The Minnowbooster Whitelist Project

I recently got white-listed on the minnowbooster white-list program. I believe you know what minnowbooster is if you are reading this post. But if you don’t,minnowbooster is a paid for up-vote service. On steemit, almost everything is possible. Paid for up-votes and bid bots have now become the order of the day. One will say it is a good venture but there are downsides to it. The first page you see on steemit when you want to join is scripted; Money Talks. Indeed money talks and as such those who have money get noticed easily by buying votes from these services. That’s not to say the grand design of steemit is vote buying. It is rather to say that the best content get into trending page for easy access by all. Nevertheless, this is how the system has turn out to be. This has brought about many advantages and disadvantages. Some few disadvantages being; increased spam action. Trending pages being filled with scammy and thrash post. Reduced organic activity on the platform as most people are either buying or selling their exposure tickets.


Among the mist comes something to settle the dust. I personally do not believe in bid-bots as it is easy for spammers to use their service and profit is not a certainty when using a bid-bot. On steemit, the ones who have money to partake in bidding and vote buying are currently the greatest writers. Many actions are being taken by various vote buying services to help curtail this unfortunate and undesired effect of vote selling. The two main vote selling services widely known are Smartsteem and Minnowbooster.

They both have systems to promote good post and smartsteem has had its white-list campaign running way before minnowbooster. That’s not to say smartsteem is better. As to the best of these two is subjected to you the users. This article is to bring to light the importance of minnowbooster white-list project which is a community based one.


The importance of community cannot be underestimated in the crypto sphere. The idea of cryptocurrency is to leave decision in the hands of the users and owners and as such the community. The community is therefore liable for the decisions it makes since it is the sole and primary beneficiary. Minnowbooster white-list project brought to light how important community is once again by factoring into consideration the community before creating their white list program. Minnowbooster white-list program as defined by @raycoms in the main announcement article was designed to enable quality content producers on the Steem blockchain to actively curate and groom other quality content producers with the goal of creating an approved white-list made by Steemians for Steemians. This model considers every member of the steem community and only the very good writers will have the opportunity to trend.Votes selling has become the order of the day and for this to progress on a smooth swift path we all need to reduce spammy post from trending. And this is a conscious effort executed by the minnowbooster program. I am privilege to be a first hand user of the white-list program and to share with you how things really go on.

I was white-listed some few days ago and it has been awesome reviewing and inviting good writers to the white-list category. We need more than just writing for steemit to be successful. We need to want to come and spend time on steemit either through reading or communicating. The more this is possible the easier site retention will be. I find it very interesting when reviewing individuals. You get to read a couple of their articles which gives you a sense of their personality either to follow or ignore them if they lie within you choice of preference.


  1. What should i do to get white-listed? I personally think you need to write better articles to get white-listed. White-listed users are actually searching for people to white-list them who probably already use the minnowbooster service. I see very little use for a white-list user who does not buy votes above 50sbd being white-listed. The only beneficial part of the project that you will enjoy will be the residual income from those you helped reviewed. So stay calm, write and join the minnowbooster discord channel to be noticed by other white-listed personnel.
  2. What are the benefits of joining the white-list?Minnowbooster supports normalist with votes worth 50sbd maximally. As a white-list user, you get to enjoy a threshold of 100sbd. Also you get a greater profit percentage on your votes as compared to a normalist. A white-list user also get dividends from votes bought by those he/she helped reviewed.


  1. I write short posts and dmania post only, can i get white-listed? Being white-listed is a community based effort and the answer lies in all those who will review your content. I for one will advice you up your game. If its dmania post, make the best of it and be original because that’s only when people will notice. Short post normally don’t catch and convey enough content and as such will advice you open up your thoughts and explain things better.
  2. Can i apply for being white-listed? Unofficially, there is a google form that is available for application purposes and does not guarantee being white-listed when filled but rather gives you a chance to be seen by white-listed users who use the list.Link Click on the link and fill out the form. Upon filling the form white-listed member can get assess to the list and review or invite you .This is a first test if it makes sense or not. Please apply here if you really think your blog is great and no one noticed you so far.

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