Understanding the Gut Brain Connection

Have you ever had a gut-wrenching experience? There’s a reason they exist. The gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotions, anger, anxiety, sadness, etc. All of these emotional feelings can trigger symptoms in the gut.

The brain can directly affect the stomach. Thich is easily demonstrated by the feeling of hunger that we get at the very thought of eating something delicious. We can also feel nausea in the gut before giving a presentation or feel abdominal pain while we are stressing. If someone jumps in front of you, you have a physical reaction, perhaps sweaty palms and a clenched stomach. Continue reading “Understanding the Gut Brain Connection”

10 Healthiest Food Trends for 2018

We’re well into 2018. How is your New Year’s resolution going? Wait, before you answer, you need to learn more about the healthiest diet trends for 2018. If you are tired of avocados and apple cider vinegar, then you will welcome these delicious yet balanced foods and drinks. Don’t feel bad if you are struggling to lose weight or eat better this year. After you get hip to these hot Continue reading “10 Healthiest Food Trends for 2018”