9 Things Super Successful People Do on Sunday

Sunday is seen by many as the day before the dreaded work week begins anew. The fun you had on Saturday needs to be wrapped up and you need to snap out of your weekend hangover, whether it is alcohol-related or not.

However, those who are considered successful and well-known share some common traits that make their Sundays productive and effective. Here are the things successful people do on Sunday to fuel their ambitions and boost their triumphs:

1. Family and friends

Work-life balance is hard. Success often means separating yourself from your friends and family for an extended amount of time, which can put a strain on relationships. Successful people, however, do not let their career control their lives.

Instead, they know how to balance their occupation and time spent socializing. Sundays mean gathering the family for dinner, hanging out with friends, playing with the pets and kids, and getting in as much laughter and memories as humanly possible.

2. Me-time
After spearheading innovations and driving businesses towards a profit, successful entrepreneurs and CEOs know how valuable time spent away from other people can be. By using your Sunday to do what you want keeps you in sync with your mind and body. You will also feel less exasperated with handling people if you can give yourself some TLC first.

3. Exercise
Physical health is linked to your mental health. Without staying fit, your overall condition will breakdown. Successful people literally make time to get in workouts before their shift, but they also refuse to neglect their body on the weekends. You will find CEOs hitting trails, lifting at the gym, and staying active on Sunday.

4. Vacay or staycation
Sundays can be fun-filled, too. Take a mini-vacation to someplace you have never been or have not been to in a while, like the local art gallery, mall, park, or a museum. You do not have to go far and you do not necessarily have to spend anything. Just enjoy a moment of adventure in or around your local setting.

5. Disconnect
Become a weekend hermit. Detach yourself from the smartphone, computer, and other tech devices that are wired to social networks. This allows you to break from the work cycle to truly feel like you are “off from work.” At the same time, this distance means you will seek out other ways to spend your day off, like doing yard work or meeting friends for a movie.

6. Dreams and passions
For the successful, their hobbies and other passionate pursuits are never placed on the backburner. In fact, it is balancing what they enjoy doing with their work life that they are able to stay inspired and energized.

By doing what you enjoy, you get more fulfillment out of life. So never give up what you love to focus solely on your career. Another way to pursue a passion is to continue your education. If you have an hour or two set aside to work on another degree to bolster your skill set, why not?

7. Relaxation
This means taking some time to actually cool down. Take a moment to recharge your batteries by getting a massage, going to a spa, staying at home to read, meditating, taking a yoga class, or even just lounging poolside with a glass of wine. Whatever helps you unwind and chill, do it.

8. Planning for the future
Founders and CEOs are nothing without their insane work ethic. You can learn a lot from their habits in preparation. For example, when you use some time on Sunday to lay out how the coming week should work, you give yourself some ideas of goals, projects, and other work to complete to keep everything running smoothly. This forward-thinking keeps the successful one step ahead of everyone else.

9. Early riser
CEOs are notorious for being early risers, no matter the day. Some of them wake up as early as 3:30 am to get things done. Of course, this also means going to be around 10:00 pm to ensure they are not getting sleep deprived either.

Many use these quiet hours to reflect, meditate, exercise, or simply catch up on things they feel have been neglected, like personal emails or continuing education.

These nine traits and actions are what drive successful people on Sunday to make their best of the coming week. Do not let you Sunday be the anti-fun day. Transform it into a day of relaxation, reflection, and planning for the future to aid in your life’s pursuits, whatever they may be.

7 Best Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Want to live a long, healthy life? The great news is that it’s really possible with little effort. It’s difficult to keep track of the latest researches on what is good for you and what is not and what can help you live longer. However, a healthy lifestyle is certainly the key here. Making just a few small changes in your lifestyle can actually help you live much longer. Follow the tips given below and you will surely live a longer and healthier life.

1. Make time to relax
We all live in a busy world with constant meetings, deadlines, events and parties and it seems we never have time to relax. However, if you want to live longer you should always make time to relax, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Relaxing is vital for your mental state since you need a break every now and then.

2. Don’t stress
Unfortunately, stress is inevitable in the modern world and it’s important to learn how to cope with it, especially in the most difficult situations. Stress can cause premature aging, various diseases, and even acne, so make sure you don’t stress. In any stressful situation, I recommend you to take a few deep breaths and think about good things in your life. One of the best ways to live a longer, healthier life is to minimize and eliminate stress from your life.

3. Stick to a healthy diet
Whole grains, fruits and vegetables will help you balance your mood and have a good health. It’s an important component in living a longer, healthier life. Stick to a healthy diet and make sure you don’t eat junk food. Nourish your body with the healthy choices only.

4. Exercise
Exercise is a secret to a longer life! It helps reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, MS and Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise also can improve your mental and physical health. Exercising regularly will certainly help you stay healthy and live longer.

5. Make the right choices
When you live every day doing what is right, you guide yourself in the optimum path. Help out people in need, listen to your friend who’s going through hard times, call up your parents to thank them for everything they’ve done for you and let them know you really care. Making the right choices daily will help you be on your way to a longer life.

6. Stay positive
Numerous studies show that optimists are much more successful and they live longer than pessimists. So smile more, stay positive throughout the day every day, even when your day is extremely hard, and you will live a longer, healthier life. With a positive attitude, your life may seem easier and happier.

7. Follow your dreams
If you want to be an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor or a dancer, be sure to follow your dreams. It’s always possible to make your dreams come true, no matter how many times you failed in the past. Stop wishing and start working toward your dreams right now. If you live a happy, fulfilled life, you will live a longer life.

Now that you are aware of some of the best ways to live a longer and healthier life, I hope you start living a really happy life. Follow your dreams, smile more often, eat healthy and exercise regularly and you may hope for 100! What’s your secret to a longer life?

7 Ways to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Life

A new day is a chance to change your life and get rid of negative vision of the world. However it’s quite difficult to stay positive, facing failures and harsh realities of life. Human mind has a tendency to remember negative points better than positive ones. We think over our problems too much and it doesn’t help to solve them but makes us more miserable. Remember that the power of thought is extremely influential, so try to avoid negative thoughts which steal your happiness.

1. Avoid people who spread negativity
There’s a type of people who think negatively and their vision of the world is a result of their lifestyle. Moreover, such personalities project negativity onto others. Sigmund Freud ones said a wonderful thing: “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by idiots”. These are the words of a great psychologist. These people seem to have no power to control their thoughts and actions and pour the negativity of their rich and miserable fantasy on successful people to make them unhappy too. The first step to get rid of negativity is to drop the negative people in your life, but try to do it in a friendly way.

2. Don’t try to take overall control of everything
Nowadays many people want to reach perfection at least in something and it requires them to feel anxious about things they cannot control. It even happens that we are temporarily unable to reach our life goals and feel despondent and overfilled with fear. Don’t accentuate your attention on this fear and it will definitely go away. Enjoy the moments of life and other wonderful and magical things. Your fear and anxiety don’t influence the result of an action but make you suffer from these emotions. Try to be confident and don’t be afraid of the things you cannot control.

3. Exercise
It’s not a secret that sports and active lifestyle are an essential part of our mental and physical well-being. When you are busy with some exercises, your body produces endorphins which make you feel calm and happy. These hormones can even anesthetize and improve the circulation of blood in your body. I think it’s wonderful to feel alive and to be in harmony with your body. It’s proved that physical activity reduces the amount of negative thoughts in your mind. Make yourself better and healthier by exercising on a regular basis.

4. Pray/Meditation
Meditation or prayer is a way to activate your inner healing system. You calm your spirit down, becoming emotionally stable and physically strong. Moreover, it can help you perceive yourself better and become wiser. It’s an incredibly effective step to heal yourself and purify your conscience from negative thoughts and energies.

5. Learn to forgive
Resentment is a powerful tool that fulfills us with negative energy. We know that pride doesn’t allow us to forgive others and even ourselves. Our conscience is getting full of anger, sadness and bitterness. Such behavior forms a habit and it’s very difficult to feel yourself happy and free if you have a burden of negativity. Learn to forgive and don’t dwell on your mistakes. It’s the highest wisdom that can make you mentally rich.

6. Be a positive light
Do you know that our mood forms a person’s day? By all means, try to be special by your positive vision of the world and be the light that shines brightly. If we try to make another person happy, the whole world will be full of lucky people. Be positive, use your skills to help others in need, beam light and your life will change for the better in a short period of time.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others
The last step to let go of negativity is to reject false opinions of people around. As we know, tastes differ, so someone can find us not smart enough while others think we are not good and pretty enough. We are unique and we should know that we are deeply loved. Stop comparing yourself to others and always stay confident.

Remember that you are the blacksmith of your happiness, so it’s up to you to stop living in a dark and negative world, created by your own thoughts. We possess a great power to control our emotions. Have you ever tried to rid yourself of negativity? Please give your advice to help millions change their life!

9 Things You Should Practice Daily to Be More Beautiful

Appearance is one of those things that really matter to all women. We can spend hours trying different things that may help us look more beautiful and attractive. Nowadays some of beautifying practices are quite expensive and they are not available for everyone. However, there are lots of simple and affordable ways that we can use daily in order to have a fantastic look. But first of all, every woman should clearly realize what beauty is. Our inner world is the main thing that makes us beautiful. If you are a happy and peaceful person who lives in harmony with the environment, everybody will see those positive emotions and feelings on your face. You can spend huge sums of money on various cosmetics and other things, but if you are always sad and discontent you will never look beautiful. It is necessary to remember that your beauty and health come from inside. Though, your shiny hair, clear skin and your physical health are also very important. Try to add the following things to your daily routine and you will understand that being healthy and beautiful is very easy.

1. Eat Green Vegetables
We used to think that only vegetarians consume a big amount of green vegetables. I should say it’s a wrong opinion. Green foods are extremely beneficial to your health and you should definitely include them into your daily diet. By eating greens you will not only improve your health but you will contribute greatly to your beauty either. These foods are known to have numerous benefits that can change your life for better. For instance, they will cleanse your blood, digestive tract and even your skin. It has been proven that these veggies are helpful when it comes to such problems as stress and anxiety. Being rich in fiber, greens give you a nice opportunity to be full for a long time and forget about hunger. Another reason why you should eat green vegetables is a great number of chlorophylls that are efficient in cleansing your body, preventing acne and they may treat your muscles successfully. You can cook these foods in different ways. I usually like to make a huge salad with fish or an omelet with greens for breakfast. Some of my friends prefer various green smoothies made of kale or spinach. It’s also a splendid idea to have a whole grain sandwich with leafy greens.

2. Sleep More
It’s a well-known fact that our sleep influences both our physical and mental health. Plus, it is one of those factors that can alter the way we look; everything depends on how many hours we sleep during the night. The main rule you should stick to is to sleep as much as your body needs. Otherwise, you will be constantly tired and depressed, your skin will be subjected to different negative changes. Moreover, there is a big possibility you will suffer from overweight. If you don’t want to have dark circles around your eyes, you should sleep as minimum 7 hours per night. No matter how busy you are, try to go to bed earlier, let your mind and body rest. When you sleep, your skin cells are regenerated and as a result you get fresh and glowing skin.

3. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is another wonderful way to care for your face and body. It can be a perfect substitute of cosmetics like anti-aging cream, face cleanser and hair conditioner. This oil is full of minerals and vitamins that can help you to avoid dry skin, wrinkles, cellulite and eczema. Just make sure you apply this product on your skin regularly. In contrast to various creams, coconut oil is light and it is easily absorbed into your skin so that every cell of your body can receive enough nourishment. Perhaps you don’t know that everything we put on our skin can get into our blood within 20 minutes. That’s why you’d better not use chemicals to care for your skin. I recommend you to choose coconut oil as a natural alternative that will provide your skin with lauric acid and Vitamin E and help you to combat wrinkles, dry skin and bacteria.

4. Drink Rooibos Tea
This exotic tea is one of my favorite beverages that I drink regularly to improve the health of my skin. You may also add this red tea to your eating plan since it is packed with antioxidants and it doesn’t have caffeine like other kinds of tea do. Taking into consideration all the positive qualities of this yummy drink, I should mention that rooibos tea is an effective remedy for dry skin, inflammations, red skin, blemishes and other skin defects. Today this tea is available at most supermarkets. Don’t miss your chance to regale yourself with this exquisite and tasty beverage.

5. Exercise Regularly
Doing physical exercises is an excellent way to keep fit and have a good mood. Nothing can make you more beautiful than your toned body and a bright smile on your face. You don’t need to tire yourself in the gym every day, some simple exercises will be enough to get rid of depression, burn calories and stabilize your heart rate. Make it a rule to move daily and you won’t have any problems with your blood flow. Consequently, you’ll have a nice blush on your cheeks and your face will look fresh and much younger. It is advisable to exercise no less than 30 minutes daily. There is no need to get upset if you lack time to do sports. All of us have an amazing opportunity to move at home while doing chores or playing with our children outside. In addition, regular physical activity can guarantee you a good and healthy sleep that also plays a crucial part in your beauty.

6. Eat Vitamins
Once you have decided to keep to a balanced and healthy diet, you should do your best to consume a large quantity of vitamins every day. That is the key to your fantastic appearance. Keep in mind that natural foods like raspberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, yellow, red and green veggies are an enormous source of vitamins and minerals that your body can get through your meals. Dozens of recipes can be used to create delicious and wholesome dishes from these ingredients. Such healthy choice has numerous advantages including clear skin, a good physical shape and positive emotions.

7. Eat Omegas
Another group of nutrients that have a great impact on your beauty are omega 3 fats that can fight wrinkles, inflammation and acne successfully. Thus, it is reasonable for you to add foods rich in omega 3 fats to your eating plan and as a bonus you will have an attractive and slim body. You can get these useful fats when eating salmon, halibut, trout, flax, walnuts, acai berries and other foods.

8. Gratitude
Without a doubt our life is very busy and we always have to cope with different problems. Despite this fact we shouldn’t forget to be grateful for everything we’ve got. Maybe you don’t even realize, but you enjoy lots of blessings that make you a happy person. Stop for a moment and think about all your achievements, I’m convinced you have so many reasons to be proud of yourself and to be happy. If you are satisfied with your life, you will be the most beautiful woman in this world. So, it is really important to be thankful for the smallest things that make your life pleasant and comfortable. When you’re grateful, you learn to appreciate those things that are the most significant for you and you understand the greatest values of your life. When you are grateful for your success, you’ll have a charming smile and everybody will notice that.

9. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day
Hair is the biggest treasure for every girl. We spare no efforts to make it perfect. Very often we don’t know how to care for our hair properly and because of this we can’t reach the desirable effect. For example, most women tend to wash their hair daily in order to keep it clean and shiny, but they don’t even guess that by doing this they only harm their hair. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy hair, you should wash it every other day and use a conditioner that suits your hair type. Women who have dry hair are recommended to buy moisturizing shampoo. Those who worry about dandruff should look for a shampoo that can cleanse the scalp without drying it. By washing your hair every other day you’ll protect it from damages and it will grow faster.

We shouldn’t take our beauty for granted. This is a special gift that was given to us by nature and we must constantly refresh it and care for it. Being beautiful is not as difficult as it can seem to you. I hope that all these things will help you to be a pretty and happy woman. Which of them would you like to include into your daily routine? Can you give any other tips on how to improve our beauty?

Three Tips for Staying Heart Healthy

Research on brain-body interactions is helping us understand how emotions affect our bodies, and learning about those interactions can actually help you identify strategies to help keep your heart healthy.

Source: Thinkstock
We know from research that emotions influence the way the brain and heart communicate with each other. Our emotions can be extremely beneficial—or very detrimental—to heart health.

Here are three simple but research-based strategies that promote healthy heart function.

1. Stay positive

Positive emotions, such as happiness and pleasure, not only make us feel good but may also improve heart function. So it’s important to make a conscious effort to stay positive.

Find silver linings in tough situations; remind yourself often of the people and activities in your life that make you happy, and avoid dwelling too much on the negative.

Negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, and anger can hinder the ability of the heart to effectively pump blood and oxygen throughout the body, increasing the risk of heart disease. For instance, someone who is depressed or feeling sad might have less energy for exercise and less desire to eat well, which can contribute to poor cardiovascular health. Depression or sadness experienced over a long period of time also can put extra stress on the heart, increasing the risk for heart disease (Carney & Freedland, 2017).

Sometimes focusing on the positive is easier said than done. If that’s the case over an extended period of time, seek professional help.

Your mind, and your heart, will thank you.

2. Use effective stress-coping strategies

Chronic stress is a pervasive issue in modern society. Stress can come from many sources, including home, work, relationships, financial difficulties, and health problems (to name a few). Although you might not be able to eliminate stress from your daily life, you can use strategies to cope with stress, benefiting your mental and physical health.

For example, you can talk about problems with friends and family, ask for help when you need it to solve everyday problems, make an effort to relax and unwind, and develop a realistic exercise routine.

These stress-coping strategies help reduce feelings of anxiety and increase positive emotions, therefore reducing chronic strain on the heart by helping it to relax (Sgoifo et al., 2014). This relaxation can lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

3. Establish meaningful social connections

According to a recent survey, rates of loneliness have doubled from 20 percent to 40 percent since the 1980s (Wilson & Moulton, 2010). When you feel lonely, you may experience more stress, sadness, and anxiety. This causes your body to suffer as well.

On the other hand, when you connect with others, the brain shifts its communication with the heart through hormones and other biological changes, allowing the heart more opportunities to relax. This promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, making you more equipped to cope with stress (Cacioppo et al., 2015). Staying connected with others helps to keep the heart healthy as we experience daily mild stressors as well as long-term stressors.

We have studied and documented this effect in some animals, too.

In fact, research conducted with rodents has greatly increased our understanding of how our social environment impacts heart health. Mouse-like creatures known as prairie voles, for example, are especially social. Like people, these animals form long-lasting relationships and have strong family ties.

When prairie voles spend time with their family members, they are able to cope with stress much more effectively than socially isolated prairie voles (McNeal et al., 2017). This research has taught us about the importance of meaningful social bonds for people, which promotes appropriate brain-heart communication and improve heart health.

With a better appreciation of how emotion is linked to the heart, you can focus on staying positive, use strategies to cope with chronic stress, and form positive connections in your life. Managing daily stressors and increasing your happiness is crucial to the health of both mind and body.

Meredith McCormick has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fort Lewis College. She is collaborating on projects with Northern Illinois University researchers on the psychological and biological benefits of social interactions.

Angela Grippo, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at Northern Illinois University. She teaches courses in neuroscience and the brain. Her research is focused on the interactions of emotions, social experiences, the heart and the brain

10 Best Ways to Deal with Body Acne

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, covering about 3,000 square inches of area. It keeps you warm, retains moisture, and protects you from infection. The skin is a remarkable organ, but it can also be a source of embarrassment when breakouts of acne occur. If you are looking for some tips for dealing with body acne, here are some of the most effective ones.

1. Get Adequate Rest
Stress hormone levels increase by 14% for every hour of sleep lost in a night. Glucocorticoids are a type of stress hormone well known to affect skin structure and function. Increases in glucocorticoid levels can worsen acne and reduce your skin’s ability to heal. Researchers recommend that you get an average of eight hours per sleep each night and that you keep the room temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to improve sleep quality.

2. Get Exercise
Exercise reduces levels of glucocorticoids, but it also helps to regulate other hormone levels, improve metabolism, boost immune function, and increase blood and oxygen flows to the skin. Overall, exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve acne. That said, sweat can irritate skin and worsen breakouts, so be sure to shower immediately after working out. Wipe away excess sweat during your workout and avoid clothing that traps sweat against your skin.

3. Exfoliate
The exact cause of acne isn’t known, but clogged pores are a part of the problem. Most of what clogs our pores doesn’t come from the environment, but directly from our own bodies. Sweat, oils, and dead skin can all get trapped in pores and lead to acne. Using a mild abrasive, such as a salt or sugar scrub, is a great way to clear waste products from your skin. Be sure to moisturize after exfoliating to reduce inflammation, which can also contribute to acne. Most dermatologists recommend cleansing the skin twice per day.

4. Avoid Sugar
There is a lot of controversy over just how much of an effect diet has on acne. Truth be told, the impact of diet varies greatly from one person to another. It is pretty clear, however, that sugar, which causes spikes in insulin and other hormones, is a major factor in the development of acne. You don’t have to avoid all sugars, but you need to consume less “added sugar.” What does that mean? It means don’t add sugar to your drinks, avoid sweetened products like chocolate and soft drinks, and generally try to eat foods that don’t contain too much sugar. Fruits are fine in most cases, but try to eat berries, which are lower in fructose than things like apples and bananas.

5. Don’t Touch
This is hard to do, but if you can avoid touching your body then you should. Our fingers not only contain loads of oil, they also contain loads of bacteria. Even if the bacteria on your fingers do not directly cause acne, they can lead to inflammation that increases the likelihood that acne will form. Touching your face can be especially problematic.

6. Increase Your Water Intake
Research has shown that drinking just two additional cups of water per day will significantly increase blood flow to the skin. This, in turn, helps the skin to get necessary nutrients and rid itself of waste. Removing waste products from the skin reduces inflammation and improves the skin’s ability to deal with unexpected insults (like high sugar intake or a sweaty workout). Drink one glass of water in the morning and one in the afternoon to make a huge difference in your skin clarity.

7. Use Sunblock
Some people worry that the chemicals in sunblock will worsen acne, but the truth is that UV damage from the sun is a major cause of inflammation and pimples. Look for sunblocks that are advertised as “noncomedogenic” so that you don’t have to worry about them clogging pores. Avoid products that contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide as those tend to block pores. Better ingredients include avobenzone and octocrylene. A high-quality sun block not only protects your skin from acne, it protects it from cancer as well.

8. Change Your Diet
Omega-3 fatty acids, usually associated with nuts and certain fish, have been shown to decrease inflammation throughout the body. You can either eat more foods that contain this acid or you can take supplements of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fats not only improve your skin, they boost heart and brain health as well.

9. Watch Your Hair and Bathing Products
All shampoos, soaps, conditioners, hair sprays, and other hygiene products are not created equal. Some contain oils that can seep into and block pores. Others can cause inflammation that leads to acne. It can be hard to know which product will work best for you, but try to avoid anything that is excessively greasy or that makes you itchy or red or produces a rash. Look for soaps that wash away completely.

10. Clean Your Phone
This one is relatively new, but the ubiquity of cellular phones and our constant handling of them for texting, emails, and calls has made them a significant source of bacteria. Experts recommend that you wipe your phone down with an antibacterial product at least once per day. Even a little liquid hand sanitizer will do the trick in a pinch.

When it comes to acne, the bottom line is inflammation. Reducing inflammation through good diet, good hygiene, and careful use of anti-acne products will significantly reduce your propensity to develop acne. Beyond that, good skin care and careful cleaning will help to keep pores open so that the skin can effectively remove toxins and waste products.

7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

Every parent knows how it’s difficult to encourage healthy eating habits in kids. But with a few sneaky ways, you can easily get your kids to eat healthier so that they won’t even notice it. As a parent, you need to encourage you child to eat healthier food. Not only will they grow up healthier, but they’ll also have a healthy attitude towards food and they’ll teach their kids to eat healthier too. Read on to find out the list of 7 ways to get your kids to eat healthier.

1. Don’t lecture
I hated it when my mom lectured me about the starving kids around the world and how terrible those chips and fries were. While it’s important to explain to your kids that eating fast food and packaged foods is unhealthy, make sure you don’t lecture them. It’s absolutely unhelpful and you’ll only encourage them to associate lectures and stress with meal times.

2. Set a good example
One of the most important ways to get your kids to eat healthier is to set good examples. You will never encourage healthy eating habits in your kids if you eat unhealthy food. Eating with your kids and showing them that you enjoy eating healthy foods will help encourage your kids to eat healthier. If you often skip your breakfast, it’s no wonder that your kids don’t want to eat in the morning. Or, if you consume packaged goods such as potato chips, candy bars, or pretzels, your children will see that they can eat them too.

3. Cook together
Get your kids to help you prepare food to show them how to make healthy meals. This is a perfect way to get them interested in healthy eating. Ask your little ones to arrange foods on the plate, measure or stir something. Or, let them add their favorite vegetables to the salad or fruits to the fruit salad. They will like it!

4. Introduce new foods when they are hungry
Introducing new foods to kids is tricky at times. I remember when I introduced a plate of delicious spinach salad with carrots and cucumber to my little niece. She turned her nose up in disgust and told that she hated veggies. Now, it’s her favorite salad. What’s the trick? Well, the next day when she was hungry I made the same spinach salad and she ate it with a big pleasure. I introduced plenty of healthy salads to her this way. We often cook together and she likes to try different vegetables and fruits. If you are going to introduce new foods to your child, try to do it at the beginning of meal times. If they don’t like the new food, try again the next day or try mixing different veggies into their favorite meals such as pasta sauce.

5. Healthy snacks
There are so many sugary and salty snacks available for kids these days, that it seems impossible to encourage your kids to eat healthy. But, when you keep a few healthy snacks, such as raw vegetable sticks, cheese slices, and some fruit on hand, your children can eat healthier between meals.

6. Cut down on sugar
Children love sugar, but eating too many foods and drinking beverages with added sugar can cause numerous health problems, including obesity and tooth decay. Sure, you can’t be with your kids 24 hours a day and when they are at school, they can reach for sugary snacks, even if you prepare healthy snacks. Try to inform your children about the dangers of tooth decay and obesity if they eat too much sugar, and don’t give them sugar-sweetened beverages.

7. Make exercise a habit
If you are trying to encourage your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to make exercise a habit. Again, setting a good example is the key here. Start eating healthy and exercising together on a regular basis. Nowadays kids are leading sedentary lifestyles due to the TV and computer games. Encourage fun outdoor games and activities wherever possible so that your kids can enjoy an active lifestyle daily.

Getting your kids to eat healthier doesn’t have to be difficult. A few little tricks can do wonders. Do you have any tips for encouraging healthy eating in kids?

10 Tips on How to Feel Happier During the Week

If something happened in your life that really upset you, or if your weekly routine seems to be lacking in some way, you need to know some ways to feel happier during the week. Don’t stay miserable until something happens to cheer you up, try these 10 best ways to feel happier during the week.

1. Get organized
An unmade bed, a dirty kitchen sink and a stack of papers can all cause stress. So take several minutes to reorganize your house, and start with making your bed in the morning and washing the dishes. It’s a happy feeling to know that you will come back to an organized and clean home rather than a messy and dirty one.

2. Subscribe to a daily laugh
Another great way to feel happier during the week is to subscribe to something that can supply you with everyday content that makes you laugh. For instance, subscribe to a blog that posts funny animal pics. When we laugh, we increase blood flow, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and organs, and decrease stress hormones.

3. Play with your pet
Whether it is your pet or your friend’s pet, focus on them when you’re in a bad mood. Try to find time to play with your cat or dog, or offer to walk your friend’s or neighbor’s dog. It is really wonderful how pets can lift your spirit by just being themselves.

4. Bring fresh flowers into your home
Certain smells can actually change your mood and it’s difficult to feel upset or angry with a nose full of flowers. If you have a garden nearby or you have some extra money, bring some fresh beautiful flowers into your house. They are not only beautiful to look at, but also have a very nice aroma that will make you feel happier all over.

5. Exercise
Regular physical activity can also leave you feeling happier. But try to avoid the gym, since going from your office back inside under fluorescent lighting will not boost your mood. Go for a walk with your dog or around your block. Getting some fresh air is one of the best ways to feel good every day.

6. Compliment someone
I always feel happy when I compliment someone. I try to compliment someone at least once a day. Aim to compliment someone every day and you’ll feel really great about making someone else’s day a little happier. It will also leave you more open to getting some compliments yourself, which will help you feel much happier.

7. Paint your nails
It may sound strange, but I feel much better when I look down at my nails and see them polished to perfection. They make me feel prettier, and when I feel prettier, I definitely feel happier. Take some time out every week to relax at home and make a manicure. This is one of the best ways to feel happier during the week!

8. Write a diary
Writing out your problems can release some of the negative energies associated with them. Writing a diary has lots of benefits. Write about your daily activities and thoughts, or write about everything you like or did great that day. Writing out your problems and worries always helps.

9. Stop thinking and talking about your ex
There is nothing that may put me in a stressed out mood than thinking or talking about my exes, whether it’s venting to friends about them or coming across their Facebook pages. Sometimes thoughts of my exes tie to anger, stress, or depression, and I want to stay away from those feelings! So I do everything possible not to think about them. Stop thinking and talking about your exes. Stay away from their Facebook pages or avoid conversations that lead to them!

10. Avoid social network
Study from the University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross shows social network makes people more unhappy and lonely and less sociable. While social network provides an easy way for us to stay in touch with people from all over the world, it’s better to avoid it during the week. Stop checking your Facebook page 10 times a day and refreshing Instagram every 2 minutes. Instead of wasting your time on social network, go for a walk, exercise, read your favorite book, or spend some quality time with your family or friends.

Smile as much as you can and try to make the best of every day. Positive thinking is the key to happiness. What do you do during the week to make yourself feel happier? Share your tips with us, please.

10 Essential Fitness Habits to Develop When You’re Young

There are a few important fitness habits you should develop at a young age to live a healthier, longer life. If you adopt unhealthy fitness habits when you’re young, as you get older, it will be harder to get rid of these bad habits. However, if you start leading a healthy lifestyle at a young age, it will remain a part of your lifestyle down the road. Read on to learn 10 most essential fitness habits to develop when you’re young.

1. Eat healthy
You’ve probably heard this many times, but did you build the habit of eating healthy? It’s hard to make healthy choices, when there are so many tasty junk foods. Plus, junk food is more convenient than healthy food. Many people fall into a habit of eating fast food at a young age and then find it hard to break this habit as they get older. As a result, this bad habit puts them at a higher risk for numerous health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. No matter how busy you are, you need to develop healthy eating habits now when you are young. Eating healthier is not as difficult as you think. Junk food won’t help you live a healthier, longer life, remember it.

2. Make exercise a regular part of your life
One of the most important fitness habits to develop at a young age is to exercise every day. It can be walking, jogging, running, swimming, whatever. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, you need to exercise to stay healthy. Regular exercise helps protect you from high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. It can also help fight anxiety, depression and mood swings. If you develop this habit while you’re young, your future self will definitely thank you.

3. Never skip breakfast
Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day so you should never skip it. I know it can be hard to eat something when you have to rush out the door in the morning. But try to develop a habit of waking up a bit earlier in order to eat your breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast like oatmeal and eggs to speed up your metabolism, start your day with plenty of energy, and fuel your workout.

4. Eat 7 mini meals throughout the day
Eating healthy is not just what you eat, but when you eat, too. Learn to eat seven mini meals throughout the day to have more energy and keep your weight under control. From personal experience I can say that it’s not easy to learn to eat mini meals, but it’s worth it. Keep in mind that your mini meals should always consist of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

5. Stay active
Stop playing those video games and watching movies every day. Fall into a habit of staying active throughout the day every day. Go for a walk, play with your kids or pets. Also, ditch the lift and start taking the stairs. This way, you will have a stronger heart and overall better health. If you adopt the habit of staying active at a young age, you will stay active throughout the day as an adult.

6. Do basic fitness exercises
If you don’t have time to exercise every day, you can develop a habit of doing some basic fitness exercises on busy days. For instance, you can jump rope. It’s an easy, fast and fun exercise that you can do almost anywhere. Not only does jumping rope help improve your health, it can also help you lose weight.

7. Boost your workouts
When you’re young, it’s great to develop a habit of amplifying your workouts every now and then. If you are finding that your workout is becoming a boring routine, amplify it a bit. Push yourself more and try to complete your workout covered in sweat. You will be astonished by fantastic results and wonderful health. This is an essential habit that you should adopt when you’re young since this shapes how you’ll be later in your life.

8. Try new exercises
Don’t be afraid to try new exercises. When it comes to fitness, the possibilities are endless. You can try surfing, rock climbing, or anything unusual. Be open to try new exercises once in a while and you will see how it’s fun to work out and learn new things.

9. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is highly important during exercise, so it’s vital to develop a habit of drinking enough water each day at a younger age. Drinking water can help cleanse the body of toxins, reduce stress, build muscle, and lose weight. It can also help you have more energy throughout the day.

10. Eat more greens daily
Whether you want to lose weight or improve your health, you should incorporate more greens into your daily diet. Greens contain essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. You may not like the taste of most vegetables, but you don’t have to eat them raw. Add them to your omelet, green smoothies, salads, wraps and sandwiches. A research has shown that eating vegetables each day adds two years to your life. I think that’s a good reason to munch on greens.

Developing healthy habits when you’re young is always a good idea. Sure, these are just a few important fitness habits and there are many other habits to adopt. What do you think about these fitness habits? Are you going to develop any of them?

9 Efficient Ways to Lose Weight in a Month

Many women are concerned about their appearance. They spare no efforts to look beautiful and charming. One of the biggest desires most women have is to lose weight quickly. While it is not so easy, it can be possible. If you want to be in a good shape, you should change your lifestyle first. Remember that your daily routines, diet and physical exercises should be taken into consideration when you try to lose weight. The main thing is that we should always lead a healthy lifestyle. Usually, when we are eager to drop a few pounds in a short period of time we stick to different diets and spend hours in the gym. However, all these measures are not always effective. The list below includes a few simple ways that will help you to lose weight just in a month without any damage to your health.

1. Eat Less Meat
Meat has become the basic ingredient of our daily menu. We used to include it into various dishes as it is considered to be good for our health. But you should control your intake of this food when you are about to lose weight. That doesn’t mean you should stop eating meat at all, just cut down your servings and make sure you don’t consume it very often. Fish is a wonderful substitute for meat and it is beneficial for you. One of the reasons we should eat less meat is its high concentration of fats, growth hormones and antibiotics which affect our body negatively.

2. Eat Fruits with Pleasure
It is a well-known fact that fruits should be on the list of foods we eat every day. They are high in nutrients and vitamins that our body needs to function well. Unfortunately, most of us give preference to junk food instead. Sometimes eating fruit can be rather boring. Why not make it fun and eat fruits with pleasure? There are lots of interesting ways to consume this food. For example, you can make some smoothie or fruit salads. You will also enjoy the perfect taste of dried fruit.

3. No Alcohol
Surely, alcohol is one of the worst things for your health. First of all, it is high in calories and it takes more time for it to be burnt in our body. In other words, alcohol is full of ethanol and fat, which can do harm to you. Nowadays it is extremely popular to do “dryathlons” to get money for charity. By doing this you will contribute greatly to your health and well-being. Besides, this is an incredible way to lose weight fast. The only thing you need is to remove alcohol from your diet as soon as possible.

4. Sleep More
When it comes to weight loss your sleep really matters. As a rule, those people who sleep little tend to eat more because their appetite increases. It’s so difficult for me to resist a temptation to consume my favorite foods when I suffer from insomnia. I usually put on weight and it results in my frustration. To avoid this it’s better to go to bed earlier. Don’t spend so much time awake, sleep more.

5. Make your own meals
I think that the food you cook yourself is the best for you. For many young girls cooking may be problematic as they don’t have much experience. When they have nothing to eat at home they consume fast food excessively. Due to this fact they often put on weight. Make it a rule to cook food yourself and you will find out how tasty and healthy it can be. Asian cuisine will be a fantastic choice for you! If you try it once you will never turn back to junk food.

6. Ditch Sugar
It would be nice if you minimized your daily consumption of sugar as it has a negative impact on your body. In addition, it is one of the reasons you put on weight. If you can’t live without sugar, it will be impossible for you to ditch it completely. That’s why you should consume it less. You can add sugar to your tea or coffee only once a day, or a chocolate bar is absolutely enough for you. Don’t eat other sweets. You don’t need to refuse from delicious desserts, just be careful with their servings.

7. Eat Consciously
It is necessary to include various foods into your eating plan. Don’t eat the same food more than one time in a day. Think of the nutrients containing in your dishes. For instance, if your breakfast is rich in carbs, you should supply your body with protein during lunch. Pay much attention to your snacks either. Choose from a great variety of fruits. In order to be slim you should listen to your body and realize what it really needs. Don’t be obsessed with calories. It is advisable to chew your food slowly. In such way, it will be easier to understand that you are no longer hungry.

8. Don’t Have Any Takeout
Do you often have takeout foods? If so, you should definitely forget about that. Some people feel relaxed because they have only one in a week. But they even don’t imagine how many calories they get with all those dishes. Another amazing way to lose weight quickly is to stop eating out. Nothing bad will happen if you stay at home for dinner. Bear in mind that with every visit to a restaurant you have more chances to gain weight.

9. Exercise for Fun
Everybody thinks that doing physical exercises requires much time and energy. You don’t even guess that it can be entertaining. Just do it for fun and you will see the difference. Opt for your favorite sport and do it regularly. No matter whether you run or walk, dance or ride a bike, the main thing is to enjoy exercise. If you like something you will certainly have a desire to do that again and again.

Do you want to lose weight in a month? Don’t be afraid, it’s not as hard as you can think. Try to change your lifestyle and you’ll be amazed with the results. I hope that all the tips mentioned above will help you to look beautiful and slim in no time. What do you think of these ways? Have you ever tried them? What do you usually do to lose weight quickly?