There might be dangerous chemicals in your tap water — here’s how to stay safe

Remember the movie "Erin Brockovich"? Of course, you do. But unless you've rewatched it recently, you may not remember that Brockovich—in real life, and in the movie—was fighting a company suspected of polluting a small California town's drinking water with a cancer-causing contaminant called chromium-6 (aka, hexavalent chromium). Fast-forward 20 years, and it may shock you to learn that chromium-6 is still a threat to 218 million Americans, including residents of every state. That's just one Read more [...]

6 Handy Tips for Staying Productive When You Are Overwhelmed

The title itself sounds silly, right? If you are lucky to relax when you feel overwhelmed, I envy you. I do not have such an opportunity so I have to increase my productivity regardless of everything. When my productivity goes down due to work overload or stress, I do not allow it to hit rock bottom. I take immediate actions to eliminate any possible factors that lead to low productivity. Here are some tips to consider the next time you need to stay productive despite feeling overwhelmed. 1. Read more [...]

7 Best Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Want to live a long, healthy life? The great news is that it’s really possible with little effort. It’s difficult to keep track of the latest researches on what is good for you and what is not and what can help you live longer. However, a healthy lifestyle is certainly the key here. Making just a few small changes in your lifestyle can actually help you live much longer. Follow the tips given below and you will surely live a longer and healthier life. 1. Make time to relax We all live in Read more [...]

9 Smart Ways to Become Healthier

Health is one of the greatest things that really matter in our life. We used to take our health for granted and we often forget to pay attention to those things that can make us healthier. If you are healthy, you’ll be able to work, study and do various activities more productively. But if you have certain problems with your health, nothing will bring you happiness. Due to the fact that our life is very busy we almost don’t have time to take care of our health. As a result, lots of people suffer Read more [...]

10 Best Ways to Minimize Pores

Skin pores are actually just the outlet ducts for hair and sebum, which is just an oil that helps to prevent your skin from drying out. Pores are home to hair follicles and, as such, cover your body from head to toe (except the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your eyelids, and a few other limited areas.) The size of the pores on your body is determined by genetics, with some people having larger pores and some people having small pores. Despite their genetic underpinnings, the appearance Read more [...]

10 Simple Steps to Rosy Pink Lips

Your lips play a big role in determining your overall attractiveness. Having dry, dull lips can be unsightly and off-putting to those around you. However, it’s easy to get the healthy and vibrant lips you’ve been dreaming of if you know a few tricks. Here are ten simple steps to rosy pink lips: 1. Keep lips moisturized The first step towards getting naturally pink lips is to use moisturizing lip balm. It’s best to apply a liberal coating at least twice a day. It’s especially beneficial Read more [...]

10 Essential Fitness Habits to Develop When You’re Young

There are a few important fitness habits you should develop at a young age to live a healthier, longer life. If you adopt unhealthy fitness habits when you’re young, as you get older, it will be harder to get rid of these bad habits. However, if you start leading a healthy lifestyle at a young age, it will remain a part of your lifestyle down the road. Read on to learn 10 most essential fitness habits to develop when you’re young. 1. Eat healthy You’ve probably heard this many times, but Read more [...]

Things My Husband and I Do Daily to Stay Happy

My marriage is one of those things that are the most precious for me and that bring sense into my life. I’m strongly convinced that relationship between spouses is like a plant which needs daily care and attention in order to stay alive and fresh. That’s why we should always nurture our relationship and increase the power of our love, no matter how long we have been living with our significant other. My husband and I have been married for 3 years, and during this short period of time I have Read more [...]

Want to Become Happier? Here Are 8 Rules to Follow

Happiness is something we desperately struggle for throughout our life without even realizing how close it is to us. If you want, you will see happiness everywhere around you: in the rays of morning sunlight, in the smiles of those you love and in the pleasant atmosphere of your home. All people are individuals with their own points of view, life experiences, expectations and passions. Due to this every person has different perception of happiness. For some of us, a successful career is absolutely Read more [...]

7 Ways to Reboot Your Family Budget

Budget’ does not have to be a scary word. Yes, I know it sounds restrictive; rather like ‘diet,’ or ‘schedule.’ But what if we had a little perspective shift? What if we thought of it as a tool for managing and maximizing our money? Suddenly, it becomes less about punishing ourselves and more about rocking our financial goals. So if you want to keep your own money stress low, your kids happy and your bank account in the black, then these tips for improving your family budget are for Read more [...]