Doctors Surgically Removed 28-Pounds of Feces From Constipated Man

A 22-year old Chinese man found himself in the hospital in really bad shape; he was weak and moaning in pain, his stomach so distended he looked 9 months pregnant. He had chronic constipation for most of his life and got to the point that laxatives couldn’t provide total relief from his pain and discomfort.

The patient looked like he was about to burst anytime!

Source: IBTimes
He was sent to surgery and after three hours, doctors were able to remove a massively swollen large intestine filled with feces; it weighed 28.6 pounds or 13 kilograms!

Source: Daily Mail UK
“It looked like it could explode at any time,” said Doctor Yin Lu of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital.

The patient was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease. It is a congenital condition in which nerve cells were missing in the bowel, which results to chronic problems in movement. Compared to a healthy digestive tract, food and waste stops in affected parts of the colon. The waste or the feces gathers up in the area and causes the large intestine to swell. In this patient’s case, it has turned into a “megacolon,” and if not operated on quickly could result to tearing or perforation and will release fecal bacteria that can cause sepsis.

This could lead to death so the man was lucky to have this operation just in time to save his life.

Source: Daily Mail UK
The disease is rare; it occurs in only 1 out of 5,000 newborns within 48 hours after birth. It can also manifest in older children through chronic constipation, distended belly, and malnutrition. The patient was already an adult when he was admitted to imagine the build-up of waste residing in his colon!

He was expected to recover fully after the operation. His story is a reminder for us all to monitor our bowel movements and keep our GI tract healthy. So if you notice constant abdominal pain and bloating that just wouldn’t go away, a trip to the doctor is a must.

7 Helpful Tips on How to Manage Jealousy

If you want to build a relationship with someone you love, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with jealousy. Sometimes you can even be happy to see that your partner is jealous, because that means he loves you very much and he doesn’t want to share you with someone else. Perhaps you are an extremely jealous person. Then you should certainly find efficient ways to settle down and manage your emotions. Otherwise your jealousy will only damage your relationship. That’s why you need to be reasonable and wise. The tips below will help you to cope with your excessive jealousy.

1. You Should Be Reasonable
First of all, a person who is always jealous should try to clear up if there are any reasons for such behavior. Consider all the things that spark your jealousy. Maybe they are not worth being paid much attention to. You need some time to understand what the problem is. It may take you from a few hours to several days. Having discovered that your jealousy is not reasonable, you should note it down in order to recollect it next time when you can’t control your feelings.

2. Trust Your Man
Surely, you would be nervous and angry to see another girl flirting with your guy. I should say it is really an unpleasant situation. Some girls can be too active and even chase your boyfriend insistently. Though, that is not a reason for you to get upset. Try to focus on the positive side of this problem. It is great that your man attracts attention of others. Aren’t you happy to realize that you have a handsome and attractive guy? Bear in mind that just your trust will help you to build a strong and lasting relationship. It’s impossible to control your man all the time, so you should keep calm and trust him.

3. Identify Insecurities
In most cases our jealousy starts from insecurities. If you think that those women who surround your partner, either his colleagues or his friends, are more beautiful and slimmer than you, then the feeling of jealousy will drive you crazy. Whenever you feel jealous of some girl who is near your man, you should find out insecurities and concentrate on your strong points that make you a unique person. I would advise you to be more confident about yourself and never let your emotions prevail over common sense.

4. Forget the Past
When it comes to relationships with men, our previous experience may be useful for us, even if it was unpleasant and we have only bad memories about it. We should take into consideration certain mistakes that were made and not to repeat them in future. Nevertheless, when you meet with a new man and you really love him, you shouldn’t let your past influence your relationship with him. For example, if your ex has cheated on you, don’t be obsessed with thoughts that a new boyfriend can do the same. Actually, all people are different and not everyone behaves badly. The best way to be happy with your man is to let go of the past and enjoy what you have now.

5. Spend More Time Together
There are lots of couples that can’t spend much time together due to some circumstances. For instance, you may work away, study in another city or simply you have a job that requires a lot of time. Being unable to see each other often, young people start arguing. Usually jealousy is the main reason of their misunderstanding. In spite of all the work you have to do, try to spend more time with your sweetheart and appreciate every moment of your love and happiness. Undoubtedly, it will improve your relationship.

6. Ditch Social Media
Maybe it sounds a bit strange but for most people social media is the major source of jealousy. I have plenty of friends who always suspect their partners of communicating with others through social media. To avoid numerous problems and quarrels you’d better ditch social networks. By doing this you will definitely strengthen your relationship with the one you love. After all, there is a wide range of other ways to keep in touch with your friends and relatives.

7. Clarify the Situation
Stressful situations and misunderstanding are an indispensable part of every couple’s relationship. The point is how often these situations happen. If you frequently see that your guy behaves oddly and you can notice clear signs of cheating, it is necessary to discuss the problem with your partner and clear up its reasons. Possibly, there is no need for you to worry about his behavior and you will come to a common agreement. Clarifying the situation is a wonderful way to stop your jealousy.

In conclusion I would like to say that jealousy is one of those factors that can ruin your relationship, especially if this feeling is uncontrolled. Thus, you should learn to manage your emotions and feelings. Remember that you should be patient and think thoroughly before you start arguing with your man. Are you a jealous person? Do you often have quarrels with your partner because of jealousy? How do you usually cope with the problem?

7 Sure Signs You Are Too Attached to Your Man

Whether you are crushing on a guy or you are already in a relationship, there are some obvious signs you are too attached to your man. Even if your sweetheart is obsessed with you, your actions could be downright bad for both of you. After all, you don’t want to end up getting hurt, right? Take a look at this list of the most obvious signs you are too attached to your man and that you have to take a step back in your relationship.

1. You are too focused on him
How many times do you mention your guy’s name when you are out with your friends? That’s fine, if you have some fun stories about him. However, if you tell pointless facts about your man that are not relevant to the topic of your conversation, there may be a problem. If the information is important or interesting, your friends will be glad to hear about him. But if they tell you that you are too focused on your guy and that they are tired to listen to your stories about him over and over again, it’s a warning sign you are too attached to your sweetheart.

2. You feel depressed without him
It is fine to be sad when you haven’t seen your sweetheart for several days, but you cannot base your whole life around your man. You should learn to survive without him around. Don’t put your happiness in your man’s hands, otherwise you might end up hurt. If you want to live a happy and fulfilled life, you should take charge of your happiness.

3. You expect him to contact you every 5 minutes
When we are close to a person, we tend to expect them to contact us every single day. But, you shouldn’t expect him to text or call you every five minutes. Both of you have lives outside of each other. One of the sure signs you are too attached to your man is that you cannot go an hour without hearing from your lover.

4. You can’t go a day without him
If you can see one another every day, that’s awesome. But, if your man makes other plans from time to time, you can’t really get mad at him. You need to realize that you are not the only person in your man’s life. Just like you, he needs time to see his friends and family. If you cannot go a day without seeing your boyfriend, you are too attached to him.

5. You are moving too quickly
If you have been dating for a few days or weeks and you are already planning your wedding, this is an obvious sign you are moving too fast. Sure, every woman likes to imagine what it’d be like to settle down with her man, but one of the biggest mistakes we make is expecting a proposal right after we start dating. While some people get married after only dating a month, others take their time. Rushing things will only scare him away.

6. You always cry over him
If you cry every time you go home or leave his house, though you know you will see him tomorrow, you are definitely too attached to him. There are certain situations that really warrant your tears, but you shouldn’t be upset about leaving. Be happy that you had a wonderful time with him.

7. You are too jealous
If you see your man with his ex or a pretty coworker, it’s okay to get jealous. But, if you are jealous when he spends time with his friends or parents, there is an issue. Jealousy is a common thing in a relationship, but you shouldn’t allow it to overwhelm you. If you are stressed out by envy and jealousy, you are either too attached to him or you are with the wrong man.

While it’s great to be attached to your sweetheart, sometimes it’s dangerous. You should realize that you cannot always be with him and learn how to be happy when he is not with you. Are you attached to your man?

9 Important Things to Remember to Save Your Relationship

One of the most difficult things in life is to keep the spark in relationship alive. During life you and your partner can experience emotional ups and downs. You should be ready to fight and express your emotions, because people aren’t perfect. Don’t be too hard on your boyfriend, because like all human beings, he can make mistakes and disappoint you somehow. The way to a strong and successful relationship is very long and it requires patience and the commitment of time.

Nowadays many couples prefer to break up as soon as they face a series of resentments and disappointments. They show that they’re not ready to go through the harsh realities of life together. A true love can overcome everything and break the walls on the way to happiness. If you fight together for your happiness, you’ll succeed by all means.

Furthermore, you should think more positively, if your relationship has become strained and difficult. Negative things make you more experienced, acknowledged and mature. If you are facing some problems in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your relationship has come to an end. It means that you need to change something that will bring back happiness. Here are a few tips on how to save your relationship.

1. Be ready to fight
Surely, disagreements in relationship are normal, but you should treat them carefully, because they can either spoil or strengthen the relationship. Resolving issues requires honesty and a frank desire to consider your partner’s point of view. You should learn how to take criticism without getting defensive and too emotional. Work on yourself and improve your self-esteem. Healthy arguments and jealousy prove that your partner is not indifferent to you.

2. Don’t recall his past private life
Do you want to build a healthy relationship with your loved one? Just stop dwelling on his past life and girls. It will be impossible to be happy in future if obsessive thoughts about the past spoil your mood. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never change the past of your boyfriend. Turn your energies to make enough efforts to change your present and future life for better.

3. Don’t wait for your man to change
Nowadays many ladies want their men to change. They often find happiness only in positive changes and in constant move toward perfection. This attitude toward your boyfriend can trigger regular fights and misunderstandings. He may feel unhappy and think that he’s not good enough for you. Don’t force him to leave his comfort zone all the time. If the change is vitally important to you, then tell him about it and try to handle the situation together. You may end the relationship if he doesn’t want to make a compromise.

4. Allow him to communicate with his friends
Nothing is worse than a life without the best friends. A romantic relationship shouldn’t limit both you and your partner’s social lives. It’s scientifically proved that every person should have some time and space for personal needs. Both guys and girls prefer to hang out with friends and do things that will help them relax and take a break from a boring life routine and various problems. If your boyfriend wants to spend some time with his best friends, try to suppress the feeling of anger and understand the needs of your loved one. It will make both of you more free and all-rounded people.

5. Don’t try to control everything
A lot depends on the type of your character, but sensitive and emotional people try to take everything under control. Life in a healthy relationship requires you to be ready to improvise. Don’t be too hard on your loved one, if he suddenly forgets to do something you’ve asked him before. I understand that his irresponsibility can hurt your feelings, but constant fights can also seriously damage your relationship. You’d better focus on more positive things and every minute spent with your significant other.

6. Learn to listen
Communication is an essential part of a relationship. But it’s impossible to communicate and explain something to each other if you cannot listen to your partner’s words carefully. Don’t watch the TV or play with your phone while talking to him. Try to hide your anger and other negative emotions if you’re in a bad mood. The habit of listening to and understanding him can improve the quality of communication and intimacy in your relationship.

7. Talk to him
It’s not enough to listen carefully. You should know how to talk to him too. If something is wrong, you may speak up your feelings to your loved one, because he is not a person with extrasensory perception and he cannot read your thoughts. The more common things you have, the stronger your emotional connection will be. That’s why you should share jokes, funny and sad stories with your boyfriend. Don’t hesitate to open up and tell him about your feelings, thoughts and secrets.

8. Family ties
When two people bind their lives and cohabit, they have to cooperate and communicate with their families, whether they like it or not. It often happens that family issues can spoil and even ruin the relationship. If your mother in-law or other relatives are toxic people, then you should do your best to develop an individualized approach to every member of his family. I’m sure that this problem cannot kill a real love and destroy the connection between you and your boyfriend. Obliged communication with other people is a challenging thing. If you have no ideas how to deal with your in-laws, then ask your partner for help. He may give a hint or a valuable advice on how to solve this family problem.

9. Learn to compromise
Compromise has always been the best way to solve various family issues. If you truly love your partner, you should go out of your way and compromise in order to see your boyfriend happy. Stubborn people have fewer chances to strengthen their relationships, because unresolved issues create tension and hidden hatred. Those couples who can’t give in have a risk to lose control over their feelings and relationship.

I hope this article will help you build the relationship of your dream. If you develop all the skills mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to live in accord with your significant other. What are the other valuable tips to keep your relationship from falling apart you can share?

8 Things a Real Man Is Always Ready to Do

What is the difference between a guy and a real man? Is it his beautiful body and face or the size of his wallet? Or maybe it`s the amount of women he can make go crazy about him? In fact these things mean nothing but the way he treats you and himself really matters. A real men isn`t afraid to make his woman happy and here are the things he`s always ready to do for her…

1. Start a new relationship

It often happens so that a man can be single for a long time. There may be a long-lasted break from relationship so he may forget how it`s to be with someone you love. However, it`s not a reason to feel diffident when he meets a woman he likes. If he realizes that this woman is a love of his life, he should be brave enough to ask her out on a date and to make her a happy wife in future.

2. Show his tears

Women can cry and everyone knows that but why men can`t? Showing emotions is natural and a real man isn`t afraid to do that when it`s needed. Everyone encounters serious problems in life like being fired or feeling disrespected, for instance. Thinking that only women can spill tears out is silly because men also suffer from negative emotions and they can cry not only at the funerals. Hiding emotions is unhealthy and can cause serious mental disorders.

3. Say he loves you in public

There are shy guys and some of them don`t like to speak about private life in public. Even though it`s not obvious to shout about your relationship to make everyone around listen to you, your boyfriend shouldn`t be afraid to say he loves you in public. If he hides your relationship from his friends and family, it means he has no serious intentions. A real man is always ready to show everyone that you`re a happy couple.

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4. Do some feminine things

Nowadays gender doesn`t mean as much as it was earlier. Your guy shouldn`t try to seem like he`s interested in men`s activities only and doesn`t care about those shows you want to watch together. If he likes to dance, why not do that with you? If he likes to wear bright juicy colors, why can`t he let himself do that? A real man always does what he wants and doesn`t worry about what others think about it.

5. Be a homebody

Dish washing, cooking, house cleaning and baby sitting shouldn`t scare your boyfriend. If you earn money while he takes care of your child, it`s totally okay. Sometimes we may exchange our life roles with a guy when it`s needed for comfortable living. If he really loves you, he wouldn`t care about what he should do to make your life better and if he has to be a mother, he will be a mother and a real man at the same time.

6. Listen to your opinion

Yes, a man should be confident and make crucial decisions himself. However it doesn`t mean he shouldn`t listen to his girl`s opinion. A man is the one who accepts his woman`s world view and asks her to help when it`s needed. He shouldn`t decide everything without you because he shares life with you. He needs to make you feel equal and he shouldn`t be afraid to show everyone that your words mean a lot to him.

7. Be romantic

Guys tend to think that being romantic isn`t a trait of a real man. Even though your boyfriend may like to make some romantic things for you, he may be afraid to be judged by his friends for this “soft behavior.” But a real man is always ready to do something pleasant for his lovely girl and he doesn`t pay much attention to others` point of view about those sweet deeds.

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8. Follow his dreams

Being always ready to fight with anyone isn`t the thing that makes a real man brave. Being really courageous means being ready to make your dreams come true. Whether he wants to become a famous writer or a singer, he shouldn`t be afraid to follow his dreams. When a guy tries to do everything to become happy, he makes his woman happy as well.

A real man isn`t all about having a perfect shape of the body and manipulating his girlfriend. He is sensitive, romantic, strong and confident at the same time. He`s not afraid to show everyone that he loves you and he always does everything possible to make you happy even if he has to neglect some principles. If you realize that your boyfriend isn`t ready to take advantage of your relationship the way you want, he`s not the one you`re looking for. Try to find a real man who`ll treat you like a queen and help you become a better person at the same time. What other traits of a real man do you want to see in your boyfriend`s character?

8 Secrets to Attract an Aquarius Man

Aquarians are all eccentric personalities. It is easy to fall in love with them, but it is so hard to win their hearts and make them stay with you forever. Aquarius men picky about who they date. They will never be with you because you are trendy, beautiful or smart. Moreover, they will never be with you even if you will be the best in the bedroom. If you have trouble starting a relationship with your Aquarius-crush, here are a few secrets that will help you win his heart.

1. Become a friend first

Do not expect your Aquarius-crush to jump into a relationship after the very first encounter or date. Take it slowly. Let him know you better. Aquarians are incredulous. Most of them have trust issues, so time is your weapon here. Become friends, spend more time together and he will gradually open up to you and see that you could be his soulmate for good.

2. Do not follow the crowd

Aquarius guys have a special attitude towards people who follow the crowd. The reason is valid. They never live up to someone’s expectations. They follow their dreams and trust their inner voice. Probably your Aquarius-crush is no exception. You do not have to do some weird things to draw his attention or act like a crazy clown to impress him. Just be yourself. Those who follow the crowd never stay themselves.

3. Surprise him

Although Aquarius guys are not as romantic as other zodiac signs, they love surprises. Unless you overdo it, your Aquarius-crush will love that little coffee date, picnic lunch or a short road trip.

You can also cook his favorite meals or write an inspiring email or text to boost his spirit when he is trying to deal with rough times. The sky is the limit. Make sure you do not buy expensive gifts, otherwise he will quickly say goodbye to you.

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4. Leave your drama for your girls

Aquarians appreciate peace and they strive to live in harmony with everything and everybody surrounding them. If you tend to gossip, moan, scream or complain, your Aquarius-crush will certainly run away from you.

Instead of suffering from drama, focus on philosophical ideas. Ask your Aquarius-crush about the meaning of life, unfairness, or how to be in tune with nature, and you will have the topic to discuss for hours.

5. Develop positive thinking

Pretty challenging, huh? Aquarians are afraid of everything negative. Whether they are superstitious or meticulous, they never waste their time on people who see only negative things in life.

On the one hand, it is good. On the other hand, they are bad at supporting those struggling with difficulties. Anyway, if you want to build a long-term relationship with an Aquarius, having a positive attitude is a must.

6. Stay patient

Winning the heart of an Aquarius man requires baby steps and tons of patience. Do not let your emotions to ruin the whole process. When you feel like you are ready to give up on him, take a little break from him. Do not be clingy and give him enough time to think about you. He will call you in 2 days or less as soon as he notices you stop keeping in touch.

7. Trust him

While it may take a long while for an Aquarius man to start trusting you, he is sure that he does not need to do anything to win your trust. This is the problem with Aquarians. They are so confident in their personalities that rarely see their own drawbacks.

It is up to you whether he is worth your trust or not. Keep in mind Aquarians rarely forgive those who deceive them, let them down or hurt their feelings. Be honest with your Aquarius-crush regardless of the situation you are in.

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8. Become a volunteer

As awkward and strange as it sounds, becoming a volunteer in order to win a man’s heart is an option too. Not to mention that you will do 2 good deeds at once: the first one is for nature and people and animals in need and the second one is for yourself. Suggest your Aquarius-crush volunteer together each weekend and you will not notice how quickly they will fall in love with you.

Despite all their negative traits, Aquarians make wonderful partners. They are not afraid to commit and have high moral obligations. Dating or marrying an Aquarius is a blessing and a misfortune at the same time. If you are ready to take this challenge, why not?

7 Things to Know about Dating an Independent Man

Let’s face it: independent men drive us, women, wild. Often, it feels like love at first sight. His rugged spirit and dogged determinism are more than enough to sweep you off your feet. Combine those qualities with the emotional maturity, responsible nature, and manly aura needed to get things done in this world, and you have got a heartbreaker on your hands.

But be careful. Those emotional highs are guaranteed to come with some devastating lows if you are not careful. You have to keep your your head on your shoulders next time you find yourself in the company of an independent man. Knowledge is power, so read on for seven things you need to know about dating an independent man.

1. He has many irons in the fire

Women tend to go through a predictable cycle when they first start dating an independent man. In the beginning, they are seduced by his lack of availability because it adds a quality of mystery and suspense to the relationship. However, as the two grow closer, a woman starts to wonder why he never seems to have time for her. Her curiosity turns to longing.

This might be the hardest part about dating an independent man, but remember that what drew you to him in the first place was his relationship with the rest of the world. His lack of availability has not changed if the time you do spend together is still intimate. The best remedy for this one, aside from remembering that he is as dedicated to his own projects as he is to you, is to become a little more independent yourself.

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but opposites attract for a reason: they help each other grow. Perhaps your path of growth is to learn to strike out on your own if you have not already, and maybe that’s part of what drew you to this independent man in the first place.

2. He will not cheat on you

Women are so used to needy and manipulative guys these days that if he is not always around, we start to worry that he has found someone else. Worry not! One of the best things about an independent man is his integrity. If he is truly an independent man, he’s probably not cheating on you. Rather, his lack of availability is most likely due to his many commitments in the world of work.

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3. Sometimes he is afraid to ask for support

An independent man has learned to toughen up so he can get by in this chaotic world. That rugged exterior is one of his attractive qualities. However, as time passes, you will find that it gets a little old. You want to know the real person behind his persona.

The problem is sometimes independent women do not know how to ask for help. That’s where you come in. As his partner in crime, you are the one he looks to for emotional support, even though he may never say it aloud. So, if he seems down, or stressed, or worn out, be there for him. Over time, he will learn to temper that hard exterior with some more expressive displays of emotion.

4. He likes to be the breadwinner

An independent man often shows his love and affection by providing for a woman. You might be an independent woman yourself, but if you want to make things last, you need to let him treat you every now and then. He works hard so that he can create a good life for himself and those he loves. Once you are in his circle, expect to have your material needs met. Remember, this is not a form of manipulation. It is an expression of love, passion and care.

5. His family has shaped who he is

Independent men are portrayed as self-made. This is true to some extent, as they work hard to achieve success. But do not take his origin story at face value. An independent man is uniquely driven because he is from a unique family system. Maybe he had a lazy dad. Or, alternatively, maybe his dad demanded too much from him. Maybe his family struggled, and he wanted to rewrite a legacy of the financial burden.

Whatever his story might be, you should find out before you get too close, because you are going to get pulled into it. That’s just a reality of deep intimate relationships. Sure, independence is great, but you have to know where it is coming from. Choose wisely.

6. He is a king in search of his queen

Sometimes it feels impossible to get into an independent man’s circle of priorities. He is very selective. An independent man has big dreams. He aspires to be a king in this world, and he is looking for his queen. If he seems aloof in the beginning, it is because he is testing you. He wants to know if you have what it takes to be with a man who has priorities in life.

He wants to know if you can handle his bold ambition. Most importantly, he wants to know if you will stay with him through thick and thin. An independent man is used to roughing it, and he wants to know you will stick around in the bad times and the good ones. He wants to know if he can trust you with the keys to his castle when it is finally built.

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7. He has got experience beyond his years

Maybe he is a young man by society’s standards, but an independent man has adult priorities. He usually knows how to stand up for himself and how to get things done. He has likely worked hard for his position in life, and he will likely continue to work towards advancement throughout his adult years.

An independent man seeks recognition of his maturity in the woman he chooses. If you want to get close to your independent man, you need to acknowledge his accomplishments and his personal growth. It is a paradox, but only then he will reveal his sensitive side to you.

There you have it, the seven things you need to know about dating an independent man. They seem simple, but they are so easily overlooked. If you are into independent men, take stock of these seven pearls of wisdom and see how they change your relationship for the better. As you get to know your independent man in ways he might not know himself, you will likely find an increase in intimacy and trust from both sides of the relationship. Cheers!

Leaked Avengers Infinity War trailer surfaces online again: Will Iron Man and Captain America reunite?

Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt on the sets of Avengers Infinity WarMarvel
Much to Marvel’s annoyance, the trailer of Avengers Infinity War was leaked soon after its preview at Comic Con San Diego. But due to copyright issues, the footage was later taken down from the internet.

The leaked footage has finally made its way to YouTube, giving an eyeful to fans about the fates of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Spider Man.

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already seen their favorite Avengers battling and thrashing every alien invasion that has threatened the earth. This time, however, they are not fighting an alien, but will be facing Thanos, the Mad Titan.

The trailer shows superheroes flexing their muscles to fight and defeat the greatest threat on earth. Tony Stark and Captain America must put a united front before the greatest enemy they have ever encountered but the war may not be as easy as the previous ones.

The leaked trailer for Avengers 3 begins with the audience cheering to the voice over of Mantis who says: “We are arriving.” Star Lord, the captain of his spaceship Milano asks his Guardians to stay prepared for what comes next. He says: “Alright Guardians, don’t forget this might be dangerous so let put on our mean face.”

To the surprise of Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon, the body of Thor falls and hits the windshield of the spaceship. They bring his unconscious body inside Milano. He later wakes up thanks to Mantis] and is surprised to see his space saviors. “Something is very wrong,” the Norse God speculates as he arrives somewhere in the galaxy along with the Star Lord and his team of cosmic Avengers.

Thanos will be the main villain in Avengers Infinity WarMarvel
Cut to Scarlet Witch who appears to be dodging some powerful force on Earth while Spider Man senses danger. In another scene, Loki emerges on the screen to offer the Tesseract to someone gigantic (many believe it may be Thanos). Tony Stark appears to give a little Ted talk as he encourages his team on attacking the greatest super villain. “We have an advantage. He is coming to us. So that’s what we will use.”

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War will hit the theaters on 4 May 2018.

Melbourne man mocks Melbourne in funny video

Melbourne’s reputable coffee culture made fun of in new video. Picture: Jerad Williams

TWO men put the “burn” in Melburnian in a new video mocking those living in the beloved city.

Darrell Hawkins and a friend grew up in Melbourne and decided to poke fun at its renowned reputation for good coffee, gentrified laneways and bad weather in their own tourism spoof.

Many have found the funny side, but if you’re from Collingwood, you might have a different reaction.

“Whether the sunburn has got you down or you just took the wrong turn-off on the way to Geelong, why not consider a short stay in Melbourne,” the video narrator said.

“A metropolis that welcomes people as far as Malaysia, India and Collingwood.”

The video also doesn’t take baristas too seriously and the camera scans across a shelf full of Nescafe instant coffee while talking about the city’s amazing caffeine culture.

Street artists were too in the firing line, with shots of Melbourne’s “edgy art scene” featuring dodgy black graffiti on a brick wall.

They also didn’t forget how lucky people are to see four seasons in one day in Melbourne — rain, rain and more rain.

Melbourne tourism

Essendon Football Club couldn’t even fly under the radar.
“Pentridge prison is a secure training facility for Essendon Football club,” the video’s narrator said.

Mr Hawkins told 3AW he grew up in Melbourne and the video was made more out of love than hate, and thought it was time to pay tribute to his hometown.

“I expected Melburnians to get a bit more defensive but people loved it,” he said.

“I’m glad to hear people are willing to take the mickey out of Melbourne.”

The video also criticises Melbourne’s Myki system and often delayed public transport.

“You won’t struggle to get around with the abundance of transit options,” the video said.

“Melbourne’s trains and trams carry commuters around the clock and sometimes even around the city.”

In the end Melbourne, which has before been labelled Australia’s most liveable city, was rated 2.5 stars.

“It’s mostly Melbourne-centric jokes so people who get the most out of it is the people who live there,” Mr Hawkins said.

Footage emerges of white man firing gun at protesters at Charlottesville rally

Footage released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia shows the moment a white man fires a hand gun at protesters during the clashes in the city of Charlottesville on 12 August.

In the video, the man can be heard saying the word “nigger” and firing a shot towards someone off-camera before hastily leaving the scene. In the background appears to be law enforcement who do not react – but which cannot be confirmed from the video.

A New York Times report said that the man was firing towards a black man with an “improvised torch”. It is understood to be the same man depicted in a viral photograph from the scene that was also the subject of a New Yorker article. That article named the man as Corey Long who told the New Yorker that protests on the day had seemed peaceful to him until pointed a gun at his head, then his foot “and shot the ground”.

The ACLU of Virginia said that their staff unearthed the footage during a routine review and sent it to the FBI, Virginia State Police and Charlottesville Police Department.

According to the New York Times, Richard W. Preston was charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000ft of a school – which could land him 10 years in prison. Reports have said Preston is an imperial wizard in the Ku Klux Klan.

“We believe that the public interest is best served by transparency. Our decision to release the video of this significant event is consistent with our regular calls for law enforcement to release body-camera video that depicts any incident of public concern.” the ACLU said in a statement.

“Our goals continue to be to assist in the arrest and prosecution of anyone who committed a crime or civil rights violation on Aug. 12, to encourage law enforcement agencies by example to act to restore public confidence by releasing their full tactical plan and training materials for Aug. 12, and to help ensure that future events will be safer for everyone involved.”
Charlottesville became the scene of clashes between far-right and anti-fascist groups when white supremacists descended on the town to protest the planned removal of a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee.

James Fields, 20, was arrested after he allegedly drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters, killing a woman named Heather Heyer and injuring 19. Heyer’s mother hit out at US President Donald Trump, saying she would not speak with him after his comments on the violence.

U.S. President Donald Trump reads from a prepared statement as he delivers remarks on the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, from his golf estate in Bedminster, New Jersey U.S., August 12, 2017.REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Trump at first condemned violence on both sides, leading many to say he was equating white supremacists and those protesting them. He then issued a statement condemning racism and bigotry before then taking to a press conference to once again blame both sides for the violence.

His reaction to the events caused a myriad of problems for the already embattled president. Two business advisory groups were disbanded after CEOs faced mounting pressure to resign in protest. Soon after, Trump’s advisor Steve Bannon, who had previously been linked to alt-right groups, left the White House to rejoin right-wing news site, Breitbart.