7 Ways to Throw a Wonderful Birthday Party for Your Toddler

Birthday is the most favorite and desirable event for all people. We look forward to this great event that is usually celebrated with our family and friends. When it comes to your toddler’s birthday you become especially concerned. It is necessary to think over every detail and plan everything beforehand in order to have an unforgettable birthday party. Surely, all parents want to arrange a perfect celebration for their kids, but they often make some mistakes that can lead to stress and disappointment. I’d like to say that planning a birthday party for your toddler is not as difficult as you think. Consider the following tips that will certainly help you to throw a wonderful birthday party for your little one.

1. Keep It Simple
The main idea you should bear in mind when preparing for your kid’s birthday party is to make it simple. You don’t need to complicate things and search for sophisticated ways of celebration. Actually, it’s very easy to impress toddlers and bring them happiness. First of all, I would recommend you to plan some funny and enjoyable activities that will please your kids, but not the ones that will create a show for adults. On this special day all your attention should be focused on your children and the major goal for you is to give them only bright and positive emotions.

2. Plan Time Properly
One of the most important rules you have to stick to when organizing a party for toddlers is to remember about the time. It will be nice if you plan the total time of your party and decide how long every activity will last. Moreover, you should choose carefully the time for your celebration since your toddler may need a nap during the day. So, you’d better arrange the party at a time when your child is fresh and active. Make sure that kids have enough time for fun and entertainments but don’t tire them much.

3. Involve Them
This is your kid’s birthday and you should plan its celebration together. Try different methods to make your toddler participate in the party planning. For example, you may discuss with them a theme or color scheme that will be used for this event. If you speak with your children about their birthday party and all the amusements that are waiting for them, you will create a delightful and festive atmosphere in your home. Your toddler’s emotional state really matters on this day and you must do everything possible to provide them with a good mood and excitement.

4. Let Others Help You
The process of the party planning is rather backbreaking and it takes you much time so that you can’t do it without the help of other people. If there is someone who will eagerly help you with cooking or serving, you should definitely accept this offer. Otherwise, when the party finishes you will feel completely exhausted and unable to smile and enjoy with your kid. You will benefit from any help that can be suggested to you, even if it seems very simple like pouring juice into glasses. Accepting help is not shame. Besides, you’ll have the same opportunity to assist other parents when they organize a birthday party for their toddlers.

5. Get Ready for Everything
A birthday party for your little ones may bring you a lot of surprises and you can’t be relaxed till this celebration ends. That’s why I advise you to get ready for everything. One way or another you will not avoid mess and spills in your flat. It would be better if you prepared all the tools that may help you cope with some unexpected things. Emergency supplies in your home will enable you to protect your kids in any hazardous situation.

6. Entertain Them
All parents should clearly understand that this is a party for their children and it is aimed to make them cheerful and happy. A great number of adults forget about their mission at this event, communicating with each other and eating cakes. When you behave this way your toddlers will be bored and even naughty. Interesting and entertaining activities prepared in advance are an excellent way to keep them busy. Those parents who lack imagination can simply play some merry tunes for their kids to dance. You’ll be amazed how quickly time passes.

7. Make It Short
As it has been mentioned above, time is the most crucial thing that must be taken into account when planning a party for toddlers. I think it should last maximum two hours if you don’t want to lose their interest and attention. During this time little guests will be able to have fun, eat desserts and watch your child opening birthday presents. Two hours is the best time for toddlers to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Planning a birthday party for your toddler requires time, responsibility and enthusiasm. For some parents it may turn out to be a real problem. By following these key steps you’ll throw the best party for your kid without stress and worries. What are the most effective ways you use to organize a memorable party for little ones?

7 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

Drinking water is essential to your health because the human body is made up of over 60% water. When your water intake isn’t equal to your output, you can become dehydrated and it can cause numerous health issues. Drinking enough water daily ensures that your body functions properly. The water flushes out toxins and helps energize the muscles of your body. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to drink enough water each day. We often get bored with water and crave sodas. Check out seven ways you need to increase your water intake.

1. Add fresh fruit
Drinking plain water can be a little boring, so why not spice it up? Add your favorite fresh fruit to the water and enjoy your drink. Its taste is very refreshing and exquisite and, of course, fresh fruit infused water has many health benefits. You can add a slice of lime, orange, lemon or cucumber to a glass of water. The good news is that you don’t have to go to spa or restaurants to enjoy the taste and health benefits of fresh fruit infused water. Make it at home and save your money.

2. Make water accessible
The main thing you should do is to get all harmful items out of sight. I mean a pitcher of juice or a bottle of Coke. These drinks are full of Aspartame, artificial dyes and unnatural sweeteners. Make clean water more accessible. You can buy water purifying system or bottled water. Moreover, if you are going to be out and about all day or sitting at a desk, don’t forget to take along a bottle of water.

3. Don’t gulp water at once
Sip water, don’t gulp! It is better to drink it partially all day long. Also, don’t wait until you get thirsty. Begin sipping early in the morning and sip all day long. It is harmful to gulp water at once, that’s why you should drink slowly and enjoy the taste of water.

4. Use reusable water bottles
I’ve got an idea how to increase the intake of water and I’d like to share it with you! If you don’t like running to the kitchen to fill your cup with water, try to do the following thing. Fill up 4-5 reusable water bottles with water and ice and place them in different rooms. You will have an opportunity to drink water more often than usual.

5. Keep water-to-go ready in your fridge
Unfortunately, my busy days don’t give me an opportunity to keep the level of water in my body in order. I don’t know about you, but I often forget to drink water. That’s why I always have water-to-go ready in the fridge. It takes a minute to grab a bottle and throw it in your bag. Thus, you can sip water almost everywhere.

6. Drink water before each meal
A glass of water 30 minutes before meal has a positive effect on your health. Firstly, it can reduce calorie intake. Secondly, it helps prevent overeating. But you shouldn’t drink more than one glass before each meal, because too much water can lead to serious health problems.

7. Eat water-enriched food
One of the easiest ways to increase your water intake is to consume more water-enriched foods. Fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes, are high in water, so use them in your salads, smoothies or eat them raw. This way, you will increase your water intake and improve your overall health.

Water is a major constituent part of the body. It helps keep you hydrated as well as healthy. Do you drink enough water every day? What do you do to increase your water intake? Share your tips with us, please.

8 Smart Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday shopping doesn’t just have to be money splurging time. Some people spend more money on Black Friday than any other day of the year, believing they get the best deals. It’s not a secret that many companies raise the prices on Black Friday and trick us into thinking we get cheap things and save cash for Christmas. Fake Black Friday isn’t a surprise in many cities, which is why more and more people skip this big day. If you can’t stay home when others do shopping, here’s your guide to getting the best deals and purchase things you really need.

1. Leave your credit cards at home
Maybe I’m a credit card hater, but I think it’s one of the worst things that can ruin our happiness and quality of life. When getting ready for Black Friday shopping, create a list of things you need and prepare a certain amount of money. This way you will avoid overspending and running into debts. When you pay with cash during the holiday season, you ring in the new year debt-free, unless your friend will lend the money to you.

2. Don’t ignore the fine print
Large fonts, flashy language and seemingly fantastic prices are created to get our attention. We hurry to buy the item before someone else will get it, forgetting to read the fine print. Oftentimes, we are too lazy to read it. However, the fine print may contain the truth that many retailers and companies are trying to hide from us. The hustle and bustle of Black Friday can break the most savvy shoppers, albeit it all depends on how many things you want to purchase.

3. Don’t get blinded by flashy deals
When going Black Friday shopping, think outside of the box. Instead of stocking on Christmas gifts, think about other events too, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Look for little items that are cheaper on Black Friday. This way, you will always be ready for any occasion, even when you won’t have money at all.

4. Bargain
If you really love the item but don’t have enough money for buying it, look for the same item with some little scratch, tear or package damage and feel free to bargain. Most sellers and stores, especially those that are less heavily trafficked, are open to bargaining and negotiating. But don’t get angry. Bargain with a smile on your face and a great mood.

5. Get ready mentally and physically
It may sound ridiculous but those who are ready for Black Friday shopping mentally and physically get the best deals. Go to bed early, meditate or read before sleep in order to calm your mind, skip alcohol at party to avoid dealing with hangover in the morning, create a list of the things you want to buy and prepare money. On Black Friday, wake up earlier, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, increase your mood level, grab a bottle of water and go shopping. We tend to make better decisions when we feel healthy. Be ready to deal with angry people and don’t respond to rudeness.

6. Don’t open a store credit card
Store credit cards allows us to get extra savings on the items we need, but they are usually much higher than our ordinary bank credit cards. Opening a store credit card on Black Friday may leave you paying off your debt all year long, not to mention that you can end up paying up to 30% if you will be late on your payment.

7. Watch your change
Black Friday is a great opportunity for seller to earn some extra cash. Huge crowds and long lines are overwhelming, which is why it’s no wonder so many people find themselves feeling confused and losing money. Watch your wallet and change when going Black Friday shopping. Otherwise, you lose more than gain.

8. Don’t throw away the receipts
When you have the receipts of your purchases, you have more chances of changing or returning the item you bought mistakenly. Or, maybe that washer has some technical problems or serious damages that you failed to notice on Black Friday. A receipt is a proof that you have a right to get a high quality item and the store simply deceived you. The best advice is to keep your receipts every time you buy something no matter what day it is.

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing for it right now. Don’t run to an extreme, though. If you have no money, it’s best to skip Black Friday shopping. The last thing you want to deal with in the coming year is debts. Are you ready for this year’s Black Friday shopping? What are you going to hunt for?

7 Ways to Handle Your Kinfolk during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is believed to be the greatest time of the year, when we give each other presents, have fun and meet our nearest and dearest. But for most people, and I’m no exception, holidays result in a big stress and anxiety. Family dinner, traditions, artificial smiles, annoying relatives can make anyone feel uneasy. Holiday gatherings with my kinfolk are always accompanied with endless questions like when I’m going to marry and have children and other unpleasant stuff that just makes me crazy. On the other hand, the avoidance of your kinfolk is also a bad option. Read on to learn 7 useful ways to handle your kinfolk if you want to survive and stay stress-free during this holiday season.

1. Establish your boundaries
Just because they’re your relatives doesn’t mean they can intervene with your private space. Setting boundaries is a useful and wise way to guard yourself against tactless questions, awkward situations and unwanted explanations. You have a full right to tell as much as you consider necessary. You don’t have to spill your guts about your work or relationships. But this rule works both ways. When your kinfolk don’t want to discuss certain things with you, take it easy.

2. Get ready for conflict situations
When so many different people gather together, conflicts are almost unavoidable. However, if you know that certain issues such as politics or religion are likely to cause tension, just avoid them! I never bring up the question of childfree life since I know it would drive my aunt crazy! But when she starts talking about it I always try to make a joke of it and change the topic. Establishing taboo topics is also a good way to avoid conflict situations and stress. Just inform your guests of certain issues that are not acceptable to talk about in your house.

3. Learn to say No
People believe that they are obliged to meet their kinfolk and pretend to be happy about it each holiday season. But I think that we should learn to say No if we don’t want to do it. Sometimes it’s much better to celebrate holidays with your parents or kids only. When I started working I became extremely short of time. As a result I started distributing my time very reasonably and now I simply cannot afford to meet people who make me feel uneasy and waste my time on useless things.

4. Accept the differences
People’s behavior and opinions are their own business and you cannot change it. Most probably you can recognize a know-it-all expert, a complainer or a pessimist among your kindred, but you should accept this diversity. Learn to respect everyone’s personality and find some positive things about your relatives. For example, my cousin is always super-interested in my personal life, even when she’s not asked, but she can always give a worthy advice.

5. Create a comfortable environment
If you host the celebration at home you should consider other’s needs and interests. If you expect many kids to come, provide them with interesting games and toys. Make your guests feel comfortable by preparing a special zone for relax like a cozy corner with cushions and magazines. Think about different food preferences and special dietary needs. All these details will demonstrate your good attitude and attention. When your kinfolk know that they are welcome, chances are you’ll have much more pleasing holidays. Holiday family reunions will also run easier if you create a detailed plan of your pastime.

6. Avoid criticism and try to be polite
Nothing can raise resentment and conflicts faster than attacks and criticism. I think that I have no right to criticize other people, even my kinfolk. Their lives and outlooks are their own business. It’s also absolutely okay when I cut short my relatives whenever they try to criticize me. If you want to cope with your kinfolk during a few days together, use polite attitude and requests. Do not confuse politeness with trying to please everyone. Just be nice and respectful with your in-laws and get through the holiday season with ease and pleasure.

7. Be grateful and enjoy being with your kinfolk
After all, you see them only once a year, why not find a reason to be happy about it? Be grateful that you have family and kinfolk; be grateful for every second you can spend together. Even if your kinfolk are a bit annoying or difficult to get along with, they are still your close people. I bet you sometimes recollect your past family gatherings with delight and nostalgia!

When you grow up holidays are not associated with total fun and delight any more. Most adults associate holidays with hard times they should get through. But remember that you will have to see your kinfolk for a couple of hours or days only and try to see the good in every situation. These smart strategies will help you adopt your behavior to enjoy this holiday season with your big family! If you have your own tips, feel free to share them with us.

6 Things I Do Now to Get Ready for Thanksgiving

I can’t believe that we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Day just in a few weeks. This is a special holiday for me when I can express gratitude for all my blessings, spend an unforgettable time with my family and enjoy savory aroma of a roast turkey and other festive dishes. This year I’m going to host a Thanksgiving dinner at my home.

On the one hand, this expectation makes me very happy since I’ll have a wonderful opportunity to meet my parents whom I haven’t seen for three months. On the other hand, the preparation to the holiday induces much stress and worry as I have to do plenty of things for my dinner to be a great success. That’s why I should plan every detail of my Thanksgiving celebration in advance and it’s high time to start preparing right now. Here are a few things I do now to get ready for the perfect Thanksgiving feast without stress and anxiety.

1. Send invitation cards
While I can call each member of my family any moment and invite them to the long-awaited party just in several minutes, I think that by sending individual invitation cards to my guests I will add more solemnity to the holiday. Nowadays we can find a big choice of various cards in every supermarket. If you are very busy, it would be a nice idea to buy them in order to save your time. Moreover, there are lots of online services that offer special invitations for your guests. Personally I want to surprise my family this year. So, I will make unique cards with my daughter. This way we’ll have fun and prepare to the festivity at the same time.

2. Plan my menu
Undoubtedly, a menu is one of the most significant aspects of every party. Therefore, I need to create the one that will impress my guests. I have already started to browse different cookbooks and websites in the search of interesting and unusual recipes. Surely, the roast turkey will be the main attraction of my festive table. I will also cook vegetable side dishes like mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy and a couple of light salads to add more diversity to the menu.

I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without desserts. At this time we have a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can be used to make numerous pies and biscuits. Pumpkin pie is my favorite dessert for Thanksgiving and I’ll obviously include it into the list of dishes this year. Now, when I have a clear vision of the foods to cook for the upcoming holiday, I can write down the menu and all the recipes needed.

3. Make a grocery list and go shopping
My Thanksgiving menu is ready and it’s time to make a grocery list of the ingredients I should buy in advance. Actually I always put down all the foods necessary for cooking holiday dishes and then I tick off those that can be purchased ahead of time. For example, it’s okay to buy boxed, canned and frozen goods right now. Don’t forget about the turkey as well. If you decide to purchase the foods two days before the holiday, you’ll have to wait in long queues, the prices will be much higher and you might not find certain items. First of all I’ve cleaned out my fridge and pantry so that I have enough storage for the groceries I will buy in advance. When you go shopping, make sure you’ve put on your grocery list staples such as napkins and paper towels.

4. Prepare decorations
Decorations are an integral part of every holiday and Thanksgiving is no exception. Things like pilgrims, cornucopias, pumpkins, turkeys and Native American symbols are the best choices that will help me to create a delightful and cheerful atmosphere in my home. Thanksgiving Day is around the corner and it’s a great time to go shopping for these decorations without any delay. In addition, some natural materials such as autumn leaves and pinecones are going to be an excellent decoration for my house.

Next week I will start working on various Thanksgiving crafts, involving my daughter and nephew into this pleasurable activity. Colorful centerpieces, candles, napkin rings and place cards are the basic elements I traditionally use to enrich the overall look of my table.

5. Clean the house
Surely, if I clean up my house right now, it will be messy again just one week later. Nonetheless, there are certain household chores I can tackle successfully within the next few weeks. For instance, washing my tablecloths, cleaning windows, polishing silverware and getting rid of unnecessary stuff in my guest room are the most useful things to do these days. They will help me to avoid haste and chaos when I have to cook plenty of dishes the day before Thanksgiving.

6. Think about entertainment
Thanksgiving is generally associated with joy and laughter. If your family simply sit in front of the TV set when the dinner is over, they might get bored soon and the celebration will lose its significance. There is a wide range of activities to try with your family. Playing board games, telling interesting stories or taking a walk is an excellent way to stir up excitement and bring the whole family together. Don’t waste your time; start thinking of the ideas on how to entertain those you love after the festive dinner.

Preparation for Thanksgiving requires lots of effort and time. Due to this we shouldn’t put off all the tasks till the last minute and do a little bit each week getting ready for the big day step by step. By doing these things in advance I manage to enjoy a splendid celebration with my family. Have you already started your Thanksgiving preparation? What things are you going to do first?

9 Important Things to Remember to Save Your Relationship

One of the most difficult things in life is to keep the spark in relationship alive. During life you and your partner can experience emotional ups and downs. You should be ready to fight and express your emotions, because people aren’t perfect. Don’t be too hard on your boyfriend, because like all human beings, he can make mistakes and disappoint you somehow. The way to a strong and successful relationship is very long and it requires patience and the commitment of time.

Nowadays many couples prefer to break up as soon as they face a series of resentments and disappointments. They show that they’re not ready to go through the harsh realities of life together. A true love can overcome everything and break the walls on the way to happiness. If you fight together for your happiness, you’ll succeed by all means.

Furthermore, you should think more positively, if your relationship has become strained and difficult. Negative things make you more experienced, acknowledged and mature. If you are facing some problems in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your relationship has come to an end. It means that you need to change something that will bring back happiness. Here are a few tips on how to save your relationship.

1. Be ready to fight
Surely, disagreements in relationship are normal, but you should treat them carefully, because they can either spoil or strengthen the relationship. Resolving issues requires honesty and a frank desire to consider your partner’s point of view. You should learn how to take criticism without getting defensive and too emotional. Work on yourself and improve your self-esteem. Healthy arguments and jealousy prove that your partner is not indifferent to you.

2. Don’t recall his past private life
Do you want to build a healthy relationship with your loved one? Just stop dwelling on his past life and girls. It will be impossible to be happy in future if obsessive thoughts about the past spoil your mood. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never change the past of your boyfriend. Turn your energies to make enough efforts to change your present and future life for better.

3. Don’t wait for your man to change
Nowadays many ladies want their men to change. They often find happiness only in positive changes and in constant move toward perfection. This attitude toward your boyfriend can trigger regular fights and misunderstandings. He may feel unhappy and think that he’s not good enough for you. Don’t force him to leave his comfort zone all the time. If the change is vitally important to you, then tell him about it and try to handle the situation together. You may end the relationship if he doesn’t want to make a compromise.

4. Allow him to communicate with his friends
Nothing is worse than a life without the best friends. A romantic relationship shouldn’t limit both you and your partner’s social lives. It’s scientifically proved that every person should have some time and space for personal needs. Both guys and girls prefer to hang out with friends and do things that will help them relax and take a break from a boring life routine and various problems. If your boyfriend wants to spend some time with his best friends, try to suppress the feeling of anger and understand the needs of your loved one. It will make both of you more free and all-rounded people.

5. Don’t try to control everything
A lot depends on the type of your character, but sensitive and emotional people try to take everything under control. Life in a healthy relationship requires you to be ready to improvise. Don’t be too hard on your loved one, if he suddenly forgets to do something you’ve asked him before. I understand that his irresponsibility can hurt your feelings, but constant fights can also seriously damage your relationship. You’d better focus on more positive things and every minute spent with your significant other.

6. Learn to listen
Communication is an essential part of a relationship. But it’s impossible to communicate and explain something to each other if you cannot listen to your partner’s words carefully. Don’t watch the TV or play with your phone while talking to him. Try to hide your anger and other negative emotions if you’re in a bad mood. The habit of listening to and understanding him can improve the quality of communication and intimacy in your relationship.

7. Talk to him
It’s not enough to listen carefully. You should know how to talk to him too. If something is wrong, you may speak up your feelings to your loved one, because he is not a person with extrasensory perception and he cannot read your thoughts. The more common things you have, the stronger your emotional connection will be. That’s why you should share jokes, funny and sad stories with your boyfriend. Don’t hesitate to open up and tell him about your feelings, thoughts and secrets.

8. Family ties
When two people bind their lives and cohabit, they have to cooperate and communicate with their families, whether they like it or not. It often happens that family issues can spoil and even ruin the relationship. If your mother in-law or other relatives are toxic people, then you should do your best to develop an individualized approach to every member of his family. I’m sure that this problem cannot kill a real love and destroy the connection between you and your boyfriend. Obliged communication with other people is a challenging thing. If you have no ideas how to deal with your in-laws, then ask your partner for help. He may give a hint or a valuable advice on how to solve this family problem.

9. Learn to compromise
Compromise has always been the best way to solve various family issues. If you truly love your partner, you should go out of your way and compromise in order to see your boyfriend happy. Stubborn people have fewer chances to strengthen their relationships, because unresolved issues create tension and hidden hatred. Those couples who can’t give in have a risk to lose control over their feelings and relationship.

I hope this article will help you build the relationship of your dream. If you develop all the skills mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to live in accord with your significant other. What are the other valuable tips to keep your relationship from falling apart you can share?

7 Reasons You Should Take a Break Right Now

If you are extremely overwhelmed and always tired, there are a few crucial reasons why you should take a break right now. I know it’s difficult to think of a break when you have a lot on your plate. Unfortunately, many people think that they can get all of the things done efficiently even when they feel stressed out and overwhelmed. No matter how busy you are, you need to take a break every now and then, especially when tasks begin to become too much. Consider these reasons to take a break when you feel you really need it.

1. You feel exhausted
If you get to the high point of being exhausted, you need to take a break. When you are overwhelmed, it seems everything irritates you and you can’t focus on or think of anything except sleep. Stress is never good and it can affect each aspect of your life. Every person needs to take a break from time to time to feel happier and healthier and enjoy their life without stress and anxiety.

2. You forget everything
One of the critical reasons you need a break is because you forget everything. You forget to buy fruits and veggies after work, you forget to accomplish an important task that your boss asked you to do today, you forget what someone says to you, etc. It’s difficult to remember and focus on something when you are overwhelmed.

3. It’s a good refresher
A break is an excellent refresher. It’ll allow you to de-stress and shift your focus before accomplishing those difficult tasks or projects. Don’t think that you waste your time when you take a break. 10 to 15 minutes will get you ready to study or work again. Make it a rule to have a few minute break when you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

4. You aren’t productive
When you are overwhelmed and stressed out, you are not as productive as when you are happy and not tired. Last week, I had a great amount of tasks to accomplish and worked without breaks hoping to do my work faster. I was so tired that I ended up feeling run down and it took longer than usually to accomplish my tasks. This was because I didn’t take breaks to calm down, breathe and refocus before completing my work.

5. You are ready to drop
The most important thing in your life should be your health. It unhealthy to work hard without taking breaks. Yes, you have a great amount of work, but it’s okay to put it down and have a rest. Your boss won’t blame you for doing it. You are a human and you can’t work 24/7. Think about your health first. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and don’t forget to exercise regularly.

6. Poor quality of your work
Even if you work 24/7 without taking breaks, don’t think that you will accomplish more tasks. Yes, you can accomplish them all, but think of their quality. The quality of your work will certainly diminish and you can end up doing lesser quality work. I know it may seem strange to take a break when you have plenty of important tasks to accomplish, but you can’t do great work when you are exhausted.

7. You are swimming in anxiety
Living in a constant feeling of worry, stress and anxiety is never good. It actually increases your risk for a nervous breakdown, cardiovascular issues and anxiety attack. If you have lots of work to do, stop swimming in anxiety and don’t be too overwhelmed around your clock. Do one task at a time, take breaks and you will complete your work without feeling exhausted and stressed out.

Sure, it’s easier said than done, but you should certainly take a break when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It will help you feel better, look better and live a longer life. You want to see your great-grandchildren, don’t you? How often do you take a break when you are overwhelmed?

8 Things a Real Man Is Always Ready to Do

What is the difference between a guy and a real man? Is it his beautiful body and face or the size of his wallet? Or maybe it`s the amount of women he can make go crazy about him? In fact these things mean nothing but the way he treats you and himself really matters. A real men isn`t afraid to make his woman happy and here are the things he`s always ready to do for her…

1. Start a new relationship

It often happens so that a man can be single for a long time. There may be a long-lasted break from relationship so he may forget how it`s to be with someone you love. However, it`s not a reason to feel diffident when he meets a woman he likes. If he realizes that this woman is a love of his life, he should be brave enough to ask her out on a date and to make her a happy wife in future.

2. Show his tears

Women can cry and everyone knows that but why men can`t? Showing emotions is natural and a real man isn`t afraid to do that when it`s needed. Everyone encounters serious problems in life like being fired or feeling disrespected, for instance. Thinking that only women can spill tears out is silly because men also suffer from negative emotions and they can cry not only at the funerals. Hiding emotions is unhealthy and can cause serious mental disorders.

3. Say he loves you in public

There are shy guys and some of them don`t like to speak about private life in public. Even though it`s not obvious to shout about your relationship to make everyone around listen to you, your boyfriend shouldn`t be afraid to say he loves you in public. If he hides your relationship from his friends and family, it means he has no serious intentions. A real man is always ready to show everyone that you`re a happy couple.

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4. Do some feminine things

Nowadays gender doesn`t mean as much as it was earlier. Your guy shouldn`t try to seem like he`s interested in men`s activities only and doesn`t care about those shows you want to watch together. If he likes to dance, why not do that with you? If he likes to wear bright juicy colors, why can`t he let himself do that? A real man always does what he wants and doesn`t worry about what others think about it.

5. Be a homebody

Dish washing, cooking, house cleaning and baby sitting shouldn`t scare your boyfriend. If you earn money while he takes care of your child, it`s totally okay. Sometimes we may exchange our life roles with a guy when it`s needed for comfortable living. If he really loves you, he wouldn`t care about what he should do to make your life better and if he has to be a mother, he will be a mother and a real man at the same time.

6. Listen to your opinion

Yes, a man should be confident and make crucial decisions himself. However it doesn`t mean he shouldn`t listen to his girl`s opinion. A man is the one who accepts his woman`s world view and asks her to help when it`s needed. He shouldn`t decide everything without you because he shares life with you. He needs to make you feel equal and he shouldn`t be afraid to show everyone that your words mean a lot to him.

7. Be romantic

Guys tend to think that being romantic isn`t a trait of a real man. Even though your boyfriend may like to make some romantic things for you, he may be afraid to be judged by his friends for this “soft behavior.” But a real man is always ready to do something pleasant for his lovely girl and he doesn`t pay much attention to others` point of view about those sweet deeds.

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8. Follow his dreams

Being always ready to fight with anyone isn`t the thing that makes a real man brave. Being really courageous means being ready to make your dreams come true. Whether he wants to become a famous writer or a singer, he shouldn`t be afraid to follow his dreams. When a guy tries to do everything to become happy, he makes his woman happy as well.

A real man isn`t all about having a perfect shape of the body and manipulating his girlfriend. He is sensitive, romantic, strong and confident at the same time. He`s not afraid to show everyone that he loves you and he always does everything possible to make you happy even if he has to neglect some principles. If you realize that your boyfriend isn`t ready to take advantage of your relationship the way you want, he`s not the one you`re looking for. Try to find a real man who`ll treat you like a queen and help you become a better person at the same time. What other traits of a real man do you want to see in your boyfriend`s character?

Big Batch Cocktail Recipes You Should Have At The Ready

Let’s all be honest here: the reason we don’t enjoy cocktails at home as much as we do when we go out is because there’s a lot of work involved in making just one simple drink. That’s why we usually reach for wine or a beer. But there’s a solution: big batch cocktails.

Big batch cocktails provide a bigger reward for the amount of work you put into mixing. Depending on how big your batch is, the rewards could be tenfold. Genius, right? Here are a few recipes to get you started. But really, with the right sized pitcher, most cocktail recipes can be multiplied to make a batch. Cheers!

1 Rosé Sangria

How Sweet It Is
Get the Rosé Sangria recipe from How Sweet It Is
2 Blood Orange Margarita For A Crowd

Garnish with Lemons
Get the Blood Orange Margarita For A Crowd recipe from Garnish with Lemons
3 Earl Grey Lemon Vodka

Boulder Locavore
Get the Earl Grey Lemon Vodka recipe from Boulder Locavore
4 Watermelon Gin Punch

Garnish with Lemons
Get the Watermelon Gin Punch recipe from Garnish with Lemons
5 Strawberry Citrus Punch

How Sweet It Is
Get the Strawberry Citrus Punch recipe from How Sweet It Is
6 Sparkling Cranberry Vodka Punch

Boulder Locavore
Get the Sparkling Cranberry Vodka Punch recipe from Boulder Locavore
7 Pineapple Sangria

How Sweet It Is
Get the Pineapple Sangria recipe from How Sweet It Is
8 Big Batch Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sours

Garnish with Lemons
Get the Big Batch Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sours recipe from Garnish with Lemons
9 Moscato Sangria

Boulder Locavore
Get the Moscato Sangria recipe from Boulder Locavore
10 Blackberry Champagne Punch

How Sweet It Is
Get the Blackberry Champagne Punch recipe from How Sweet It Is
11 Whiskey With Homemade Lemonade

Cooks with Cocktails
Get the Whiskey With Homemade Lemonade recipe from Cooks with Cocktails
12 Amaretto Bourbon Punch

How Sweet It Is
Get the Amaretto Bourbon Punch recipe from How Sweet It Is
13 Hard Lemon And Raspberry Iced Tea

Cooks with Cocktails
Get the Hard Lemon And Raspberry Iced Tea recipe from Cooks with Cocktails
14 Grapefruit Ginger Spiced Rum Punch

Whitney Bond
Get the Grapefruit Ginger Spiced Rum Punch recipe from Whitney Bond

A Sydney cafe has launched ‘soft serve burgers,’ and our waistlines aren’t ready

Have you ever been faced with the hard of choice of picking between a burger, ice cream or doughnut? If so, you, like many Australians are not alone. If not, you’re either lying, or not human.

For us mere mortals, a Sydney cafe may have solved this critical dilemma.

4 Ounces, a much-hyped burger joint in Alexandria, have launched “soft serve burgers”.

We’re talking creamy peanut butter and dulche de leche ice cream from Bellingen Gelato, sandwiched between a maple glazed Donut Papi roll, topped with candied bacon.

G’day beautiful.Source:Supplied

For those with a sweeter tooth, there’s a Turkish delight variation, that’s topped with fairy floss.

Cheat day just got a whole lot more dangerous.Source:Supplied

These flavours will be changed up every month.

The hybridised love-child may just be the most ridiculous, and delicious, addition to the burger scene.

One thing is for sure though, our obsession with “steamed hams” isn’t slowing down anytime soon.