If Your Child Is Sitting Like This, Here’s Why You Need to Stop Them Now

My daughter’s just over a year old, so there’s really not much she’s doing “wrong” yet. (Trust me, like all of us, she’ll get there.) If she smacks our family pet, it’s less hostility and more that she doesn’t have full control of her arms. If she throws her food, it’s not an act of insubordination but just her method of communicating that she’s done eating. So, when a family member alerted me to something my child was doing that she needed to stop at once, I was taken aback. Especially because, at that particular moment, she wasn’t stealing her playmate’s toys or eating an expensive coaster as she’s sometimes known to do. She was just sitting there.

Turns out, the way she was sitting — with each leg splayed at her side, knees in front and feet behind, to form a “W” shape — was all kinds of bad.

According to a vast majority of physical therapists, there are several key reasons why:

W-sitting limits core strength because it gives kids a wider base of support. Because they don’t have to engage their abdominal or back muscles in this position, kids often prefer it to more challenging, tiring positions, like with legs in front, at their sides, or crisscrossed.
W-sitting causes muscle tightness, particularly in the legs and hips but also knees and ankles.
W-sitting aggravates neurological issues such as low muscle tone, which means when kids aren’t actively using their muscles, those muscles are floppier and softer and have a harder time holding their bodies upright.
What this all means, most therapists agree, is that prolonged W-sitting throughout childhood can lead to a delayed development in gross motor skills like coordination and balance. For those parents hoping to raise a star athlete, this position’s effect on postural muscles can also be cause for concern.

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Why do some kids sit like this? It’s by far the steadiest way for children of all ages to sit, and aside from that innate tendency to achieve the most stability, it’s also been attributed to time spent in infant carrier devices, like swings, bouncy seats, and car seats.

Seeing as my daughter had graduated from infancy, I was immediately concerned that the damage was already done. I had tried my best to limit her time in her baby swing and the oversize, overpriced ExerSaucer that I had bought under the assumption it was actually good for a baby’s development, but here she was, W-sitting at every turn. I had never noticed it until now.

What can be done? Well, the somewhat alarmist recommendation is to get them to stop doing it immediately — that, whenever you see your child W-sitting, you either physically move their legs into a suitable position (if they’re too young to understand) or tell them to do so.

So, with a watchful eye, I adjusted her legs every time she sat incorrectly, and my husband and I instructed our child’s caretakers to do the same. Occasionally I’d correct her, and it’d be fine, but plenty of times, adjusting one of her legs would make her cry and most times, doing so annoyed her to the point that she was no longer interested in sitting and scooted off to go do something else.

She wasn’t the only one getting fed up, and it had only been a week. I dug a little deeper and found that a few pediatric occupational therapists out there don’t view this seated position as a problem necessarily. There’s not much evidence that shows causation. That is, yes, children who W-sit often have orthopedic issues and muscle tightness. But W-sitting hasn’t been proven to be the cause of those issues, which makes one wonder: could tight hamstrings and hip dysplasia lead to W-sitting, not the other way around?

One such unconvinced therapist, Rachel Coley, happens to be the mother to a W-sitter and maintains it’s perfectly normal for kids to sit this way.

She notes that it’s a simple sign of flexibility and aids in fine motor control because you need to assume the most stable seated position possible when engaging in tasks that require “coordinated, controlled movements of the hands and fingers.” Coley also noted that, for babies in particular, W-sitting provides a convenient, “natural transition” from crawling or kneeling to sitting.

However, based on how strongly most certified therapists feel about W-sitting, I’m not taking any chances. I’m going to keep my eye on it, and I’ll encourage other parents who were unaware of this issue to do the same, especially if they have older kids showing some of the negative side effects. But, if my child is having the time of her life smacking two wooden blocks together, I’m not going to spoil the fun if she happens to be W-sitting.

This Infographic Shows Entrepreneurship Is Becoming More Diverse

Entrepreneurs are definitely not born, but who of you can become the one tomorrow? The answer is any one of you, literally. No matter your gender, age, education, and ethnicity, you have all chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the United States. The Presitely’s infographic shows that about 550,000 open up monthly in the U.S.

infographic proves entrepreneurship is becoming more diverse
According to the infographic, almost 60 percent of businesses are launched by men and a little bit more than 40 percent are launched by women. That means that women are becoming successful business owners at much higher rates than a decade ago.

The sad thing is that not all businesses survive their first year, so think twice before ditching your 9 to 5 and launching your own company. Meanwhile, take a look at the infographic to be more aware of the current business situation in the U.S.

This Woman Hit the Beach with Loose Skin After Losing 350 Pounds. Here’s Her Message to the Haters

Blogger Jacqueline Adan used to weigh 500 pounds. She avoided bathing suits at all costs and wouldn’t dream of wearing one in public without a cover-up. So when she dropped 350 pounds by exercising and eating clean, she finally felt ready to step into a swimsuit again.

The only problem? Obnoxious onlookers who snickered at her loose skin, a common side effect of dramatic weight loss.

“I was nervous to take my cover up off and to walk into the pool or walk on the beach,” Adan wrote in the caption of a photo she posted on Instagram this week. In the picture, she’s wearing nothing but a wetsuit and a big smile while vacationing in Mexico. Even after undergoing skin removal surgeries, Adan still has excess skin on her body.

In the photo, Adan looks elated. But “I still felt like that same 500 pound girl,” she continued in her post. “Then it happened. A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover up off.”

The body positive icon, who has 47K Instagram followers, could have let their obnoxious reaction ruin her day. Instead, she took a deep breath, smiled, and made her way into the pool.

“That was a huge moment for me,” she wrote. “I had changed. I was not the same girl anymore.” While she confessed that the teasing bothered her, the experience showed her how far she’d come not only physically but also emotionally.

“I am not going to let what other people think of me stop me from living my life,” she vowed in her post. “They do not know me. They do not know how I have worked my ass off to lose 350 pounds. They do not know how I am recovering from major surgeries. They have no right to sit and point and laugh at me.”

So Adan unapologetically rocked her wetsuit and went on enjoying her vacation. “What matters is how you react to it,” she said. “How you feel about yourself. Loving yourself just the way you are is hard. Others might not like that. That’s ok. I hope you love yourself. Love your body. I hope you keep doing you and just keep smiling!”

This Rare but Deadly Complication of Liposuction Almost Killed a Woman. Here’s What Doctors Want You to Know

Liposuction is big business: A recent study found that it was 2016’s second most popular type of plastic surgery in the United States (after breast augmentation), with an average cost per procedure of $3,200. Overall, about 235,000 fat-sucking operations were performed last year.

And while the procedure is generally safe, a new article in BMJ Case Reports highlights a complication that nearly cost one 45-year-old woman her life. The paper details doctors’ experience diagnosing and treating a patient who developed a rare but serious condition called fat embolization syndrome shortly after a routine nip and tuck.

Fat embolization occurs when globules of fat break free from surrounding tissue and travel through the body, becoming lodged in blood vessels or the lungs and blocking the flow of blood or oxygen. It’s common after bone fractures or major trauma, but it has also been documented—at least two other times in medical literature—after liposuction.

Unfortunately, the doctors wrote in their report, the condition is “notoriously difficult to diagnose,” and many plastic surgeons don’t know that they should be on the lookout for symptoms.

In their paper, the doctors recall the case of an obese British woman who had undergone lower leg and knee liposuction two days earlier at a local hospital. “The surgery had been planned to remove some of the bulk of her lower legs to help her mobilize and subsequently begin the weight loss process,” they wrote.

The procedure itself was uneventful, and about 10 liters of fat were removed from the woman’s lower body. About 36 hours after the operation, however, the woman became drowsy and confused, and doctors noticed her heart rate was unusually high.

The woman’s condition worsened, and she was transferred to the intensive care unit, where doctors determined she had dangerously low oxygen levels in her body. After further tests, doctors realized that her symptoms were caused by fat embolization.

Once a diagnosis was made, the woman was treated with oxygen and drugs to help restore her oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing to normal. She recovered fully and was released from the hospital after two weeks. But if not for her doctors’ quick thinking, things could have been much worse.

Fat embolization is not only hard to recognize, say the report’s authors, but there is no standardized set of criteria to help physicians make an official diagnosis. Although liposuction is not usually considered a high-risk procedure, people who are morbidly obese, who have fluid retention, or who have large volumes of fat removed are more likely to suffer from complications, they say.

Anyone considering liposuction or any other type of cosmetic surgery should talk with their doctor about the potential benefits and risks; it’s also important to interview surgeons carefully and choose one who’s certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Make sure he or she operates in an accredited hospital or medical facility. Don’t fall for non-licensed “pros” who tout cosmetic surgery on social media.

If you do choose to go under the knife, following your surgeon’s post-op instructions can help reduce your risk of dangerous complications. But as with any medical procedure, always speak up if something doesn’t feel right.

7 Makeup Trends to Follow This Spring

Ladies, spring is here and it’s time to learn makeup trends to follow this season. Seeing the makeup trends yearly on the runway is so amazing. Sometimes the looks are extremely bright and meant to make a great impact while others are too dramatic and it seems impossible to wear such makeup. This spring, the bold looks make the makeup seem hard to wear, though there are a few makeup trends that are easy to follow. Read on.

1. Purple makeup
One of the biggest makeup trends to follow this spring is purple makeup. Lavender, lilac, and orchid are popular shades this season. Although I saw some girls wearing purple lipstick, I think the best way to follow this makeup trend is focusing on the eyes. You can use purple shadow for a dramatic smoky eye look, especially if you have those mysterious green eyes because purple makes green eyes even more beautiful. If you don’t like a smoky eye look, you can simply use purple eyeliner.

2. Orange lipstick
Yes, you read it right. Orange lipstick is a trend this spring. At first, I didn’t like this trend, but now I’m going to try it. It has a tropical and fun look that I like. Sure, I’m not going to wear the neon orange lipstick, which was shown on most runways, but if you are brave enough, you can give it a try. After all, it’s better to wear orange lipstick than the purple one, isn’t it?

3. Bold blue eyes
There are many ways to follow the bold blue eye trend. For a day look, you can choose blue eyeliner. For evening, you may want to wear bold blue eye shadow. Frankly speaking, this makeup trend isn’t for me since I go for more natural shadows, but I’m pretty sure many of you would like to try this trend this season.

4. Bold liner
Since I’m not good at applying liner, I find this trend very intimidating. But, I like it and I’m going to practice applying liner in bold and thick strokes. To follow this makeup trend, you’ll need jet black liner, and make sure you keep the rest of your makeup as simple as possible – no orange and purple lips here.

5. Natural look
The natural look is my favorite trend and it’s one of the hottest makeup trends for spring 2014. For this trend, you will need a good foundation to even out your complexion, blush and brown mascara. You will look like you don’t have any makeup on. One of the best things about this makeup trend is that it will not take long to apply it, which is perfect for women with super busy schedules.

6. Gold makeup
It’s not a secret that gold tones look great on every woman, which is why gold makeup is in vogue this spring. If you decide to follow this makeup trend, choose anything from bronzed skin to apricot blush to gilded lids. I like using gold eye shadow, which adds lots of sparkle to my eyes and makes them pop.

7. White eyeliner
If kept simple, white liner looks very beautiful and feminine. One of the best ways to follow this trend is to apply white eyeliner on the inner corners of your lids with a V shape. It’ll make your eyes look a little bright without actually looking cold.

These are some of the biggest trends to follow this spring. I’m going to stick to the two trends – the orange lips and the purple eyes, and you? What spring makeup trends are you going to follow?

10 Bizarre Ways to Decorate Your House with Pumpkins

Create a festive fall-inspired atmosphere in your house with these bizarre pumpkin tips. They do not require any special tools or skills and can help you decorate your space for a spooktacular Halloween bash or a family-friendly Thanksgiving Day dinner within a few hours.

1. Surround your candle holder with pumpkins and leaves

Photo: ellaclaireinspired.com

Whether you have time to create your own DIY rustic candle holder or you have money to buy a new one, just grab some cute pumpkins and pick some colorful leaves in the nearest park, and turn your dining room into a fall wonderland.

2. Display little pumpkins in your living room

Photo: craftberrybush.com

Instead of buying and carrying those huge pumpkins, opt for tiny ones. They are easy to carry and make a wonderful living room decoration. Fill your glass domes or vases with colorful little pumpkins and enjoy your ‘hard’ work. Honestly, I love and use this fall decorating idea.

3. Decorate your hutch

Photo: paint-me-pink.com

If you are lucky to have a vintage (or whatever) hutch in your house, why not decorate it with pumpkins – be they small or big ones. Hosting a Halloween party? Add some artificial spiders and nets and voila!

4. Turn pumpkins into candles

Photo: helloglow.co

Set a festive mood and make your home smell like fall with these DIY cinnamon pumpkin candles. While small pumpkins are best suitable for these candles, why not experiment with the bigger ones?

5. Create pumpkin disco balls

Photo: craftynest.com

All you need is the drill and tons of effort – literally. Or better, ask your significant other to drill those pumpkins to create festive pumpkin disco balls.

6. Decorate your coffee table with white pumpkins

Photo: lizmarieblog.com

Looking for a centerpiece that will look elegant yet fall-ish? Decorate your coffee table with white pumpkins to welcome guests to your living room.

7. Bring fall into your bathroom

Photo: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

There is no need to stuff your bathroom with leaves, long branches or large pumpkins. Just add a little vase full of tiny white or orange pumpkins and enjoy it every time you wash your hands.

8. Create a pumpkin bookshelf tree

Photo: pinterest.com

Decorate your bookshelf with some pumpkins and use a black paint to create a ‘tree.’ This fall decorating idea seems complicated while in fact, you will do it in a matter of an hour or less.

9. Fake fireplace

Photo: homeinspirationideas.net

Unlike a pumpkin bookshelf tree, this project may take a few hours, if not the whole day, especially if you are new at pumpkin carving. Anyway, it is well worth it. Just look at this beauty.

10. Place this Night Owl in your child’s room

Photo: womansday.com

If you have no kids, you can place this pumpkin owl in whatever room you would like it to stand. Isn’t it a bizarre way to decorate your house with pumpkins, huh?

There are many creative ways to add more pumpkins to your home decor, and these are just a few to consider. They are perfect for a Halloween bash and Thanksgiving dinner, or any other even you are having this fall. Let us know about how you decorate your home for fall. We can make this list endless together!

7 Life Questions to Ask Yourself Today

In today’s modern world, many of us stick to the high tempo and miss many important for self-development things. But sometimes we thirst for the moment to stop and ask yourself several life questions. I’m sure there are certain questions which can help you improve yourself and know yourself better. When reflecting on your position, behavior and deeds, you can reach a new level of human development scale. Take a look at these questions and maybe they will change your life for the better.

1. What do you want to change in this world?
Almost everyone is able to change the world. Even small deeds and actions can contribute to making changes in this world. The main point is to have a frank desire. Nowadays we are free to change the world by volunteering or donating. Plus, you can create a music that’s proved to change people and their inner opinions. The best idea to change the world for the better is to start from yourself and your own world view. When we think of changing the world, it indicates that we’ve become stronger and more intelligent.

2. What are your life values?
Our values are the core element of the life. People who have no values are doomed to run around and chase unnecessary things. Families and life experiences endowed us with appropriate values and we have to find time to write them down and realize what is the most important for you. You have to set priorities whether to spend more time with family and friends or make a successful career. If your heart needs love, then try to become a good wife or a girlfriend to your man.

3. What do you like to do?
This question is really important because often we choose jobs that we don’t enjoy doing. We are often pressed by parents, colleagues and bosses to make a decision we don’t support. Even if you have a well-paid job, don’t be afraid to quit it. Do what you really love and you will feel much happier.

4. How do you imagine your life 5 years from now?
Find time and imagine your life 5 years from now. It can be easier to create a scheme including goals and mini-goals as a constituent part of your plan. If you want to reach them faster, then pay attention to concrete things and try not to build castles in the sky. Don’t be a lazybones and start accomplishing the list of goals and dreams you want to come true. If you follow this chain of actions, you will definitely succeed.

5. Is there a balance between want and should?
There are many important things we all should do in life, such as finishing the college degree, making money and starting a family. It often happens that our wants do not coincide with our shoulds and we end up feeling miserable. But it’s easy to turn your want into should. Your wants should come true and become an indispensable part of your everyday life. Try to draw the line between things you want and what you should do. You will certainly succeed and keep a healthy life balance.

6. What are your biggest fears?
Modern world often awards us with big or small fears. The key weapon to fight fears is to accept and face them. The most challenging thing is to win yourself. Nowadays it is normal to have fears and it doesn’t mean you are weak. Just be yourself and find a way to cope with your fears.

7. What if I die right now?
Don’t waste your energy and nerves mulling over small troubles and problems. If you were dying right now, what would be the most important to you? Your family and friends, or career and money? Stop worrying about money and other less important things, because life is too short. You may ask yourself if it’s a big problem that you’ve missed a bus or you’re late for work today.

I like asking life questions that always make me think and reflect. When you are having a cup of tea, try to ask yourself profound questions. This will help you to live a happier life. Do you find asking these questions necessary?

8 Worst Habits of Unhappy People and How to Break Them

Everyone wants and deserves to be happy, but not everyone understands what happiness is. Happiness lies in the heart and it always comes from the inside, not the outside. Unfortunately, many people believe money brings happiness and they are trying to earn more money in order to be happy.

This actually is one of the biggest mistakes unhappy people make. I know it’s hard to believe but a lot of wealthy people are unhappy because happy people have good habits that improve their lives and their aim is not to make a lot of money, their aim is to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Apart from money, unhappy people have a few other bad habits that they need to break to live a happy life. You might say that there are times when it’s impossible to smile and enjoy life. Yes, I agree. Everyone experiences unhappy times every now and then, but a large part of unhappiness comes from our own behavior, thinking, and habits.

Just like Elbert Hubbard once said, “Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.” Stop making any excuses on why things are not working out for you and why you are unhappy – you are the only person who is in charge of your own happiness. Read on to discover 8 worst habits of unhappy people and a few effective tips on how to break them.

1. Dwelling on the past and dreaming about the future too much
Dwelling on the past and reliving all your failures, painful memories and conflicts can hold you back from moving on with life. Dreaming too much about the future is never a good thing too. We often imagine how things could go wrong in our relationships, at work or with our health and it builds into appalling scenarios playing over and over in the head.

This is an unhealthy habit that we should break no matter how hard it is. Dwelling on the past and dreaming about the future can lead to missing out on plenty of amazing experiences. Start living in the present if you want to be happy.

How to break this bad habit:

We all think about the future or the past on occasion, and it’s not a bad habit unless you dwell on it too much. It’s important to learn from your past and plan for tomorrow or next year, but make sure you spend more of your time in the present. Focus on your current activity and think of the problems you have now.

Stop worrying about tomorrow – it’s going to happen whether you worry about it or not. Forgive all past mistakes, failures, and hurts, they won’t help you in the future. Next time you dwell on your past or dream about the future, sit still, take a few deep breaths, and take in what is all around you with all your senses for a while.

I also like to take a short walk and enjoy nature. It reminds me that I live in the present moment. Don’t let yourself dwell on the unhappy past, live your life now and meet any challenge with a smile.

2. Overcomplicating things
Overcomplicating life is becoming a habit these days. But I think life is too complicated to make it more complicated. While life can create unhappiness, it’s often created by us. Stop overcomplicating things and try to develop new habits that will help to make your life simpler. Life isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging as most of us make it.

How to break this bad habit:

Avoid multitasking and do one thing at a time during your day. Make a small to-do list with 3-4 important things and write down your most important goals on a whiteboard that you’ll see daily. This will help you to accomplish the most important tasks on time and reach your goals faster.

Another thing to do to break the habit of overcomplicating life is to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore – give them away or throw them away. Having too much stuff means throwing away your precious time and it can prevent you from doing more useful things.

People who have a habit of overcomplicating life have many problems in the relationships. That’s because they spend too much time thinking about the past or the future and creating new problems. The best way to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts in any relationship is to communicate and ask questions. Don’t create problems that don’t even exist and don’t waste your time and energy being upset about them.

If you have a super busy schedule and it seems impossible to simplify your life, I’ve got some recommendations for you. First of all, try to spend less energy and time on your email inbox – check it once a day and write shorter emails. Make a short to-do list every day and make sure you set realistic goals.

It’s easy to get stressed out when you have a busy schedule and plenty of things to do. Take a few short breaks throughout the day and make sure you eat healthy. Also, make time to exercise (I recommend you to work out in the morning) since it helps reduce and manage stress levels. It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but good time management is a sure way to simplify life.

3. Striving for perfection
Happiness has nothing to do with making everything perfect. There’s nothing perfect in the world so striving for perfection is just a waste of time and energy. I learned this lesson a few years ago. I was trying to make everything perfect but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t be perfect all the time. I realized I had to break this habit when I started to feel miserable and completely unhappy.

Striving for perfection is harming your mind and it usually leads to low self-esteem, constant self-criticism and feeling that you’re not good enough, even if you have great results. If you are a chronic perfectionist you should realize it and break this habit because it may be the main reason why you are unhappy. Here are a few effective ways to overcome perfectionism.

4. Focusing on the negative things in life
Seeing only the negative side of every situation and dwelling on it is a sure way to be unhappy in life. There’s always a positive side of every situation, even the worst one, and it’s always possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Both happy and unhappy people have problems. The difference is the way they solve those problems.

How to break this bad habit:

I can tell you from my experience that it’s hard to break this habit and you will need a lot of patience. If you are a chronic perfectionist, you should break this habit first. Once you kick that habit, start breaking the habit of focusing on the negative things in life. Learn to see both the negative and the positive sides of any situation you are in and accept things as they are.

If you can change something, do it. If you can’t, let go mentally and emotionally of what is negative and don’t dwell on it. Whining about the negative detail is just a waste of time. Every time I’m in a difficult situation, I always think of the ways to turn a negative into a positive because only then I can think clearly how to solve the problem.

5. Being dragged down by negative voices
It actually goes hand in hand with focusing on the negative things in life, so if you have this habit, you need to break it today. Who you socialize with, what you watch, read and listen to have a huge impact on how you think and feel. You will never be happy if you live in a sea of negative voices, which tell you that life will always be filled with limits and it will be unsafe and unhappy.

In order to break this bad habit, you need to replace those negative voices with positive ones. Avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people who make you smile and happy. Don’t start your day with watching the morning news or reading the paper. Instead, listen to the inspiring music or read some inspiring books.

6. Comparing yourself to others
Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst habits that most people have these days. We often compare jobs, houses, cars, relationships, money, clothes and many other things. We get upset about someone else’s success and many of us end up living someone else’s life. Comparing what you have in life to what other people have is a sure way to make yourself unhappy.

Have you ever tried to compare yourself to yourself? Sounds strange, right? But it’s actually the key to success and a happy life. See what you’ve achieved, how much you’ve grown, and what you’ve made to reach your goals. You can even have a special journal where you write down your goals and your progress in reaching them.

This way, you won’t have time to think of other people and their success. You will learn to love and appreciate yourself and what you have in life. Check out the article How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People that will help you to overcome the habit of comparing yourself to others and will help you live a happier life.

7. Limiting life
If you hold yourself back and you don’t live your life to the fullest because you’re afraid what others may say or think if you do something new or different, you need to break a habit of limiting your life. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things and everyone is unique in their own way.

Unhappy people think that they know how others see them and what think about them. Stop caring about what other people think and start living your own life and doing things you like. Never take criticism as a personal attack and let go of negativity. In fact, other people don’t care about what you say and do.

They have their own problems and fears and they worry about their own lives. Instead of thinking about your flaws and fearing what everyone thinks of you, focus on the people around you. Be kind and polite. Help people in need and it will help you boost your self-esteem and improve yourself.

8. Focusing too much on money
While it’s okay to focus on making money, saving and buying a lot of expensive things, if you do it all the time, it can make you miserable. Unfortunately, most of us have this bad habit without realizing it. We believe money can do everything and we stop being thankful for what we have in life. Both rich people and poor people can be happy and unhappy.

I know a couple of rich people who have everything they want, but they don’t have one of the most important things in life – happiness. I also have a few friends who don’t make a lot of money, but they are always positive and they really enjoy their happy life. Zig Ziglar once said, “Money won’t make you happy, but everybody wants to find out for themselves.”

It’s just an illusion that money will bring you happiness. Stop focusing too much on the money. Embrace all your daily blessings and be thankful for everything you have in life.

It’s not difficult to be happy, you just need to want it. Try to break these worst habits no matter how hard it will be. But make sure you really overcome your bad habits, because sometimes people don’t break their bad habits, they simply replace them with the new ones.

Cultivate your happiness and live your life to the fullest and without regrets. “Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” – Roy Goodman. Do you have any bad habits of unhappy people?

Happy and Healthy Living: How I Eat Healthier This Fall Season

There are lots of different things that people appreciate in their life. Love, success and wealth are among those values that we always strive for. But in the turmoil of everyday life we often forget about things that really matter to us. For me, health is the greatest treasure and my key to success. If you have health problems and feel bad, you won’t be able to work productively and enjoy all the blessings of your life. That’s why I do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle since it helps me to develop as a personality and achieve my goals. Healthy eating is an indispensable part of my physical and mental well-being. Moreover, it helps me to keep fit and avoid overweight.

Despite the fact that autumn is a gloomy season, when we feel depressed and run down, it can be a nice chance for most of us to change our eating habits and add various wholesome foods to our diets. Autumn foods are healthy and hearty so that they can help the body to remain active for a long time.

Every autumn I try to incorporate numerous fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts into my eating plan because they provide my body with the missing nutrients and vitamins, which increase my immunity. Here are a few ways I eat healthier this fall season.

1. I balance my diet
Taking into consideration the fact that my body needs a big amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in order to function well, I try to include balanced meals to my menu. This way I have enough energy and health to fulfill all my daily tasks. I exercise in the gym 3 times a week after my office work and I also do jogging on Saturday mornings. Certainly, I wouldn’t be able to cope with these activities without proper nutrition. This fall I’ve chosen a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables that are an enormous source of health-protective nutrients. However, I will not forget to load my plate with lean meat, seafood, beans, eggs, nuts, whole grains and dairy products that will boost my overall health.

2. I focus on fruits and vegetables
Undoubtedly, fruits and vegetables are the basic ingredients we should incorporate into our eating plan in autumn. First of all, these foods are bright and colorful and when you see a mixture of vivid colors on your plate, it will certainly fill you with positive emotions, leaving no place for seasonal depression. Another reason why I give preference to veggies and fruits during the fall is the fact that they are rich in fiber and low in calories. Due to this they are perfect for weight control. Plus, these natural foods enrich my body with essential minerals and vitamins.

I made it a rule to serve 2 different vegetables at lunch time to ensure I get enough nutrients. Fruit salad is a delicious and healthy option for dinner after my workout at the gym. Pumpkin, cabbage, apples and pears are all my favorite foods in autumn. Pumpkin is a popular fall food and there is a wide range of dishes we can make out of it. For example, I usually roast it or make a pumpkin puree. Pumpkin pie is a yummy dessert that I cook for my little daughter.

Cabbage combined with other veggies helps me to suppress appetite and get the necessary portion of fiber and vitamins. By consuming apples and pears you’ll manage to control your blood-pressure level and regulate your digestive system. Apples roasted with cottage cheese and raisins are the best dessert for me in autumn.

3. I try to control my salt intake
When it comes to our health, salt intake really matters. As a rule, most of us almost pay no attention to the amount of salt we consume daily and its impact on our body. The less salt you eat, the healthier you are. This is the main rule you should keep in mind. Personally I like salty foods, though they are not good for me. This fall I’ve made up my mind to refuse from salt since it keeps water in the body, which can lead to edema. I’ve switched on various kinds of herbs, seasonings and spices that are very useful. It has been scientifically proven that they help our body to produce gastric juice and bile, making the process of digestion faster.

4. I opt for whole grains
Health benefits of whole grains are immense. If you don’t eat them regularly, this autumn is a great opportunity for you to add whole grain foods to your diet. Being packed with fiber, magnesium, selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6 and phytochemicals, whole grains are necessary for our body to lower risk for heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, such meals as whole grain pasta, bread, brown rice and cereals are on the list of foods I eat daily. In addition, I’ve found out that whole grains are very tasty.

5. I give preference to lean protein
Surely, fruits and vegetables play a significant role in a healthy diet, but our body needs other foods in order to stay active and healthy. Proteins that are mostly found in all kinds of meat help supply our body with plenty of important minerals and vitamins. It is a well-known fact that people who exercise regularly have to consume a lot of protein to build their muscles and get energy. So, I try to cook foods that are high in proteins. Bear in mind that lean proteins are more beneficial for you than saturated fats, which can increase your cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Accordingly, I choose lean beef, chicken, turkey and fish to make my diet versatile and healthy. There are also a few plant protein sources that I include into my menu. Nuts, avocados and beans are my favorite protein options.

6. I choose dairy products instead of high-fat foods
Once you’ve decided to start eating healthy, you must forget about foods that are high in fats and swap them for fat-free dairy products. I can’t live a day without cheese that I consume for breakfast and yogurt that is my traditional food for dinner. These delicious products are a perfect source of Vitamin D and calcium for my body. With dairy foods in my fridge I can give rein to my imagination and cook so many yummy desserts like fruit salad with vanilla yogurt or cottage cheese with sour cream and strawberries.

No matter how busy my schedule is, I always care about my health and my diet in particular. Fall is the season of changes and cold weather. At this time we can be subjected to numerous diseases and even to depression. Hence, we should be especially careful with our body and its nutrition. Make sure you eat foods that build your immunity this autumn. Healthy eating is the first priority to me as it helps me to stay positive, active and happy. Do you stick to a healthy diet? What are the basic foods you eat daily?

8 Healthy Ways to Celebrate This New Year

If you used to celebrate the New Year’s Eve drinking a lot of alcohol and then you wake up with a hangover and tell yourself that you’ll never drink alcohol again, it is time to start spending the New Year in much healthier way! No matter what people may think, you can really enjoy celebrating the New Year’s Eve and feel healthier the next day. Here are 8 healthy ways to ring in the New Year.

1. Go skiing
Do you want to run away from everything, stay fit and have a fun New Year’s Eve? Then you should go to a ski resort. Most ski resorts host great parties for New Year’s Eve complete with a tasty buffet dinner and awesome fireworks to assure your night is one to remember. In addition, skiing is an ideal winter activity for burning those extra calories and being in shape, which means you can hit the buffet dinner later without feeling of guilt.

2. Throw a pampering party
One of the healthy ways to celebrate the New Year is to throw a pampering party. Rather than having the usual buffet and drinks, gather all your friends together for a place of pampering. If you can afford, you can hire a massage therapist or mobile beauty to provide some treatments for you and your friends, or buy manicure kits and some face masks. Prepare some healthy snacks such as raw vegetable and dips, and serve your friends healthy mocktails and smoothies.

3. Make healthy cocktails
If you can’t imagine the New Year’s Eve without a drink in hand, you may do it but in the healthiest way by making your own healthy cocktails, using juices and fresh fruits, and drinking in moderation. Making your own cocktails assure that you get some antioxidants and nutrients with your alcohol. It will also help to slow down your drinking.

4. Watch the sunrise
If you are not going to start the New Year indoors, grab a family member, friends or your partner and go out for an early morning stroll to watch the sunrise. It’s not only a great early morning exercise, but you start the New Year watching the sunrise with someone special. And it is more inspiring and leads to a healthy new beginning rather than waking up at midday with a terrible hangover!

5. Go dancing
Many people like dancing, and if you love to dance too, why not celebrate the New Year boogying away all night long? It could help you burn off hundreds of calories and stay fit this New Year. Sure, hitting the dance floor in a bar or club is a great option, but you can also dance at home, if you want to save some money.

6. Go for a midnight run
If you like running, why not start this New Year with healthy resolutions? You could join other runners of your city and go for a midnight run through a local park. If you don’t know any runners in your city, you could run at midnight with your family or some friends. It’s one of the healthiest ways to celebrate the New Year!

7. Play board games with your family
Research findings have shown that spending a lot of time with family and close friends can help you live longer, so why not ring in the New Year with someone special? Certainly, board games can be a little bit cheesy, but it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved. However, don’t get too competitive, everyone should be on speaking terms when the clock strikes a midnight!

8. Watch movies
If all these ways sound like a difficult work, you can celebrate the New Year lying on your comfortable sofa. I’m not going to tell you to watch TV, it’s not good for you. I’m talking about watching your favorite New Year’s movies, especially comedies! It’s beneficial for your mental well-being, immune system and heart, while snacking on popcorn will provide your body with fibre, nutrients and antioxidants.

There are many healthy ways to celebrate the New Year, and if you choose one of them you will forget about a hangover forever. What other healthy ways to start the New Year do you know? What’s your favorite way to ring in the New Year?