My Oral Health Routine (That Stopped My Cavities)

My post about how to remineralize teeth naturally has gotten hundreds of questions and comments over the years, especially about my personal oral health routine. Most commonly, questions are about the specifics I used to help my teeth remineralize or products I used.

Check out the original post for the specifics on how cavities can remineralize and why I chose the products I did, and this post answers the specifics of what I used. If you are new to the idea of remineralization, this interview with a dentist about the body’s ability to remineralize teeth may be helpful too.

I had two small cavities that my holistic dentist was willing to wait on filling, and after using this protocol they had remineralized and no longer needed to be filled. Of course, I am not a dentist and you should check with yours about your own personal oral health, but I’m sharing my experience and routine for informational purposes only.

My Daily Oral Health Routine

This is the oral health routine that I personally follow daily (or most days) that helped remineralize me teeth and that I now use to help avoid any new cavities.

Morning: As soon as I wake up, I do Oil Pulling with Coconut oil. Spit, Rinse Well and Swish with clean water. Important notes- I don’t even swallow this oil and I make sure not to spit into a drain. I usually spit into a container and keep tightly closed until I throw away.

After that, I brush with homemade toothpaste or homemade tooth powder and a Bass Toothbrush.

Then I usually take some Marine Phytoplankton (for energy and cellular health).

Breakfast: Take 1/2 of Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend or Regular Cod Liver Oil. Eat breakfast high in healthy fats and proteins.

Lunch and Dinner: I include Homemade Bone Broth, at least two sources of healthy fats, protein and vegetables. (See my recipes for Ideas) or Bone Broth Tutorial for instructions on bone broth. (Or, if you’re short on time, try this storebought organic, grass-fed broth that I love.)

Evening: I floss, then brush again with homemade toothpaste or homemade tooth powder and a Bass Toothbrush. If I’m trying to whiten my teeth, I also brush with Activated Charcoal powder, which works wonders!

Bedtime: I don’t eat after 7 pm and try to be in bed between 10-10:30 to allow maximum restorative sleep and optimal hormone production. I sleep on an earthing mat to help reduce inflammation and spray myself with magnesium spray before bed to improve sleep and make sure I’m getting enough of this important mineral. Have trouble sleeping? Check out these four helpful hacks for falling asleep.

Throughout Day:

Drink adequate water
Get 20-30 minutes of mid-day sun exposure for Vitamin D
Get enough healthy fats from coconut oil, tallow, grass-fed butter and healthy meats
Consume at least 2 cups of homemade bone broth for the gelatin and minerals
Daily magnesium intake to intensively boost magnesium levels (this post explains what I used)
Sample Diet:

3-4 eggs with vegetables and meat for breakfast or a gelatin based protein shake and sometimes healthy coffee with a boost of good fats
Some form of healthy protein at every meal
2 cups (average) of homemade bone broth daily
2-4 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
2+ tablespoons grass fed butter
Coconut based snacks like coconut cream
Various other forms of protein and fat like tallow used in cooking, bison for snack, etc
4-6 cups+ of vegetables each day, usually in soups or with meats, including a lot of leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables.
Natural Oral Care Recipes

I also only use natural products on my teeth and gums. This made a big difference for me personally, as I realized after switching to natural oral care products that something in conventional toothpaste was causing the gum irritation I’d had since I’d had braces as a child.

These are the natural oral health products I use:

Remineralizing Toothpaste or Toothpowder
Simple Whitening Toothpaste Recipe
Basic Oil Pulling or Coconut Oil Chews
Recommended Oral Health Books

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel

Oil Pulling Therapy by Dr. Bruce Fife

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price

Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan

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Do you have an oral health routine? What steps do you take to keep your smile looking healthy?

Why I Stopped Using Only DIY Green Cleaners

I have a confession to make… I’m lazy when it comes to cleaning. In fact, that is why I started using multipurpose homemade green cleaners in the first place… I could clean the majority of my house without the need for a bucket full of cleaning products.

Green Cleaner Troubles…

Unfortunately for my DIY green cleaners, vinegar stinks and borax is controversial.

Try to make a green cleaner without either of those and it is tough to make an effective one, especially because my non-negotiable standards are:

It must not leave the surface worse than before I cleaned it (no trading dirt for bacteria for chemical residue)
It must not kill my children if they accidentally ingest it
It must work (or course!)
It must be able to be used for more than one thing so I don’t end up with a closet full of bottles
I don’t have to find a hazardous waste disposal location to get rid of it
Vinegar: The Problem

Vinegar has gotten a reputation as an all purpose green cleaner on its own and while it certainly has its place in a natural home, it isn’t the panacea it is made out to be for a few reasons:

It doesn’t actually remove dirt very well. In fact, the “cleaning” action often associated with vinegar is simply degreasing as many surfaces contain both grease/oil and dirt or is a result of the cleaning cloth used.
It may not disinfect well either. Research is still divided on this, but vinegar may not be an effective natural disinfectant and experts typically recommend other well-proven substances like hydrogen peroxide instead if disinfection is the goal.
It stinks. Not a scientifically backed problem but one that my kids make sure to point out every time I use it.
It CAN be a great degreaser and I have used it as a rinse aid in my dishwasher when we’ve lived in places with hard water, but on its own, it isn’t a cleaner per se. That being said, I do still keep a bottle of white vinegar with organic orange and lemon peels around the house for degreasing and descaling, I just don’t use this as my all purpose cleaner.

Borax: The Problem

You know when kids get in a fight and you try to find out what actually happen but get a long story and multiple answers? That is how I feel when it comes to borax. On the one hand, it is touted as a great green cleaner, but on the other people claim that it is harmful and deadly.

As I’ve explained before, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle with borax being generally safe to use in cleaning but not in personal care products as much of the research on the actual dangers of borax is actually on boric acid (not the same thing chemically).

While I would still feel safe using Borax for certain purposes around the house, I’ve also been experimenting with alternatives, as the mention of borax as an ingredient in a natural cleaning recipe will typically get dozens of comments from those on both sides of the debate and there are safe alternatives.

Unfortunately, my original all-purpose cleaner that works really well contains borax and doesn’t work well without it, so I was back to the drawing board!

The time… oh, the time…

The other part of the story about why I don’t exclusively use DIY cleaners anymore is because of time. I have (almost) six kids and a dog, and a house, homeschooling, and a blog, and even a couple of friends. I wouldn’t trade any of those things for the world, but to keep all of them happy and healthy requires time.

I still do make many of my own natural cleaners and virtually all of our food from scratch, but I had to free up some time and when evaluating my options, I realized that homemade cleaning products was one area I could do this. To be fair, when I first started out, this wasn’t possible, both because of our budget and because there were few or no good natural cleaning options available to purchase.

Thanks in large part to people like you who research and choose healthy options, there now are natural cleaning options available to purchase so DIY isn’t the only option. I’ve also gotten quite a few questions from readers who don’t want to make their own cleaners and am glad to find budget-friendly and effective natural options to share.

My Favorite Pre-Made Cleaners

Short story… I’ve finally found several pre-made cleaner concentrates that I absolutely love, that are cost effective and that work really well:

Dr. Bronner Sal Suds Concentrate– A coconut-based natural formula that cleans exceptionally well. In fact, one drop added to two quarts of water is enough to clean carpet stains. A teaspoon in a quart of water is enough to clean most surfaces and this is a very effective spray laundry stain treatment when diluted with water.
Bon Ami Powder– A natural powder-based cleaner and scouring powder that works great on tough stains and grime on surfaces like showers and tubs.
Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap Concentrate: For personal care uses, gentle house cleaning, foaming hand soap and more.
Laundry Soap– I still make my own most of the time but will buy BioKlean liquid laundry soap  or Ecover zero if I’m pressed for time or traveling.
Again, I still think DIY cleaners are awesome and a great alternative to harmful chemical cleaners, but I’m excited to have found another good option. Simple recipes like homemade all-purpose cleanerand vinegar based cleaners are great, but I’m also glad to have some pre-made options to choose from when I want to.

30+ Uses for Green Cleaners

With just a few green cleaners (homemade and from concentrate) it is possible to literally clean your entire house from top to bottom. In fact, for about $50, I can clean my house naturally for over a year!

Here’s how I use these basic green cleaners in our home:

All Purpose Cleaner: Dilute 1 teaspoon of sal suds concentrate into a spray bottle (at least 16 ounces) on all hard surfaces in our house. (Homemade option: this all-purpose cleaner recipe)
Dish Soap: As a natural dish soap I dilute 1/4 cup sal suds in a 16-ounce foamer bottle. (Pre-made option: EcoMe Dish Soap)
Glass and Windows: I dilute 5 drops of Sal Suds concentrate in a glass spray bottle with filtered water and wipe with microfiber. (Homemade option: This is one area where vinegar is effective and can be used to make a simple cleaner for glass with this recipe).
Fruit and Vegetable Wash: 1 drop of Sal Suds concentrate (or 1/2 teaspoon of liquid castille soap) in a sink or bowl full of water to wash produce.
Laundry: 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of Sal Suds concentrate per laundry load as needed. This homemade version also works really well and there are other good pre-made options like BioKlean liquid laundry soap  or Ecover zero.
Stainless Steel: To clean stainless steel without streaks I dilute a few drops of Sal Suds in a spray bottle of water.
Stain Treating: There are many natural ways to treat stains (here’s a helpful chart), and 1/4 cup Sal Suds Concentrate diluted in a spray bottle of water is a great all-purpose pre-treat for stains.
Carpet Cleaning: To clean carpet naturally I pre-treat stains with a 1:10 dilution of Sal Suds in water and then use 1 drop of the concentrate in a steam cleaner (full tutorial here).
Bathroom Cleaning– Make a floor to ceiling bathroom cleaner with 1 tablespoon Sal Suds concentrate in a spray bottle of water with 10 drops of lemon essential oil (optional, but for freshness).
Hard Water Stains: To remove hard water stains I use either Sal Suds all purpose cleaner or Bon Ami.
Glue and Adhesives: Use a 50:50 mixture of Sal Suds and water. Spray on, let sit 5 minutes and scrub off.
Oven and Stove: I make a natural scouring powder for use in oven and stove cleaning or use Bon Ami.
Floor Cleaning: I add 1 tsp of Sal Suds concentrate to a mop bucket to mop the entire house.
Grout Cleaner: I use a 1:3 Sal Suds dilution to clean tile grout or use homemade scouring powder or Bon Ami for tough stains.
Blinds: I make a spray of 1 tablespoon of Sal Suds in a spray bottle of water to clean blinds or if I’m feeling really ambitious, I take them all down and add to a bathtub full of warm water with 1/2 cup Sal Suds, soak for 15 minutes and scrub. Air dry before hanging.
Urine stains: a 1:15 dilution of Sal Suds with 5 drops of lemon essential oil works great on urine stains and smells in the bathroom. For mattress urine stains, I sprinkle with baking soda, then spray with this mixture and wipe up.
Cloth Diapers: To pre-treat and wash cloth diapers (no residue and completely removes ammonia smell) I pre-soak in the washing machine and add 3 tablespoons Sal Suds and 1 cup baking soda.
Shave Soap: In a foamer bottle, I use a (1:5) dilution of Liquid Castille Soap as a shave soap.
Foaming Hand Soap: Liquid Castille soap diluted in water makes a great foaming hand soap that costs pennies per bottle. Here’s how I make it.
Face and Body Wash: Combined with raw honey and water, liquid castille soap makes a great face and body wash.
Shampoo: Castille Soap and coconut milk make a moisturizing shampoo.
Baby Wipes: Diluted in a foamer for DIY baby wipes (I wipe with cloth wipes).
Dog Wash: A few drops to a teaspoon of liquid castille soap makes an effective pet wash.

Here’s Why Doctors In The Know Have Stopped Prescribing Blood Pressure Drugs

We are quickly approaching the day when people diagnosed with hypertension can kiss goodbye to all their expensive ace inhibitors, calcium-channel blockers, beta-blockers, and other blood pressure medications. This is thanks to a breakthrough found deep in the Amazonian rainforest , that is going to change everything we thought we knew about how to treat high blood pressure…

No more having to visit your doctor for test after test, or having to swallow another expensive and toxic blood pressure pill ever again. Would you be willing to try a “Delicious Natural Diet” that could solve the problem of hypertension naturally in as quickly as 17 days?

Mr.David Riley, in a brave (and lucky) attempt to save him self from from 12 years of blood pressure medication and repeated mini strokes, discovered an hidden research about isolated Amazonian tribe (known as the Yanomamo Indians). The tribe has 0 cases of hypertension. Against all odds he was able to track one of the doctors who conducted the research but was keeping low profile ever since to keep his family safe. With the help of the Doctor, David received the original research findings including the exact recipes and meals that helps treat hypertension using the exact same ingredients the tribe has been consuming for decades.

After following the research, David’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings went from a frightening 220 over 140 down to healthy 113 over 71 by day 17 and it’s stayed at a healthy level ever since.

This simple home remedy succeeded in just 17 days where medication had failed for 12 years and best of all it has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure in clinical trials.

By now you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of this method. The answer is pretty simple; Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to keep this information suppressed. The hypertension “market” is worth billions of dollars in expensive prescription pills. Pharmaceutical companies make more money when you’re sick, which is why they aren’t in a hurry to let a natural treatment like this get out there.

Hypertension medicine makers are hardly about to step aside and lose out on the tens of billions of dollars it’s expected they will bring in every year. David believe that keeping people in the dark about safe alternative treatment options is unfair.

Even though Mr Riley is taking a risk by standing against the Big Pharma he went ahead and created this presentation to let everyone around the world the option to make the change and free themselves.

Watch the shocking presentation

There has been quite a shocking response to the presentation, which has been shared and seen by hypertension communities thanks to the power of the internet.

Some viewers are outraged over the information being suppressed and hidden, while others are just happy to find out that their lives will no longer revolve around pills and hospitals.

David is keen to stress that everyone can follow this method. He says that you would be surprised how powerful these ingredients when consumed at the right time and dosage each day.

Of course, viewers must exercise common sense. You should only discontinue a medicine with a doctor’s supervision. This video could be pulled down any moment, so make sure you click on it and watch all of it if it’s still up for you.