7 Tips to Follow to End Any Argument Peacefully

An argument is never a good thing but sometimes we cannot avoid it, so it’s wise to know a few tips on how to end any argument on a good note no matter what. I cannot stand being angry at someone, and I don’t like feeling like someone is angry at me. I always try to resolve any conflict peacefully, even if the person is irritating and I don’t like them. If you have an argument, here are a few tips to follow to end it peacefully.

1. Keep those bad things to yourself
It’s so easy to say wounding words, such as ‘I hate you,’ ‘Don’t want to see you anymore,’ or ‘You’re the worst person in the world,’ but it’s so difficult to apologize. You don’t have to voice every thought that you have. Sure, you form your own views and have your own opinion, but sometimes it’s better to keep them to yourself. This is one of the most effective ways to end any argument peacefully.

2. Listen
A person who starts an argument is certainly angry. To end an argument peacefully, you will need to let them vent without interrupting them. Sure, you might want to defend yourself, but that will only make it worse. Don’t intensify the anger, and don’t try to win an argument. Take a few deep breaths, listen and then try to speak peacefully.

3. Remind yourself why you love them
If you are trying to end an argument with your partner, I suggest you to think about the things that you really love about them. Keep those things in mind when you argue with your partner, and you will be much more authentic and honest. Remind yourself why you love them, calm down and end an argument peacefully.

4. Treat others the way you want to be treated
When it comes to arguments, we all should remember this saying. In any relationship, you always mirror yourself and your emotions, actions and energies are aligned. If you want someone to be friendly and positive, you should display those qualities and treat that person with respect no matter how angry you are.

5. Use your point of view
When you let the person vent and you finally start talking, use your point of view. Try to speak calmly and respectfully and make sure you are friendly. This will make them less defensive and they will be less hostile. I always believe that every conflict can be resolved peacefully and I personally don’t like to quarrel.

6. Don’t try to win an argument
It’s a bad idea to try to win an argument. It’s not a competition and there is no winner in an argument. Keep in mind that winning is not the aim. Your aim is to end an argument peacefully, which means you should talk the problem over and come to an agreement.

7. Silence is golden
Remember that ‘Silence is golden’ and it’s one of the most effective ways to end any argument. Silence is essential when it comes to negotiation. Many of us find an awkward silence uncomfortable, but it’s important for processing feelings and thoughts as well as making a decision. It’s better to keep silence for a while than to say something that can make things even worse.

Sure, it’s not easy to end an argument, especially if the person wants to argue and is not interested in resolving a conflict. But the tips mentioned above can really help in most common arguments. How do you usually end an argument? Share your thoughts with us.

7 Tips on How to Take Care of Dry Skin

Looking for ways to take care of dry skin? I’ve got some tried and tested ways that work like a charm. I have dry skin and I know how it’s difficult to take care of it. But by now, I have worked out some ways to treat my problem skin to avoid dryness, redness and discomfort. You need to take care of your skin in order to keep it perfect, right? Follow these tips and don’t forget to share yours in the comments section.

1. Keep the air in your room moist
The first rule of a healthy skin is moist air in your apartment. The great thing that will help you to moisturize air in your room is a vaporizer. It is easy to use, you need just plug it in the room and it will do the entire job. Don’t forget to clean and fill the reservoir when necessary to prevent mold from appearing. Thus you will keep air in the room moist and it will be very good for your skin and for the health of your body in general.

2. Products to care for your skin
If you use soap with the smell of fruits or flowers, beware, you may affect your dry skin without knowing it. It means that chemicals have been added to make these products to smell good. Such chemicals can dry your skin badly. So my advice is to choose natural products to care for your skin. They will moisturize your dry skin since they contain no chemicals to dry it.

3. Use oils
There is the perfect thing that can moisturize your skin very well. I’m speaking about oil. You may know that different natural oils are used in cosmetic products you are using to care for your skin. But do you know that you can use any natural oil as it is? Choose any oil you like, there is wide variety of them. The most common is the olive oil, but you may find that coconut or rose petals oil is more to your liking. Just rub the oil into dry parts of your skin and you will see the results in no time.

4. Use lotion on damp skin
Treating you dry skin with lotion whenever needed is a very good idea. But it will be way much better if you apply your favorite lotion to the damp skin. Put it on after the shower and when your skin is a bit dump and it will absorb the lotion deeper. This will make it easier for your lotion to cope with the dryness of your skin. And you won’t have to worry about discomfort that dryness brings.

5. Drink more
There is nothing that can hydrate your body better than water. “Drink more water” – that is what you hear from everyone. Everybody, from famous dieting experts to your couch in your local gym advise you to drink more water as it is very good for your body. But you need to know that it is equally good to your skin too. Do you want to see your skin shining and hydrated? So, do drink more water!

6. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
You heard a lot about benefits your body has from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, they contain antioxidants, and they are able to hydrate your skin. So, by adding fruits and vegetables to your eating plan you can keep your skin hydrated. Plus, you will get plenty of essential vitamins.

7. Reduce the temperature in your shower
You may like a hot water, but your dry skin won’t tell you ‘thank you.’ When a hot water runs over your skin, it sucks the moisture out of it, leaving you with dry, bright red skin. A lukewarm water is perfect for dry skin. I don’t also recommend using a cold water since it’s not good for your dry skin as well.

There are plenty of ways to care for your dry skin, but these are the most effective. How do you treat your dry skin?

10 Amazing DIY New Year’s Decorations

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, then decorating your home is an important part of the preparations. A beautifully decorated home will help get your guests in the party mood and make it a night to remember. Instead of spending a fortune on store-bought decorations, why not have a go at creating your own using the following 10 ideas?

1. Make a piñata

Make a Piñata
Piñatas are not just for children’s birthday parties. Inflate a large balloon, and then cover it with paper mache. Leave it to dry out thoroughly overnight. Pop the balloon, and decorate the outside. Fill the paper mache with sweets, party favours or confetti. You can also create custom piñatas using balloons of different shapes and sizes.

2. Decorate your champagne bottles

Decorate Your Champagne Bottles
Make your champagne bottles extra special. Coat the outside of the bottles in glue before dipping them in glitter. You can also use glitter pens to decorate the outside of the bottles. Once the bottles are empty, they can be used as candle holders.

3. Design your own party hats

Design Your Own Party Hats
Party hats are an essential accessory for New Year’s Eve and are simple to make at home. Cut some large triangles out of colored paper, and fold them into a cone shape. Decorate the outside of the hats using glitter and tinsel. You could also write each person’s name on the hat and use it as a place setting.

4. Make drink stirrers

Make Drink Stirrers
Create some customized drink stirrers using just straws, pipe cleaners and tinsel. Bend your pipe cleaners into various shapes such as stars, numbers or letters, and wrap them in tinsel. Stick them onto straws before placing one inside each glass of champagne. You can also make candy cane stirrers to boost your festive mood.

5. Use origami to make string lights

Use Origami to Make String Lights
There are many easy-to-follow tutorials online that show you how to make 3D shapes such as stars or cubes using origami. Take some colored paper, and create whatever shapes you like. Decorate the outside of the shapes, and fix them onto a string of fairy lights to create custom string lights. Although it may take the time and effort to make this decoration, you will make beautiful string lights that will last for many years.

6. Recycle your Christmas decorations

Recycle Your Christmas Decorations
Instead of throwing away your old and damaged Christmas decorations, save them all up to create your New Year’s décor. You can cut up pieces of tinsel to make sparkly confetti or cover Christmas tree baubles in glitter. Make sure you recycle wrapping paper to make streamers.

7. Decorate some shot glasses

Decorate Some Shot Glasses
Purchase some paint pens in bright colors, and use them to decorate your shot glasses. If you have many glasses, you can paint each person’s name onto the glass. You can also decorate the glasses using glitter pens, tinsel or any other shiny material you have to hand.

8. Make a glitter ball

Make a Glitter Ball
Make a glitter ball to hang from your ceiling or use as a centerpiece. Purchase a cheap paper lantern from a store, and decorate it using glitter, tinsel or even aluminium foil. Alternatively, you could glue aluminium foil squares onto a balloon.

9. Hang a party backdrop on your wall

Hang a Party Backdrop on Your Wall
Create a party backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of. Hang strips of tinsel in vertical lines across one wall to create your back drop. You could also glue large sequins to a big piece of cardboard and hang it on the wall. Take a Polaroid photo of each of your guests in front of the backdrop so you can present them with the photos at the end of the night as a keepsake.

10. Create a balloon ceiling

Create a Balloon Ceiling
Buy a small canister of helium and blow up enough balloons to cover your entire ceiling. Tie strings to the balloons and decorate the strings with glitter, stars and tinsel. Release the balloons so that they float up to form an eye-catching effect.

Making your own decorations is far more rewarding than simply purchasing ready ones from the store. You can also personalize them with the names of your guests or use any photos you have. Involving your kids in preparing the decorations will make a fun project for the whole family and is a great way to get them interested in arts and crafts. Do you have any other ideas to share with us?

9 Useful Things You Should Know to Work for Yourself

Working for yourself is a wonderful way to make money and to do what you really like. Nowadays you can hardly find a job that will be pleasant and well-paid at the same time. Usually, we have to choose between our favorite work and money that is so necessary for us. So, if you make up your mind to work for yourself, you’ll get both things together. Besides, this decision proves that you are a mature, confident and independent personality. However, you should be aware of certain things that are important when you work for yourself. You’d better not quit your job at the very moment you understand you want to start your own business. Self-employment is not an easy thing to deal with. I’m sure that the following tips will help you to succeed in your new job without any problems. By using them you will avoid stressful situations and make your life happier.

1. Make a Plan
At first, when you start working for yourself you need to make a plan. It would be a nice idea to make a business plan that should include your exact goals, the ways you will create income and your expenses. Money spent for entertainment and food must be also taken into account. When you write down your aims and your expenditures, it is much easier for you to see how close you are to your dream and what you have to do to make it come true.

2. Daily Schedules
If you are one of those people who want to work for themselves, make sure you have daily schedules and stick to them. People who wake up early every day and follow their regular routine are considered to be organized and disciplined. Due to these characteristics they always manage to fulfill a lot of tasks during the day. There can be so many things at home that will distract you from your work. But when you have a clear schedule you are supposed to work more effectively and productively.

3. Always Set a Goal
Having made a choice to work for yourself you should constantly be alert and never relax. Don’t forget to set goals when you want to switch to a new job. You won’t be able to do your best without clear realization of your future progress and accomplishments. It is a fantastic way to stay motivated for a long time. If you have a goal and work hard to reach it, you will be always satisfied with your career.

4. Consider a Part Time Job
Surely, a part time job will not make a great contribution to your overall income, but it will support you in the beginning of your self-employment. Money that you earn at a part time job will cover some of your daily expenses. Most people often refuse the idea of a low-paid job when they start to work independently. Though, you may benefit from this job and it will eventually help you to achieve your dream.

5. Time Is Important
Everyone knows that time is passing extremely quickly, especially when you have a big amount of work to do. That’s why you need to manage your time perfectly. As it was mentioned above, a daily schedule is an indispensable part of your success and it will give you an opportunity to complete all the tasks in time. There are some other things that you should bear in mind when working at home according to your schedule. Try to get rid of all distractions that may influence your productivity and keep your workplace tidy so that you can easily find the necessary supplies whenever you need them. It is advisable for you to spend a few hours a day to log off your email inbox. You’ll be amazed to know how much time you can waste while checking your inbox.

6. Use Networking
Undoubtedly, people who work for themselves are absolutely free and independent. Nevertheless they are not alone in creating their dream. The role of other people in your success is immense. They will be critical to your work and it will stimulate you for better results. It is fair to say that today networking is one of the greatest sources that help you to develop your own business and get more experience. Here you will find companies and people who work in the same field as you do. Perhaps they will suggest you work that meets your needs. For instance, you may choose freelance work. Such networking as Facebook or Twitter will be convenient for you to connect with the representatives of the company and discuss all the details. If it is possible you’d better visit them and introduce yourself. Anyway you must be ready to meet the requirements of most companies. For that you are to write a resume and a cover letter that will give you more chances to get a desirable job.

7. Spread the Word
Certainly, you will simplify the process of your independent work when you tell everyone about it. You may be surprised to discover that some people you know will have a desire to cooperate with you. Possibly they will have a crucial impact on your success. Plus, you will improve your networking skills.

8. Manage Your Money
Another useful tip for you is to manage your money. It is the basic rule for those who want to work for themselves. Even if you were so lucky to earn a huge sum of money, don’t let excitement overwhelm you. There will be a big temptation to spend your whole salary for numerous things you’ve desired so much. In spite of this you should be wise and think of the monthly bills, food and transportation that must be paid regularly. No matter whether you work from home or in the office, managing your money is the main recommendation you are to follow. Control your budget whenever possible and you will see that saving money is not so difficult.

9. Have a Backup Plan
Sometimes self-employment can be really hard and tiring. In order to accomplish everything you’ve planned you have to spare no efforts and time. I can guarantee you that all your attempts will be finally rewarded. I’d like to say that when working for yourself you must be careful and have a backup plan for your income. You never know what can happen next day. In case something goes wrong it would be nice to use another idea for making money.

You can be sure that working for yourself is a good thing to try. By doing this you will be able to find your passion and increase your income. So, if you’ve decided to work independently, hopefully, these tips will help you to gain success without stress and disappointments. Have you ever worked for yourself? Were you satisfied with your results? What recommendations can you give to those who want to start their own business?

5 Ways to Start Eating Mindfully

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to eat and there’s nothing wrong with it. The key is to eat mindfully. I personally appreciate different textures and flavors and I love to try different meals no matter how many calories they contain. When I was younger, I used to eat a lot and I often ended up feeling terrible and what worse I was prone to weight gain.

I always had guilt about how much I ate and I could also feel physically uncomfortable at times. When I started my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey, I was astonished at how terrible my eating plan was. Really, many people don’t pay attention to their diet, maybe because of the lack of time or just because they don’t think their diet is not healthy.

From personal experience I have learned that it’s not only important to pay attention to what you are eating, but it’s also important to pay attention to how your body feels after eating and how you actually feel about your body. If you feel like you don’t eat mindfully, let me help you here. Follow these 5 tips and you will start eating consciously on a daily basis.

1. Realize that food is a great source of energy
When people are trying to lose weight and they realize that they don’t eat consciously, unfortunately, they start feeling bad about eating and some people even stop eating. This is the biggest mistake we can make. We need to eat to survive, so never feel bad about it.

One of the most important things you should realize is that food is an excellent source of energy, which you should use. If you workout on a regular basis, your digestion will certainly improve. Even if it’s just a short stroll after or before a meal, it will help increase circulation and boost your metabolism.

2. Be thankful for your food
It may sound a bit silly, but taking a moment to think about the person who cooked this meal, or where your food came from, can give you a completely new perspective and help you be thankful for meal you are going to eat. We often eat in a hurry and this is one of the reasons why you overeat and why your diet isn’t working for you. Before you start eating, bless your food and know that you are lucky enough to have this meal.

3. Use small plates
This is actually an old trick that I learnt from my mom. Using smaller plates is one of the most effective ways to eat mindfully. The point is, your stomach can fit and digest the amount of meal no bigger than that can fit in the palms of two hands.

Often, the portion you eat, especially at cafes and restaurants, is too big and it’s important to realize it. To control your portion, choose a smaller salad plate or a smaller bowl and eat the amount of food that you need. This way, you will never overeat.

4. Eat slowly and chew your food carefully
Numerous studies show that people who eat slowly and chew their food thoroughly, tend to eat less. The thing is, it takes a little time for the stomach to send messages to the brain that it’s full. So slow down when you eat and chew your food thoroughly. Not only does it help you eat less, it also makes less work for the digestive system. You will feel fuller quicker and it will help prevent a stomach ache.

5. Take breaks
Even if you’re hungry and you want to eat more, take little breaks while eating. Stand up for a moment and see how you feel. Maybe you want to drink a glass of water. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger, so try to drink a glass of water before or after your meal and see how you feel. This is an important step to eating mindfully.

I hope these tips will help you to eat mindfully and reach your weight loss goal. At first, these tips may seem simple and small, but remember the little things can make a huge difference. Enjoy your meal, eat what you want, but make sure you do it in moderation. So, did you find these tips and the whole article helpful? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and thanks for reading.

10 Reasons to Use Fairy Lights All Year Long

Whether it’s a cold winter night or a warm summer evening, the presence of fairy lights can bring enchantment to the atmosphere of your home. They aren’t just for Christmas! If you’ve ever watched fireflies at night in a meadow or in grove of trees you know the magical feeling they bring. In old European tales carried down through the ages the presence of fairies was always signaled by tiny lights that covered a glen or raced along a mysterious path, and if a person peered into one, they would be sure to see a fairy within. These starry lights soothe the heart and lift the imagination.

In a still famous 1935 film (now on DVD and YouTube) based on Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the bower of the King and Queen of Fairies is filled with scintillating light. The effect was way ahead of its time. It also featured ballet sequences by Bronislava Nijinska, music by Felix Mendelssohn and Erich Wolfgang Korngold, and starred Olivia de Havilland, James Cagney, and Mickey Rooney in a tour de force as Puck. But it is the fairy lights that dazzle and linger long after the film is done.

Why not create such a feeling in your own environment? Here are just a few of the ways you can transform a room with light.

1. Fairy Light Vase

Fairy Light Vase
One method interior designers use and which is easy to do yourself is to add fairy lights to a crystal vase and then have them climb up decorative branches with flowers or berries or just on their own high above the edge of the vase. Just be sure the wiring is white and not black or green to get the best effect.

2. Brighten a Dark Place

Brighten a Dark Place
Is there a room that’s connected to a dark hallway? Surround the threshold and frame of the door with fairy lights and let some of them cascade onto a table in the darkened area. In seconds you have a welcoming alcove.

3. Magical Bath

Magical Bath
No matter if your bathroom is small or large, stringing fairy lights along the wall edges or windowsill, around the bathroom mirror, or along the back of a vanity table invites the feeling of well-being. Add in aromatherapy, a bubble bath and your favorite music, and time will drift away, along with all your stress.

4. Lighting Up a Bookshelf

Lighting Up a Bookshelf
Photo: Joe Buckingham

Weave lights along a bookshelf, winding the long strand among the books. Move down the shelves one-by-one, leaving a few lights on each until the strand is used up. This arrangement is easy to change so that you can revisit your arrangement when the mood strikes you. It may also bring enough light into the room to read by.

5. Light as a Centerpiece

Light as a Centerpiece
A simple adornment for a dining table could be a glass bowl in a color you like filled with fairy lights. The lights reflect off the faces of those gathered together. This heightens people’s enjoyment of the meal and each other’s company, not unlike being in a cozy restaurant.

6. Creating a Happy Mood

Creating a Happy Mood
This next recommendation may sound off the wall, but it is guaranteed to lift your spirits if you’re feeling low… Drape a few strands of fairy lights around your shoulders while you watch a show or read or work on your computer. See how you feel after a few minutes. You’ll be surprised…

7. Fairy Lights as Curtain Décor

Fairy Lights as Curtain Décor
Place several long strands of fairy lights behind a translucent curtain so they hang down from the rod to the floor. Even in the daytime there is a diaphanous effect.

8. Creating a Graceful Chandelier

Creating a Graceful Chandelier
If you have a chandelier with just a few lamp bulbs in it, wind strands of fairy lights around and through the sections of the lamp. The effect brightens the whole room and makes your chandelier a centerpiece.

9. A Garden Bower of Light

A Garden Bower of Light
In a garden, whether it is on a balcony or in a back yard, you can set out strands of fairy lights and weave them among the railings or through trellis slats or hang them from low tree branches. Like the 1935 movie, you now have your own magical world to inhabit.

10. Fairy Lights and Paper Lanterns

Fairy Lights and Paper Lanterns
Small paper lanterns make wonderful covers for the fairy lights and you can create all kinds of moods and themes for any occasion with them. Artificial flowers work well for this, too.

Choose one of these methods and leave the lights on for a few hours. When you shut them off at last, it feels as if something is missing! That’s the effect they can have.

The beauty of fairy lights has something to do with their unobtrusive size, with the myriad of reflections they send out, and with the feeling of peacefulness they can inspire. In our rushed lives, moments of stillness can be powerful.

Do you already use fairy lights as part of your décor? If not, do ideas come to you now about how you can enhance your living space? Let us know in the comments, for sure.

9 Beneficial Uses of Blue Glass in the Home

Creating a peaceful environment in your home isn’t just good for people who come to visit – it’s good for you, too! One way to enhance the feeling-tone of your space is to add objects of blue glass.

The color blue is well-known for its calming and soothing effects. It also offers psychological benefits. Because of its association with the sky and ocean that surround us, we feel relaxed in our minds and hearts, which can inspire our creativity. Another factor is that blue encourages the feeling of trust in those who look at it.

Beneficial Uses of Blue Glass in the Home
Glass is a medium of light. If you have ever been in a glass factory and watched how they fire glass into a myriad of shapes and colors, you know how amazing the process is. Glassblowers are artists, and even when you see them create their brilliant pieces, it seems like magic. Glass reflects the light. That is its appeal. It can dazzle us with the intrinsic beauty of whatever design it has, because of the light it holds.

Blue glass combines the power of color and reflected light. Its presence can add a casual or elegant touch to your décor and help you create a lovely and calming ambience. Here are nine ways you can use blue glass to enhance your interior décor.

1. Blue abstract glass art

Blue abstract glass art
Blue abstract glass art can spotlight an area and draw the eyes to it like a magnet. Place such art on a stand or on a table with nothing else around it. The color and object take over the territory and add an element of serenity to that space.

2. Moroccan blue glass candle holders

Moroccan blue glass candle holders
Moroccan blue glass candle holders and blue glass jars with candles floating are marvelous for bath or bedroom, but they can also have great effect outdoors on a trellis shelf or garden cart on a patio or deck.

3. Crystal bottles

Crystal bottles in dark blue
Crystal bottles in dark blue and in varying shapes are a superb alternative for perfume or to store essential oils used in aromatherapy. This color protects the ingredients, and the crystal brings a feeling of elegance. Every time you use one of these bottles you will sense a quiet happiness.

4. Use blue crackle glass bottles for windows

Using blue crackle glass bottles for windows
Using blue crackle glass bottles for windows is an older style of décor that is coming back into vogue. At one time you could often enter a home and find crackle glass on windowsills above and below – on sunny days the room they were in would sparkle. Cobalt blue bottles work just as well, however, for they, too, filter the light, and can add beauty even on overcast days.

5. Blue fishing floats in netting

Blue fishing floats in netting
Blue fishing floats in netting can be hung on a wall or placed in a small basket in the kitchen on top of a counter or hung from the ceiling.

6. Vintage glass bowls

Vintage glass bowls
Vintage glass bowls are unique pieces that can be filled with colored stones or antique glass marbles. Some such bowls were made of Carnival glass, which was originally created as a much less expensive alternative to Tiffany glass. It was the rage in America in the early and mid-twentieth century. Pieces can still be found online and at antique shows. Its surface shifts according to the density of the light that strikes it. At times it can look like a scintillating jewel.

7. Blue glass paperweights

Blue glass paperweights
Blue glass paperweights pick up lamplight as well as daylight. They can be scattered around, even just two or three, but each place they are set will catch the eye and add a serene feeling to the room.

8. Blue glass mosaics

Blue glass mosaics
Blue glass mosaics can add a stunning touch to a wall area or on the edge of a mantle. You can cover an end table with them or place them around a mirror. Ready-made mosaics made of pieces of blue glass can be purchased, but creating them yourself will add a unique aspect. You can choose your own surface and use a simple but durable household adhesive (these generally are not hazardous or complicated to use). Mosaic glass tiles are inexpensive, too.

9. Cobalt blue glass panels

Cobalt blue glass panels
Cobalt blue glass panels work wonderfully in your doors and in windows. Tiffany made this famous, taking the idea of stained glass out of churches and adding highly acclaimed designs and styles to the patterns of glass. The glass would be set in a port window in a hallway or on a stairwell, or as an intricate lampshade. The light would change at different times of day, rays entering a room and creating a feeling of calm and soothing the viewer with its beauty. Pieces of stained glass or plain blue glass are available at most art supply stores (without the Tiffany price tag).

Our home really is our castle – it’s where we go to rest and recharge our mental and emotional batteries. It is also where we go because for us it is a place that is familiar, a haven from stress and all the things we have to do day-to-day. So we need to give ourselves an environment that makes that haven feel special – and even if we can only do it in one part of the house, a place reserved just for us, it will improve our spiritual and emotional state, for sure. If you have other ideas for using blue glass in this way, do let us know in the Comments!

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Shoes

Like most women say, there is no such thing as having too many shoes. A significantly smaller percentage thinks otherwise, being minimalist at heart or minimalist by circumstances. However, what both categories have in common is hating to part with their shoes – whether they just loved those for the look but hardly ever wore, or have really discovered the most comfortable pair and had it for years.

Occasionally, overcoming that difficulty and getting rid of certain pairs to make room in your closet is worth the pain. Donating is the first thing that comes to mind regarding shoes that were rarely worn or outgrown by kids before showing any real wear.

It is much harder to decide what to do with shoes that are not in a good condition or represent some special memories and moments you hold dear. Here are different ideas of repurposing shoes that you may find cute or practical enough:

1. Decoupage or painting

Decoupage or Painting
Photo: Natalie Gontar

Are your shoes scuffed, stained or showing other signs of wear and tear? Painting may be a quick fix, but decoupage is the magic trick that can turn an unsightly thing into a lovely decorative item, or even grant it another chance of serving for its original purpose.

Decoupage is a great way to give shoes a total facelift, as it helps to conceal a variety of ugly marks, even cracks or dents, deep scratches or scuffs. A fancy-sounding word ‘decoupage’ stands for a process that is not complicated.

Actually, handling and positioning fragile fragments of paper napkins can be challenging, as well as covering your shoes with fabric (though there are many tutorials online that may be helpful). However, there are lots of simpler ways to improvise within the good old Mod Podge technique.

Shoes can be decorated with lace, twine or yarn, with fragments of maps, book or magazine pages, and even postage stamps – all of these are a lot easier to use as decorating material for creating your own unique design. A final coating of acrylic varnish will make it waterproof and more durable.

Glitter shoes
Photo: pinterest.com

If this still seems like too much work, you can simply use paint, lace, glitter or rhinestones only on the toes or heels of your shoes. You can just spray paint or sponge paint shoes or boots picking a color you like or a combination of colors. Continue wearing and enjoying your renewed and re-styled shoes. Or else, put them somewhere for everybody to see and admire.

2. Stylish statement for your room

Stylish Statement for Your Room
Photo: Natalie Gontar

Do you find these newly re-decorated shoes too pretty to wear? Display them as a work of art in your house, placing them into a niche, on a shelf or a dresser. Boring drawers? Not anymore! Besides, you can turn these shoes into elegant storage for small items that tend to clutter desks, shelves, and countertops.

Statement for Your Room
Photo: Natalie Gontar

3. Decorative organizers

Decorative Organizers
Photo: Natalie Gontar

Upgrading old shoes to a unique creation should mean ‘proudly wearable,’ but this is not always the case. Sometimes one of your shoes is damaged beyond saving (like, if your dog has chewed it), leaving you wondering what to do with another one.

Here is the good news: you have perfect material for trying out any of the re-styling decorating ideas mentioned above or found elsewhere – no big deal if your first experiment does not turn out so well.

Photo: pinterest.com

More good news: there are different ways to use just one shoe or boot – as a planter, cache-pot or vase, as a stationery or makeup organizer. It can also hold buttons, beads, and other easy-to-lose craft or scrapbooking supplies that need a home.

4. Cache-pot or vase

Cache-pot or vase
Photo: Natalie Gontar

Small potted plants can be placed into shoes and boots, as well as freshly cut flowers. Ankle boots and rain boots make the best vases, but you can place fresh flowers even into small kids’ shoes and boots.

Just cut off the bottom part of a plastic water bottle or some other plastic container so that it fits inside, then fill it with water and add the flowers, choosing their size and trimming their stems accordingly. Preferably use flat or low-heeled footwear for this so that it is sturdy.

5. Planter

Photo: Natalie Gontar

Probably the easiest way of reusing a shoe or two that are beyond wearing is turning these into planters. You can certainly coat them with paint or add lovely details, and place them on your window-sill, on your patio or front steps.

But you might as well change nothing about your muddy old boots or running shoes prior to giving them a new green life as planters in your garden or backyard. This is a perfect idea for shoes that get a crack or hole in the sole – this means they already have a drainage hole. If they don’t, you need to make one with a screwdriver or a drill.

Reusing shoes, boots, and crocs as planters is an easy and frugal way to add some color and a fun theme to the garden, or make practical use of vertical space in small places. It is also a great idea for a project that will get your kids out into the garden.

They will be excited to have their own shoe garden, which can be very colorful or even edible if you opt for shallow rooted leafy veggies and herbs. Isn’t it so much fun that after you have grown out of your shoes, you can start growing into them – this time, literally?

6. Bookends

Photo: Natalie Gontar

Have some high heels that seemed fairly comfortable at the store proved to be non-wearable? Do they have long pointed toes that make walking in them anything but safe? We all are sometimes disappointed with the most gorgeous shoes not fitting right, but still, wish we could keep them even though we can’t wear them. A pair of barely used or spray-painted high heels makes great bookends.

Old shoes Bookends
Photo: pinterest.com

7. Umbrella holder

Umbrella Holder
Photo: Natalie Gontar

You have probably seen cute pictures of umbrellas comfortably resting in rain boots – oh, aren’t they a perfect company? In fact, these ‘boots’ are ceramic and cost a pretty penny. Many people must have been wondering if they could just use their old rain boots instead, getting the same look and saving the money.

Well, yes, but no, unless you attach these boots to a wall, a bench or some other fairly big and sturdy item. Otherwise, they will keep falling over. However, there is an easier way to do it. Take a stool chair and place its legs inside the rain boots – these can now hold your umbrellas without falling.

If you have two pairs of rain boots, your stool chair will be wearing a boot on each of its legs and looking quite stylish. If you don’t, you can use some other old boots for the other two legs. Such stool chair is not very good for sitting, but it can function as a small additional shelf where you put your bag, hat, gloves or other essentials.

8. Magazines or craft supplies holder

Photo: Natalie Gontar

Knee boots or rain boots, depending on their size, might look like something that won’t contain a lot, but they can add lovely accents to your room as they hold gift wrap, rolled-up posters, newspapers, magazines, art and craft supplies. Even if you have a separate area or closet dedicated to your hobby, you may appreciate more variety than just bins and boxes.

9. Baby shoe growth chart

Baby shoe growth chart
Photo: pinterest.com

Baby shoes are probably the most adorable of all you have ever owned. If you don’t feel like parting with some especially cute baby shoes, you can use them as a creative growth chart labeling them with the appropriate ages. This kind of growth chart is much prettier than any other, letting you preserve some of these special memories.

10. Use old shoes to hide money

Use old shoes to hide money
Photo: pinterest.com

Reusing things to hide cash inside while traveling (such as old lipstick tubes or foundation compacts) is not a new idea, just as the classic ‘shoe money,’ but experienced thieves will know these tricks. However, when it comes to hiding money in the house, some worn-out shoes in your closet or garage definitely are not a place where a burglar would look for cash.

Even if this ever becomes as popular as the traveling ‘shoe money,’ there is simply too many shoes in any house to go through them in search for money. You can hide cash inside shoes in different creative ways, depending on their style and material.

But making a ‘pocket’ in the textile siding of sneakers or putting money under the inside sole of a shoe are probably the easiest ones. Just make sure someone else in your family does not accidentally throw the money-hiding pair out.

Just because you can’t wear a pair of shoes anymore doesn’t mean you need to throw then into the trash. There are many creative ways shoes can be repurposed into something beautiful and useful, especially if you still want to keep them because they remind you of special moments and people in your life. What are some of your ideas for transforming an old pair of shoes into something that will have a new use?

U.S. Scientists Use CRISPR to Fix Genetic Disease in Human Embryos For the First Time

Scientists have successfully used CRISPR, a tool that cuts DNA with more precision than any other genome editing technology, to fix a genetic defect in human embryos that can cause serious heart problems, according to a landmark new study in the journal Nature. This is the first use of CRISPR on human embryos in the U.S.

Chinese scientists have reported using CRISPR to correct genetic defects in human embryos, but some of the embryos they used weren’t viable.

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, from Oregon Health & Science University, collaborated with researchers at the Salk Institute, as well as with scientists from China and South Korea, to improve on those results. They applied CRISPR at the earliest stage possible—when the embryo is still a single cell—to ensure that the genetic changes they introduced were propagated to every cell of the embryo as it divided and developed. Because the embryos were created for research purposes only, none were allowed to develop beyond three days.

CRISPR, which was introduced in 2012, precisely cuts DNA but does not repair it. If combined with other techniques, however, researchers say it could both cut out disease-causing genes and replace them with healthy versions to essentially cure genetic human diseases. So in order to further the science, Mitalipov and his colleagues wanted to test what happened when CRISPR was used in a human embryo. Theoretically, once CRISPR broke the DNA in the appropriate place to cut out a mutation, the cell’s natural repair mechanisms would kick in to repair the injury, fixing the defect this time with the proper code—much like how a word processor’s autocorrect function fixes spelling mistakes.

Unfortunately, this process isn’t very efficient in adult cells in which CRISPR has been tested, so Mitalipov expected similarly low yields in the embryos.

To his surprise, however, he found that embryos were very effective at fixing breaks in DNA.

He created embryos that contained a specific defect known to cause a heart condition by fertilizing healthy donor eggs from various women with sperm from a man who carried the genetic mutation for the disease. He then introduced CRISPR to splice out the mutated gene in more than 50 embryos just after the sperm fertilized the eggs, when the embryos were still just one cell. Several days later, 72% of the embryos showed no sign of the mutated gene; the gene was essentially corrected in all of their cells.

It turns out that the embryo relies on the normal copy of the gene, in this case from the egg, to fix the break made when CRISPR cut out the mutated gene. They key was to introduce CRISPR early enough so the embryo’s own DNA repair system could fix the mutated gene. That’s encouraging for one potential use of CRISPR in the future as a way to correct inherited genetic disease, says Mitalipov, since the embryo seems to have a built-in, reliable way of repairing the injury caused by splicing out an abnormal gene.

“Genetic diseases that are heritable can be treated this way as early as possible,” he says. “It’s the best way to treat the disease before the genetic mutation is actually transmitted to the embryo.”

Currently, the most reliable way of screening for such inherited defects is by using IVF, screening the resulting embryos for the mutation and transferring only those without the mutation for pregnancy. But that may require several cycles of IVF, which is expensive and carries with it side effects and complications, before enough genetically healthy embryos are created.

The study results don’t mean that editing human embryos to correct genetic diseases will be available at hospitals anytime soon. While that’s the goal, the findings are just the first in a series of studies that will need to be done to document the safety and reliability of using CRISPR to fix human disease. For one, the efficiency of the CRISPR and repair process is still about 70%. “There is still work to do to improve the efficiency,” says Mitalopov. “But I think that’s possible to do.”

He’s also encouraged by the fact that the gene editing and repair did not introduce other errors in the DNA. While it’s the most accurate DNA editor available, one of CRISPR’s drawbacks is that it can cut the genome in unintended places, especially where letters in the code look very similar to the target (again, similar to the way autocorrect can sometimes introduce more errors in attempting to fix a misspelling). Mitalipov’s team found no such off-target effects, a sign that CRISPR editing, at least in this study, was relatively safe. He notes, however, that may simply be an artifact of the particular gene he targeted; there may be coincidentally no parts of the genome that have similar sequences as the gene that CRISPR cut.

Even beyond the medical questions, there are also ethical concerns about the power inherent in manipulating the human genome. While correcting devastating diseases such as the heart condition Mitalipov studied, which can cause sudden death in young people, isn’t ethically controversial, using CRISPR to modify other genes—for intelligence, say, or athleticism or physical attributes like eye color or height—is much more problematic. The concerns are especially acute when it comes to eggs, sperm and embryos, since changes in these can be passed down to the next generation and forever change the human gene pool. The embryos that Mitalipov created were never intended to be transferred for pregnancy. But had they been allowed to develop, they would not contain the heart disease mutation, and they would not pass on the mutation to their offspring. The CRISPR editing would essentially eliminate the mutation from that family’s pedigree. Editing changes in already developed cells in adults aren’t inherited, so are less worrisome in terms of their legacy.

For now, there are legal and regulatory hurdles to moving the research closer to human trials. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) does not provide funding for using CRISPR in human embryo research. The Food and Drug Administration is banned from considering studies that involve genetic altering of human eggs, sperm or embryos. Mitalipov and his team used funding from Oregon Health & Science and did not rely on any NIH support.

7 Best Words You Can Use Instead of Love

If you don’t want to be repetitive and you are looking for some fantastic words to use instead of saying “I love you,” you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes we use the word “love” so often that it starts losing its meaning. If you’re you in the early stages of dating a man or a woman, it can be strange to say you love them, but you don’t want them to doubt your true feelings for them. So if you are not ready to say “I love you,” but you like your partner, try to use one of the words given below.

1. Devoted
When you tell your partner the word “devoted,” you show them that you would never intentionally hurt them or cheat on them. You show your partner that you really care about them, like them and you want to make them happy. This word will help your significant other trust you and know that you want to be with them.

2. Cherish
If you can’t tell your partner that you love them, say that you highly cherish your relationship with them. This will show your sweetheart how much you care and like them. Although you are not saying “I love you,” you are still showing your partner that you love them and you will never betray them.

3. Adore
This is one of the most romantic words you can tell your partner instead of “I love you.” Telling your partner that you adore them is so sweet and it shows that you like their personality and you are happy with them. Most of us use the word “adore” frequently, so it holds its wonderful meaning.

4. Worship
Well, you should use this word with caution because you can scare off your partner without even realizing it. The thing is, the word “worship” is very powerful so it’s not recommended to use this word at the beginning of your relationship. However, if you have been together for a really long time (more than 2-3 years) and you are tired of saying “I love you” every day, saying “worship” is a wonderful way to show your emotions and impress your partner.

5. Fancy
If you want to show someone you are interested in them, tell them you fancy them. This word won’t scare them off because it’s not as powerful as the word “love.” It’s actually a great word to say when you start dating someone since it does not suggest any kind of commitment. I think it’s a sweet word that we all should always keep in mind.

6. Fallen
One of the best ways to express your feelings several months into a relationship is to tell your partner that you have fallen for them. Perhaps you are not ready to tell your partner you love them, but you want to show that you like them, the word “fallen” can help you. Saying that you have fallen for your partner is a perfect way to show your strong feelings.

7. Smitten
You can tell your partner that you are smitten when you are not ready to tell them that you love them. This word has almost the same meaning as “love” and it’s a wonderful compliment to use only if you mean it, since this word says a lot. I’m sure your sweetheart will be happy to hear that you are smitten with them.

There are many wonderful words you can use instead of saying “I love you,” and these are only a few of them. Do you know any other words to add to this list? Are you in love with someone now?