7 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Faster

Looking for ways to spring clean your home in no time? Good. I’ve got some tried and tested ways that I’m going to share with you. Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things about the spring season, but unfortunately, I can’t enjoy it to the fullest since my schedule is always overloaded. So I’ve found a few ways to spring clean my home fast that are also great for those who don’t like cleaning. 1. Clean mini blinds Yes, I want to start with the worst part about spring cleaning. I’m Read more [...]

7 Creative Ways to Decorate Blank Walls in Your House

You must agree that our home is our sanctuary where we rest, communicate with our family and it should give us the peace of mind. You need to see things you like around you to feel comfortable. But blank walls in your house can’t help you to relax. How to add some comfort to our homes by decorating blank walls you may find out in the following tips. 1. Shelves Shelves can add a lot to the decoration of your house. It is the perfect way to decorate a blank wall. Not only can you fill the empty Read more [...]

8 Wallet-Friendly Updates to Make to Your Home

Looking for a cheap, simple and DIY way to enhance your home’s beauty? I’ve got a few wallet-friendly yet creative ideas for you. When it comes to upgrading any house – be it modern or old – the possibilities are endless. However, most of us don’t even think of any home improvement when we make ends meet only and don’t have extra bucks for new furniture or luxury decorations. Stop worrying about money. All you need is tons of creativity and a little bit of cash. Try some of these ideas Read more [...]

10 Best Techniques for Shaping Your Nails

Fingernails come in all different shapes and sizes, but sometimes we aren’t happy with the hand (literally) we’ve been dealt. The good news is that nails are easy to form into just about any shape you desire. Some people shape their nails for cosmetic reasons while others, like classic guitar players, shape their nails for functional reasons. The following techniques will help you shape your nails easily, safely, and effectively no matter what your motivations. 1. Straighten Side Walls Straighten Read more [...]

8 Home Office Decorating Tips

Working from home is highly common these days and most people would love to seize an opportunity to work whenever and wherever they want. Apart from the actual benefits such as gas, money and time saving, working from home provides you with less stressful environment, productive and calm atmosphere and no geographic boundaries. However, sometimes it’s really confusing to decorate a home office that works for you. You may find it difficult to concentrate on the task in the homey environment with Read more [...]

Physicists Discover That Lithium Oxide On Tokamak Walls Can Improve Plasma Performance

Lithium compounds improve plasma performance in fusion devices just as well as pure lithium does, a team of physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has found. The research was conducted by former Princeton University physics graduate student Matt Lucia under the guidance of Robert Kaita, principal research physicist at PPPL and one of Lucia’s thesis advisors, as well as the team of scientists working on a machine known as the Lithium Tokamak Read more [...]

Drone maps underground caves by deliberately bumping into walls

CC BY-SA 3.0 ESA, Natalino Russo In a couple of decades when astronauts finally make to Mars, there will be an unlimited amount of jobs to do. From setting up some type of livable space to doing some broad and very detailed explorations, the astronauts will need an array of technologies to help them with their tasks. We know that 3D printers will definitely be onboard and now it's very likely that some lightweight but tough drones will be too. The European Space Agency (ESA) has been Read more [...]