rate at which you pick up information.

7. Study for your finals each day

If your finals are cumulative you should prepare for them a little bit every day. Start reading a portion of your textbooks every day. Try to memorize all important terms and for a math class, do a few problems every day even if they’re not assigned. Practice will help you get the best grades possible. Most college students don’t think about their finals at the beginning of the college year, which is why they end up failing them or ruining their health because of intense stress.

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8. Go after internships

Don’t be afraid to go after internships. There are plenty of great job opportunities for college students, so make sure you apply for them. Consider making important connections right now to find the job you love once you graduate from the college. Stay active, be friendly and meet people that can help you get your career started right after graduation.

9. Make new friends

It’s always a perfect idea to become good friends with students in your classes. Sometimes some coursework can be difficult, but having someone to help you through can make all the difference. The more friends you’ll have, the easier your semester will be. Toxic friends don’t count. Run away from a toxic person whenever you meet them.

Every student is different, but the goal of success is common. Cultivate a positive attitude, be ready to study hard, and, of course, don’t forget about all those college parties that you definitely shouldn’t miss. So, students, are you ready to start your semester stress-free?

What You Should Tell Your Partner When You Start Dating

Progressing past the dating stage of awkward, yet probing questions of the first few meet-ups means that you now have to unload some serious topics on someone else. Sometimes, you might feel that it is better to hold off on these things, but doing so could hurt you both in the end. Here are the important things to tell your partner when you start dating:

Hopes and dreams

Everyone has their personal bucket lists that they hope to one day accomplish. You want to be sure the person you are dating is not going to keep you from living your dreams. If they do have some issues with you wanting to do a world tour or going it alone for building an enterprise, this could be a sign of codependency, a lack of trustworthiness, or other problems.

That, or they could simply have a different idea of “dream.” By discussing what your bucket lists are, you can decide if the relationship is meant to be or will develop to a certain point then fade out.

Money and career

Sure, the first date might open with questions like, “So tell me more about what you do for a living.” Now, you two are officially an item, so what might have seemed like an unimportant aspect of this other person’s life is now kind of serious.

Because you need to make sure they are capable of supporting themselves, have at least a steady income, and have some financial goals they are working towards (even if that’s just paying off student loans).

If either of you is having money troubles, it may be wise to bring this up to go on budget dates and decide on what you two consider “luxuries.” For example, are they willing to swap Starbucks for a convenience store brew?

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Religion and values

A major deal breaker nowadays happens to be when two opposing belief systems meet. It is sad and unfortunate, but if your religions or values are not compatible, then the time is now to discuss it. However, the two of you might also have very similar beliefs tying you together.

On the same note of religion would be values instilled by regional culture, family opinions, and societal norms. One of you might be a hardcore vegan while the other scoffs at plant-based protein. While dating them a few times might be fun, you could soon develop a tension related to having varying views of how to live your lives.

Diseases and disorders

This is probably the segment of conversation many people would rather skip over completely. No one wants to come out and say, “Well, I am depressed, plagued by PTSD, and have a disease that turns my liquids to fire whenever I eat gluten…” Can you say buzz kill? Still, it has to be done.

Your partner could potentially be the person you spend the rest of your life with if all goes well, so they need to know from the beginning if you are struggling with anxiety, have emotional scars, diseases, sexually transmitted infections, and any other disorders that could negatively impact your relationship. Do not leave them out in the cold and confused. If they care, they will understand.

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Communication is key when it comes to building a worthwhile relationship with someone who has your heart. That said, opening your heart to them might not be easy, but it is necessary.

When you start dating, you need to talk about integral aspects of your life and personality so that you can both decide if you are truly compatible for the long run. Being honest is the start of something special.