10 Best Anti-Aging Foods to Eat Every Day

The greatest desire of every woman is to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. We usually try various methods in order to prevent the aging process in our body. Though, our efforts are not always successful. It is necessary to remember that certain things can help you to add years to your life. Firstly, you should lead a healthy lifestyle. For this you need to do regular physical exercises and include wholesome foods into your diet. If you want to stay young and avoid numerous age-related Read more [...]

7 Delicious Foods to Eat to Increase Your Water Intake

While we all have to drink enough water every day, it’s also vital to eat foods that help boost our water intake. Not only do these foods keep us hydrated, they are incredibly tasty. Water-rich foods contribute to our needs and keep us from suffering dehydration symptoms. Add these seven water-rich foods to your diet and you will instantly be feeling healthy and refreshed. 1. Lettuce Lettuce is one of the best water-rich foods you can eat to increase your water intake. It contains around 92% Read more [...]

7 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Can Lead to Weight Gain

It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important and substantial meal of the day. We should be careful while choosing foods to eat in the morning and it is necessary to include only healthy ingredients into our breakfast menu so that we can get all the vital nutrients and vitamins. Unfortunately, most of us rarely pay much attention to the foods we consume at the start of our day. You don’t even guess that there are lots of breakfast mistakes that can lead to weight gain. Perhaps you Read more [...]

10 Foods to Eat to Trim Down Your Body Naturally

Nowadays most of us have busy schedules and we don’t pay enough attention to our health. As we know, nutrition is the most significant part of our physical and emotional well-being, and it’s important to eat well even if you are on a diet. The main thing is to trim down your body the natural and healthy way and do it step-by-step that is quite difficult at times. Just look for all the best foods that make your body work like as a clock. Don’t be too strict and avoid suffering from poor nutrition Read more [...]

10 Essential Beauty Foods for Women

The food we eat affects us in many ways. Many foods enhance us on the inside with their composition of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Yet many foods can also impact the way we look on the outside. While we already know that eating greasy foods, for example, can negatively impact our skin, there are actually many foods that support the beauty of our exteriors. The following ten foods are ideal for enhancing our outer beauty in healthful ways. 1. Strawberries The cleansing potential of Read more [...]

Shrink Your Waistline in a Week! These Tips Will Do the Trick!

If you are looking for quick and effective ways to shrink your waistline in a week to get ready for bikini season, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to try new diets, starve yourself every day, and spend hours at the gym to reduce your waistline. A few simple changes will be enough to reach your weight loss goal. Starving yourself or exhausting your body is probably the worst way to shrink your waistline. I suggest that you try out these healthy ways to shrink your waistline in one Read more [...]


A refreshing soup to keep you cool during summer. This soup is one of my sister’s favorites. She just loves it. She’d have it for dinner or lunch, sometimes as a snack when she’s not sure if she’s really hungry or not. I assure you, when I say my sister, it’s not a code for “me”. And I didn’t just talk in third person about myself. Because to be completely honest I’m not the biggest fan of cold soups. To me a soup should be warm. Even hot. As in burn my tongue, whine Read more [...]

How to Make Yogurt Tutorial

When I started experimenting with the GAPS diet I noticed right away, from reading the book, that eating yogurt was a big part of the diet and the process of regaining gut health. I was super intimidated by making my own yogurt but after some initial research, I decided that it didn’t seem too hard and that I should just jump in and give it a try. I’m so glad that I did, because the process was so easy and the results were wonderful. During my research I found that like most things, Read more [...]